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Soy on Leaf

Stay Away From Soy

I generally advise against eating soy, and here’s why.

First, almost all the soy available these days is genetically modified. I feel quite strongly that GMO produced foods represent a significant health risk for humans (and animals for that matter.). This is food that could have been treated with dangerous pesticides such as Roundup, the harsh effects of which were recently documented in the media. Eating GMO food, or potentially GMO food, it’s an unnecessary way to introduce toxins into our bodies.

Second, soy is a legume. Soy is thus high in Phytic Acid. Phytic acid tends to bind minerals and remove them from the body, which may lead to mineral deficiencies. In the process of adding what you think is actually a health-beneficial item to your diet, you are, in fact, removing essential nutrients and minerals from it instead.

  • Kristym

    of course that includes edamame? right?

  • Carolyn

    I assume this is the same Phytic Acid that is in grains? I have been soaking grains (not eating wheat at all) and nuts in a water/whey solution before using–do you believe they are okay to eat after doing that? Thanks!

    • David Perlmutter

      Yes – provided that the grains are gluten-free and you’re keeping track of carb consumption.

      • Barb

        Dr P, what about edamame? I see a lot of other people asking about this as well. Fresh ones either in or out of shell? I read your book and are 20 lbs down and loving gluten free life but I eat edamame all the time.

  • carol bebe

    I’m hooked on edemame. Do you recommend staying away from edemame even if they are organic?

    • Guest

      Yes, he would.

  • pancyan

    The good Doctor failed to mention the Goitrogens, Trypsin inhibitors and high dosages of phytoestrogens also in soy

    • CriminySakes

      Very good points! Thank you.

  • Gregoria House

    It isn’t necessary to stop with fermented soy.

  • krishnamurphy

    Phytic acid is just as big a part of the problem with grains – and both are handled by washing or sprouting the food item.

    • Laharnaman

      Quite so!

    • mikemarkham

      Even so, one must look at the other issues with the food you’re eating. Glucose spikes, digestive/gut health etc.

  • Anon

    I am interested in learning more about this issue. Can you please point me to a scientific article that proves that GMO foods are harmful to humans or animals?

  • twardntp

    Would you then say the negative effects outweigh any beneficial effects of genistein?

  • Anon

    A simple google search will provide a ton of results about the problems with eating GMO foods. Also another google search will provide tons of info about the harmful effects of eating soy because certainly all that we eat is GMO. Take for example the problem that 1 serving of soy that ppl eat in the US can contain as much estrogen as 2 birth control pills. The difference between us and other countries that consume a lot of soy (Asia), is that their soy is mostly fermented and ours is not. Again, do you own research. Just a sample of issues related to soy. Your welcome.

    • Nancy Duggan

      It’s YOU’RE welcome. You’re welcome.

      • Confused American

        ? seriously ? grammar police? you are welcome

  • Carolina Dlugosch

    I am still not convinced about soja as being generally bad. First it is NOT true that all soy available is GMO. Even though I agree that GMO is a huge problem. But we can find organic soy. Second soy is part of the diet in Asia for centuries. The third factor is that most of the negative headlines about soy are based on publications from the Weston. A.
    Price-Foundation. Several statements published by the Weston. A.
    Price-Foundation have already been disproved. I am still looking for real, noncommitted information about soy.

    • Laharnaman

      As always, the clue to understanding what is harmful to us is to compare our modern day habits with both those of our ancestors and of present day traditional societies. Generally, in such societies, modern-day diseases only begin to manifest once western-style eating is introduced.
      Dr. Permutter alludes, very rightly, to this on the first page of chapter 1 of his book (‘Grain Brain’): what is missing, as far as I can judge, is an analysis of how ancient foods were prepared, before consumption. This is crucial to understanding how we can still continue to enjoy bread, pasta, nuts and seeds and all the rest of nature’s bounty without having to suffer the debilitating effects he describes in his otherwise excellent book.

    • mikemarkham

      If you look up the compounds found in soy in PubMed, you’ll what the doctor is stating is not false. Soy ingredients are anti-nutrient dense.

    • Miss Coco

      I am not aware of any statements by the Weston A Price Foundation that have been disproved. Can you tell me which statements you’re referring to, where you read about their being disproved, and who did the disproving? Thanks.

