Health Benefits of Social Interaction

According to the World Health Organization, the biggest threats to our health, globally, are now chronic degenerative conditions, not infectious diseases. What a transition! As opposed to various epidemics of diseases that were so common in our history, what is now threatening health, across the planet,  is chronic degenerative inflammatory conditions – diseases that we most fear. These include things like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, coronary artery disease, and autoimmune conditions as well.

So it makes sense that we must do everything we possibly can, from a lifestyle choice perspective, to keep ourselves healthy and lower our risk for these chronic degenerative conditions.

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Why Lifestyle Choices Matter for Health

What my work, in Brain Maker and Grain Brain, boils down to, is giving you a lifestyle plan that you can follow to cause optimal health. Why do these factors matter? Why are these the choices you should make? Simple: because this is the best way to fight and reduce inflammation, the cornerstone player in diseases like Parkinson’s, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.

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First Steps

It’s still early into 2014, but it’s never too early to make smart choices for your health. Last week, I laid out some steps you could take to start 2014 right and ensure a smooth transition into a lifestyle of eating for brain health. I’m curious to know: how has the transition been for everyone? What did you set as your specific goal, and how have you worked to achieve it?

Remember, this website is about more than just the information I share, and you should use the comments section here to share your concerns and seek advice from others. We’re all working together to build healthier bodies and brains!


Grain Brain Math

I’ve seen many question come in from athletes who find it difficult to thrive on the 60 grams of carbs/day that the Grain Brain diet suggests. These individuals feel they aren’t able to perform at an optimal level, and have asked if it would be possible to stretch the upper bound of allowable carbohydrate intake to accommodate for their active lifestyle. I’d like to address this question, and similar ones, in this post, so that all may benefit from the answer.

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Underground Wellness with Sean Croxton

A few days ago I was asked to be a guest on the Underground Wellness podcast, hosted by Sean Croxton. It was great to see Sean’s enthusiasm for Grain Brain, and I was also glad we were able to take a whole host of listener questions. From discussing how the Grain Brain diet can benefit kids to providing an understanding of the nuances of the Grain Brain lifestyle, I thought we were able to have a productive and valuable discussion. Take a listen.