The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar - Your Brain's Silent Killers #1 NY Times Best Seller

Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD

Renowned neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, blows the lid off a topic that’s been buried in medical literature for far too long: carbs are destroying your brain. And not just unhealthy carbs, but even healthy ones like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, and much more. Dr. Perlmutter explains what happens when the brain encounters common ingredients in your daily bread and fruit bowls, why your brain thrives on fat and cholesterol, and how you can spur the growth of new brain cells at any age. He offers an in-depth look at how we can take control of our “smart genes” through specific dietary choices and lifestyle habits, demonstrating how to remedy our most feared maladies without drugs.

Click here for an excerpt from the Grain Brain audiobook!

Have questions about gluten intolerance, a gluten free diet or the foods that help improve brain health? In Grain Brain, Dr. Perlmutter offers suggestions on how to fuel the brain properly with sound nutrition.  These basic changes can help alleviate, or even reverse brain disease, eliminate brain fog symptoms, and improve memory and energy levels.

Since its publication, Grain Brain has reached #1 on multiple Best Seller lists, including those from The New York TimesWall Street Journal, and USA Today. Grain Brain is now published in multiple languages and is available in 20 countries across the globe, including  SpanishGerman, French, Hungarian, ItalianMandarin and Japanese!

Available now at retailers nationwide and online

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Praise for Grain Brain

“Dementia and many other brain diseases are not inevitable, nor are they genetic. They are directly and powerfully linked to a diet high in sugar and grains. Grain Brain not only proves this, it also gives you everything you need to know to protect your brain–or a loved one’s–now.”
Christiane Northrup, MD,

“The definitive instruction book for the care and feeding of your brain! Grain Brain explains why our brains are under siege with sky-rocketing rates of depression, dementia, ADHD, autism, and more…. If you want to boost your brain power, keep your memory, and lift your mood and energy, Dr. Perlmutter is your guide.”
Mark Hyman MD

“A detailed tour of the destructive effects that ‘healthy whole grains’ have on our brains…. A persuasive case for this wheat-free approach to preserve brain health.”
William Davis MD


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  • Jim

    I just got the book yesterday, I haven’t been able to put it down! I had to sneak in a few pages of reading during work today. My friend started the Grain Brain program two weeks ago and has already lost 10 pounds! Thanks for the great information, Dr. Perlmutter. This is truly empowering!

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks Jim, good to hear you and your friend have found such inspiration and motivation in Grain Brain. Glad to count you as a member of this community.

  • Martha

    I have Celiac Disease, and thanks to my doctor I have been grain free for almost two years. I eat grass fed beef, eggs, vegetables, fruit, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados. I saw your appearance on Dr. Oz and was surprised to hear you advise against eating vegetables that grow underneath the ground and to limit fruits. I can’t wait to read your book !

    • David Perlmutter

      I’m glad to hear that the show brought you to my community Martha. Wishing you good health.

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  • kari

    I can’t wait to read your book. I discovered a year go, by chance, that I have gluten sensitivity that causes my back pain. (my neurologist thought I was making it up) Since going gluten free I’ve no longer needed allergy medication. I saw you on Dr. Oz as well and was surprised about the potatoes…one of my staples. Can’t wait to improve my health even more after reading your book..

    • David Perlmutter

      Kari: Glad to welcome you to this community. I hope you enjoy Grain Brain and learn something from it.

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  • Eugenia Kinney

    Where is your research material on Alzheimer’s disease. There is no known cure for the disease and no preventive measures reported. You do a disservice with this claim because a person does not cause their own disease such as Alzheimer’s disease.

    • Wendy

      Since you don’t know what causes Alzheimer’s, how can you say a person does not cause their own disease? You have no idea if that is true or not. No one does. But the science is showing increasingly that blood sugar has something to do with it. Also, it is known that some people who are very sensitive to gluten will suffer psychotic episodes or psychosis just from eating or tasting a small amount of gluten-containing food. It definitely has a bad effect and in some cases a debilitating effect.