  • There have been a documentation in Frensh/German TV about monsanto and rouindup, it says that rats fed with gen manipulated corn dyed after 4 month, good luck for monsanto that the cientific tests for the GMO corn was only 3 month… For everyboy speaking Frensh or German

    Article about the rats in english:

    Since animals are fed with corn and soy meat is also toxic.

  • Jo Ha

    Now no more Soy… tell this to the japanese people… they eating soy every day and have way less problems with illnesses like you got in USA. We germans eat daily wheat products and we also have way less problems like USA. something is not right in ur studies mister perlmutter!!!

    • pensimmon

      It’s a very different product. Our food supply is heavily contaminated. If you start reading about it you’ll be horrified too.

      • Jo Ha

        the fear kill you not the product! and mister perlmutter has tons of fears in his mind… he created his own reality on this cos of fears he has. nothing wrong with wheat products at all otherwise half the german population would have mental problems. the problem is somewhere else…. but humans will not understand this fear problem so no point in even writing about it.

        • mikemarkham

          His information is not based on fears, it is based on science. He has a solution.

          Germany isn’t clear of health problems, that is for certain.

          • Jo Ha

            Your comment made me smile. Shows me how far behind americans are in
            psychology and human behaivor sience. Dr. perlmutter was driven by
            extreme fears to look for answers to the topic. He saw his parents die
            the horrible alzheimer death over many years and the fear that he will
            end up like that drove him day in day out to find an answer but he didnt
            even get the whole topic right and created his own extreme reality
            about things. Yes, the whole food system in USA is wrong and yes
            fructose, carbs etc are doing alot damage but he forgot that a constant
            fear in human will do way more damage if you cant get any serotonin
            anymore. just be looking in his face i can see that. western world only
            gets its serotonin via dopamine kicks and is constantly on the run to do

          • lillygorilly

            …Nor of mental health problems.

        • CriminySake

          Yes, we certainly wish you wouldn’t write about it. We’d rather believe the doctor than what you have to say.

        • pat

          Can you please explain this FEAR factor, It would help .

          • Jo Ha

            stay in the clouds people, everyone just too much scared to touch this
            subject. humans are full with fears. have you ever wondered why
            all the big inventions of the past 200 years came from people in
            countries with colder climates? have you ever wondered why people in
            warmer countries smile more? now start with FEARS… this topic is not
            ripe to discuss with mainstream yet.

          • Jo Ha

            Dr>perlmutter creates his own reality driven by fears he has . He started off well and drifted from one extreme into the next. Grains carbs soy all bad for you. German people must have died by the millions on mental illnesses cos they eat day in day out grains many times a day. The solution to this is FEARS noting else. If you constant in escape mode you release stress hormones and they kill you. Nature will do this for you.

          • andi

            For those who understand german 2 hours, about gluten

            Detlef Schuppen früher in Harvard jetz in Mainz

    • Asian countries use traditionally fermented soy products like miso and tempeh as condiments. They don’t eat processed soy burgers or drink soy milk like Americans do.

      • GemmaStar

        Japanese in many regions of the country also eat Natto, a fermented soy product that is extremely high in Vitamin K2 which works synergistically with Vitamin D3.

        • Jo Ha

          you have to live in those countries first to talk about them. soy milk and tofu and soy beans are part of a daily diet in Japan. you americans are sick cos you eat not because your hungry, you eat for the dopamine kick!! your obesity and mental problems have nothing to do with eating wheat products… it just amazes me that a doctor for neurology cant find the real reason. cos he is also on the daily run away trip from his fears. that never ending thinking mind kills people nothing else!

          • mikemarkham

            Ah, because wheat does not affect dopamine? You do realize wheat is a refined carbohydrate, i.e. sugar?

            He doesn’t single out wheat also – he stipulates the combined affect of all sugars over time does damage. If you know nothing about the book or data ANYONE can pull from other countries, stop typing. You do not add anything useful to the conversation.

          • Ha Jo

            Getting tied of hearing from you on this website, asshat.

          • Kscar

            I know a soybean farmer who grows GMO and Non-GMO soy. Nearly ALL of her Non-GMO crop is exported overseas to Japan and other countries that have restrictions on GMO foods. Americans are the unwitting guinea pigs of the great GMO experiment.

          • pam johnson

            And YOU are the expert? hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ace

        I am sorry, but millions and millions of Chinese drink soy milk for breakfast everyday. So what gives?

        • Cisco

          Millions of flies eat shit everyday…go ahead and have some then 😉

          • thereester

            Yeah but flies don’t have a life span longer than 2 seconds compared to the Asian culture. You’re not seriously comparing human nutrition to that of a fly are you?

