Susan Y.

I have Celiac, and I was diagnosed with IBS about 3 years ago. I had digestive problems for years. The medicine my doctors gave me did nothing to help.

Having come across an article on the subject, I one day asked my doctor about gluten sensitivity. We decided to take me off gluten, and I would say that within a week I was experiencing no more digestive problems. It took a few weeks to see improvement with my memory. I work 8 hours/day with customers and my memory was so bad I had to write down things customer told me so I could put it in the computer, in just seconds I was forgetting everything. I can now remember what they say without writing it down ahead of time. I am 69 and was afraid I was getting Alzheimer’s. I wish more doctors would think about the gluten problem when we go to them with health concerns.

-Susan Y.

Sarah L.

Sarah’s story is a reminder that gluten sensitivity comes in many different forms. – Dr. Perlmutter

11 years ago, in my third trimester of pregnancy, I developed itchy skin that made my life all but unbearable. I did neither marks nor welts on my skin. I considered myself “lucky” when hives would show so people didn’t think I was totally crazy.

I saw my GP, dermatologists, and of course a psychiatrist. I was prescribed Effexor, Adavan, Xanax. Nothing helped the itch, and I knew these drugs were not what I needed. I wasn’t crazy or depressed. I was crazy and depressed because my skin felt like it was on fire, and no one could help me! For years, I endured this “itch.”

Over the years my digestive symptoms became awful and I knew something was going on with my body. Fear, money, and trust issues kept from going to the doctor. I didn’t want a “pill.” I have searched the internet for many years to my answer, and this year, stumbled upon a list of gluten-sensitivity symptoms via the internet. Finally!

I have been gluten free since May and rarely itch anymore. I want to thank Dr. Perlmutter for writing Grain Brain because when a doctor says something, people listen.  It is nice to read something that backs up so many of my feelings.

-Sarah L.