An unfavorable lifestyle and recurrent headaches among adolescents The HUNT Study




L. Robberstad, G. Dyb, MD, PhD K. Hagen, MD, PhD L.J. Stovner, MD, PhD T.L. Holmen, MD, PhD J.-A. Zwart, MD, PhD


Objectives: To examine the relationship between recurrent headache disorders (i.e., migraine and tension-type headache) and lifestyle factors (overweight, low physical activity, and smoking) in an unselected population study among adolescents.

Methods: In this cross-sectional study from Norway, a total of 5,847 students were interviewed about headache complaints and completed a comprehensive questionnaire including items concerning physical activity and smoking. In addition, they underwent a clinical examination with height and weight measurements. Adolescents with high physical activity who were not current smokers and not overweight were classified as having a good lifestyle status. These students were compared to those with 1 or more of the negative lifestyle factors present in regard to headache diagnosis and headache frequency.

Results: In adjusted multivariate analyses, recurrent headache was associated with overweight.


July 5, 2010

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