What on Earth is a Leaky Brain?

We talk a lot about leaky gut and the complications that result from this condition. However, a similar problem can happen in the brain. The blood brain barrier that keeps the brain as a sanctuary away from things like bacterial components and damaging chemicals can also be breached – and some of the same mechanisms that give rise to a leaky gut can create a leaky brain.

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How Gut Bacteria Protect The Brain

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) acts as a gatekeeper, protecting the brain from various toxic elements while allowing the entrance of various life-sustaining nutrients like water, glucose, amino acids, and gases that are essential for the function of the brain. It is formed by cells that line the capillaries and are connected by what are called “tight junctions,” quite similar to the tight junctions in the cells that line the gut.

Any number of brain disorders is associated with breakdown of the BBB including infections, and even cancer. And as such, scientists have aggressively studied the BBB to determine specifically what leads to increased permeability and, perhaps most importantly, what can be done to reduce permeability in other words what can be done to reestablish the barrier, and protect the brain.

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How Can Eating Gluten Affect the Health of My Brain?

Gluten is a foreign protein to human physiology, and is the cornerstone of leaky brain-causing inflammation. Science has made some amazing discoveries about the blood brain barrier in recent years, most importantly that it can become just as permeable as our gut lining. When gluten is introduced to the body, it turns out that inflammation that degrades this important barrier.

Gluten - hard to digest?

Why is Gluten Hard to Digest?

Why is it that, after all these years of eating it, gluten is suddenly so bad for us? Well, because we haven’t been eating it for “all the years.” Relative to the development of the human genome, gluten is a fairly recent addition to our diet. It’s introduction into our diet, and our body, causes a chemical reaction that leads not only to a leaky gut, but a leaky brain.