Maari C.

The most revealing part of Maari’s story is in the final paragraph. – Dr. Perlmutter

Several years ago I started suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, and I quickly began researching holistic alternatives to the pharmacy medications doctors wanted to put me on. After three months of these attacks, my health was repaired within a month.

Fast forward seven years, and after my second pregnancy I started breaking out in hives all over my body, on top of having an under-active thyroid (a big surprise as I had an over-active thyroid). I was forced to take Synthroid. Continue reading


The best part about Ayla’s story is how she finally learned that eating fat does NOT make you fat, a message I’ve working hard to spread. – Dr. Perlmutter

I can personally attest to the drastic affects one experiences after removing wheat, grains and added sugar from her diet. I have lost 68 pounds (the first 55 pounds dropped within 6 months without exercise…simply from eliminating those 3 categories). More important though, is that most of my adult life I have been plagued by ridiculously high triglycerides. 

When I first began reading Wheat Belly, my triglycerides were 546. On my lab results prior to that, they were 656. Within approximately 6 months of eliminating wheat, grains and sugar, in addition to my plummeting weight, my triglycerides dropped to 115. I don’t ever remember them being that low!

Until I actually tried this for myself, I too believed that fat made you fat and that it was the cause of my high triglycerides. The only thing I never understood was why, when I ate very little fat, exercised like crazy and made sure to eat plenty of complex healthy whole grains, that both my weight and triglycerides continued to climb. Every time I received my lab results. I felt like a failure…it was like bringing home a bad report card when I had really tried my best.


Mary O.

I’ve heard many responses from folks who have read Grain Brain, but to know that I brought tears to someone’s eyes is incredibly humbling. – Dr. Perlmutter

I live in Australia and, by chance, came across Grain Brain whilst browsing iBooks for a good summer read. Once I got over the shock of the scientific revelations of your findings, I did three things:

  • I cried with relief: I finally had some answers as to why my health was deteriorating in recent years (I am a 50 year old who exercises and followed a low fat/carb diet).
  • I collected all my statins and hypertensive medication and threw them in the bin.
  • Next, I cleared my pantry of all sugary foodstuffs along with anything containing gluten.

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Roger W.

Roger’s simple story is just that: a simple story about how diet can change the state of our health. – Dr. Perlmutter

A disabled veteran, I recently went to the VA for a checkup. The results were shocking! I was told I was overweight (300lbs, 6′ 1″), diabetic and had very high blood pressure. The doctors even told me that it was likely I would have a stroke at any moment. Their solution? Pills, pills, pills. There was no discussion of diet!

I rejected their therapy and hit the library, watching countless videos on diet and health, reading Wheat Belly and, just recently, Grain Brain. Grain Brain is now my favorite book, well-written with loads of zingers! Since dropping carbs and wheat, I have lost 60lbs, and all of my negative symptoms have disappeared. I am recommending your book to everyone I know. When people see me now, they ask what happened and I tell them, Read Grain Brain.

– Roger W.

Shawna K.

Shawna’s story is similar to what I hear from many individuals: family health history motivates them to learn more about disease cause and prevention. – Dr. Perlmutter

When my dad was about 55 years old (about 1975), he started having problems with his leg. It would kinda drag behind him and he would have a hard time picking it up and walking correctly.  They assumed he had a stroke or had complications from when he broke his leg a few years prior.

Fast forward to 1985. He starts having serious balance problems and is diagnosed as diabetic. So he changes his diet and drops about 50 pounds. As the years go on the his balance continues to deteriorate. He went to about a dozen neurologists and no one could diagnose his issue. In about 1995, he started having seizures. We have no history of epilepsy in the family. The neurologist said they that my father is suffering from TIA strokes. During one of these seizures in about June of 2000 he lost his balance, fell and broke his back.

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Must we be entirely grain-free?

If you’ve read “Grain Brain,” then you know that signing up for the Grain Brain diet means going grain- and gluten-free. Many individuals try to ease into a grain- and gluten-free diet. By and large, this should be avoided. Remember, halfway measures work halfway.

In this video, I’ll answer the question of whether or not it’s okay to stick with some grains, or as it’s more commonly phrased, “But Dr. Perlmutter, there have to be some good grains!?”


The Grain Farmer’s Perspective

Last week I got an email from a wheat farmer in South Dakota. He had read Grain Brain and mentioned he learned a lot by doing so. In the interest of furthering his knowledge, he wanted to know what message I had for grain farmers. If he was to quit producing grain and wheat, he wanted to know what farmers who want to produce products that are healthy for consumers should be doing, both to produce something that can “feed the world,” and make a sustainable business for them. I was very excited to hear from him, and think it’s a fascinating topic, so I’m sharing our exchange with all of you.

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