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Brain and Gut Journal

Brain and Gut

To all of our readers,

As you know, the fundamental premise of my work over the years has been to raise awareness of the relationship between nutrition and digestion, and how they support brain health and function. In my presentations to professionals, as well as my publications, I have endeavored to incorporate the most up-to-date research from around the world showing relevance to this thesis. And while there are journals dealing with brain science that may feature research dealing with nutrition, as well as nutritional and digestive publications that, on occasion, describe the role of nutrition in brain health, there is not, as yet, a journal fully dedicated to fully exploring this arena.

Necessity is the mother of invention. And clearly the timing is right for such a journal.

So it is with a great deal of excitement that I share some very exciting news. In conjunction with Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishers, later this year we’ll be launching a new, peer-reviewed journal, Brain and Gut.

We will be exploring a wide variety of issues including the role of gut bacteria in such diverse areas as depression, cognitive function, dementia, inflammation, autoimmunity, diabetes and even cancer. We will present research from top universities around the world dealing with the brain effects of dietary choices including the role of nutritional supplements. The many ways gastrointestinal disorders can manifest as brain issues will also be included. In addition, the journal will present the latest studies demonstrating how brain function affects digestion, nutrient absorption, and gut motility.

I will be serving as Editor in Chief of Brain and Gut and will be joined by a team of editors including my friends and esteemed colleagues, Aristo Vojdani, PhD, Director of Immunosciences Lab, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, and Gerard E. Mullin, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Vojdani and Dr. Mullin are highly respected in their fields, and consummate professionals. In addition, our editorial team will include Martha Herbert, MD, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School.

For all of us involved in this project, it is a time of great excitement and anticipation. I’ll absolutely keep everyone informed of our progress as we move forward.

  • dreileen

    Thank you so much for this greatly needed research. You are an inspiration to patients and hopefully the catalyst to change for the medical community!!

    • David Perlmutter

      Thank you Eileen! I’m excited to be able to undertake this project.

  • Awesome–and thank you! Definitely looking forward to it!

  • Chris Poorten

    This is very exciting. I look forward to learning more about it!

  • JHahn

    My brain/gut story will be featured in the upcoming (available in late March, I think) “Living Without” issue. I think you’ll find it interesting.

    • David Perlmutter

      Please share a link when it is live.

  • Aili


  • Corinne Ingle, ANP

    As a medical professional, I cannot wait for this journal! Peer review is going to lend weight and credence to what I tell my patients every day.

  • Nice! Looking forward to it.

  • jon1good1

    Speaking of Brain and Gut, did you read the recent Interdisciplinary Toxicology article: Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases II:
    Celiac sprue and gluten intolerance
    By Anthony SAMSEL 1 and Stephanie SENEFF 2

    I would think it would be a huge contribution to your work.

    • Jillian

      To cover all bases, please include a parasitologist on your editorial board.

  • Jan in KW

    Wonderful news! Gut health is definitely a large missing piece of our health puzzle.

  • Lynn Dell

    This is great! I was thinking about getting some natural sleep aid herbs, but we started on a probiotic and are both sleeping much better at night, not always, but sooo much better than before. For the first time in my life, I’ve been able to experience a gut-brain connection via nutrition, and will be eager to hear about future discoveries!

    • Lisbeth Laursen

      Interesting! Thanks for sharing, Lynn.

  • Very cool!

    • David Perlmutter

      For sure, I’m very excited to work together with my esteemed colleagues to bring this information to all of you.

  • Angela Koenigsberg

    So excited and looking very forward to reading this journal! Congratulations Dr. P.! The Grain Brain diet in conjunction with the FODMAP diet, as outlined in, “The Inner Tract,” have both been essential for me. Together, they have been the only diets I have found which have allowed me to greatly diminish my symptoms of GERD and stomach bloating. I’m always looking for additional ways to improve both my cognition and digestion. Thrilled to learn that the best minds in each respective field will be joining forces.

  • Lisa Puskas

    Moving mountains in the health field!! Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do in the name of health.

    • David Perlmutter

      Thank you Lisa. By sharing this news with your friends and family, you contribute just as much.

  • Melissa Jouett

    Thank you! This research has been missing for far too long. As a person who suffered from ulcerative colitis and had her large intestine removed, I can’t wait to see what the correlation is to depression, inflammation and autoimmunity. I have always thought that I could do something to change my fussy gut, but none of the changes helped. I am now going gluten free and have been revamping our family diet to include more healthy fats. Please keep the research coming, so I can get my diabetic husband on board too. We have a 2 year old daughter with Down Syndrome and would love to see some research with that population as well.

    • Lisbeth Laursen

      Have you read “GAPS – Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride which Cindy mentioned above?

  • Cindy

    I would love to read your review of Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride’s, Gut and Psychology Syndrome.

