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September 19, 2013

When it comes to going gluten- or grain-free, the first complaint I always hear is the same: “But what am I going to do without my (insert grain/gluten-filled food here)!” For those of you who have the same concern, here’s a simple list of some easy substitutions you can make to phase grains and gluten out of your diet:

  • Instead of hamburger buns, try wrapping your patty in lettuce
  • Instead of a cupcake, try a square of dark chocolate
  • Instead of a tuna melt, try spreading it over spinach and drizzling on some olive oil
  • Instead of cereal, try halving a grapefruit and filling with cottage cheese
  • Instead of nachos, try serving guacamole with cucumbers for dipping
  • Instead of chips, try to have a pair of hardboiled eggs
  • Instead of beer, try uncorking a bottle of red wine

Have any other suggestions? Share them in the comments section below!

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