Getting Familiar with Coconut Oil

Getting Familiar with Coconut Oil

Part of the triumvirate of foodstuffs that make up my anti-Alzheimer’s trio, coconut oil is one of my favorite ingredients, snacks, and superfoods. It’s an incredible way to increase beta-HBA, one of our brain’s “superfuels,” as well as being a near-perfect source of healthy fat. But the benefits of coconut oil don’t stop there. Importantly, coconut oil is key for fighting inflammation, making it part of a diet that doesn’t just support a healthier brain, but a healthier body. Coconut oil, and the saturated fats present in it, are also to thank for helping us fight off infections, as these fats help the proteins in our immune system more effectively rid our bodies of invading organisms. On Facebook, many of you have been asking about the best way to incorporate coconut oil into your daily meal plan. While you could simply take 1-2 tablespoons in the morning and call it a day, coconut oil is put to better use when added to a dish to improve its overall flavor. Consider getting your daily requirement of coconut oil in any of the following ways:

  • There’s a recipe here on the site for a coconut oil omelet that will soon become a daily staple for you.
  • Add coconut oil to your smoothies (the MCTs will help increase your energy).
  • Mix it into your morning cup of coffee.
  • For stir-fry like you’ve never had before, cook with coconut oil. It’ll even help your body absorb more of the nutrients present in your vegetables.

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  • SG

    Thank you for this article. I have been using coconut oil to fry my 7 year olds eggs in the morning. I also use it when making pancakes and lightly frying tortillas!

    • ri

      SG -eggs and coconut oil are great- pancakes and tortillas not so much..unless your just making them for your kids but maybe you can try making buckwheat pancakes

  • Gardener Karen

    What are Dr. Permutter’s favorite brands for supplements?

    • David Perlmutter

      Gardener: There will soon be an answer to that question here on this site! We’re launching a supplements section very soon.

  • Maryann

    Thank you for such revolutionary and life-saving information, Dr. Perlmutter; God bless you for using your gifts to help so many people. When it comes to healthy fats, I have heard you say that they help in weight loss. I understand how vitally important they are for brain health; but, If weight loss is a goal, should an individual hold off on adding in coconut oil and olive oil until at the goal weight? Won’t these extra calories be an obstacle? Thank you so much, Maryann

    • David Perlmutter

      Maryann: Both of those items you mention are brain-healthy fats! Important to add to the diet. But you do have a point, it is not a license to gorge.

      • Maryann

        Thank you Dr. Perlmutter, to clarify my question, I was asking if healthy fats facilitate fat loss in any way; I believe I heard you mention that you have to eat fat to lose fat in a podcast. Thanks!

  • Linda Perry Briggs

    I see that goat cheese is allowed, there isn’t too much that I have found about other cheeses, are they allowed? limited? and if limited how much can you have?

    • David Perlmutter

      You’re okay to reach for most any cheese, except blue cheeses.

      • Linda Perry Briggs

        limits? can I have 1 oz or 2 oz? OK so I love cheese! I have been able to shake flour and sugar, but cheese, that’ll be tough. I know you say not to much on the cream, so I wondered if there was a limit on cheese, and I guess I want the amount to be defined so I can do my best to follow and adhere to the basics
        by the way thanks! I have been type 2 diabetic for 20 years, the best I feel is when I am off sugar and flour, I always knew I felt a clarity of mind, but the book just put so much into perspective for me.

  • KF

    Does it matter if I use refined coconut oil? I really do not like the flavor of coconut in my eggs:-(

  • bob N

    The coconut oil at several stores in my area is white and solid. It does not look like oil. Is it still OK or should I keep looking??

  • Ellie

    Coconut oil chocolate is my favoured way of ingesting coconut oil or drizzled straight over a fresh salad. The chocolate is just oil, cacao and a bit of stevia added. You can add raw nuts, coconut chips or a bit of vanilla, peppermint or orange essence for variety. My biggest worry is that I take in too much coconut oil! I also do coconut cream popsicles … heaven.

  • Maryann

    Hi Dr! So many people put coconut oil in their morning coffee. Is this a good idea for people doing intermittent fasting? Wouldn’t coconut oil or Fuel for Thought (which has 3 grams of added sugar along with MCT and coconut oil) destroy the period of IF someone is making the effort to achieve? Thank you very much! Maryann

  • Connie

    After a lot of research there’s no doubt c/o is healthful. I love it, but it always makes my lips chapped. This seems minor but is a real annoyance. Should I continue using coconut oil or am I creating more inflammation? I have tried many types of the coconut oils but react to all of them. Sure could use some advice. Thank you Connie

  • Robin Maisel

    I am very confused by the whole issue of oils and AGEs.I thought I remembered you saying at so me point that all oils were dangerous and could cause serious damage. Could you please clairy. I’ve been using coconut oil for heating, but now i’m not sure whether to continue this.

  • Laura86

    Been making scramble eggs with coconut oil taste good though

    • David Perlmutter

      Sounds great!