Christopher C.

Chris is actually a former patient of mine who recently reached out. In our exchange, he shared the story of his journey to optimal health, and I think it’s one you’ll want to read. – Dr. Perlmutter

When I was a teenager, I suffered from [sometimes] severe Tourette’s, ADHD, and OCD during my teen years and was living in almost misery. My parents were having a difficult time with the situation too. During that time, my parents and I went to numerous neurologists to try and find ways to deal with my Tourette’s. I was given pills and pills, and eventually, my parents started realizing the pills were not doing so well for me. My parents then decided to take me to you, which was the day that changed my life. One day, we made the drive from where we live in our home down to Naples, FL. You were able to give us some insight that no other neurologist or any other kind of physician was able to. You let us know that sometimes food allergies can trigger tics and you had me take multiple allergy tests. Once we got the results, we found out the particular foods that I should avoid to help lessen my tics.

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Melinda H.

My story began many years ago when my daughter, then just a child of 9, suffered from severe anxiety, OCD, phobias and, constantly complained of stomach aches. I sought help through traditional medicine, only to have her become violent and suicidal from the SSRIs she was given at such a young age. I had been a psychotherapist for over 15 years and over 10 years ago I sent one of my clients with complaints of stomach aches to a naturopath.

Wheat was removed out of her diet, her stomach aches went away, and she felt less anxious and depressed. That was my light bulb moment. I did the same for my daughter. Her anxiety, phobia’s, depression, OCD, went away. That was 10 years ago.

Today I run a holistic counseling centre where clients are recommended to remove gluten from their diet. Ten years ago there was little to support what I was doing but I knew intuitively it was the right thing to do. I was, and remain, amazed by the results I was seeing and getting. I have been met with some resistance and at times ridiculed by other professionals, however I have never turned away from the  idea of removing gluten from peoples diets.

-Melinda H.

Christina C.

Christina’s story shows how the adverse effects of gluten and grains can take many different forms. It’s wonderful to hear how both mother and daughter were healed by removing gluten from their diets. I wish them both continued good health. – Dr. Perlmutter

My beautiful daughter started to exhibit severe signs of OCD and anxiety at age 9. At first it started with hand washing, as she would wash her hands until they were raw. After that it was all sorts of irrational fears and ruminations. It was always a cycle of her overcoming one fear only to replace it with another, equally irrational, fear.

At this time we started to take her to play therapists, doctors and psychiatrists at our local children’s hospital. The treatment they offered was always the same in that they wanted to go over details of her childhood with the recommendation my husband and I medicate her, which we refused to do. She hated to go to her appointments and would not cooperate with the doctors. For a period of about four years we stopped taking her to psychiatrists.

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