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Lesley M.

After being perfectly healthy for 34 years of my life, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis on September 7, 2012. Of course, this was an absolutely devastating diagnosis, which resulted in gradually moving through the stages of grieving while also managing the symptoms of a MS flare. Shortly after my diagnosis, I started on medication recommended by a MS specialist in order to manage the symptoms of MS and reduce future flares. I quickly began experiencing some severe side effects, which resulted in having to discontinue the medication shortly thereafter.  In the months following, I began experiencing debilitating headaches and fatigue.  It became so constant, that I began to worry about my ability to continue working in addition to concern about my ability to care for my young daughter. It was not long after that time, that I received a referral to Dr. David Perlmutter. It has been less than two months since I met Dr. Perlmutter and his team, started supplements and shifted to a ketogenic diet. Almost immediately, I experienced a miraculous shift in energy. I have had almost 100% reduction in headaches, I no longer require the use of a daily inhaler, and most importantly I feel incredibly hopeful about my future. I feel healthier than I felt prior to my MS diagnosis and truly feel like I have my life back. Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Perlmutter and his team.

– Lesley M.

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