      • FlSam

        Not true. My husband is Chinese, and he drinks soy milk every day (unsweetened). We eat organic tofu on a fairly regular basis also….but it’s true we do not eat the processed soy (i.e. fake meat) products.

      • I stand corrected. They did not traditionally eat these processed soy foods.

      • Pati Palma

        Asian do drink soy milk daily. And not all their soy foods are fermented there are lots of tofu dishes and raw or cooked beans (edamame) in chinese and japanese, and koean diet that are not fermented.

      • soulassssns

        I don’t drink Soy milk or eat soy burgers so don’t generalize all Americans. Throw a “some” in there to make your claim some what accurate.

    • MissM

      A Japanese friend told me they do not eat sky unless it is fermented (tofu) edamame and soy milk are NEVER consumed in the orient as they consider it unhealthy.

      • FlSam

        It’s simply not true. One Japanese friend does not represent ALL Asian people.

        • Cindy Robin

          Nor does one Chinese husband.

    • Laharnaman

      See comment from Laharnaman on why this might be. Germany is famous for sauerkraut and sourdough breads (sauerteigbrot) – both of which are fermented products. German food still tends, nowadays, to be based on traditional recipes, and this may provide a clue as to why they generally enjoy better health. The general awareness amongst Germans of the direct correlation between food and physical and mental health is also much more ingrained than in the US (or UK where I live).

      • Jo Ha

        what a nonsense? you hear german and you think sauerkraut. makes me laugh… you know how many times a year a typical german eats sauerkraut? between none and a few times.

        • Laharnaman

          Hi Jo Ha,
          Yes it could certainly be nonsense – its based on a personal opinion resulting from my own experience in the country. I never did a survey to find out how many Germans actually eat sauerkraut: do you know of any perhaps?

          • Barb

            Jo Ha is most likely a plant from the FEARFUL fake food industry

        • CriminySakes

          You must be an expert on everything, so it seems.

          • Dandy Nong

            he is spot on. fears , worries and a an ever running mind are the problem nothing else.

        • Flo

          Why are you on here so much if you think Dr. Perlmutter is so bad. I think you must be a troll.

        • Fussnoetchen

          Jo Ha, Du bist ein selten daemlicher Depp. In fact germans experience the same ailments than in other western country. The rate of overweight people is actually around 60% (and still growing), the rate of obesity growing from year to year as is the rate of diabetes 2 and alzheimer patient. And this comes from a person who has lived all his life in Germany and is a native german speaker (austrian in fact). A large part of germans is outright anti american, this Jo Ha person being a somewhat very uneducated member of that species. I guess he is just trolling to express some xenophobic american bashing. My advice would be to ignore him like every other ordinary troll.

          • Dandy Nong

            was fuerne aengste treiben dich den so an? Large part of germans are anti american? why do most young people run to mc do, drink coke and having iphones and apple products? ein oessie speaks for german…. lol

          • Fussnoetchen

            Lass mal dein infantiles “Opfer-Sprech” stecken, Kleiner. First, it’s Oesi and not Oessie, my less educated friend. Ossi is used for eastern germans. And, mein junger unbedarfter Freund, there is no contradiction in consuming western goods and america bashing the same time. Simple minded Jo Ha is the best example for this irrational behaviour.

          • Dandy Nong

            schade eigentlich das in einem so schoenen land wie austria die leute so ungluecklich und aufgedreht sind.aber lass nur deinen dampf hier ab wenn du dich danach besser fuehlst ist das ok fuer mich. die aengste im kopf treiben dich halt zu solchen beitraegen.kannste dich noch so gesund ernaehren wird kaum helfen…wenn die birne auf 100 staendig dreht ist das ein signal an den kopf das ding langsam auszuschalten.bei monks und bei inselbewohner fern ab unserer zivilisation gibts sowas wie alzheimer etc… sehr sehr selten um nicht zu sagen fast garnicht und die essen eigentlich garnicht gesund.die haben nur weniger AENGSTE!

      • mikemarkham

        I think it is disingenuous to say Germans are afforded better health. Look at WHO rates.

        • Laharnaman

          My comment was certainly premature: I looked at the WHO rates and they confirm what you say.

          German ranks currently at position 25 despite health-care spending running at 3rd. place.

          I wasn’t being disingenuous (=dishonest) – I was simply wrong.

