The Empowering Neurologist: Psychedelics & Psychotherapy – David Perlmutter, M.D. and Dr. Ingmar Gorman

Integration Psychotherapy, pioneered by our guest, Dr. Ingmar Gorman, is a fascinating technique that brings a powerful level of therapeutic efficacy to the use of psychedelics. Psychedelic experiences are certainly becoming more available, and what we learn today is how fundamentally important it is to appropriately process these experiences after they have occurred. So much literature is being published describing the efficacy of psychedelic compounds in the treatment of things like PTSD and refractory depression, but as Dr. Gorman makes clear, it’s not just the taking of the medicine that fully allows realization of improvement. Equally important is the post-experience therapy that helps frame and contextualize what the psychedelic experience has presented. Continue reading

Christina C.

Christina’s story shows how the adverse effects of gluten and grains can take many different forms. It’s wonderful to hear how both mother and daughter were healed by removing gluten from their diets. I wish them both continued good health. – Dr. Perlmutter

My beautiful daughter started to exhibit severe signs of OCD and anxiety at age 9. At first it started with hand washing, as she would wash her hands until they were raw. After that it was all sorts of irrational fears and ruminations. It was always a cycle of her overcoming one fear only to replace it with another, equally irrational, fear.

At this time we started to take her to play therapists, doctors and psychiatrists at our local children’s hospital. The treatment they offered was always the same in that they wanted to go over details of her childhood with the recommendation my husband and I medicate her, which we refused to do. She hated to go to her appointments and would not cooperate with the doctors. For a period of about four years we stopped taking her to psychiatrists.

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