9+ Foods to Improve Brain Health and Memory

By: The Dr. Perlmutter Team

As we’ve stated before, one of the most fascinating things about the human brain is that neuroplasticity, the process by which the brain undergoes changes in response to internal and external stimuli, affords us a great deal of control in determining the overall health of our brain. While there are many lifestyle changes one can make to improve overall brain health, studies have shown that dietary factors can have a significant impact. Choosing which foods you use to fuel your body goes far beyond counting calories; the macronutrients—fats, proteins, and carbohydrates—you emphasize in shaping your diet can have major repercussions for brain health. There is evidence to suggest that individuals who consume a diet high in carbohydrates have an 89% increased risk of developing dementia, while people who consume a diet high in healthy fats actually reduce their risk by 44%. Ensuring that the foods you consume are high in antioxidants, rich in healthy fats, low in carbohydrates, and powerfully anti-inflammatory can go a long way towards optimizing brain health and boosting memory and cognition.

Foods to Improve Brain Health and Memory

Generally speaking, we recommend a diet that is higher in fat and fiber, low in carbs, and rich in gut-healthy probiotics. To that end, please read on for some suggestions on specific foods around which to build a brain-boosting diet!

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Cindy J.

The success Cindy has seen with her migraines has been well-documented in others. There are some studies available on my site that highlight this. – Dr. Perlmutter

I have suffered from migraines for 26 years. They have been debilitating and over the years I have tried everything to prevent them. My neurologist has prescribed an arsenal of drugs, including beta-blockers, anti-depressants, calcium channel blockers, antihistamines and topamax. I tried eliminating triggers from my diet to no avail. I always got a migraine when the pressure dropped and there was a storm. Nothing stopped my weekly headaches. Sometimes I had them several times a week.

Four years ago I found a doctor that changed my way of thinking about my diet. My mother has Alzheimer’s and I want to do whatever I can to prevent it. My blood work started showing elevated blood sugar and I couldn’t figure out why.

She coached me to eliminate gluten and to increase the right kind of protein in my diet. I was eating too many carbs.

The migraines continued.

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Food for Super Bowl Sunday

Are You Ready?

We’re just two days away from the moment when most American’s will start to bend the rules on those healthy eating resolutions: Super Bowl Sunday. There may be the Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ham, and July 4 apple pie, but few holidays can match the sheer number of calories that Superbowl Sunday packs. From wings to steaks to fries, and a whole mess more, I couldn’t even fathom a guess at how many calories are going to be set out across our tables come Sunday.

Now, there’s surely nothing wrong with plenty of the dishes that’ll be served on Sunday (as long as that beef is grass-fed!), but there will be plenty of traps out there for those who have quit gluten and grains. For instance, if you decide to have a bunless burger, you’ll need to know to avoid ketchup as well (lots of gluten and sugar there). Consider unsweetened organic tomato sauce.  I thought that, since I’m always asked what can be served to make a dinner Grain Brain-friendly, I’d offer a few suggestions for what you can serve your guests this weekend: Continue reading