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Reduce Inflammation to Protect Your Brain

Everyone is familiar with inflammation. When a joint is inflamed with arthritis, it swells, gets red, becomes painful, and becomes less functional. Inflammation may also occur in areas that are less obvious such as in the coronary arteries. In fact, inflammation as a process is a cornerstone mechanism for the narrowing of the coronary arteries that typifies coronary artery disease. Inflammation is also a big player as relates to the disability that stems from diabetes, And there’s even a strong correlation between inflammation as a mechanism, and cancer.

The past several books that I have published have focused on the important role of inflammation as relates to the brain. Making the connection, for example, between inflammation and a disease like multiple sclerosis, it certainly something many people don’t have much of a problem understanding, since anti-inflammatory drugs are often used to treat this disorder. On the other hand, it seems a bit more of a stretch to connect the process of inflammation with such diseases as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. And yet, this process, inflammation, is a cornerstone mechanism related to progressive destruction that occurs in the brain as we age, as well as Alzheimer’s disease.

By and large, as we age, the levels of inflammatory chemicals within the body increase. And it is specifically these inflammatory chemicals that are both correlated with the rate at which the brain degenerates, as well as the degree of cognitive impairment that we may experience during the aging process. In this report, published in the journal Therapeutic Advances in Chronic Disease, Yale researchers described in great detail the mechanisms relating inflammation to progressive damage in the brain as well as what happens to the brain’s performance during this process. In addition they speculate as to how this understanding of brain degeneration might relate to further therapeutic interventions.

What we do understand today is at least one very important mechanism that relates lifestyle choices to inflammation and therefore to brain inflammation specifically, and cognitive decline. Much research has focused on the important role of elevated blood sugar as it relates to this process. Simply stated, even mild elevations of blood sugar over time increase the ability of blood sugar to bind to proteins, in a process called glycation. When a protein becomes glycated, again as a consequence of persistent blood sugar elevation, it dramatically increases the production in the body of inflammatory chemicals, and as such is directly relates to brain decline.

So the focus of this report really brings to our attention the fundamental role of inflammation in brain degeneration. That said, one of the most critical lifestyle changes you can make today to reduce inflammation is to make dietary changes that reduce blood sugar, leading to reduction of glycation, which will pave the way for better brain health, functionality and resistance to age-related decline.

  • Ri

    i love learning! great way to start my Monday morning! 🙂 every time i see my diabetic mother eat a sandwich i cringe.. ive tried to tell her to ditch the gluten and lower her carb intake but some people are just stuck in their ways. All i know is i want to take control of my health now so aging for me doesnt have to mean diseases and cognitive decline. Thank you again for this great learning section!

    • Susa

      I too cringe when my Mom and other relatives continue eating grains and sugar and yet continue to complain about their ailments. It’s so frustrating to see people so stuck that they don’t accept logic and change their diet.

      • David Perlmutter

        Hopefully, by continuing to share this information we can reach these individuals.

        • Lisa Muzic

          Yes but you can lead the 80yo horse to water but you can’t make them drink 🙂

          • Kelley Ann

            But you can make them thirsty…….:)

          • lynette mayo

            I have found that stubborn friends will watch videos!! so here is a free one: “Origins”, that’s a start.

          • David Perlmutter

            I hope the videos I share here can be helpful as well: http://www.drperlmutter.com/category/videos/

          • lynette mayo

            Thanks, that’s very in depth. I forgot to get back to this, l have a twelve hour day job researching supplements for my rare illness. Hope is on the way, several people have had stem cell treatments for it with great success !!

          • brennengee

            Could you elaborate on which movie this is?

        • Kathy

          My dh and I do share the information and some people do listen. He’s lost 20 lbs. and I have lost 18. Without really trying! He’s cut way back on his BP meds, plus I no longer take muscle relaxers for fibromyalgia. We’ve both stopped taking Lipitor also. 🙂 Gluten-free and low carbs is certainly the way to go!

