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Probiotic Prevents ADHD and Autism

Right now in America more than 6 million children carry a diagnosis of ADHD. I think it is fair to say that autism has become an epidemic when you consider that, today, as many as 1 in 40 male births will ultimately be diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.

So aside from hoping that effective treatments will be developed, there’s no question that we have to wonder what may be causing these issues, and if that can be determined, what can be done to fix the problem. One thing that has been clearly supported in research is a relationship between what goes on in the gut and the development of neuropsychiatric disorders like these mentioned here. Bowel issues are common in ADHD and are seen almost universally in autistic children.

Certainly, front and center in research these days is the understanding that the gut bacteria, part of the human microbiome, plays a huge role in terms of brain health and function. As such, researchers in Finland decided to explore the possibility that changing the microbiome might be associated with a reduced risk for both ADHD and autism.

Their study, published just last month in the journal Pediatric Research, evaluated 75 infants who were randomized to either receive a specific probiotic, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, or a placebo during the first six months of life. The study then followed these kids for the next 13 years.

At age 13 years, ADHD, or autistic spectrum, was diagnosed in 17.1% of the children in the placebo group and none in the group receiving the probiotic.

The conclusion of the study humbly stated:

probiotic supplementation early in life may reduce the risk of neuropsychiatric disorder development later in childhood…

This is quite a study. The researchers were able to demonstrate that just receiving one specific species of a probiotic virtually eliminated the development of either ADHD or autistic spectrum in those children receiving this intervention. I would agree that further study is necessary, but even this preliminary study demonstrates the profound potential moving forward for actual medical utilization of a probiotic regimen to prevent a brain disorder.

Keep in mind that this study was begun 14 years ago at time when researchers were just beginning to get a taste of the importance of gut bacteria as they relate to the brain.

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  • Lynn Dell

    I can only imagine the hope this is giving many parents – and I am going to share this information with a close friend.

    • David Perlmutter

      (S)he is lucky to have a friend like you Lynn.

      • Sabrina

        I would like to know what probiotic you recommend Dr. Perlmutter, I have an 11 yo with ADHD. What to start this right away.

        • I have found a great probiotic that helps balance the gut. I have attached the ingredient list. If you want more info, you can pm me on fb or email me at bobolum63@yahoo.com

          • Julie

            Bonnie what is the name of the Probiotic you are using?

          • Val Nightlily

            That may be a good formulation but NB that the probiotic the researchers used is Lactobacillus rhamnosus which is not in that list of ingredients.

          • Tera Ester

            Plexus ProBio5 has Lactobacillus Sporogenes, L. Acidophilus, L. Plantarum, B. Longum and S. Boulardii.

          • Elizebeth M. Trice

            My son has suffered from ADHD since the age of 5. He is on the ProBio5 and you would not believe the improvement. He also has been diagnosed with Bipolar and has not been able to be on any meds because of his digestive issues. Now he is greatly improved with Plexus Triplex, which includes the ProBio5.

          • Marie Gassler Evans

            Elizebeth – they just announced the new Kids XFactor and it has THIS strain of probiotic!!! Yeah, Plexus listened to us parents who wish to use nature treatments for ADHD!!!

          • Probio5 from Plexus. If you email me at bobolum63@yahoo.com, I can send you the ingredient list and exactly what ingredient does.

        • balanced bodies

          Plexus probio5 is one of the most potent probiotics available on the market at the minute

          • Megan

            Plexus probio5 does not have the strain they used in the study. There is also research that lactobacillus rh. Can help with anxiety and depression. I was taking the probio5 but switched to culturelle because probio5 doesn’t have the lactobacillus rh. strain.

          • Marie Gassler Evans

            Plexus’ just announced children’s vitamin does have this strain of probiotic!!! Yeah PLEXUS!! Can’t wait to get our bottle of the new XFactor Kids!!!

        • Vince Perez

          According to the study, a specific probiotic, Lactobacillus rhamnosus does the trick.. And a better probiotic is available in the market with 15 Strains and 5 Billions CFU called PRO15. To know more Check out this page http://www.facebook.com/itspro15

  • sparki7

    “as many as one in 40 male births ultimately we’ll be diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum.” It is challenging to take this seriously when the author or authors don’t check their work before posting. Example: we’ll be diagnosed as opposed to will be diagnosed. How do I even determine if Dr. Perlmutter is the author of this article?

    • TechnoTriticale

      There’s also “what can be done to fixed the problem”.