      • Chris Brown

        I can testify to personal experience that it directly effects the psychology in a massive way …i’m gluten intolerant

    • David Perlmutter

      Eugenia, I encourage you to browse the “Science” section of my website, where some of the studies I mention in Grain Brain, as well as others, reside:

  • Donna

    Dr Perlmutter, I saw you on Dr Oz and ordered your book. I have 3 thoughts in my mind, hoping you might comment on each. 1) What about Vegetarians who are very healthy? 2) Do you believe the Metabolic Typing Diet to be accurate? 3) How is your program different from Atkins or South Beach? Thank you!

    • newgram

      I would like an answer to the Atkins question as well.

      • David Perlmutter

        Take a look at this FAQ from my site, it should answer your question about the Atkins comparison:

        • Donna

          Thank you, I read that answer under FAQ. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on the validity of the Metabolic Typing Diet (Protein types, which I am, would flourish on your plan)? What then of my vegan friends who seem very healthy and of the Carbohydrate Types? Thanks!

          • JP Roy

            As for your vegetarian friends if they eat a lot of fibers from the veggies about 20% of their calories can come from fat as the gut bacteria will eat the fibers and release some short chains of fat… that fat is absorbed in the body and used as energy…

          • Doug Hoffman

            The amount of misinformation floating around is amazing.
            Fat is not the body’s first choice of energy. It prefers to use carbohydrates. Fat is for storage of energy.
            And a 20% fat diet is a very low-fat diet, not healthy.

          • GameGenie

            First choice or not, the body and mind run more efficiently on fats and not glucose or fructose.

          • Gregory M. LaGana

            I applaud whoever made the comment about misinformation, to which I would add the mis- or over- or biased interpretation of information. I have difficulty with unsubstantiated claims like “…the body and mind run ‘more efficiently’ on fats and not glucose or fructose”. If you’re going to make a comment like that in the middle of what should be a scientific debate, please define your terms (like “more efficiently”) & give references to peer-reviewed medical literature, not a personal opinion or something gleaned from a book written for the lay public.

            G.M. LaGana, MD, FACP

          • GameGenie

            Apparently you haven’t read the book. I can’t put it into words for you in a simple text box on the intranets. Anyone who has lived both lifestyles knows this as true due to personal experience. Again, apparently you haven’t either done the research or lived a lifestyle concurrent with the topic, so I suggest you do the necessary research and come to your own conclusion, however, you can’t change the physiology of the human body based on your own predisposed notion “Doctor”.

          • ristcanyon

            I don’t think the aggressive and negative tone is at all necessary. I would assume that we are all adults. There is an enormous difference between constructive criticism and petty antagonism.

          • LCHF

            Well said sir. Mr La Gana has what is commonly refereed to as “cognitive dissonance.” Having invested a lifetime into a practice based on a dogma rather than current science, change is both challenging & threatening.

          • StupidPolice

            … and just how many millions are dying horrible deaths today thanks to this severe “cognitive dissonance”? Arrogance would be a better term. Thanks to this system of thought we now have about 70% of people suffering and dying from avoidable chronic disease. Well done doctors! $21billion pulled in on statins alone yet everyone dropping dead from heart disease. I’d like to add a few letters of my own after his name!

          • GameGenie

            The doctor who can’t stand “to be” wrong, denies all other science beyond their own comprehension misguided in nature simply because they don’t want to grasp new concepts. You sir are a pathetic thinker indeed. Please opt out of this existence because we don’t need to breeding more ignorance through illogical appeals to authority.

          • Gregory M. LaGana

            My bad. Sorry, I should have explored deeper before commenting. Reading the book now. Fascinating hypotheses. But the web site itself is most impressive with its links to references. Apologies.


          • David Perlmutter


            There is no need to apologize, and I thank you for contributing to the conversation here on our site. I very much appreciate you taking the time to not only read my work, but continue to investigate it even though you were skeptical. I am glad to know you are here in this community.

          • Gregory M. LaGana

            Dear Dr. Perlmutter — thanks for your comments. Much appreciated. I am actually very interested in these topics — my father-in-law suffered a long, slow decline from Alzheimer’s in the late 90’s into the early 2000’s (today would have been his 97th birthday). My sister has Parkinson’s disease (I’ve told her about you. She is currently in Delray Beach with her husband for the winter). The link between the GI tract and the brain caught my attention some years ago from a rather unusual source, so I look forward to “Brain Gut”.

