3 Steps to Help Prevent Dementia

  • lynette mayo

    Sleep is tough with through the roof copper & low zinc, it makes me feel like l’m on amphetamines at night, cannot sleep, plus early war trauma complicates it!

  • RevNagi

    Good thing I had a sleep study done and found out about my sleep apnea! Thanks Doc!

    • David Perlmutter

      Good that you were able to get answers! Hope you have found a way to manage that.

      • RevNagi

        They fit me for a CPAP. That’s pretty much all they did. I was asked by my cardiologist the other day if it was still working for me. I responded, “Apparently. I’m still alive.” He failed to find the humor….

  • Grace Hurtado

    Thanks Doctors for sharing this valuable information. Blessings for all of you. Dr.Graciela Hurtado. MD. Cardiologist. Certified Gluten Practitioner

  • Yvonne Forsman

    This is so 100% true!!! I got a bladder disease with chronic pain and became sedentary. I also wake up every hour at night to go to the bathroom so the sleep is a big problem. Although I cut out all grains 4 years ago, and now also dairy (occasional dairy ice cream), my memory has changed drastically over the last 7 years since i became disabled b/c of the bladder. I can’t remember words, sometimes I may remember it in one of the 3 languages I use, so I have to translate it on google, which is okay, but other time I know exactly what I want to say but don’t remember the word in any of the 3 languages. I either have to explain to my friend what I want to say and he pretty much guesses the right word, sometimes I have to say it in a different way if I don’t remember the word even after a while trying really hard to remember. I used to walk all the time, I am missing that. I remember somebody once made a joke about ppl walking escalators. I said I am one of them. I was always on the run. When I became sedentary I bought an exercise tool on amazon, for legs and arms but was overdoing it and hurt a leg muscle and that was the end of it. The muscle is okay now.

    • Elizabeth Lavet

      A ketogenic diet would probalbly help you all around, which would mean no ice cream. Keto means no grains, legumes, beans, sugars or refined products. Around 20 grams of carbs a day and fats that are animal based or select plants, no corn oil, soy oil, cotton seed oil, canola oil etc. Lots of information on YouTube especially at LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) Down Under on YouTube. Good luck. Hope you find your answers.

  • Ramazan kara

    Thank you Dr. Perlmutter, sorry me I can’t understand rubic exercise? How is it?
    Best regards,

    • Robinson

      AEROBIC exercise (also known as cardio), Ramazan kara. Have a great day!

    • Elizabeth Lavet

      Aerobic exercise is what he said, not rubic exercise. You can google it and see what he is talking about. Short bursts of high intensity exercise also will help increase the brain growth factor as Dr. Mercola points out in several videos he did.

  • Burlington

    I just saw a PBS program on a Medellin, Columbia with an autosomal dominant gene (#14) for premature Alzheimer’s

    • ohneclue@yahoo.com

      I saw the same program but on 60 minutes. I share your concern, especially when I saw the loving daughter feeding the mother OATMEAL for breakfast and so many of the clients being obese!! WHY weren’t the doctors also up on the latest information identifying the sugar-glycation of the MIF structures /cells in the brain which prevents them from doing their house-cleaning job as the “tipping point” towards AD. Guess if diet can make it better, there’s no $45 Million needed to spend on research to UNDO a gene on a world-wide miniscule number of clients.

  • Fran Hamilton

    Hi Dr Perlmutter, Now on the ketogenic diet for losing weight & helping prevent dementia- now wanting to know if you have checked out “intranasal photobiomodulation” (such as the vielight) and if so what is your opinion?

  • Barbara Desrosiers

    I am a 78 yr. old SR. I just had an MRI & an appt. w/Neurology. I’ve been told I am in the beginning stages of Alzheimer. I noticed my memory was beginning to be a problem. This scares the H— out of me. So I am interested in finding ways to stave off this increasing in anyway I can.

  • vicky youngman

    What is your opinion on the documentary “What The Health”? (It’s on Netflix.) The experts interviewed say that all animal products (meat, cheese, eggs, dairy) are serious health hazards. In fact, carbs and sugar are basically ok! After reading “Grain Brain” I changed my diet to include these foods, with the exception of dairy, and almost eliminated carbs and sugar. I’m really confused now and don’t know what to do…. Any advice?

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