      This is a blog, and not a peer-reviewed formal publication. The posts sometimes contain typos, and when a serious error is called to Dr. Perlmutter’s attention, it usually gets corrected.

      I’m grateful that Dr. P. can find any time at all to post to the blog (and even respond to comments from time to time). The odd typo is not a real problem.

      Anyone who wants to get worked up about spelling, grammar and is-that-really-true? facts can follow Jack Kruse. ☺

      Meanwhile, the question arises on the present topic: what benefit might be expected for adding probiotics (and prebiotic fiber to feed them) for a child who already has a diagnosis?

      • sparki7

        Thank you for your response. I value the expertise of Dr. Perlmutter and look forward to his topical discourses. That is why I expressed my concern in the above post as I have seen scammers try to hijack reputable blog sites to disseminate false information or advertise untested products. I sincerely did want to make sure I am indeed on the site I have previously trusted as legitimate and not being linked to a phishing site. I am not worked up about spelling, grammar and is-that-really-true? facts, and not sure who Jack Kruse is; but your sarcastic comment in that regard is duly noted.

        • TechnoTriticale

          Note that the typos we both identified are now corrected.

          re: not sure who Jack Kruse is

          Neurosurgeon and nutrition author/blogger with a quantum mechanics point of view. His blog posts usually contain a generous assortment of typos, often impairing or even contradicting the point he is making. I gave up trying to call those to his attention.

          re: … but your sarcastic comment in that regard is duly noted.

          I thought everyone knew that sarcasm doesn’t work on the internet.☺ The point was that the quality of text varies wildly among nutrition bloggers, so much so that it’s hard to correlate with the quality of the data or analysis being presented.

          Had someone hijacked this blog, I seriously doubt, even on April 1st, that they’d post about a real study outcome, with or without the typos.

    • easter bunny

      Oh dear, probiotics anyone?

      • Lindsey

        I am curious as to how the powder gets through to the gut. The probiotic that I give my children is a double coated one, because I was told that a powder will be dissolved by the stomach acid before it can reach the gut. The double coated probiotic therefore loses the first coating in the stomach and the second coating dissolves once in the gut. I can speak from experience that it works wonders for my daughter and my son as far as bowel movement regularity. Can’t say what it will do for them once they are older, but this research makes me hopeful. (daughter 4, son 2)

      • Tina Marshall

        I have a great probiotic I give my kids and my Husband and I also take it. We get 100% of all the good bacteria from the probiotics we take. It does not get dissolved or destroyed by the acid in your stomach. You get 100% of the probiotic. If you would like to know what it is I am taking I would love to share more with you!

    • Lynn Dell

      As one who has had to decipher the handwriting and spelling of many very bright, competent physicians over the years, I find your comment to be amusing. And it reminds me of when I once typed Alessio Fasano’s name into a facebook comment. I kid you not – the auto-correct program wanted to change it to “Casanova.” Fortunately, I saw that before I commented and forced it to say the correct name, but it was funny. The issue could have been auto-correct or something as well.

  • Kellie

    You can’t prevent autism unleas you stop vaccinating. I honestly do not care who hets upset at teading this comment. Vaccinations contain mercury and all sorts of other neurotoxins. Vaccinating in multiple doses too closely shefuled does not allow for the child’s body to rid itself of the toxins. This is why VIS ( vaccination information sheets) are mandatory handouts to parents before a child receives an immunization. The lot numbers are all recorded of every vaccine given, and side effects are tracked. The government knows exactly what the neurotoxins do (they eliminate a child’s empathy), and they are deliberately causing autism. Science has done enough research to know that mercury poisons the body. Old fashioned thermometers with mercury are never used, and Osha has specific outlines as to how to deal with a mercury spill due to its extreme toxicity, yet our government is using this toxic metal in the vaccinations that are given.

    I am for vaccinations and immunizations if they are SAFE, are given in a time frame where the body can adjust and overcome.

    • Someone

      Too much oxygen can kill a person. We should figure out a way outlaw anything containing oxygen.

      Seriously, oxygen is needed, while mercury is not. However, if the air you are breathing is too rich in oxygen, you will die. That is FACT. I could even start comment on all the other toxins in the air that we breathe every second of our lives. Nitrogen, helium, hydrogen. Not to mention all the stuff we put into the air like carbon monoxide, ammonium, and CFC’s.

      There is ZERO facts connecting mercury to Autism, except some paranoid people spitting out lies, which get readily eaten up by people such as yourself.

