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Peta W.

November 18, 2013

Peta contacted me from half a world away to share her mother’s story. Her excitement in telling me not only of her mother’s returned health, but her happiness, is heartwarming. – Dr. Perlmutter

My mother has last stage Alzhiemer’s, and I remain her primary caregiver. I am an avid fan of Dr. Oz and caught you on the program in October 2013. After seeing the episode, my father ran out and got your book.

On Monday October 21, it looked like my mother only had a few weeks left. Today, she is putting sentences together correctly, she looks great (her chinks are a rosy pink and not white), and she can not only recognize, but communicate via the telephone, and for the first time in eight months, she showered by herself. This all is just a short time of adapting the Grain Brain lifestyle.

Since then, we have all decided to subscribe to the Grain Brain lifestyle. Doctors here in Australia had virtually count my mum out and told us to begin planning for the end. However, in just this small amount of time, she has gone from incomprehensible and frantic to doing things for herself again. and forming in correct sentences. Most of all, I’m happy to say that we get more time with her and, best of all, she is HAPPY.

-Peta W.

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