      • lynette mayo

        Susa: This is like Future Shock to most people. As long as they have the mentality of, “l will ask my doctor” they will not get better. The really is “No, My doctor”, except for diagnostic reasons. We have to be 100% Pro-Active in regards to our health. I am fortunate l saw Alan Nittler, MD, “A New Breed of Doctor” in 1973, he was they only one who knew about Hyperglycemia then. He put me on a good path for life.

    • Raquel

      Hoping to find an answer to my extremely high HSCR of 21.6 and CR 1.78.
      I have had mammograms, Pap test,nuclear stress test plus all types of cardio testing.
      Endoscopy(gastritis) and colonoscopy(no C) several scans of abdomen due to a tumor on. Adrenal gland( not growing). I regularly go to dentist and eye doctor. I have had fecal testing( negative) and saliva testing ( no h pylori)Allergy testing which shows all types of allergies Due to foods and chemicals. Had house tested. (Nothing showed up.) I am also a diabetic(6.5) and have fluctuating BP. On Metformin and Benicar. I have also seen a rheumatologist that says I only have a little bit of “rusting” being a 64 year old female. Have an enlarged thyroid but tested and no cancer.
      I have been trying to do your diet as closely as possible( not perfect) lately but not sure if my levels are down or still rising. I am overweight and do no lose one lb no matter how hard I try. Also get 20 mins of sun a day and walk about a mile on treadmill most days.
      I have also taken tons of supplements which was making my gastritis worse and sending pain up chest as if having heart attack. Feel much better not taking so many.

      So would you recommend doing Chelation therapy? Or waiting longer on this diet and re take blood test.? All my lipids are pretty good. Doc happy with them. By the way I live in Naples and know a lot about you and your wife from 20 years ago from Sunsplash market

  • It seems like inflammation is toxic to any part of the body..amazing how such a big concept of inflammation can be so far reaching in every aspect of your health… from brain fog and other mental issues to feeling horrible when trying to do physical activity due to inflamed joints!

    • David Perlmutter

      Absolutely is. That’s why I’m on a crusade to help you reduce it Evan!

    • Margie

      Really? So why would it not be a good idea to simply take an OTC anti inflammatory (like an Advil) every day? Why has no one who says inflammation is such a huge problem ever mentioned this, instead of always saying change your diet, eat this way, stop eating that….and then a couple of years later…..oh, oops, we were wrong about what to eat, now what was bad for you is now good for you.

  • Graziella

    Dr. Perlmutter, I bought your book Grain Brain a few weeks ago, and it is making all the difference to me. I’m 41 yo and have been eating wrong all my life, a diet based on carbs, avoiding meat. I see my mother today, who is 68 yo, with Parkinson, and I hope that now that I’m learning so much from you, I can avoid a similar path. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge (and excuse any English mistakes, as I’m a Portuguese speaker, from Brazil)!
    Wish all the best!

    • Joanne

      Wow, Graziella, can I encourage you about your english? You write fluently and have better grammar than some people who speak english as their first language 🙂

  • Becky

    Dr. Perlmutter, Why is agave syrup on your list of do not eat? I thought if it was low glycemic it could be used sparingly?

    • David Perlmutter
      • Albert E Newman

        your products are” VERY EXPENSIVE” for the average person!

        • SanJacinto333

          Then the average person could use average online research techniques to find used copies of the books? 😉

        • lynette mayo

          It takes a lot of funds to do the research involved in producing supplements. My own experience with a struggle for twenty years to control ‘Vampire Fungus’. trying hundreds of products that did not ‘work’, l found one that does, “Essential Cultures”. Dr. Perlmutter l think was one of the researchers that brought this product to us. I am currently researching best products for ADHD, believe me it’s herculean endeavor !!!!!!!!!!!

    • meadowlark

      I used Agave for years until I understood that it is not the salvation it was hyped to be after all. A small amount of raw organic honey or coconut nectar is it for me now.

  • Katarina

    Dr Perlmutter, I’ve just read Grain Brain and found it really interesting! I’ve been on that path for a few years and this book added to my knowledge. I was surprised though, to find Rape oil on the list of what we should not eat – as Virgin Rape Oil is considered to be a very healthy oil here in Sweden. Could you please enlighten me on this topic?

