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Ketogenic Diet


There’s so much interest in the health benefits of a ketogenic diet, and rightfully so. Solid scientific evidence supports the utility of a ketogenic diet in, for example, actually treating type-2 diabetes ...

Ketogenic Diet Proves Effective in Alzheimer’s Disease

Over the past several years a mechanistic concept has arisen that seeks to explain the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease. This has been called the bioenergetic theory. Basically, it describes a situation i...

Randomized crossover trial of a modified ketogenic diet in Alzheimer’s disease

Can A Ketogenic Diet Treat Mental Disorders?

By the Dr. Perlmutter Team The ketogenic diet appears often in content I share as it offers a host of health benefits for conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, a...

How A Keto Program Helps Parkinson’s Disease

These days so much is being written about the health benefits of lifestyle and nutrition strategies that produce ketosis. Indeed, actually treating certain conditions is now a fair-game discussion because of...

Ketogenic diet as a metabolic treatment for mental illness

The Mechanisms by Which the Ketone Body D-β-Hydroxybutyrate May Improve the Multiple Cellular Pathologies of Parkinson’s Disease

Managing Metastatic Thymoma With Metabolic and Medical Therapy: A Case Report

The Ketogenic Diet: Evidence for Optimism but High-Quality Research Needed

Ketosis Increases Antioxidant Activity

The science surrounding the ketogenic diet expands day by day. In today's video I will explore some of the science that shows a relationship between the ketogenic diet and increased brain glutathione levels,...