    • Lisbeth Laursen

      Me too! I holds so much information on the gut-brain connection. Have been reading and re-reading it for the past couple of months.

  • Tuấn Văn Nguyễn

    I hope that Brain and Gut will be available online like PLoS and not by paid subscription only.

    • Andrea

      I agree!!

      • MagEl7

        I look forward to reading Brain and Gut and glad to support Dr. Perlmutter’s work by paying for it… although more people will be able to read his vitally important work if it’s available on line.

  • Lyn de Silva

    Good you you Dr. Perlutter. Looking forward to this one.

    • David Perlmutter

      Glad to hear that Lyn. Thanks for your support.

  • Sandy

    Fantastic! How can we get our hands on these issues in the future?

    • David Perlmutter

      Everything is TBD right now Sandy, but you can be sure there will be updates in the future.

  • Michele

    Fantastic news – congratulations! I have a number of friends and family members who can benefit from this.

  • BernieT

    When it’s ready, would you send a link to Health Canada? They seem to be lacking good and current info 🙂

    • BernieT

      Oh, + Thank you so much for your excellent work!

  • Marsha Nelson

    Looking to it.

  • Marsha Nelson

    Looking forward to it. As a microbiology technologist I am amazed and intrigued by this subject.

  • Pam Pappas MD

    Fantastic, Dr. Perlmutter. I’ve been talking with all my patients about these principles, so I’m looking forward to the journal. Congratulations!

  • Steve George

    Thank you! Good news!

  • Gretchen Ruffner Starke

    I think this is wonderful news. May I suggest that you send copies to all general practitioners in the country? I love my doctor but the journal she reads provides none of the current research on cholesterol, the dangers of statin drugs, and how all of these are inter-related, the gut microbiome, gluten sensitivity, and how these create inflammation in the body that quite possibly is the cause of most chronic diseases prevalent in our society today.

    I am in the process of reading your wonderful book “Grain Brain” and feel it is a must-read for all people concerned about getting better health.

  • Diane

    Looking forward to reading this addition to the site. Thanks!

  • Grant Parisi

    Congratulations Dr. P, this is a very exciting time. With all the new research and news coming in from all over the world, I can’t think of anyone else to bring it all together.

  • David Perlmutter

    Thanks to all for your well-wishes and kind words.

  • Heather

    Fantastic! Thank you for sharing your research and in-sight!

  • Dr. Deborah R. Garrison

    I am delighted to learn about this. You have made such a difference with your research. I look forward to continuing to learn!

  • Mickey Obermire

    Anything we consume can change our brain. They is so obvious in diabetics.

  • Jean

    I have suffered from migraines for many years and could sometimes predict one was coming on my the way my stomach felt. Very interested in reading your publication!

  • Kory Seder

    If anyone can connect the dots, I trust that you can.

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for that vote of confidence Kory.

  • Awesome news! 🙂 Congrats. Looking forward to reading it! 🙂

  • Lianna Slater

    Ooo, it is with great anticipation I await your next life changing publication Dr.Perlmutter!!! I am improving day by day my health SO much by reading & trying to fully absorb your book, Grain Brain. This next book is right on target with me and am sure millions of others! G_d bless you, you are simply

  • Yvonne Forsman

    Dr Perlmutter, I feel like I was born too early, 58 years too early! What I learned when I studied nutrition in college was a joke in comparison to what I have learned from you just in a few months! I wish I knew a long time ago that what you are going to teach us in the future. Thank you!!!

    • JM

      Ditto! Found his work at age 52, on Jan 27th, 2014. Such a dramatic change in my health. Wish I’d known earlier in my life… but so happy to have been able to see Dr. P. speak in Person at the Scripps Conference in San Diego, and read his book and get on the Program. Abounding gratitude!

  • Cristian

    Dear David

    Firstly, fantastic book (Grain Brain). I am spreading the word. I thought you might be interested in this article about AGES.


    Surprised me to see the representative from the Alzheimer’s association suggest there was not much research relating to AGES and cognitive decline/Alzheimer’s. Reading your book it would seem quite a bit of research has already been done…….

  • Ziporah

    Thanks for having the guts to keep going with this ~ so many of us are already benefitting and sharing our better health with our friends and families.

    • David Perlmutter

      “The guts”…that’s great Ziporah. Thanks for your support!

  • Ann Coleman

    I already have a question for you!! When you refer to the gut do you mean the small intestines only? Or does the gut include the large intestine and colon? Thanks for all your efforts in this exciting news!

  • Melanie

    I am thrilled to see you are changing the way health care will be delivered. I am an RN and this is the biggest step in a direction I have been anticipating/hoping for that I have seen yet. The medical field is slow to listen, slow to change, but you are truly disintegrating the status quo. Thank You!!