  • Nancy Hanna

    I have been on this diet- no suger. no gluden at all for 4 months. Not easy. I am on it because of some memory issues. I am 65. So far I don’t see much effect. How before there’s an effect with this diet?

    • lynette mayo

      It probably took many, many, many years to get this sick, it will takes time and commitment. You cannot undo 50 years of bad food choices, in 4 months?

      • David Perlmutter

        Very, very good point Lynette.

        • Mary Anne

          Hi Doc. I am 58 and have Parkinson’s for almost 5 years now. I am pretty knowledgeable about the ketogenic diet and supplements being a former patient of Dr Atkins and being a patient of other complementary physicians. Do you feel that transdermal DMPS and transdermal glutathione are effective? Also, am trying to see you but if that’s not possible, any recommendations for a practitioner in metro Chicago?

  • Maggiemae

    I just ordered your book ‘Grain Brain’ and I’m looking forward to checking it out. I was also looking for your book Brain Change but I was not able to find it on either Ebay or Amazon. I am diabetic and have been for over 25 yrs. I had PCOS when I was younger. My blood sugars have been excellent at times and at other times way too high. I can’t seem to get a decent diet that I can live with on an every day basis. I do not eat any breads or potatoes at all. I also do not eat any sugary veggies like carrots or peas. I would like to find one source that I could rely on and follow on a regular basis on what to eat and what not to eat at all. I am 69 years old. My family has a horrid history of Alzheimer’s…my father, his 2 sisters both had it. Thank you for any help you can provide. I have signed up for your daily emails.

    • David Perlmutter

      Welcome to this community Maggie.

  • Donna

    Most of my meals do not elevate my blood sugar over 85, but if I try something new, I make sure to do a glucose reading with my Contour device. It’s easy and just takes seconds.

  • N=1 explorer

    I have been on-board low carb for about two years. Generally healthy to start, had “normal” blood sugar results (99 two years ago- not overweight and no chronic illness). I’ve been eating low carb for two years and feel great, lost 8 pounds and eliminated all the joint pain I had in my wrists and hips prior to my new eating habits. Just went for blood tests this week and had my first A1C test ever. My FBS was 69 – which is great I think, but my A1C was a surprising 5.8. I probably eat 50g a day of carbs, sometimes less. I’ve been reading that the A1C may not actually be a good marker for high blood sugar in that red blood cells likely live longer in a low-blood sugar environment, maybe twice as long or more, and therefore would collect more sugar over their lifetime. I don’t know what else might explain this result. It seems to me that health decisions made “by the numbers” , meaning test results, is not viable when we don’t understand what these numbers really mean – like taking statins for “high cholesterol”, or ditching a low carb diet because of an above normal A1C, but it is unnerving to get this kind of result. We are clearly in the dark ages in terms of human nutrition and understanding the connections between what we eat, our health, and especially the meaning of the numbers that modern technology have made available. I guess I just have to go by how I feel and look and hope for the best. I try to keep learning. This stuff is complicated.

    • David Perlmutter

      It can be, but I hope to make this information as accessible and approachable as I can.

    • Lynn Dell

      I like the way you think, n=1. I, too have read that caveat about A1C readings, that the red cells live longer in a low carb diet and may accumulate more glycated proteins. It IS complicated, and I also go by how I feel, and I agree, there is a lot to learn.

  • What’s the best way to reduce inflammation beyond going low carb? And how long does it take to become healthy after decades of an American diet and not on meds (yet)?
    I read your book, my life’s been transformed…. more energy, no need for ibuprofen for headaches, lost some weight, etc. I didn’t realize how sick I really was before getting away from carbs almost entirely.