      Vaccines ARE SAFE. Not for everyone, because some individuals will interact with the vaccine poorly. Those people should not be vaccinated and need to rely on herd immunity. PEOPLE LIKE YOU PUT PEOPLE LIKE THAT AT RISK! If you can use tested vaccines, then do so.

      You know how much “stuff” is in a vaccine? It is a very small volume. I bet there is more high fructose corn syrup in a 20oz soda then there is everything combined in a vaccine. You know what, let me crunch the numbers for you. 0.5 ml dose size of vaccine. A 20oz bottle is ~590ml, 65% of which could be HFCS. So a little over 380ml of HFCS. You know, that sugar substitute that the US uses. The stuff that is probably the #1 reason for obesity in the US (heart disease being the #1 killer in the US). So we’re talking about something that may be the main reason for most deaths of the 330,000,000 population of the US. HFCS is banned in most first world countries. You will not find them using HFCS, they will use straight up sugar (glucose).

      I am assuming you not fighting high fructose corn syrup with the same ferocity as you are against something that has no factual basis. Heck, the anti-vaccine movement moved away from blaming mercury about a decade ago. You want to know why . . . here’s the bombshell . . . mercury, which is in Thimerosal, has been removed from almost all vaccines. The few remaining mercury-containing vaccines contain <1 microgram. That is 0.0000001 grams compared to ~50 grams of HFCS in 20 oz of soda. FIFTY MILLION TIMES MORE OF A DEADLY SUBSTANCE IN SODA THAN IN A VACCINE.

      8973 people have died from June 3, 2007 To February 21, 2015. Those people could still be alive if they have received vaccines. Nearly 9,000 people have died as a result of YOUR actions. You've killed 9,000 people. Congrats. Though, not truly your fault. You have been easily misdirected. You have been misinformed. Though I know I'm not going to correct you. You can keep going with your aluminum foil hat theories that have no basis. You will kill more people. You will save no one.

      I could comment on any one of your several dozen mistakes, but I'll just pick the one. Science has done NO research. Because science doesn't do research IT IS RESEARCH. You should have said the science community, or scientists, or doctors, or health advisors. Science, by definition is – "the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment". AKA, research.

      • Marley

        There is a growing chorus of people in the medical/scientific community voicing grave concerns over vaccines and vaccination http://vaccines.mercola.com/

      • AP

        Dear “Mr. Know it all”. Vaccines may be safe for people with healthy immune systems but has potential to harm those with compromised immune systems. There could be numerous causes why the immune system may not be working as intended and an unhealthy gut is one contributing factor amongst many I suppose . Do you know of any studies where vaccines have been tested on people (especially children) who have abnormal immune systems?

      • Kellie

        I also fight the war on sugar and unhealthy lifestyles, thank you. Your vehement and bullying response will not deter me to inform others of the dangers of unsafe vaccinations/ immunizations.

        By the way, the scientists you are speaking about- those yhat have formulated the vaccinations/ immunizations- ARE observing and experimenting… on the children of the United States.

    • A person

      “Science has done enough research to know that mercury poisons the body.” Science has also done enough research to show there is NO correlation between vaccines and autism. But we’ll just pick to believe in science when we can use it to back up our insane, idiotic, dangerous lies right?

    • Symin

      Vaccines brought on my son’s lifelong problem overnight, and as an early childhood teacher I witnessed the same thing in TWO of my students who went tothe same pediatrician and received the same batch vaccine. Both severely autistic now. I couldn’t agree with you more, Kellie. What’s more, a colleague accepts money to troll these sites and sing the praises of vaccines even though she knows the truth. She needs money, which sadly trumps all right and reason these days. Families suffer horribly from vaccines.

      • Kellie

        I am so sorry that you have experienced the effects of vaccines, but I urge you to KEEp speaking out about it. The reason not every child is damaged, is because the vacinations are in lots. The lots are manditorily reported, as are the people who administered them. The government is keeping track of which symptoms are associated with which lot numbers. There is a Vaccination Information Statement given to all potential recipients of immunizations, with the phone number attached to report symptoms. There is also a fund set up by the government to pay families who have experienced damage caused by vaccinations. A parent/ guardian must sign a waiver before immunizations are administered, stating that they have understood the risks associated with the vaccinations/ immunizations that will be administered. This is legally binding.

