The Dangers of Acid-Blocking Drugs

Proton Pump inhibitors (PPIs), like Nexium and Prilosec, work to block against our stomach acids. However, they are not without serious side effects. You may be shocked (or not if you’ve been following my blog) to learn that these actually have a negative effect on gut bacteria too, and this leads to an increase in our risk of developing several serious diseases!

Let’s take a look at some of the latest science.

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  • Paige

    So what do you suggest people do who have sever heartburn who take these medications? What do you think is happening within many individuals who have heartburn symptoms to begin with? Do you think it is actually too much acid or is something else causing the acid to kick up and produce heartburn symptoms? It is easy to say for people to get off these medications that cause so many other problems but it is hard for many to live with the symptoms that arise without the medications.

    • Evan Wayne Gillis

      I’ve had this same issue, took PPIs for years, in only 27 now – I slowly took less and less each day and replaced the PPI with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with water every morning before you eat anything at all. You can do this before each more but u usually just do it first thing in the morning. A lot think it’s too little stomach acid not too much. I also cut out tomatoes and mostly tomatoe based foods. I know there’s a lot of things but I find that the worst. I find I’m (for the most part) fine now, just by doing that. Hope that helps

    • Ronna Berezin

      See the above comment

    • maria

      Apple cider — a tablespoon or two in the morning taken with water—worked for me too. It’s worth a try.

      • Paige

        My dad has tried that and at first it worked well for a few days but then it got 10x worse than it has ever been before.

    • gowest0649

      Paige: When stomach acid is low and a meal is consumed, the pH of the stomach doesn’t fall enough for the proper neural signaling to allow the valve between the esophagus and stomach (LES) to close tightly, preventing acid from entering the esophagus and causing reflux pain. However, when the stomach acid is returned to normal levels, the LES shuts just fine and no reflux occurs. See my post above regarding taking supplemental hydrochloric acid (HCL) to address reflux.

  • Ronna Berezin

    Wasn’t it F Scott Fitzgerald who said to the always distraught Ernest Hemingway …. Gird up your Loins ; and we all know about Hemingway’s tragic ending.

  • barneydavey

    Is there another solution? I get severe heartburn whenever I quit taking omeprazole?

    • Vitezslava Ditaranto

      Try,Digestive enzymes

    • kris

      elimination diet and exercise

    • HoneyJ

      Take digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid with your meals. It may take a while to increase your stomach acid. When heartburn sets in after eating I chew on papaya enzymes to help settle my heartburn. I still have to do this occasionally.

  • Diane Tomkins

    What’s the dosage used in the studies? If a low dosage was used then we should stay away from them. But if a high dosage was used we still may be able to take the acid reducers.

  • joseph F DeGroote

    Does this mean that taking alkaline water is a bad idea?

    • HoneyJ

      Joseph, just don’t drink the alkaline water with your meal and wait 30 to 60 minutes after your meal to resume drinking the alkaline water.

  • Sharon Reynolds Holmes

    Thank you for this video. I used to be on this type of medicine but got myself off it years ago, and stopped eating the foods that caused heart burn.

    • David Perlmutter

      Glad to hear you developed a protocol that worked for you.

  • Rosemarie Greenwald

    What about Famotidine? Safe or not? Thank you.
    Rosemarie Greenwald

    • HoneyJ

      If you want to heal your gut you need to stay away from all acid blockers.

  • Shawna Starkman

    My husband has been taking these drugs for 20 years . I forwarded him this information and he basically flipped out in panic because he feels he can’t live without them. He is 48 and about 30 lbs. overweight. We are in NYC and NJ . Do you know a specific doctor or Naturopath in our area that can help him get off these drugs and show him how to eat properly for this condition.

    • gowest0649

      Shawna: I would opt for a ND or chiropractor familiar with digestive issues. I would steer clear of a GI doc as they basically have their collective heads in the sand when it comes to low stomach acid as a cause for reflux. I wish your husband the best.

    • kris
    • Terry Ivy

      I had a very similar situation as your husband. I had taken Omeprazole for years and it seemed the more I took the more I needed. I began taking daily doses of apple cider vinegar with equal amounts of water and began working off the Omeprazole which took about a month. Now I don’t take anything for stomach acid except for an occasional Tums but only very rarely and only as needed. The apple cider vinegar and water may not work for everyone but it sure helped me get off the harmful drugs.

      • Lynne B.

        My Dr. has had me on Omneprazole for the last 3 years. It is NOT a part of the acid reducers/blockers that are proton pump inhibitors. I’ll try the apple cider vinegar. It seems to be the latest cure all for many things. Glad you are free from the medicine.

        • MG

          My husband and I got off gluten completely, and now we do not have issues with reflux. I asked my doctor about it, and she told me it was due to the healing of our gut.

  • gowest0649

    The sad thing is that GI doctors over prescribe these medications without first determining the true cause of acid reflux which is LOW STOMACH ACID. Sounds counter intuitive but true. Patients presenting with acid reflux symptoms are tested for the presence of excess acid in their esophagus, called the pH test. If acid is detected then out comes the prescription pad. GI docs seldom or ever test the acid level in the stomach. A naturally low stomach acid environment, stress, or one caused by administration of PPIs, adversely affects the process of digestion and the absorption of important nutrients necessary for good health. In addition, low stomach acid allows bad bacteria to enter the stomach (such as H Pylori) and contributes to small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Incompletely digested food that transfers to the small intestine for final digestion by bile and pancreatic enzymes is not acidic enough to trigger the liver, gall bladder and pancreas to release the necessary digestive enzymes and the food present is not further digested for absorption. Rather, the residual food is digested by bad bacteria producing hydrogen and methane gasses that can work back up into the stomach and contributes to bloating, belching and reflux. Other negative health outcomes include Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), leaky gut, and autoimmune disorder. The good news is that low stomach acid can be fixed by taking supplemental hydrochloric acid (HCL) capsules with meals containing protein. I had a form of reflux called LPR that affects the upper respiratory system. Symptoms included hoarseness, post nasal drip, asthma and sinus problems. Within a week of starting HCL therapy, my symptoms were gone. While I started out with five 648 mg capsules of HCL, over a period of six months, by working on improving gut health, my stomach started creating its own stomach acid and now I don’t need the HCL any longer. I have personally helped dozens of people get off of PPIs by using HCL. You can find a home test to determine low acid condition by searching on google. There are 32 companies that sell HCL supplement on Amazon. If you were to look at the customer testimonials you would find some amazing stores of people who were cured of reflux. I analyzed all 1500 testimonials and over 85 percent of users gave their HCL product a top 4 or 5 rating for efficacy.

  • kris
  • kris
  • Doris McNary

    I have severe osteoporosis and the biggest danger of Acid Blocking drugs is that they cause bone loss!

  • eileenfb1948 .

    Dr’s tell patients that they have too much acid when, in fact, they don’t have enough. Stomach acid closes the upper valve to stop indigestion, burning, etc. Cured mine with cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon per glass of water, as required. Today I did a ot of bending over and not one moment of discomfort. It works.

  • Maria Regina Paiz

    My daughter has spent the past year battling #SIBO and #LeakyGut, which started after taking #Prilosec. Things have become complicated. We have tried many treatments, from #Rifaximine and low sugar Paleo, to acupuncture, biomagnetism and other alternative treatments. We’re running out of ideas and her illness seems to get worse. Can you point us in the direction of any new trearments available or any doctor (including yourself!) that can help? She lives in Los Angeles but we’re willing to travel and try anything!

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