    • Lynn Dell

      Besides going low carb, make sure the carbs are the kind that are more slowly digested. Make absolutely sure the fats you are ingesting are the non inflammatory fats, such as fish oil, etc.. Make absolutely sure you are not ingesting or are taking in as little as humanly possible the pro inflammatory fats and oils such as corn and canola. Of course, NO trans fats or partially hydrogenated fats or oils. Bone up on what a a good omega 6 to omega 3 ratio should be. Lastly, figure out how much protein you should have in a day, and distribute it as evenly as you can over the number of meals you take in.

    • David Perlmutter

      Gluten-free and low-sugar as well. How long it takes depends on the person. Remember, it will take years to reverse the damage years have done.

  • Z

    After 5 months following Dr. P’s excellent principles I have lost 52 lbs and my wife 45. But more importantly with adding DHA and other recommended supplements our lives are in a word reinvigorated. I am 66 yo and my outlook to live a healthy life in the years coming has never been stronger. A diet certainly. A better way of life absolutely!

  • Lily Crisp

    Is there a way to reverse the damage caused by improper eating. I’mcis 70 and female. I work and get a lot of exercise doing that. (Fast food)

    • David Perlmutter

      Exchanging your current eating habits for healthier ones is a smart decision at any point in life, but one cannot say with certainty how it will impact your health specifically.

  • terri

    My Dad is 77 years old and in overall good health. He takes Oxicodone for foot pain (P.F.) I recently ordered all the supplements/vitamins suggested by Dr. Perlmutter and Dad is complaining of stomach upset so he is not taking regularly. I am a 53 year old female who lost 30 pounds in the last year following Dr.Perlmutter and Brenda Watson and feel great. I cannot get my Dad to change his diet much so I was hoping supplementation would help. Dad lost his wife and my Mom two years ago and he is not a cook. Are there any pre-packaged foods out there that you could recommend, or anything I could do in the one day I have available to help my Dad for the week? Dad is showing signs of short memory loss.

    • David Perlmutter

      Perhaps try preparing meals for him for the week, or at least pre-cutting/slicing/washing food so healthy options are available.

  • Eve-Loraine

    Can someone tell me how a ketogenic diet would affect the baby if the mother starts it when she is about 6-7 months pregnant?

    • Eve-Loraine

      She has gestational diabetes.

      • Shanti

        Hi there, I’m reading a fantastic nutritional book called Primal Body, Primal Mind, I just passed a part that says a babies mind operates on ketones from fat rich mothers milk, and that the brain only switches to glucose once carbs are introduced to their diet. If nature designed a fragile baby brain to operate that way I think it would be good for the Mother too.

        It also talks about the epidemic of omega-3 deficiencies, that more and more babies are being born deficient. And that when the little a mother has is drained away for the baby during pregnancy, post partum depression is the result. Says expectant mothers have a dramatically increased requirement for EPA and DHA and should supplement these fats with molecularly distilled fish oil and cod liver oil.

        It also says pregnant women should not have their protein or fat overly restricted, but that going on a carb-elimination diet if you are unaccustomed to it is not advisable, seek consultation with a doctor before any big diet changes.

        • Eve-Loraine

          Thank you so much Shanti. I am not sure that I can help her as she loves to bake for her children and can’t resist eating it. She is snacking on lots of (healthy) fruit. I have suggested more nuts to snack on less fruit but if she can’t resist the baking it is a waste of time. She is 7 mths and I thought changing her diet might not be a good idea as the baby might suffer as her body adapted. She has enough stress as it is. The midwife will be giving her the opposite advice anyway. I had gestational diabetes and big babies which was a problem.

          • Shanti

            Get her to read that book and it may change her mind! It is dense reading but details exactly what chemical/hormonal/nutritional effects glucose has on the body and the awful snowball effect it has.

            It also talks a lot about the effect it has on children in regards to ADD, ADHD, learning disorders and behavioral issues. It’s called Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora T. Gedgaudas. And fruit is instant glucose, instant insulin reaction. Try to get her to eat berries when she has fruit.

            I’m not a health professional just passing on what I’ve studied 🙂 I have Multiple Sclerosis and am determined to turn it around through nutrition, so I am reading everything I can get my hands on LOL.