    • Geckotreefrog

      Mercury is Not in vaccines anymore in the U.S. (Exception is flu shot. Ask for the Refrigerated preservative free kind if you choose flu shots). I have a 21 year old son on the Autism spectrum. Mercury Was sadly (Incomprehensible) in all vaccines then. The common thread noticed by my son’s autism spectrum Psychologist is that Many of the kids/ young adults she sees received “Catch Up” vaccinations. In other words, child was sick @ scheduled vaccination time, so they got 2 rounds of vaccine @ their next scheduled vaccination time.

      I absolutely agree that Safer immunization schedules ire so important. I also believe that parents should have access to Individual doses of vaccines such as MMR (rather than MMR Only being available as a 3 in 1 shot). Other countries such as Canada have this single dose availability, but not U.S. anymore.

      I can Not agree that the Govt. is Deliberately causing autism. Are there some idiotic govt. policies in place? Absolutely. But, to say our Govt. is Purposely causing something that has Huge costs in terms of financial expense & lost productivity makes zero sense. (I won’t even address the humanity aspect here. Just looking at it as govt. might, from a $$/ burden to system point of view).

      I have studied the Autism issue to an almost obsessive degree, looking for objective info, if such a thing can exist. The Best Book I have found on the vaccine issue is: Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies by Kenneth Bock M.D. and Cameron Stauth. It is a Must read.

      Hugs and empathy to everyone who loves someone on the autism spectrum or is on the spectrum themselves. I do think the gut micro biome is a fascinating area of research that holds much promise.

      • Kellie

        This excerpt is directly from the CDC.

        As for the goverment not wanting to directly harm anybody… look at Russia, Korea, Germany… All ruled by dictators and communists which began as socialism. So many people in Nazi Germany heard rumors of what the Nazi’s were doing to Jews, and they would talk about it to each other. They would tell each other that they were just rumors… why would anyone do something so horrendous?? It just couldn’t be true! Yes, it was true. Many people hide the truth for their own gain either politically or financially. There were plenty of doctors and psychologists who ran incomprehensible experiments on people during that time. This gave rise to the Nuremburg trials and other summit meetimgs to stop that type of enethical behavior, but it HAS happened since then, and from the trusted doctors right here in the US. Look up the Tuskeegee trials yourself. Do our politicians lie? No… Not Bill Clinton… He didn’t have sexual relations with that woman!

        If our trusted government can lie about something, they can lie about anything.

        The Nazis used fluoride to “dumb people down”. Several scientists here in the US warned the public against the use of fluoride. Even in small amounts it is toxic. It causes infertility, neruological disorders and death, yet our government puts it in our drinking water.

        There IS mercury in our vaccines. It is a form called Thimerisol.

        As much as I know someone will call me an alarmist or a conspiracy theorist, I do not care. I am in the health care profession, and I have seen the increase of Autism in the public when immunizations started to increase. No amount of probiotics can reverse neurological damage. They may help to manage the comditions, but the damage is irreversible. This is why I speak out. I do have a life. I just choose to speak out when necessary, and hope that someone can benefit by sharing knowledge.

        Research this stuff for yourself.

        • Kellie

          Yes, It’s late and I may have errors in my posts, but if a person takes only a little time to research what I have conveyed, they will find out that it is all true.

          Below you will find the study which was conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on the public, which continued even after laws against inhumanity were passed after WWII.

          The CDC is funded and run by our government.


          • Kellie

            The mercury spill in the 1950’s happened in Minamata Bay, Japan.

  • Kellie

    Forgive my typos in the previous post, thank you.

  • Daniella

    What probiotics do you recommend for a 7 year old to be effective, and how much? My son is on the spectrum also.

    • SWill

      I have came across a probiotic that we have been using for about a year. I have seen several families that have used it that have seen differences with ADHD and autism. I would be happy to provide you with more information if you’d like. My email is stephwill@live.com.

      • saw

        Remove carbohydrates, especially grains.

      • Margie

        Can you share it here?

        • Sharon Carr

          Margie, there are many testimonies of austistic children and adults being helped with the use of Plexus ProBio5 and other Plexus Products. Email me at LaLasSlim@gmail.com or look me up on FB Sharon Carr (Sharon Green). I will be glad to send you the info

    • Sabrina

      I too would like to know you recommend Dr. Perlmutter, I have an 11 yo with ADHD. What to start this right away.