            Thanks again.

            Greg LaGana

          • justamom

            Gregory: Please look up Dr. Wahl on TED and elsewhere. My husband was helped so much by her feeding the mitochondria…much research being done.

          • FreedomOfThought

            And thank YOU sir for not being a numb-skulled-block-headed doctor! We need more doctors–LIKE YOU SIR–that are willing to give “new” and “contradictory” information a chance. I will not take down my other
            comment, however, as it applies to many people (I should have read more of your comments before posting mine, my apologies, but I have to keep my comment up as it is very relevant to life in America and the world over). Good day sir and God speed!

          • Mary Jane

            I read your book and have been following the diet since February 9th of this year. I am experiencing fatigue and weakness in my legs. I used to be able to walk 2 miles/day and now struggle with 1 mile walks. What am I doing wrong? I feel better and lost all of my inflammation but just don’t have the stamina I used to have. I’m 59 years old. Any suggestions?

          • Bryce Craft

            I read the book a couple years after my anoxic brain injury. I am going to re-read it very soon. My short term memory is better but still not 100%, I play brain games a ton through out the day, eat coconut bc I hear that’s good for the brain repair and try to limit my carbs. Hard bc I’m a triathlete and need the energy for training and races. I started taking Optimind a year ago and feel it helped some but recently started work at Vitamins Plus and they have several brain Vitamins that I may try out. Also try my hardest to go GF but hard to do with the prevalence of it on the shelves. Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks! Have a blessed one.

          • Sherri Fowler-Downey

            What a gracious and humble response. So very refreshing! I usually cringe at so much of the hateful and arrogant banter (or battle, more like) in these comment threads and you just took the class up a level.

          • disqus_VrnxMOXw0t

            Considering people that are sick are the ones who need to communicate here the most, and most of us don’t know medical terminology, we can know scientific method and no amount of posturing and pontificating on behalf of old fashioned medical personnel who have their heads in a classic osterich position will bluster us from seeking the truth and discussing it in public forum!
            Even as a non medical person I have read a lot of research that states that the brain requires fat to remain healthy and function at higher levels. They have been saying for years that fat is vital to the formation and growth of babies brain cells. Why would it not be a logical conclusion then that fat is vital to the continued good health of the brain.
            Dr Palmutter is not the only MD. to make the statements he’s made in this book.
            I still can’t believe that the idiots in our government ever changed the food pyramid the way they did.

          • Dawn Anewday

            We are the government.

          • LCHF

            The long term consequences of a diet high in carbohydrates are apparent far all to see, the levels of metabolic disorder & other related disease are all around us. morbidly obese people, type 2 diabetes & now based on the research by of Perlmutter, Lustig, Phinney & Volek one would logically conclude the a ketogenic lifestyle is going to have positive health benefits, where the high carb low fat dogma that has been ubiquitous in the modern western world has had to say the least, devastating detrimental effects on the general health of the population. You want peer reviews? Take the time to read the books by the above mentioned authors, every claim is referenced to a reviewed study or case.

          • FreedomOfThought

            How is it that so many “scientists” are so close minded? The brightest people on the planet don’t get stuck in their ways. They are always learning something new and changing their views based off LEGITIMATE science/evidence/observations as opposed to PROCTOR AND GAMBLE science. If you really want to find out more, instead of being stubborn and automatically denying what you (don’t actually) know for certain, then go read the book and check out the information presented. I laugh at the thought of doctors that are full of FAKE, OBSOLETE, and OUTDATED information regardless of their title, IQ, and knowledge base as it’s laughable!–since it’s actually VERY scary and there’s no better way to face the fear than to laugh at it!! It’s not the job of the doctor to remind you to be open minded and lose the pride–that’s YOUR job. People thought that the EXTREMELY open-minded Leonardo DaVinci was a wack job!! Are you suggesting that you’re smarter than DaVinci?! You may know a lot as a doctor… but if you are full of bad information… then you are full of…

          • seriatim

            As it’s an excess of sugars that is currently screwing up our other organs into an epidemic of diabetes and obesity, it’s only logical that the brain is also being damaged. And as there are increasing reports that low carb weight loss diets are proving far more successful than any others – I’ll go with the fats, thanks.