  • Danielle @Against All Grain

    Very exciting!

  • The effect “Grain Brain” has had on my patients is profound. They come in with the book dog eared, highlighted and full of questions! I still pull out the manual from your Denver seminar and show them all the graphs, it is very helpful. I look forward to this new work, and being able to use it as one more tool to change lives.

    • Lisbeth Laursen

      Great to see an openminded doctor!!

  • Alexandra

    Great news! Looking forward to it!

  • Joel

    I have suffered, for 25 years, from the autoimmune disease known as pemphigus vulgaris. I control is with 5 mg of prednisone every-other-day. Is there a SPECIFIC diet I should adhere to?

    • maria

      Joel, some people, including myself, have got relief from autoimmune conditions by following the paleo diet, which is similar to the one Dr. Perlmutter recommends, except that Dr. Perlmutter doesn’t mention beans, which paleo does not allow. (This is because grains and beans contain lectin, which are devastating to some people’s health.)

  • antoniobucci .

    I have been on gluten free diet for two months. GrainBrain book is my guide. I have no problem staying on the diet, although I feel the addiction effects of gluten. The same feeling I had when I quit cigarets 60 years ago.
    Recently I was diagnosed having DIVERTICULOSIS. The doctor suggested a
    diet that includes whole grains to help my constipation.
    Dr. Perlmutter, your diet contradicts the the diet with Grains. I am all ears to hear your sugestions. I appreciate your great works.

    • Maxmilliana

      One or two prunes a day should help. Also, increase your intake of cooked green leafy veggies.

  • ellen

    Keep up the great research and movement to make us a healthier population. Grain Brain is a game changer for health, and I have no doubt that Brain and Gut will be as well. Thank you for making a difference!

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for the kind words Ellen. Your support is invaluable.

  • Keith Bell

    David, do you believe your brain is sterile? How long will it take for people to begin viewing neurodegeneration as a brain infection?

  • Di

    I’ve started GRAIN BRAIN and am wondering what to do with THE BETTER BRAIN BOOK since some of the information seems to be obsolete. Thank you so much for sharing your research and giving us hope.

  • Great news. It will take time to change the view on nutrition but when more and more people change their way of living, eating and get healthier the message will come true. We feel much better and are feeling happier thanks to your book and advice. We tell everyone because they see the changes in us. A few are also following know and they mail to thank us for the advice. Also my brother who is a chemicus is reading your book very scepticall but he told me that your vision on statines is perhaps correct. So step by step you can make a change. We all can
    greets from Belgium

  • Randy King

    How can I get an appointment at the Perlmutter Clinic.
    I have tried for a month.
    Randy King

  • Catherine Mikkola

    Great news! I hope you will offer the possibility of subscribing to an online editon.

  • Catherine Mikkola

    Great news! I hope you will offer the possibility of an online edition.

  • Lisbeth Laursen

    Such interesting news! Looking forward to read the journal once!

  • Sue Ryan

    Thank you for helping to change the perspective people have of the connection between health and nutrition. Your passion and the scientific research behind your recommendations, are helping us transform our lives.

  • Judith

    I agree with Gretchen. My doctor is afraid to go out on a limb because she thinks she will lose her license, yet she diagnosed me as gluten-sensitive.. she calls herself alternative and was a surgeon in the past. She is also gluten-sensitive.

    I want to recommend the book “Wheat Belly”. I am about to publish a cookbook-memoir about the dangers of the gluten-free diet fad. Dr Perlmutter is my point of reference as one of the top authorities about gut and brain,

    • David Perlmutter

      Wheat Belly makes a great companion book to Grain Brain.

  • Ana Goldseker

    That is wonderful. Congratulations on such an amazing endeavor. I can not wait to share with clients.

  • Deb Regan

    PLEASE continue your awesome, amazing work! I look forward to reading the journals from cover to cover!

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for your strong support Deb.

  • Diana

    Thank you for your knowledge and willingness to share with all. As I read Grain Brain I was so surprised to realize that watching what I ate had little to do with my brain – it was more about my health and somehow that didn’t include my brain. Knowing how dramatically it can be effected I’m eating from a different perspective.
    I think, too, it’s amazing how the brain can become “addicted” to sugars, carbs, drugs, etc. We have so many things in place in our bodies to protect the organs and functions that I’m wondering why the brain doesn’t have something as well.
    Thank you again!

  • paleopal

    Thank you so much for this groundbreaking work, Dr. Perlmutter! Planning to read every issue, and to share articles widely on social media as I’m doing now with your excellent blog. Heartfelt gratitude.