      • Amy

        We take JuicePlus capsules that have a probiotic in them. With over 30 published clinical studies and being out for over 24 years it was the safest choice to me for my kids. This way they get the powdered form of 20 fruits and veggies AND the probiotic. And theirs is free with ours. Bonus. Email me at graves.amy@gmail.com if you want to know more about it

    • Sharon Carr

      Daniella, there are many testimonies of austistic children and adults being helped with the use of Plexus ProBio5 and other Plexus Products. Email me at LaLasSlim@gmail.com or look me up on FB Sharon Carr (Sharon Green).
      I will be glad to send you the info

  • Monica

    Dr. Perlmutter Grain Brain changed my life! After just a couple of weeks of following your advices I’ve been feeling amazing! I haven’t had any migraines or seizures! Are you coming to Washington DC for a book signing?

  • Darlene

    For the past 8 mos my 8 yo grandson has been showing symptoms of Tourettes such as eye movements and recent vocalization tics. I read Grain Brain and see that you recommend trying a gluten free diet and probiotics. Which type of probiotics do you recommend and do you recommend trying anything else?

    • I have found a great probiotic that balances your gut. If you would like some more info, you can pm on fb or email me at bobolum63@yahoo.com. I have attached the ingredient list so you can see what is in it.

  • Maria

    Is there any evidence to suggest that supplementing with a probiotic after problems have developed would be beneficial? I have a teenager who has not been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder; however, he has OCD that has thus far been resistant to treatment. He is very resistant to taking any supplements and even more resistant to changing his diet, which I know is not optimal for mental or physical health. I tried him on a probiotic about a year ago, but I was not as consistent as I should have been in making sure that he took it on a regular basis. I am aware that some people have experienced success with OCD symptoms with probiotics, but I am wondering if anyone is aware of research showing a reversal in symptoms (related to autism or OCD or any other neuropsychiatric disorder) with supplementing after symptoms have started. I am also wondering if anyone has advice re: dosages, etc. Thank you in advance for any advice on the subject matter!

    • FromChicago

      I’m also very interested in learning of resources on this issue. Maria – in the meantine – are there any sources thus far that you might recommend? Thank you.

  • Sscheiner

    What about the Monsanto corp and their glyphosphate usage in products that consumers are not even aware of and the harm that it is causing?

    • David Perlmutter

      I actually have a video coming out on that subject soon. Stay tuned.

  • andres gomez

    Dear Dr, thanks for your help in let us know the truth about what we eat and how to improve our life… I have a question, is necessary to make a pause in the consumption of my probiotics pill or can take them my daily indefinitely? regards, andres

    • David Perlmutter

      I advise to just continue taking your probiotic Andres, unless you’re experiencing an adverse reaction.

  • lynette mayo

    A neighbor asked me, do l know how she can get her breast milk back, it dried up. This is a very complicated question, do you have any tips? l plan on telling her to watch you youtube interview with Mercola.


    Dr.-After reading your book a couple of years ago,I found out lately the practice of desiccating with Roundup on commercial wheat and other crops.
    After listening to Dr.Huber with his discovery that when animals were fed GMO crops which contain Roundup having a profound effect on their gut, I have a question.
    Would the practice of desiccating might have a more profound effect on wheat ,thus ,on the gut than even the hybridization of crops?

    • Lynn Dell

      I think this is a great question. I have read anecdotal claims that those who consume modern wheat and switch to older grains notice 1, hardly any blood sugar spikes, and 2, family members with bowel problems w/ modern wheat don’t have these problems with more ancient grains. But I don’t know if they were comparing organic to non organic wheat.

      I tend to think the answer is no. Even without glyphosate the blood sugar spikes, and intestinal permeability problems from wheat starch and wheat gluten respectively would still be there. So the risks for diabetes, immune problems, and gliadin’s addictive properties on the brain would still exist. If you take away the weed killer these effects might possibly not be quite so bad, maybe, but modern wheat’s problems are multi factorial and create an unhealthy vicious circle all by themselves. IOW, you have many problems with modern wheat on account of many different components in wheat which would not go away if glyphosate (a single component ingested in extremely low amounts compared to wheat ingestion) is eliminated.

      • Jeff Ludwick

        The body does not discern where the sugar is from. A diabetic should not ingest fruits that are sugary. Oranges, bananas, apples, peaches, cherries, etc. are all examples of fruits that have high sugar levels. The result is the same as drinking a soda or eating a candy bar. The pancreas reacts the same way. It attempts to produce insulin to lower the sugar level in the blood. It’s science – just not rocket science.

        • Priscilla

          Simple sugars such as fruit is not the same as soda which contains harmful unnatural ingredients like aspartame.

