Sunshine: A Natural Mood Enhancer

Are you feeling down or blue? If you are then one thing’s for sure: you’ve likely encountered any number of natural products being promoted for their potential ability to benefit and improve your mood. Everything from B vitamins to fish oil to 5-HTP have been studied and written about in terms of their potential role in not only combating depression, but actually making us feel generally happier. Continue reading


Probiotics for Mental Health

Recently, I was interviewed by the magazine Men’s Health to discuss the positive benefits of probiotics and their potential applications for improving mental health and conditions like depression. I wanted to dive a bit deeper into the thoughts I shared in the article, and go over some key takeaways. Read the article and let me know what you think!

Carlee P.

I’m 23, and an active CrossFit-er, fitness nutrition specialist, and personal trainer. When I was 21 though, I started experiencing severe obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms. I had always exhibited some common traits of it, but never as bad as it was a few short years ago.

I had absolutely no idea what to do, how to cure it, and thought I was doomed forever. Though I was still able to carry on my daily life, I lived in a constant state of anxiety. It took me 2 years to find a therapist who would help me work through much of this anxiety. Through intensive work, we were able to pinpoint the fact that many times in my life when I experienced episodes of anxiety, I was also indulging in carbs, sugar, or gluten. Anxiety disorders thrive on stress and the reaction my body had to those things was every bit of a stress reaction. Continue reading

Doug G.

In some form or another, I suffered with depression and anxiety for nearly 30 years. Along the way I was taking heavy doses of lithium and antidepressants just to get through the day, which I was spending in the high-stress environment of my corporate job. Retiring helped, but even with those stressors gone, I was still on medication and incredibly symptomatic.

Enter Grain Brain. My life was changed.

Adopting this lifestyle plan, I went from 10 pills (1500mg/day) to zero! I’ve never felt better and have energy levels I never thought possible. Depression and anxiety no more!

-Doug G.