Gut Bacteria Change Your Brain

I’m very excited to bring you this research study from my friend Dr. Emeran Mayer. It’s a very intriguing report that demonstrates not only how changes in the gut bacteria correlate with irritable bowel syndrome, but, in addition, how these changes in the gut bacteria correlate with the size of various brain areas.

In addition, the authors were able to correlate how the changes observed in the gut bacteria actually linked to early life trauma. This seemingly connected the dots between early life trauma and the observed differences in brain morphology.

I understand this may sound complicated, but hopefully the video will make this more understandable.

Maari C.

The most revealing part of Maari’s story is in the final paragraph. – Dr. Perlmutter

Several years ago I started suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, and I quickly began researching holistic alternatives to the pharmacy medications doctors wanted to put me on. After three months of these attacks, my health was repaired within a month.

Fast forward seven years, and after my second pregnancy I started breaking out in hives all over my body, on top of having an under-active thyroid (a big surprise as I had an over-active thyroid). I was forced to take Synthroid. Continue reading

Dan E.

My wife Kate had long been suffering with, what I referred to as, an irritable bowel condition for quite some time. Her gastroenterologist after a colon exam, told her to eat a lot of “Bran Buds” every day and consume a daily fiber drink, along with a laxative. Upon following this advice, her condition deteriorated. She entered into phases of severe pain and sleeplessness, leading to extreme fatigue.

We knew this wasn’t working and needed to try something different.

After a few days on gluten-free, low-carb diet, her symptoms disappeared completely! Not only that, but her GP has previously put her on Crestor, and she is now off that too! She also has solved the restless sleep condition entirely.

-Dan E.

Jackie U.

Three weeks ago, a friend of mine, who has IBS, told me to eliminate flour and sugar after I told her about my symptoms of painful, achy feet, ankles and knees. In addition, I was experiencing migraines every other day, regular fatigue, and persistent brain fog!

Three weeks in, after cutting gluten and sugar from my diet, I exhibit none of those symptoms at all! I have only had two headaches in the past three weeks and my energy levels are at an all-time high!

-Jackie U.

Shawna K.

Shawna’s story is similar to what I hear from many individuals: family health history motivates them to learn more about disease cause and prevention. – Dr. Perlmutter

When my dad was about 55 years old (about 1975), he started having problems with his leg. It would kinda drag behind him and he would have a hard time picking it up and walking correctly.  They assumed he had a stroke or had complications from when he broke his leg a few years prior.

Fast forward to 1985. He starts having serious balance problems and is diagnosed as diabetic. So he changes his diet and drops about 50 pounds. As the years go on the his balance continues to deteriorate. He went to about a dozen neurologists and no one could diagnose his issue. In about 1995, he started having seizures. We have no history of epilepsy in the family. The neurologist said they that my father is suffering from TIA strokes. During one of these seizures in about June of 2000 he lost his balance, fell and broke his back.

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