  • wademom

    Like Sabrina I have a ten year old son with ADHD has it been tested with older children ? If so any benefits?

    • Sharon Carr

      Wademom, there are many testimonies of austistic and ADHD children and adults being helped with the use of Plexus ProBio5 and other Plexus Products. Email me at LaLasSlim@gmail.com or look me up on FB Sharon Carr (Sharon Green).
      I will be glad to send you the info

  • Rhamnosus is linked with helping viral conditions like Herpes.

  • Tina Willis

    Dr. Perlmutter I have a son who is 8 years old and can not swallow pills yet what probiotic would you recommend, also can you recommend a DHA that he could use as well. Thank you for all your advice.

    • Tera Ester

      Plexus ProBio5 are capsules and can be opened up and put into applesauce or something of the such.

      • Tina Willis

        Thanks I will look into that. He is one that is good at detecting things when I add it to his food or drinks.

        • S. Gaiser

          Tina, my daughter can’t swallow pills either. She takes the Plexus ProBio5 at bedtime. She dumps the capsules in applesauce before she brushes her teeth at bedtime

          • The creators of the ProBio5 has stated not to put the ProBio5 in apple sauce or anything acidic as it destroys the probiotic. They said you can put it in yogurt or something non-acidic. I have put it in the Plexus slim and my son didn’t notice. He’s usually pretty good about detecting things to. He didn’t notice.

          • Jeff Ludwick

            Cara, Thank you for educating our readers.

      • Don’t put in apples ause as it is to acidic. It can be mixed in yogurt or some other none acidic product. I have put the ProBio5 in the Plexus slim to give to my son. That is straight from the Dr’s who created ProBio5. They said no applesause no orange juice, nothing acidic as it destroys the probiotic.

      • Jeff Ludwick

        Tera Ester – How come you did not know that applesauce was not appropriate to put a probiotic in?

    • Debra Wheeler DeHart

      In my Wellness Practice, my probiotic selections are made for special needs digestive issues. There is a powdered formula for infants that can be added to water, juice or milk. The childrens version is chewable. Each contain a broad spectrum of probiotics including the one mentioned in the study. Additionally there are isotonic digestive enzymes with probiotics that contribute to breaking down the foods very well. Message me or email thehealtheteam@gmail.com for more information and resource.

  • Ali Hanst

    Dr Perlmutter.. Do you have a particular probiotic you would recommend for a 7 year old? I have a 7 year old son with ADHD. Thank you!

    • Sharon Carr

      Ali, there are many testimonies of austistic and ADHD children and adults being helped with the use of Plexus ProBio5 and other Plexus Products. Email me at LaLasSlim@gmail.com or look me up on FB Sharon Carr (Sharon Green).
      I will be glad to send you the info

  • Rhonda

    Is there a probiotic that helps children who have been diagnosed as autistic?

    • Sharon Carr

      Rhonda, there are many testimonies of austistic children and adults being helped with the use of Plexus ProBio5 and other Plexus Products. Email me at LaLasSlim@gmail.com or look me up on FB Sharon Carr (Sharon Green).
      I will be glad to send you the info

    • Debra Wheeler DeHart

      I carry a line of Probiotics and other supplements designed for the digestive system of special needs children. As a Health and Wellness Consultant, I have had the opportunity to see great benefits and changes in behavior, focus, concentration and grades through their use. My email address is thehealtheteam@gmail.com

  • Cameron

    Would chewable probiotics workor 10 yr olds? I sense they’re not as good as some of the top brands.

  • Rhonda

    Wish we had this info when my son was a child; but thankfully I was wise enough NOT to put him on Ritalin and/or the like. In another topic. The surgeon general is taking health questions today. I hope you are weighing in, Dr. P. Or better yet, hope you have met with him or plan to 🙂

  • Jane

    A friend actually forwarded this article to me as I care for my mom & she is having a real battle with UTI’s and C.Diff. Her 1st and foremost symptom when she’s developed either is paranoia. The constant cycle of antibiotics is so concerning, but recently an infectious disease specialist we consulted said there’s no proof probiotics help. Do you agree? She’s eating Activia yogurt 2x daily and a probiotic supplement. Which probiotic brand would you recommend for her?

    • John Landau

      Activia is full of artificial stuff and too much sugar. Organic kefir contains more probiotics than yogurt. If no kefir, plain organic Greek yogurt is very good. Ultimate Flora Women’s Complete helped with UTI’s, according to my friend. Constant cycles of antibiotics can lead to C. diff. I know about a lady who used organic oregano drops for C. diff. as antibiotic alternative.