          I am an example of someone who merely relied on their own narrow experience rather than do the research (I lived in Germany for 18 years – and they always looked generally healthier than my own UK countrymen – despite their consumption of sauerkraut!).

          • mikemarkham

            True, depends on where you live and one’s tendency to associate with like-minded individuals. I’ve seen plenty of obese Germans and just as many normal weight.

        • John Sposato

          As Laharnaman points out below, disingenuous means dishonest or deceitful, not wrong or inaccurate. What you want to say, I think, is that he is inaccurate.

          • mikemarkham

            When people blatantly make statements like: “may provide a clue as to why they generally enjoy better health.” it leads me to believe they really think this. But nothing I’ve ever read about Germans in general support this claim. Conclusion – they’re just making it up. That in my book is being dishonest, whether intentional or not.

            Regardless, this is semantics (and he’s already explained his reasoning) and it detracts from the point I was making – that Germans are not the shining star of health as purported.

    • mikemarkham

      Japanese also eat far less refined carbohydrate like flour and sucrose.

    • nature lover

      I actually just me a soy farmer her win the United States…they have two crops – GMO and non GMO….they sell the non-GMO soy crops to the Japanese at a premium. That should say it all!

    • Beth M

      The soy and wheat in North America is mostly GMO and sprayed with lots of pesticides and herbicides. The other countries do not have GMO foods, or at least not to the same degree. Dr. Perlmutter’s information is “bang on”. The studies on non-GMO soy have been controversial for many years. (The Real Soy Story, 2005, for instance.) It was American advertising that has Americans believing that Japanese have a diet high in non-fermented soy, never-mind GMO soy.
      Yes, the American “edible” supply has basically been destroyed as far as nutrition is concerned. The GMO wheat and soy are also in the majority of processed edibles, restaurant foods, and junk edibles. Anyone that still has a diet high in those types of edibles will likely have poor health, and many Americans still do (Canadians are catching up).
      The majority of countries in the world take human health into consideration. It appears that USA and Canada put profits for corporations over human health, over the environment, and over the rights of humans to be treated with respect and dignity. Therefore, comparing North Americans eating products like wheat and soy to other countries eating them does not apply.

  • HarryPsalms

    Wow, absolutely no science necessary for the author to make his conclusions…amazing!

    • mikemarkham

      First, this is a blog post and not a scientific article. If you turn away from trolling for a few minutes, you can read plenty of scientific articles about phytic acid’s effects on humans.


      Other good information condensed on PA:


      • HarryPsalms

        Your post is a lesson on logical fallacies;
        – 1st, I never claimed that this is a “scientific article”, only that it is making a scientific claim (ie; “XYZ is bad for you”) without providing a single scientific reference to back up this claim, let alone a link to many references. It’s not that difficult, as you were able to post links. I did not ask that he actually perform a study and then write a paper about it. . Thus your first point is a mix of a Strawman and Tu Quoque.
        2nd, you call me a “Troll”. This is also a logical fallacy, namely an Ad Hominem attack whereby you attack the character of the one making the proposed argument instead of attacking the argument itself. Even if I was a “troll” it would not affect the validity of my argument one bit.
        and finally…
        3rd, you provide a link to “prove” your claim, however, the evidence you provide itself not only provides information which contradicts your claim by showing beneficial results ( “Alternatively, the ability of PA to chelate minerals has been reported to have some protective effects, such as decreasing iron-mediated colon cancer risk and lowering serum cholesterol and triglycerides in experimental animals”) , ultimately the most telling sentence in your reference is “Data from human studies are still lacking.”

        In other words; data from human studies are still lacking.

        • mikemarkham

          1st: If you actually read the book, he actually explains and references studies. Simply because a blog post doesn’t contain a reference doesn’t mean he hasn’t done his due diligence.

          2nd: You are a troll.

          3rd: Simply because there is a positive affect of a substance doesn’t negate the bad. I.e. coca leaves are great sources of vitamins and minerals.

          • HarryPsalms

            1st, another logical fallacy…I did not claim that he did not provide references in a book which I have not read, nor should I be required to read a book in order to comment about the “facts” presented in a blog post. A blog post, I’d like to point out, which admonishes myself and other readers to “stay away from soy”. Perhaps he should have said “Stay away from soy…and buy my book to find out why!”. You also fail to address half of his post which claims that a large reason for him believing we should all stay away from soy is because most soy is GMO…..which he believes (again) is bad for you, and again, without any reference to scientific data supporting his claim. We read that he “feels quite strongly that GMOs present a significant health risk to humans..” yet once again provides absolutely no reference. It is more than appropriate for me to comment and seek justification for such casual claims. I’m glad that he “feels strongly” about it, now show me why. The why is the important part, not his feelings.

