Tips to Beat Brain Fog

More and more, it seems like people are struggling with what we call brain fog, or the ability to think clearly. Your ability to approach your day with a clear head can often make or break the kind of day you’re having!

In today’s video, I’ll share with you three of my key tips for beating brain fog. Follow this advice, and you’ll improve your brain’s ability to function each and every day.

Christopher C.

Chris is actually a former patient of mine who recently reached out. In our exchange, he shared the story of his journey to optimal health, and I think it’s one you’ll want to read. – Dr. Perlmutter

When I was a teenager, I suffered from [sometimes] severe Tourette’s, ADHD, and OCD during my teen years and was living in almost misery. My parents were having a difficult time with the situation too. During that time, my parents and I went to numerous neurologists to try and find ways to deal with my Tourette’s. I was given pills and pills, and eventually, my parents started realizing the pills were not doing so well for me. My parents then decided to take me to you, which was the day that changed my life. One day, we made the drive from where we live in our home down to Naples, FL. You were able to give us some insight that no other neurologist or any other kind of physician was able to. You let us know that sometimes food allergies can trigger tics and you had me take multiple allergy tests. Once we got the results, we found out the particular foods that I should avoid to help lessen my tics.

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Jackie U.

Three weeks ago, a friend of mine, who has IBS, told me to eliminate flour and sugar after I told her about my symptoms of painful, achy feet, ankles and knees. In addition, I was experiencing migraines every other day, regular fatigue, and persistent brain fog!

Three weeks in, after cutting gluten and sugar from my diet, I exhibit none of those symptoms at all! I have only had two headaches in the past three weeks and my energy levels are at an all-time high!

-Jackie U.


C.F.’s story is something I am all too familiar with, having heard it from many patients and members of this community. Her turnaround is remarkable. – Dr. Perlmutter

In my family, and within my group of friends, I had always been the “bright” one. In 2001, in my early 20s, I was on the path to a great career and had a lifetime of success ahead of me. However, problems with concentration and my memory, which I had considered photographic, began to appear, to the degree that I knew something was wrong. I didn’t feel like myself. It progressed over the year until 2008, when everything just went downhill. My whole body was swollen, and I had an extremely high water retention level.

I couldn’t function anymore and was unable to form complete sentences. I would get lost, forget my name and wouldn’t know what was going on around me. Tasks that were once easy became unbearable, and life was so confusing that I spent a lot of time at home, unable to function. I was admitted to the hospital on 5 separate occasions as I was genuinely, unwell but no one knew what was wrong.  As time progressed I noticed that even my vocabulary was eroding!  I was a professional and people noticed.

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Jill R.

It sounds like Jill was an earlier adopter of the gluten-free lifestyle, but even she continues to be amazed by how positive choices, like those laid out in Grain Brain, can impact health. – Dr. Perlmutter

Since adopting a gluten free diet about 13 years ago, I felt I’d finally taken control of my health. I went gluten-free to alleviate asthma problems, but what I got instead was a clear brain and a happy digestive system for the first time in my entire life (I’m 54). I couldn’t believe how good it felt to live with a clear, sharp mind.

About a year and a half ago, I worked myself into a health crisis (no sleep, massive stress) where my adrenals were shot. I couldn’t move, think or function in any capacity. The doctors couldn’t help, so I was on my own. I refused the drugs and instead found Women to Women, staffed by doctors who were instrumental in helping me understand what had happened and how to get well. I returned to work 2 months later, but a foggy brain and impaired cognitive skills have dogged me since. I work in engineering so I’ve been having a harder and harder time hiding my “issues.”

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Albert P.

Albert’s story may be short, but I think that’s because he was so excited to share the changes he has been able to make to his health. These are great results and I wish him continued good health – Dr. Perlmutter

Three months ago, at age 72, I read Grain Brain and began applying its teachings to my life . The bottom line is this: within 3 months of strictly following your regimen, my fasting blood sugar score has decreased from 125 to 85 (non-diabetic); I dropped 15 pounds without even trying (from 175 to 160); I have stopped taking ALL medications (for blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, and ADHD); and I have begun to make significant strides in the area of memory and clarity of thinking (much less brain fog). For me, there is no going back! Simply put, Dr. Perlmutter’s work has been the primary factor in allowing me to change the direction of my life in only the most positive ways.

I feel most grateful to Dr. Perlmutter. Thank you so much for all you are doing to help bring greater awareness into the lives of the American public. Believe me, it’s life saving!

-Albert P.

Peter S.

Peter’s ability to point to these concrete examples of how his life has improved since taking on a Grain Brain lifestyle is wonderful. I’m so glad to see the many different ways in which this change has helped him. -Dr. Perlmutter

Two weeks after starting Dr Perlmutter’s suggested regiment I count these four successes:

  1. I am actually enjoying my meals. They’re more flavorful and fun to prepare.
  2. I was initially motivated by the possibility of lessening depression: my mood has been even, without feeling either manic nor depressed.
  3. No days lost to sinus headaches nor brain fog. This was a weekly occurrence for many years.
  4. I’ve laundered my size 38 jeans and put them away, hopefully forever. This was an unsought benefit but makes for a great encouragement to continue.

I am a 68 year old man who was given over to excessive quantities of sugary breads like cinnamon buns and doughnuts, as well as moderate consumption of beer and grain alcohols. I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say Dr. Perlmutter’s book has changed my life.

-Peter S.