  • Hello

    Would love recommendations for an 11-year-old with OCD. Reading Grain Brain and turning things around and would like to learn more about probiotics and relevant resources for the little one. Thank you in advance, everybody!

    • Laura

      Hi. I stumbled over this thread while looking for something else. My son was diagnosed with the co-morbid conditions of generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, Tourette’s and ADHD. From ages 8-13, life was hard. Meds didn’t work for him as they would help one condition, but make another much worse. I found in my own research and readings information about probiotics–it was never suggested by any of the doctors, counselors, psychologists, etc. After a few months on the probiotics, his anxiety was non-existent, OCD is practically gone (this kid would wash his hands so much they bled–it was bad!), asthma is WAY down (not completely gone, but way better), Tourette’s way down (but if Strep is in the community, it’s worse; MSG makes it worse; artificial food colors make it worse). ADHD is still here, but a little better. Exercise and controlling screen time seem to make the biggest difference with ADHD–at least for us. When choosing a probiotic, if Tourette’s is a concern, you might want to choose one without Strep strains (even though some are beneficial)–it made my son’s tics worse. Probiotics have single-handedly changed the game for us. We will NEVER be without them again.

  • Em

    My child has been on probiotics most of his life due to being sick often, he was diagnosed with autism last summer. I won’t be stopping them, but they aren’t a cure-all, at least for my family.

    • Margie

      Hi Em, my cousin’s daughter has Autism and is about 5 or 6 I believe. Have you found that the probiotics help with behavior or anything else? And out of curiosity what probiotic are you using? Thanks

  • John Landau
  • Jacinthe Lavergne

    How ” early in life ” are we talking about to start using probiotics? Because symptoms of autism generally appear in the first 3 months of life as opposed to ADHD symptoms which appear later. Autism spectrum and ADHD are 2 different things. My son started showing signs of autism at the age of 1 month when he was still being breastfed. Symptoms of ADHD started appearing at the age of 4. I guess I will have to read the entire study to get all the details.

    • Sharon Carr

      Jacinthe, there are many testimonies of austistic and ADHD children and adults being helped with the use of Plexus ProBio5 and other Plexus Products. Email me at LaLasSlim@gmail.com or look me up on FB Sharon Carr (Sharon Green).
      I will be glad to send you the info

    • Steve

      I read the study. The quote in the post is incomplete and the answer is indefinitive.

  • aunt nan

    is there any research on tourettes in this study?

  • Cami Henderson

    Plexus Worldwide has a phenomenal probiotic called Probio 5. We have many customers with children with ADD and ADHD that have seen a huge difference in their child. I would love to share the ingredient list and more info if you want to learn about the probiotic whether you order from me or someone else. I’ve never seen a product like it before. My family takes it daily. Good for everyone!
    Email me at letsrockplexus@gmail.com and I’ll be glad to help you.

  • Concerned Maw-maw

    If a child is already diagnosed on the autism sprectrum, can probiotics still be initiated at the age of 11?

    • Cheryl

      Absolutely. Check out BEDROK (Body Ecology Diet Recovering our Kids) for ways to culture probiotics inexpensively, ways to detoxify and support immune system function. Our entire family started it 18 months ago in the hopes of helping our son’s autism and he is completely recovered. Many of our other health challenges have been overcome as well.

      • Shy

        Can you please guide me what and how you have done this diet? I will appreciate it.

  • Ana Solis

    Dr. Perlmutter, I have a 21yr old son that was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 18. I would like to know what probiotic you can recommend? Thank you.

  • Phil Hennessee

    Dr. Perlmutter – I have your Brain Change Combo. Should my 9 year old girl take all POWER 7 supplements? Also the POWER lab tests?

  • Erica Warren

    I would love to try Plexus ProBio5 but I have Ulcerative Colitis and can’t use supplements that have any binding starches like Rice Flour. What is a safe probiotic for me to use?

  • Nella Kotlyar

    Dr Perlmutter, in the Bain Maker you are talking about the probiotic enema. How much water should we use? Is that a retention enema? What is the temperature? Thank you

  • Deborah Peters

    Hello Dr. Perlmutter! I found you through PBS last weekend. Thank you for all of your work! I’ve long believed intuitively what you teach. In the last decade I’ve been studying Neuro Science and relating it to performance in business. We Coach Business Leaders across the world and getting them dialed in with their body & brain health makes all the difference in them being able to shift.