  • Tovah

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    You don’t seem to address the need for probiotics or good bacteria in the gut. Can you comment, or refer me to a good discussion, beyond the one by Dr. Oz?
    Also, even people that will agree to cut out grains do not seem to see how important it is to cut out many other things that also turn directly to sugar that are high on the glycemic index, such as potatoes and carrots. So, even more than grain brain, isn’t it really sugar brain, since it applies equally to other simple carbohydrates that turn immediately to sugar.? I have been unable to convince my friend with severe depression to stop eating tons of carrots and potatoes and other similar carbohydrates.

  • Marlena Laframboise

    I devoured Grain Brain and hunger for more understanding. So looking forward to Brain and Gut Journal.
    As a long time bread and carb lover as well as 3rd generation ADHD sufferer I’m finding a new release on life, as well as my family. I educate myself on a healthy way of life and then prescribe and practice with my family who fall instep sometimes unwilling. But the benefits of our choices bring them on board whole heartedly. GRAIN BRAIN is a GAME CHANGER!!! We are living the benefits. My joints are 75% pain free considering I should have double knee replacement. I’m holding off on that hoping exercise and living gluten free will bring great benefits.
    Our ADHD has been a 45 year struggle brought to the forefront when my children showed signs and struggled with school and friends. I threw myself into the study of ADHD and the Brain going to supplements rather than prescriptions and found relief from some symptoms. Ringing my hands and still frustrated I continued the education process and found GRAIN BRAIN!!! The effects of Gluten on the brain was staggering to me. Dr Purlmutter explains and backs up his statements with studies, the how’s and whys are answered. CLEARLY!!!
    Dr. Purlmutter, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU…..I see in my youngest son age 10 huge changes, he is 95% a challenge free boy, emotional struggles are all but gone, attention is sustained. Patience, grace and tolerence are becoming an everyday occurrence. I cry with relief for him to be at peace. He is currently working on a project for school over his Spring break, spending 2 days so far 3hrs. each day, self starting and staying on task, computer use, map making all with little help. As an ADHD parent this is AMAZING.

    • David Perlmutter

      Thank you for taking the time to share such a thoughtful and personal comment Marlena. Wishing you, and your family, the best of health.

  • Allison

    Absolutely fabulous news! I am always looking for solutions for my brilliant older son who suffers from depression/ anxiety, and my younger (also brilliant!) son with Asperger’s. If I had to pick one M.D. I trust above all others, it is Dr. Perlmutter! If anyone can figure out new connections in this fascinating area, it is he.

  • Tony Mascara

    Hey Doc,
    Thanks for your wonderful insight! Your book has changed the majority of my current patients lives! Its unbelievable the instant change and empowerment they all feel within a week! Looking forward to Brain & Gut to further my knowledge & study within my practice! Keep up the great work!

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for writing in with this note Tony. Appreciate the kind words.

  • susan

    heard about this on the evolution of medicine summit with Dr Perlmutter speaking and stating it will be released this month. What is the cost? How can one subscribe?

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  • Rebecca

    SO excited about this! Your research has helped me so much… thank you for all you do! *I* might send copies to all of my practitioners! …especially my (former) Neurologist who insisted diet had NOTHING to do with autoimmune disease or my peripheral neuropathy. She’s learned a few things since we met… I kept taking her research to back up my inquiries.

  • Azima Lila

    A friend just told me about your work and the new journal. Very glad to join the network! I am a dreamworker, and i’m very interested in anything that might relate to the connection between the health of the digestive system and dream recall. I will stay tuned!

    • David Perlmutter

      Good to have you join us here!

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  • Jeffrey Davis

    I’ve been excited about this publication and have looked forward to it since it was announced two years ago. As a family physician who performs endoscopy and practices integrative functional medicine a journal like this will be invaluable. Have there been any updates on when it will be available?

  • Payem Susty

    Qn: i’m waking up recently 2-3 hours earlier than usual. And feeling my stomach to be bloated/gassy-ish. Is it likely that my that former is causing the latter? And if so, how might identify what is (foods?) causing it?

  • Amanda Clarke

    I am reading ‘Grain Brain’ and am following to the letter to get fit. I have promoted the book to lots of friends and it will feature on the christmas present giving! Lots to absorb, hopefully literally!! but am feeling like a new person after one week. Hope to touch base with Prof Tim Spector here in London in relation to all his work on the micro biome.
    Here is the question. My 79 year old mother has a viral chest infection that the medical world are failing to treat and she is suffering. Normally a very healthy person still doing voluntary work but this is becoming a real nuisance. When she was 58, just after my father died she developed rheumatoid arthritis (RA). After being told by an RA specialist to get her wheel chair ready she went onto a strict diet by Giraud Campbell, alongside homeopathy and warm water physio.
    She got rid of it completely which really was nothing short of a miracle. could you advise on any particular aspect of your work to help her? She is now on organic mother cider vinegar and will do anything to help.
    Yours in desperation!

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