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Zika – An Emerging Threat for All of Us

The relationship of the ZIka virus to the development of microcephaly has certainly been receiving a lot of attention in the news lately, and with good reason. Microcephaly is a devastating, although rare, consequence of this viral infection, and it is for this reason that we are now seeing recommendations that women who are pregnant, or are considering pregnancy, avoid going to places where Zika infection is possible.

But the story is now becoming more complicated and worrisome. We are now seeing research that indicates that the Zika virus has a predilection for attacking cells in the brain’s memory center, in adults.

Recently, in a report put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a case of a 32-year-old woman who traveled from Italy to visit the Dominican Republic described how she arrived at a medical facility with a variety of symptoms. These included not only a rash, but also difficulties with her gait. Moreover, a complete neuropsychological evaluation revealed that she had difficulties with attention, as well as mental processing speed, with fairly significant problems related to verbal and nonverbal memory.

Ultimately, she was found to be suffering from Zika virus infection and it was felt that this virus was responsible for her neurological symptoms.

The report concludes by discussing how Zika virus is not simply a transient infection in humans and that exposure during adulthood “…could have an effect on long-term memory or the risk for depression.”

Truthfully, these findings and conclusions do not come as a surprise. I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Michael Callahan, CEO and co-founder of the Zika Foundation, who is board-certified in internal medicine, infectious disease, tropical medicine and mass casualty care, and is on the clinical and research faculty at Harvard Medical School. During the interview, Dr. Callahan made it very clear that Zika virus is an emerging threat not just in terms of brain issues in newborns, but in adults as well. Indeed, animal research clearly confirms how this virus is able to enter the brain and affect the brain’s memory center.

I will certainly remain vigilant as this story unfolds. For now, I think it is prudent to at least consider that the avoidance of areas where Zika infections are occurring might make good sense not just for pregnant women, but for all of us.  At the very least, should you find yourself in a place where Zika is endemic, take added precautions to reduce your risk. Remember, Zika is transmitted by mosquitos.

  • I got on Perlmutter’s list from hearing him with Mercola; But i see there is “alternative” and then “slightly alternative.
    I suggest the good doctor move further away from Lamestream medicine and Quackademia. Zika is a bogus disinfo program made up to hide the research showing it is toxic pesticides sprayed for years on indigent and poor workers.
    Medical reporter Jon Rappoport (covering the field for many decades) has extensively defrocked this meme.
    Just Google for “rappoport zika” and start there.

    • Amanda

      Very unfortunate but it sure looks like the pharmacy side of the deep state has gotten to Dr. P.

    • enubus

      In the picture I don’t see your tin foil hat?

    • Kurt

      Avoid the area. Then avoid the coming vaccine.

    • Yvonne Forsman

      You ppl are missing the point!

      Yes, Zika was discovered in 1940-ies and has been a mild and short lived health problem. And yes, saying Zika caused brain damage in babies was a hoax, we all understand the brain damage was caused by the GMO crops being sprayed with the toxic herbicide Glyphosate which does cause brain damage and many other health problems b/c it affects our health on the cellular level (MIT researcher Dr Stephanie Seneff YT video “Glyphosate and Mitochondria” explains it well).

      But… then something else happened! The mosquitoes got “weaponized”/genetically altered so they would cause more damage than in the past. And then the “antidote” to that was officially to spray with toxins to kill the mosquitoes but the toxins were/are harming our health also! So we got hit twice!

      I am in SE Florida and here they tested/let out into the open the genetically altered mosquitoes and also sprayed the toxins to kill the mosquitoes, and us, the population. The FL governor’s wife has a stake in the company which sprays the mosquitoes. They have it all figured out, I am telling you! As they say, follow the money!

      So I have to take vitamin D3 supplement b/c I can’t be in the Florida year around sun outside the house b/c I could be bitten by a mosquito or sprayed by the toxins to kill the mosquitoes, or sprayed by chemtrails which contain a long list of toxins too, causing ppl severe health problems. So it doesn’t help to live in the “sunshine state” at this time and age of corrupted politicians, Big Pharma, Monsanto and all other Devils out there. The depopulation agenda is oh so real!!! Wake up, ppl!

      Dr Perlmutter has lots of good info he shares with his audience! No need to say anything negative about him!

      You want to protest? Go with Moms Across America organization! There is plenty to protest against! Big Agra, Monsanto, Big Pharma, businessmen in white coats (medical doctors prescribing drugs with side effects, not being taught in med school how to heal the underlying causes of disease, only building a returning customer base), Big Food, corrupted politicians taking bribes. The whole system is falling down like a house of cards! Poisoned soil, poisoned food, poisoned water, poisoned air/chemtrails, vaccines filled with brain destroying particles, EMF meters forced on house owners (one is on my bedroom wall, not on the opposite side of the house where the garage is, why not there, b/c the goals is to destroy my health!) I say go and protest! Everywhere and all the time! Anyway you can! But Dr Perlmutter is the wrong target here!

      • eileenfb1948 .

        What you’re saying is correct.

    • Eileen

      Even if Zika is invented, the mosquito is still out there. To see the alternative story about Zika infections, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, did some studies on Brazilian populations with a high incidence of microcephaly and did find that the incidences of microcephaly corresponded more with environmental toxins.

      While I agree with your basic premise that Zika has at best lukewarm correlation with microcephaly, Dr Perlmutter is bringing up a set of new symptoms, which has a wide range of symptoms associated with a subset of environmental toxins, mainly heavy metals. I am not sure whether Dr. Perlmutter believes that the woman’s symptoms are Zika related; however, the circumstantial evidence does warrant some study.