            2nd; I’ll refrain from engaging since it is obvious that such a statement as you made IS in fact trolling

            3rd; I never claimed that a positive negated a negative. I might be moving too fast for you, so I will slow down. Everything is toxic or harmful, depending on dose and circumstance. Water, as we know, is not only beneficial to our health, it is also essential. However, it is also deadly. Long term exposure to it causes cellular structures to break down. Inhaling it can cause serious illness. Etc. If I were to supply these facts along with the recommendation for everyone to stay away from water, it would be a disingenuous claim despite it all being true. Obviously the benefits and necessity of water far outweigh the potential risks. By utilizing this study that you referenced as evidence, you have done the same; singled out potential (and unproven in humans) negative effects without even mentioning the documented positive effects.

          • CriminySakes

            Just another ignorant person who wants to spout off without knowing what he is talking about because he doesn’t want to learn anything, investigate it and become educated … it’s more important that this person just points out all the negatives which is probably his entire demeanor and life is the cup empty and not even half full. LOL

    • CriminySakes

      What’s amazing are the ignorant people on here.

      • David Perlmutter

        All: Please remember the purpose of this forum is to have a conversation about the science on the issues of the day. We want to play host to a wide array of opinions and information, but we must refrain from vulgarity and personal attacks. If these continue, we will have to close comments on this blog post. Once more, please review our Community Guidelines: http://www.drperlmutter.com/community-policy/

        • Tom

          Hear, hear and Amen! For me the bottom line and ultimate authority is personal experience. I have experienced numerous negative reactions to soy and soy products.

  • Laharnaman

    One of the characteristic behaviors of certain types of highly-intelligent people is that they often focus their attention, very effectively in many cases, in completely the wrong direction. What is often missing is the ability or willingness, at the very outset, to consider other avenues of approach which could lead in an entirely different direction. Once embarked on a particular path which they find interesting, they become fixated, perhaps, on the fact that they have discovered something no one else knew before; letting go of this is difficult for them. Few people can escape this tendency of course; but what we must do is to at least keep an watchful eye open for crucial sign-posts as we speed along the highway at breakneck speed. Since none of us has a monopoloy on truth we must remain open to the valid opinions of others – otherwise we are just imposing our ignorance upon others.

    Gluten and phytic acid


    Just because gluten and phytic acid are present in certain foods, does not necessarily mean we must avoid that food: traditional societies have generally found ways to neutralize the toxins in their food before consuming them. The strategies used are often so convoluted and clever that one wonders how on earth they ever stumbled upon it.

    Methods for neutralizing them


    One time-honoured method of reducing the gluten and phytic acid content of foods such as grains and nuts – foods incidentally consumed by our forebears for thousands of years during which times so-called modern diseases were well-nigh unknown – is to ferment them. In the cases of grains used in the baking of bread, a starter culture was often used which converts or reduces the gluten and phytic acid. In the case of nuts and seeds, these were first ‘sprouted’ or allowed, at least, to ferment before consumption. Even fish and meat were fermented, the aim being preservation of course, but with the remarkable side-effect of turning the food into a ‘super food’.

    Why here?


    The reason I present this here is because I have just begun reading the book ‘Grain Brain’ and can find no references, thus far, to the methods of food preparation used in traditional societies. A seminal reference in this respect is to be found in the work of Dr. Weston A. Price as well as the Weston-Price Foundation which strives to educate people about what they term ‘traditional foods’.

  • Bif

    JO Ha….so your opinions are your opinions and not necessarily those of german people…just saying.

  • DaB

    Lets not forget the estrogenic effects, which men should avoid.