          • Eve-Loraine

            Thank you. The high sugar might have worse effects than a big baby. I don’t know her all that well but I will keep encouraging her. She has four children, is working part time and is a nervous wreck. I was very sad that they made her undergo a glucose tolerance test so that pumped her body full of glucose to add to the baby’s problems but I didn’t feel I could suggest she say no! . I am is a wheelchair after a brain haemorrhage and am almost pre-diabetic so had the motivation to change my diet. It was like Jesus held the diet out to me just in time. I also have the time to research. I suppose you have read Dr Wahls experience.

  • Paul S

    Hello; Just downloaded your book and am half way through it. I’ve been taking a compound to reduce inflammation called Wobenzym N . I’ve been eating low carb (Atkins). Do you know anything about this? – Paul S

  • ann lynette mayo

    I was just diagnosed with Asthma? they gave me a spray? it raised my blood pressure to much, its gone? I have a few conditions that may be connected I just read about Leukotrienes, and that this might be connected to mast cell issues l have like an IC flare-up for three months? and Lymphedema, l never seem to do a good enough job with my lymph drainage. I think the major culprit is Inflammation? I need a better brain to put all this together? l am taking two a day of Smart DHA, l am not happy with the liquid flavored fish oil l just ran out of? what can l add? I read somewhere in my search that fish oils are connected?

    • Nancy

      Two possible suggestions: 1) As soon as you feel any unease in your breathing, immediately hold your breath. Then exhale completely and hold your breath again as long as you can. The CO2 that is produced will open your airways, just like an inhaler without any side effects. It works well for me. 2) An Alternative doctor suggested I take Nordic Naturals liquid “Omega 3”. I don’t find that it has a fishy taste at all, and Nordic Naturals has their products tested by an outside source to confirm that what they say you are getting is really in the bottle.

  • Rich

    If inflammation is the enemy, would it make sense to take an anti-inflammatory medication every day, for instance ibuprofen? Obviously the right diet is more important, but does this make sense? Thanks!

    • David Perlmutter

      Best to aim to treat with the right lifestyle decisions first. If problems persist, explore other options, with a physician, from there.

    • Beth

      Ibuprofen is not the benign drug everyone thinks it is. It was my go-to pain med for 20 years. Never had a problem. Then one day I started getting these little blisters on my fingers. Then my finger tips started swelling up. Talk about inflammation! It spread to my arms, my face, and chest. I was in excruciating pain. And of course the more pain and swelling the more ibuprofen I took. Fortunately, I was also taking benadryl along with it, because it was clear that I was allergic to something, but I had no idea what. After going to 5 different doctors, one finally put 2 and 2 together and realized it was the ibuprofen. The warnings are right there on the box, but I never noticed because I’d never had a problem with it before. The doctor told me you can develop an allergy to anything at any time, and NSAID allergies, especially ibuprofen, are VERY common, and the more you take it the more likely you are to develop one. Trust me: Never take ibuprofen if you don’t really need it.

  • tannngl

    We began the low carb, gluten free, keto diet after reading ‘Grain Brain’, November, 2013. I had reported that my psoriasis was gone this spring, after about 12 years of skin lesions.
    Now, hubby’s ezcema of about 45 years on the backs of his knees is gone! The others are lessening.
    Seems it DOES take some time to undo the damage done over many years of eating an unhealthy diet! We are both 68 and looking forward to many healthier years together!
    Forget to tell you…I’ve got osteoarthritis-since in my late 40’s. Used to take ibuprofen 3-4 times a day every day. This past month I’ve had 1 dose 6 days in the first part of September. 17 days without. This, too seems to be improving!
    Thanks so much, Dr. Perlmutter!

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for this wonderful story of success.


    I am looking for the PDF file that goes with the grain brain audio book?

  • JM

    Following the Grain Brain diet faithfully for 3 months but have only lost 4 pounds. Anyone else with the same problem?

