Alzheimer’s Prevention Strategies Validated

Over the past decade we have been vigorously promoting the concept of Alzheimer’s prevention. Alzheimer’s disease is devastating, not just for the patient, but for families and loved ones as well. And let me be candid: watching my father succumb to Alzheimer’s was the most emotionally challenging experience of my life. Not only that, it also served to strengthen my resolve to do whatever I can to continue to raise awareness of the science that supports the notion that our lifestyle choices do indeed play an important role in determining our risk for this disease – a disease for which there is no meaningful treatment whatsoever. Continue reading


How Does Excess Body Fat Threaten Memory?

In the past, I have written several blogs discussing the relationship of body measurements like body mass index (BMI) to cognitive function, as well as relationships between what is called the waist-to-hip ratio with atrophy of the brain. Another important relationship that we have explored extensively in the past is the connection between excess body fat and inflammation.

So, one might wonder if the mechanism whereby obesity relates to declining cognitive function, like worsening memory, may be mediated by inflammation. Basically, the question I am asking has to do with connecting these dots. Continue reading


Body Fat Threatens Ability to Make Good Choices

How does excess body fat affect the brain? Over the past several years we have been describing the various mechanisms whereby body fat increases the production of the chemical mediators of inflammation, and how inflammation is the underpinning mechanism of brain degeneration like we see in Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s. But beyond considering risk of these conditions, it’s worthwhile to gain some understanding as to how excess body fat might, moment to moment, affect how the brain is functioning. Continue reading

Roger W.

Roger’s simple story is just that: a simple story about how diet can change the state of our health. – Dr. Perlmutter

A disabled veteran, I recently went to the VA for a checkup. The results were shocking! I was told I was overweight (300lbs, 6′ 1″), diabetic and had very high blood pressure. The doctors even told me that it was likely I would have a stroke at any moment. Their solution? Pills, pills, pills. There was no discussion of diet!

I rejected their therapy and hit the library, watching countless videos on diet and health, reading Wheat Belly and, just recently, Grain Brain. Grain Brain is now my favorite book, well-written with loads of zingers! Since dropping carbs and wheat, I have lost 60lbs, and all of my negative symptoms have disappeared. I am recommending your book to everyone I know. When people see me now, they ask what happened and I tell them, Read Grain Brain.

– Roger W.