    I’d very much like to explore ways to collaborate with you and would like your permission to place your articles on our website: nei-mind.com.

    God Bless and enjoy your weekend.

  • I’m a functional medicine doctor that specializes in pediatrics. Dr. Perlmutter is my hero… his insight and astute pulse on the scientific literature is humbling. I like to use Transformation Enzymes 42.5 probiotic in my practice if kids can swallow pills. This multi-strain probiotic also contains the prebiotic Jerusalem artichoke. It also contains 3 of the 5 strains that Dr. Perlmutter recommends in his book. I hope this helps the parents on this post looking for which product to buy. Thank you, Dr. Perlmutter, for this rich and scientific groundbreaking book!

    • Veronica Midez

      Thank you for this recommendation! May I ask you about kids that don’t swallow pills? Can I break this into my 21 month old’s food?

      • I like one by Jarrow Formulas called Yum-Yum Dophilus. Its a gummy, so just make sure you don’t skip brushing those teeth! Otherwise, you can dump the Transformation Enzymes capsule into any food. Hope this helps and good luck.

    • Kathryn Taylor Clarke

      I’d like to know Dr. Perlmutter’s probiotic recommendation for kids. My MIL has been adamant that I try the Plexus one, but it’s being marketed so heavily by Plexus salespeople (through MLM) that it makes me skeptical. My kids take a probiotic, but it’s one I get from Whole Foods that is specifically for kids.

  • Lang

    What do you think of VSL#3 Probiotic? I found at Costco in pill and powder form.

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  • catherine

    Dr. Perlmutter, in brain maker you mention ppa as a dangerous chemical if it makes it outside the gut, but butyric acid and acetic acid as not being dangerous. I’m a chemistry undergraduate, and I was just curious if you knew why the difference in the number of CH2 groups make the chemistry of this molecule dangerous while the others are fine.

  • Oli

    What of shit. There is no evidence to support any of this nonsense autism is a life long neurological disorder effecting the neurological pathways in the brain, sure gut health is a good thing but sorry it is in no way associated with autism.

    • ssn708

      I am sure the overwhelming number of people claiming very positive results, are all wishful thinking or outright lies.

  • oli

    Autism is a lifelong neurological disorder effecting neurological pathways in the brain. Sure gut health is a good thing but it has nothing to do with autism and there is zero evidence to support any of your claims

  • Fiona

    I’ve been putting organic Kfir in my kids smoothies which include berries, apples, beets/beet roots and carrots. Is the fruit destroying the probiotic of the Kfir?

  • Pingback: Quality Probiotic For Autistic Baby – Fredi More Probiotic()

  • Pingback: Quality Probiotic For Autistic Child – Fredi More Probiotic()

  • Cindy Losco

    I have a 34 year old son who is Bi Polar and has Asperger Syndrome. Do you think the probiotics would help him? He’s been on medication for his disorder for 20 years.

  • suz

    Is there a certain type of Probiotic you recommend for kids with ADHD? My son is 12 and very hyper.

  • mike

    Hi there, my son is 13 months and doesn’t really display many signs ADHD or ASD, however I would rather be safe than sorry. I saw something called Ultimate Flora at my grocery store and wondered if that had the proper ingredients?

  • Ramona V.

    Dr. Perimutter, my son is 3 and is showing signs of autism. Lining up objects, restricted diet, speech delay (currently taking speech, OT & PT and responding), occasional toe walking, echolalia and has eczema. The therapists are trying to persuade me to not have him tested for autism so he won’t be “labeled” at a young age. I feel I must act! I have been frantically researching the internet to gain knowledge about how the gut-brain connection works. I’d like to start probiotics and a gluten & casein free diet to see if I can help my son. This is what I have gathered so far: Prebiotics, Live Probiotics lactobacillus rhamnosus & acidophilus, methyl caps, B6, magnesium, vitamin D & tryptophan & omega-3 fatty acids are all beneficial. Just need to know if there is a website I can buy all of these supplements at once and dosages.

  • Ana Ivkovic

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter, I’m a physician and mom of 2 having a hard time finding a good probiotic for my 15 month-old to help reduce incidence of ear infections. Everything with Strep salivarius k12 seems to be a lozenge/not suitable for <3y kids. Any suggestions?

  • Kelley McKeon Regan

    I was diligent about giving my daughter (now 10) probiotics when she was an infant and toddler. She was diagnosed with ADHD a few weeks ago after years of focus issues. I think this demands more study.

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