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Steve H.

January 25, 2014

Steve’s story is a reminder that gluten sensitivity can show itself in a multitude of ways. – Dr. Perlmutter

A few years ago I had started to developed facial skin redness, shortness of breath while walking and a very strange optical problem, flickering colors blurred my vision in one of my eyes (much like a kaleidoscope). This happened several times, rotating between both eyes. It wasn’t what I actually saw with my eye, but something was interfering with the visual section in my brain I’m assuming.  The symptoms lasted a couple of hours in each case.

Several visits to my physician and dermatologist brought no help and no improvement to my condition. In fact, the dermatologist appeared more interested in prescribing a facial cream and getting rid of me. The dermatologist said I had some form of dermatitis and dry skin, but in no case was he going to send me for food allergy tests. Little did he know that ”you are what you eat.”

After much reading, I decided that, based on my symptoms, I might have a gluten allergy.

Since eliminating gluten, I have more energy, I have no skin problems and do not see flickering lights that aren’t really there. I have lost almost 20lbs. Gluten was a bigger problem than what I thought.

-Steve H.

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