  • Joe Texan

    Dr. Perlmutter says it’s largely because soy in the U.S. is GMO, which is sprayed with a huge amount of the herbacidal weed killer Roundup. GMO corn is fed to cows and other animals, so our meat is also contaminated. All countries except the U.S. and Canada have banned this stuff. The American people are now the sickest nation on earth with epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Senile Dementia, heart disease, cáncer, fibromialgia, and about a dozen other metabolic disorders. It is not just Dr. Perlmutter saying this based on his personal opinión. I have read about 15 books in the past three months on nutrients and every expert in many áreas of medicine are saying the same thing; endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, allergists, pharmacists, oncologists, etc.
    As a neuropsychologist, I recently received a scientific article with grafts on the increase of Autism, and deaths from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Senile Dementia since Monsanto introduced GMO’s into the American food supply in 1994. All four diseases have increased by between 800% to 900% in 20 years.
    Dr. Perlmutter also says in his book that one reason Asian countries are not experiencing the horrific health problems of the American people is because some of the spices they use such as tummeric and curry has medicinal properties that counter-act the bad effect of sugar and carbs.
    For the first time in American history, the life expectancy of the American people is decreasing because of processed food and fast food. Read the NYT’s best seller, “Sugar, Fat, Salt.” It is a history of processed food and very shocking.

  • Joye

    Jo Ha..the Japanese eat cultured soy not the Frankenstein soy and the toxic soybean oils that are cheap therefore in most every processed food found in America.

  • Joe Texan

    The Swedish people have the longest life expectancy in the world – 89 years. That means that 50% of the Swedish people live more than 89 years. The U.S. life expectancy is 78 years and for the first time in history decreasing. I always thought it was a genetic difference. After reading Dr. Perlmutter’s book, I starting thinking about the diet of northern Euros. The Germans eat lots of sausages, cheese, smoked and cured meats, and Swedes eat much the same but also lots of fish. The Norwegians are second only to Japanese in the amount of fish they eat. Also, they use sauna’s, which we now know are very good for your health. It would be interesting to know the average diet of Swedes.

  • Tangomarty

    After reading the NIH link above about phytic acid, it has certain benefits as well as negatives. Not at all clear which outweighs which. I think its safer to eat beans than meat, as long as the beans are not GMO, and are organic.

    • Maxmilliana

      Humans evolved eating meat, not beans. I would recommend wild caught fish and pasture raised beef and chicken.

  • So Curious

    Dr Perlmutter, what is your take on the presence of phytic acid in almonds and cocoa. I know you suggest we are allowed to eat almonds and cocoa dark, what is the difference?

  • David Perlmutter

    All: It is quite nice to see the amount of conversation this post has generated. While this is a place where opinions and science from all sides can be shared, please remember that comments in this area should be kept civil, and focus on content, not personal attacks. Please review our Community Policy: http://www.drperlmutter.com/community-policy/

  • Angel

    Well it is very sad when you have to alter what you believed. What was once thought to be safe is no longer the case. Our food is no longer the healthiest food to consume. Because of GMO, fluoridated water, etc., and etc. Let’s not forget the drugs that big pharma pushes that actually do more harm then good. SOC(standard of care) is to treat a disease, once one has developed a disease. Ask,your Dr., will this drug cure this condition I’ve developed? The issue is a deficiency or toxicity when the body develops disease. Get to the spine and the nerves as Dr John Bergman discusses on his you tube channel, along with many other things that may be of interest to you. We need to keep educating ourselves. It’s urgent !! Thanks Dr P, for all your relevant info. It makes sense to me.

  • Midwest Reader

    Hi Folks, It would not surprise me at all if those people doubting Dr. Perlmutter are bloggers on the payroll of Monsanto. Numerous news stories have documented this tactic by big companies–they have paid staff who just get on these sites to try and sew confusion about the facts. And it is a fact–the research has been all over the news recently that GM (Genetically Modified) crops, RoundUp Ready (by Monsanto) are linked to Parkinsons, Celiac disease, and neurological disorders. Dr. Perlmuttear is only reporting the research. http://www.gmoevidence.com/dr-cattani-roundup-causes-toxic-damage-to-rat-brains/

    • FlSam

      Or we’re just people who agree with some things and not with others. You know, critical thinking….

  • Deb

    What is your opinion of Earth Balance Spread, (the soy free one of course)

  • Bryan

    I am Japanese and the many years I’ve spent in Japan with my family I don’t recall ever eating soy. Actually, the Japanese eat very little soy. Most soy consumed in Japan is fermented. Also, millions of Chinese DO NOT drink soy milk; they cannot afford it. Much of the worlds supply of soy is produced and consumed right here in the U.S.

  • Dwight N Jabot

    What about organic soy milk products? Are they okay?

  • Dwight N Jabot

    Here is an article I just read from the USDA about GMO and organic products.


    And here are a couple of articles not from the USDA that may helps to clarify it a little more about GMO and Organic.