    • Truth59

      Dr. Perlmutter is great for a lot of neurological issues but not Zika. What he fails to realize is that most Zika comes from the DTAP vaccine. In Brazil it’s given to women at 22 weeks of pregnancy. Maybe some mosquitoes carry Zika but I’m sure the vaccine and the pesticides to kill the mosquitoes are more problematic then the annoying insect. Pregnant women would be better served following the diet for pregnant and nursing mothers. Also mega doses of ascorbic acid taken to bowel tolerance will cure Zika.

  • Angel

    I also am not convinced of this virus. The vaccine for it is the problem and/or cause. Giving a vaccine for “Zika” to pregnant women is abhorrent!! Where does the pledge to do no harm come into play here??

  • Crystal Stingray

    Hmm . . . wonder who got to Dr. Perlmutter . . .

    • Stephanie

      I completely agree. I can’t believe this is coming from Dr. Perlmutter. I think it is time to unsubscribe. Looks like the CDC hasn’t been able to scare enough with the Zika pregnancy threat so they are taking it up a notch. I hope everyone realizes that the Zika vaccine is not a normal vaccine. This is one of the first GENE EDITED vaccines. Anyone who gets this will become a GMO.

  • Carol

    It may be that this individual had been exposed to the pesticide used against Zika, in addition to Zika itself. Apparently, Zika transmission has been around for a long time. Also, application of a specific pesticide used in Brazil has been associated with the profound medical problems currently associated with Zika. Other confounding medical conditions may apply. Please remember, the pesticide industry is corrupt to the core and will generate lies simply as a matter of meeting quarterly profits.

  • tamarque

    Almost as soon as the Zika hypebole began, medical/health care people in Brazil made it clear that Zika was not the problem but pesticides were. The drug corporations got a windfall, though, as they could now push thru another toxic and untested vaccine for some $$$billions. But the CDC not only makes money for the agency/govt, it is also an agency of mass social manipulation. More fear mongering over nothing diseases but it works so well.

  • calle

    Same here, Dr P what has happened to you?
    I have adored you, promoted your books.
    Can’t go down this rabbit hole
    Please come back
    This a huge ruse for Big Pharma.

    Boy am I disappointed!
    Will now read your posts with 5 gains of sand.
    No longer a believer.

    Thanks all who posted, this is serious if they got him.
    Don’t drink the Koolaide Doc.
    Sharing this with Dr Mercola.

  • Carolyn Brown

    With at least 300,000+ diagnosed annually, I’d sure like to read your thought on Chronic Lyme disease.
    So many people are not diagnosed quickly, when Doxycycline can help. My Lyme went undiagnosed/misdiagnosed for more than 20 years. As I read more and more, that’s not all that unusual.
    Your thoughts?
    Thank you!

    • Dionne Park

      As I’m concerned about a family member, can you tell me who thought to test you for Lyme disease after 20 years?


      • Carolyn Brown

        Hi Diane,

        My MD knew that despite corrrecting many things in my system, I still didn’t feel well & have energy. At that same point, he became more interested in/curious about Lyme. Until recently, we weren’t hearing a lot about Lyme in Indiana. He did some additional training & approached me & our daughter about Lyme. I truly thought it was a joke – I had no memory of a tick bite. I knew so little about Lyme back then. I had constant/worseninh brain fog, joint pain/inflammation, a weird allergy, 5 tendon surgeries including the loss of my achilles tendon, infertity, etc. Our MD started to put thr pieces of the puzzle together. When I went to several doctors 20+ years ago, they checked my thyroid, iron, gave me anti-depressants, suggested counseling, asked if my marriage was ok, etc. Nobody figured it out – they patted me on the hand, told me I was tired because I had 2 young children, said to take a cruise, and hinted that it was probably all in my head. So, Lyme was able to take hold and cause destruction until I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Lyme. Does that answer your question??

        • Dionne Park

          Thank you for clarifying. Sorry to hear about the multitude of health problems that you experienced. Best of health.

  • maria

    This may be like ebola, which was a relatively rare disease until, due to many factors—including deforestation—it suddenly mushroomed. Many factors may be behind the growing threat of zika, including poverty, toxic pesticides, but possibly other factors we don’t understand as yet.

    • Truth59

      Also can be cured with vitamin C to bowel tolerance.

  • Charma1ne

    Curiosity wins the day! Dr. Perlmutter could you please provide scientific data proving the actual existence of the Zika virus? When it was first discovered that mosquitos transmit malaria, amongst other diseases, was there a similar ‘bogus’ outcry? If Zika is a fact and affects the brain of not only babies, but also adults then this is a serious health issue. Can you confirm? Thank you.

  • Satya Deborah Kirsch

    I had a similar reaction as woman described to insectides 4 years ago in U.S. Virgin Islands when they where spraying for Mosquitos/Dengue fever. Fortunately for me the reaction was fairly short and symptoms short lived. I couldn’t think or move or function until my room was aired out. Based on my personal experience we are talking about insecticides and not Zika. Shame on you for not recognizing this!

  • Margareta Lundstrom

    But how does science explain that 25,000 cases of microcephaly occur annually in the United States? Or that in the epicenter of the tragedy in Brazil ziavirus is only found in 10% of the victims? Or, all children born with normal brains of mothers carrying antibodies to the zikavirus?

  • JF Harris, MS, EdS,LMFT

    Thank you so much for keeping up informed on this serious disease. Can you also research the company (wish I had written down the name, sorry) who is now researching Zika, stating on FOX business network last week they have found it kills brain cancer cells? This would seem to be exchanging one issue for another! I believe the report stated trials would begin on PEOPLE in Great Britain very soon with using this protocol.

    I would appreciate any updates!

  • PaleoDude
  • Angel

    Let’s not forget they release the infected mosquito’s into our world. create catastrophe, then come in with the killer solution!

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