Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

I’m often asked how someone who chooses to be vegetarian, or vegan, can get enough protein in their diet.

While that’s an important question, I want to start my answer by pointing out that choosing this lifestyle can put you at risk for mineral deficiencies and vitamin deficiencies (like B12 and D). While these are not destined to happen, they are risks, and ones you must control for.

Now, when it comes to protein, think about nuts and seeds. Legumes and soy tend to not end up on my list of best choices, and I’ll explain why.


Brain Maker for Vegetarians and Vegans

Brain Maker, as well as Grain Brain, places a focus on healthy fat consumption, which sometimes can be difficult for vegans and vegetarians. Frequently, questions come in about how to adapt this type of lifestyle for people who follow a vegan/vegetarian diet. The good news? It’s easy to customize the recommendations of Brain Maker to be vegan or vegetarian-friendly, and, even better, some of the most important foods in Brain Maker are already such!


Can you avoid grains and gluten on a vegan diet?

On my Facebook page, an ever-increasing number of people have asked me about whether or not a gluten-free and grain-free diet, the Grain Brain diet, is compatible with a vegetarian and/or vegan one. Many interpret my call to avoid grains, something that has become a staple in vegetarian and vegan diets, as an endorsement of the meats, proteins, and fats individuals on these types of diets avoid. However, though I may not be a vegetarian or vegan, there is certainly no reason one can’t be a vegetarian/vegan and on a Grain Brain-friendly diet.

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