    • lynette mayo

      l like the Nutribullet, but, in the advertisement to promote it, l felt l was seduced by all the ‘fruit’, that they displayed and used. I read about a study with mice, they actually chose ‘sugar’ over ‘cocaine’ , that’s how addictive sugar is, fruit sugars included. Check Dr.Mercola on this topic, he recommends a much lower daily dose of ‘all sugars’ than most of us routinely use daily without realizing it.

      • David Perlmutter

        Yes. While fruit is healthful, you want to eat low-sugar fruits and consume them in moderation.

        • lynette mayo

          How about, just for a moment !!! : stepping out of your, well informed as it is, box!! , to possibly help myself & others with an orphan disease? my/our worst struggle is CRP, the illness creates systemic inflammation., l am scared for my brain ! new book by one of the doctors l see every 6 months, she is mostly traditional but in her book, its got a lot of new data on nutrition for Lipedema & Lymphedema: “Lyphedema and Lipedema Nutrition Guide, foods; minerals; and supplements” 5 authors. Another awesome book: “How To Talk To Your Doctor” Ronald L. Hoffman, helps negotiate the traditional medical system, good for both doctor & customer. . FRIDAY:!! I GOT YOUR NEW BOOK !!! ‘Brain Maker, YES ! , SO HAPPY FINALLY !! now l have to figure out how l do these diets: The RAD diet for my illness, the Lymphedema & Lipedema Diet. The IC diet, the Amen diet for unresolved ADHD.. Your dietary recommendations. Strengthen my immune system to handle out of control IgG’s right now ! , l need an optimal brain to handle these health issues with no Functional Doctor at my back with soc.sec. income ! on a positive note! my ADHD actually helps me, it turned me into an Olympian researcher in Functional Medicine in 2010 when l got this illness overnight, it drives me hard ! , now l have some doctors in other countries who have no Functional Medical doctors, write me asking for sites etc. how neat is that, at my age 73 ! glad you acknowledged Jeff Leach’s work, l’d posted about him on your page about 2 yrs ago !

    • Pup Mom

      Yes, but I think that, as a vegan, I’m adding too many nuts and seeds.

    • Christine Crittenden Meldrum

      I have been following it for 5 months (I quit eating wheat and grains 2 years ago). 5 months ago, I cut carbs to less than 20 grams a day. I lost 5 pounds right away, but have not lost any weight since. I also haven’t gained any. I have always been active. I run and lift weights, but the weight hasn’t budged. I check my glucose any time I eat something new or a different combination of foods, and I eliminate anything that makes my glucose rise to 120 at 1 hour postprandial, but my glucose is usually between 75 and 90 and can go up to 110 1 hour after eating. Not sure why my weight is so stubborn.

  • lynette mayo

    I have a rare illness that is highly inflammatory. I have been using the Nutribullet, one thing l do not like, so much fruit, l cannot do more than one a day because of this. A lot of people on my support group are always complaining of brain fog, l wrote to them about you, but not many people comprehend The Grain Brain yet. Any tips for brain fog? personally l think its too much carbs. Anything you would like me to share with a new Neurologist next week? seeing him for foot neuromas. I actually found a supplement that may really help, high doses of Serrapeptase!!

  • lynette mayo

    Can you tell me if there is a doctor in Orange County, or thereabouts who is doing your protocol? (that’s California).

    • David Perlmutter
      • joan

        Dr Perlmutter.. my daughter just sent me information concerning carrageenan (red seaweed) which I found in my unsweetened earth’s own Almond milk.. causes inflammation.. it is so frustrating.. when you think you are protecting yourself and changing your diet completely then you find this out..

        • meadowlark

          Try Pacifica brand Coconut Milk. I use the unsweetened, however, all of their coconut milk is carrageenan free!

      • lynette mayo

        l did not get to it, because l learned about the stem cell success. What do you think about Dr.Nancy Mullen, in Burbank, she can help find your weaknesses, for lack of a better word, by using your 23 & me protocol? do your doctors do that?

  • antoniobucci .

    Antoniobucci to David Perlmutter

    I was following your gluten free diet and ate eggs as you recommended. Recently I read the book which you endorsed on the front cover “AUTOIMMUNE SOLUTIONS” by Amy Myers, M.D.
    In her book on P183 under “INFLAMMATORY FOODS TO TOSS” The EGGS are on the list. I hope it is a mistake.

