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Perlmutter Health Center

The unique approach offered by the Perlmutter Health Center recognizes the importance of the advances of modern medicine and utilizes these techniques fully. The Health Center also relies upon a variety of ...

Gluten Associated Cross Reactive Foods

While following the basic dietary guidelines that I provide both in Grain Brain and on drperlmutter.com, make sure to make note of the gluten free recipes you like and foods that you think might be still gi...

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Terms of UseLast Updated July 9, 2021 This site is part of the network of websites created and operated by Empowering Neurologist ("EN"), which are collectively referred to herein as the Sites. These Ter...




Professional Appearances

Dr. Perlmutter speaks at many conferences, symposia, and conventions on a variety of topics. Below is a list of upcoming speaking engagements. Book Dr. Perlmutter For Your Event


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