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Tips to Beat Brain Fog

More and more, it seems like people are struggling with what we call brain fog, or the ability to think clearly. Your ability to approach your day with a clear head can often make or break the kind of day you’re having!

In today’s video, I’ll share with you three of my key tips for beating brain fog. Follow this advice, and you’ll improve your brain’s ability to function each and every day.

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  • Shalini Mehta

    Excellent, thank you Dr. Perlmutter

  • Rochelle

    Thank you.

  • Margaret Paul

    Dr. Perlmutter, I’m wondering if you will address the issue of fat. In “Medical Medium” he states that even good fats are inflammatory and that eggs disrupt hormones. This is obviously contrary to what you teach and to your research. Can you comment on this? Thanks.

    • maria

      Who is the author of “Medical Medium”?

      • Joy Kendra


  • shirleycolee

    Simple and succinct. Could not agree more with all points. If we all followed this plan – good sleep, good exercise, good food, there would be so much less suffering, illness and disease.

  • lynette mayo

    i DO GET BRAIN FOG, Recently learned my copper is so high it is at toxic levels l face a daunting task of detoxing from it!. Pls. share if you wrote on this in your archives.

  • Lisa Muzic

    It is worth the adventure to have heavy metals tested. I am currently undergoing chelation therapy and find that brain fog is dramatically improved.

  • Larry Kellogg

    I “zone out” on long jogs…feels appropriate!!

  • Derek Edwards

    Avoiding brain fog is part of the justification for the supplement schedule posted in your book, “The Better Brain Book”. However, this book was published in August 2004: have you updated your recommendations on the supplement regime since then?

  • Judith McAllister

    Always benefit from your tips. Thank you!

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for being a member of this community!

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