    • David Perlmutter

      If one has an allergy to eggs, that can certainly lead to inflammation, and thus they should be eliminated from the diet.

      • antoniobucci .

        Thank you. Your answer makes sense!!!!!

  • Joanne

    Hi, great information and advice on this site! I have changed my diet and am taking supplements, too. One supplement that has worked very well for me and reduced extremely high levels of the general inflammation markers of ESR and CRP signifigantly and relatively quickly is serrapeptase. I started slowly on a low dose to get used to it, then increased to a large dose.

  • t. combs

    I am in desperate need of information that can help my daughter with ADHD. All the doctors tell us to give her medications. We tried several and she had severe side effects. We want something more natural. How long would she need to be gluten free before we would see improvement in her focus and concentration?

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  • Deborah Roberts

    Any help for trigeminal neuralgia? Cure or ways to reduce the pain?

  • Rayca

    I’m looking for something a little more specific than diet. Diet changes do not help me to sleep soundly every single night. I have bouts of insomnia. I have good sleep hygiene. I fall asleep and stay asleep everytime I take an ibuprofen. No fail! Ever! It must be inflammation. I don’t have pain or stress or whatever the likely question(s) will be. I’m looking for a way to reduce that swelling without having to take an ibuprofen. Any suggestions?

  • Rayca

    OH NO!!! This is another carefully masqueraded LOW CARB GANG!!! Yikes.

    • JustSayin

      What a useless comment.

  • Denise

    After following the dietary guidelines in Grain Brain for over a year, lab test numbers look good, except for A1C which has increased from 5.3 to 5.6. (Glucose at 93 and Insulin at 8.4) Theoretically, how much can the A1C number be influenced by high protein intake? Already taking DHA and Alpha Lipoic supplements. Thank you for any general guidance

  • AJ Kollen

    Dr. Perlmutter should talk about brain inflammation in regards to a concussion or brain injury.

  • Emmalee

    I have ditched the gluten for 24 years – barely prediabetic – test sugars 2X per day and A1C every 3 months. Don’t forget about the family history that figures into this as well. Most of us are doing the best we can.

  • My wife and I started this brain health journey back in 2008 when I first met Dr Mary Newport. She had treated her husband’s Alzheimer’s with coconut oil and palm oil which allowed him to regain his quality of life. Your past research and practice with glutathione catapulted my own interest because of my wife’s rheumatoid arthritis. Three and half years ago we switched to the paleo diet for her and then we adopted your grain free and higher fat lifestyle. What a difference ketosis has made. I am self taught and picked up on the inflammation is one of the root causes of all illness with my personal research in glutathione in 2007. Your work continually inspires me and validates that we are on the right track for my wife’s auto immune diseases. THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU for your continued efforts to educate people on the best health possible! Your Naples Neighbor…John

  • Margie Leslie

    I love your work and bought your book “Brain Maker” but before I could read much my son who thinks he has Aspergers borrowed it! I have hypoglycemia and a serious sensitivity to MSG and soy. Plus when I take anything that has a cleansing action I get the same brain swelling as with soy and MSG. It’s usually on my right side but sometimes starts in the back of my head. I had my tonsils out when I was a little girl and am wondering if the scar could be keeping my brain from detoxing. I’m sure my blood-brain barrier is damaged too. Am I a candidate for AD or PD? I’m grain free and can only eat grass fed, grass finished meat. I do have other inflammation issues (interstitial cystitis) but Golden milk with turmeric, Baking soda and a diet of greens and good meat help a lot.

  • Gwendolyn Viviani

    What foods should we avoid, in particular, to stop inflammation to the brain? (I’m a vegetarian, bordering on being a vegan, so I eat healthily, but maybe there’s something I’m missing. Please advise).


    • David Perlmutter

      Keep carbs in check and added sugars low. And only healthy fats!

  • lisapietron

    reaaaly good info that makes sense

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