Matthew B.

This is a great story from Matthew. It’s theme is very similar to an article I had published on MindBodyGreen. – Dr. Perlmutter

My whole life, my diet has been chock full of sweets, grains, and a wealth of processed junks foods. This year though, I read Grain Brain. I changed my ways and lost more than 30 lbs. in just the 2-3 months that I have changed my ways.

Growing up, I was diagnosed with learning disabilities in elementary school, which in high school became ADD/ADHD. I was also prescribed a wealth of medications for anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. These were a part of my daily routine for years, but everything has changed since I made changes to my lifestyle. My ailments have disappeared. almost instantly. Without processed junk foods, gluten and grains, my memory and focus have improved drastically, and I can absorb information with great ease. I truly believe that it was Grain Brain that made these changes possible, and changed my life for the better.

-Matthew B.

Camille L.

Camille”s story really packs an emotional punch. It’s simply miraculous to read about how her change diet has enabled her to do so many things she had previously counted out. – Dr. Perlmutter

I was recommended Grain Brain by a friend. Although I usually order books through the library and wait patiently for my turn, for some reason this time I immediately went to my Kindle and ordered Grain Brain. I spent the next few days staying up into the wee hours of the morning engrossed in the book. I cried when I read that you had helped people with my disease, Dystonia. Suddenly things started to make sense to me.

It took my 3 years to get a clear diagnosis, and I am currently going into my fifth year of dealing with the torture of this disease, Dystonia. I have focalized dystonia, mostly situated on my right side. I have tried many things to eradicate this illness, all to no avail. Your book made sense to me because the few times where the disease was all but ridden from my body were when I was eating a diet heavy in meat protein, vegetables and minimal grains.

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The Grain Farmer’s Perspective

Last week I got an email from a wheat farmer in South Dakota. He had read Grain Brain and mentioned he learned a lot by doing so. In the interest of furthering his knowledge, he wanted to know what message I had for grain farmers. If he was to quit producing grain and wheat, he wanted to know what farmers who want to produce products that are healthy for consumers should be doing, both to produce something that can “feed the world,” and make a sustainable business for them. I was very excited to hear from him, and think it’s a fascinating topic, so I’m sharing our exchange with all of you.

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