  • mariq

    Hello, Dr. Perlmutter.

    My husband and I recently read your book, Grain Brain, and I started eating this way on June 1. I’ve lost about 8 pounds, and am starting to look pretty good!

    I have been using soy for several years now to help with hot flashes. I really do not want to go on HRT, but without taking the soy four times a day, it feels like one long hot flash 24/7. Do you have any suggestions for me?

    Thank you for all that you do!

  • LA_DOC

    How does. Dr. Purlmutter feel about FERMENTED soy? Thanks.

  • Carol

    Hello Dr Perlmutter,
    I take Soy Genistein for hot flashes. It is non-GMO. It is a soy isoflavone not isolated soy protein. Is this OK on the Grain Brain Diet? Thank You for your time.

  • mariq

    I think I posted this a while ago, but never got an answer. I have been taking a soy supplement for a long while. Dr. Perlmutter, what do you suggest for relief of hot flashes?

  • LAgal

    But non-GMO FERMENTED Soy is good for you. evne all the people who don’t like soy, do like the FERMENTED non-DMO soy. What are your thoughts on this?

  • Ana Gabriela Gonzalez Meade

    So you recommend to stay clear from legumes altogehter? I am a vegan and it would prove tricky to stop eating legumes like lentils, garbanzo beans, black beans, peas, etc. Of course, soy is out of the question!

  • lorrie

    what about lecithin supplements.

  • Jade

    I would like to say … often times it is what we eat, how much of it in relation to the remainder of our diet, who is eating it and how it is grown. Just a consideration.

  • Cami

    I have tried everything for hot flashes. I had about 10 edamame beans at dinner and no hot flashes. Are they really that bad in that small a wuantity

  • Adolfo Ochoa Muner

    thanks thanks thanks dr. perlmutter im feeling grate…no more brain fog..no more minor epilepsy simptoms,,GOD BLESS YOU DR. THANKS

  • JohnINTheOC

    What about the peptide-non GMO derived product Lunasin which seems to relieve some of the symptoms of ALS and lessens stomach cancer in mice models? Also: the ratio of mimic ALS diagnoses is increasing each year or so, the theory of cyanobacteria seems to explain at lease some; In New England, medical researchers are now uncovering clues that appear to link some cases of the lethal neurological disease to people’s proximity to lakes and coastal waters connected to shellfish with cyanobacteria algae. Any thoughts or experience with this? Thanks. .

  • JohnINTheOC

    I realize this needs more research but many, literally, are ‘dying’ for the results; Lunasin is a bioactive peptide originally isolated from soybean and has demonstrated chemopreventive and anticancer properties against: skin, colon, prostate and breast cancers. Lunasin by binding to the receptors of colon cancer cells prevents its adhesion to the liver tissue. When the receptor is blocked, new blood vessels cannot differentiate which prevent the spread of cancer. In the model estrogen-independent breast cancer, lunasin and aspirin administration inhibits cell proliferation, arrest cell cycle in S-phase as well as a decreases expression of cancer genes. Lunasin has also been found to exert potent antioxidant properties, reducing lipopolysaccharide induced production of ROS by macrophage cells, and acting as a potent free radical scavenger. Using the modifying the of DNA method it has been demonstrated that CpG islands were hypomethylated in RWPE-1 cell lines and hypermethylated RWPE-2 in cell line.Despite of numerous and promising evidence of antitumor activity of lunasin, there are still not explained all the mechanisms of its action in the processes of carcinogenesis. PMID:25033546

  • John Hyatt

    Dr. P; We really are enjoying your recipes in Brain Maker; Found that my DIY raw milk kefir and coconut kefir is giving me another hour sleep,more energy and my middle of the night bathroom trips have lessened! YouTube as excellent step by step additions to flavoring -storage and additional benefits. I was with a family member at a large southern California Neuro-muscular center, having a discussion about food and OTC’s for ALS when(once again) I heard the lock step “not enough science”. That is such an unfair nocebo! (The perfect is the enemy of the good.)” ― Voltaire. Thanks for giving us “food for thought” ,literal;-) !!

  • YM T
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  • John Burlingame

    Soy makes me sick, brain fog, short term memory loss and panic attacks. Chronic medical conditions. Can’t eat it, touch it or breath it in. Hits me in 8 seconds and shuts my nervous system down to a slow crawl.

  • soulassssns

    Soy is bad? Tell that to all of Asia. LOL.

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