          • StupidPolice

            Correct! Ketones specifically – produced from fat metabolism. Apparently the heart works 28% more efficiently on ketones. My own max heart rate (age 56) is 174 bpm on glucose and 199 bpm on ketones.

          • sauerm29

            This is deadly inaccurate. The brain will enter a toxic state called Metabolic ketoacidosis, if it tries to use fatty acids for energy. Glucose is not just preferred for the brain.. it is the ONLY nutrient the brain takes for energy.

          • Luke Burow


          • This is not correct. The human body finds KETOSIS more efficient.

          • LCHF

            The body will utilize what ever its given as fuel, the preference lies with the individual. As for the long term consequences, a high fat diet is by far superior, as it does not elicit an insulin response each time one eats. So with regards to misinformation @Doug Hoffman, you are perpetuating it by making ill informed comment.

      • Trailer Park Boy Nick

        I can explain that. A ketogenic diet is best meaning high healthy fats, medium protein, low carbs. Atkins is strictly a high protien diet. When your body does not receive enough glucose due to only eating high proteins it undergoes an even more strenuous and longer process to break those proteins down back into the sugars you need for everyday function.

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  • Ellen

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter! I saw you on Dr. Oz and was wondering how a bean would be able to embrace your approach to diet. I saw Dr. Neal Barnard on Dr. Oz also and his advice is in direct contrast to yours but Dr. Oz endorses his approach too. So what is the viewer to believe when two doctors say the opposite and Dr. Oz agrees with them both?

    • Brian Green

      Oz is merely tv drama that makes him bags of money. Each day is a different and often conflicting story.

    • David Perlmutter

      Dr. Oz does his best to present a variety of ideas. That is the basis of his program.

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  • Father

    Long term vegetarians suffer hair loss and fail to thrive.
    I’ve had examples in my family. Once some animal protein is taken if, the hair loss stops and then reverses. Additionally, the decision process regarding life choices improves and the person looks healthier.

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  • Madalina

    Dr Perlmutter,
    The supplement list in your book is a great resource – however, I have a question regarding Vitamin D supplementation. From what I understand, it needs to be balanced with Calcium and Magnesium, but you don’t have these two supplements on your list. Do you agree that they should be included, and if so, in what quantities in relation to 5000 IU vitamin D per day?
    Thank you.

    • David Perlmutter

      A diet that supplies adequate amounts of dark green leafy vegetables, especially those that are organically grown, should not require additional minerals.

  • Nancydd

    Three people in my family have just read your book and are keen to implement the principles. When I started keto a few years ago they were calling me crazy! The tide is turning. I am grateful for you, Taubes, Davis, Attia, and the others who are finally pulling back the curtain on our disastrous way of eating in recent history, and especially the last fifty years.

    • David Perlmutter

      Nancy: Glad to hear you share the message of Grain Brain with others. Wishing you good health.

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  • Mary

    Dear Dr Perlmutter, Please your advice for this diet and pregnancy. No carb Is possible? Thank you!

    • David Perlmutter

      The Grain Brain diet allows for 60grams of carbs/day, however I would certainly consult with your doctor before making any dietary changes.

  • Robyn Berardi

    I have ordered the supplements.
    No game meats or fish for me.
    Going for lean beef and chicken (grass fed and free range).
    Spinach and other greens.
    Eggs prepared in Coconut oil for breakfast.
    I’ll give it four weeks.
    Hope it helps.

    • David Perlmutter

      Wishing you good health Robyn. Keep me updated on your progress!

  • Smith

    Hello. I’m very intrigued by your research, and it seems to make sense. My question is this: I’ve looked up the instance of Alzheimer’s occurrences by country. All English speaking countries, and most first world countries are quite high, but some countries where much bread/wheat and beer is consumed (Germany, Russia) are quite low. Any explanations for that? Has there been much research looking into health by country and why? Many thanks.

    • Baz

      @Smith This is a great question, I’ve noticed this as well, Switzerland also has relatively low levels compared to anglo countries, even though bread is part of many meals. I think it’s related to the quality of the flour, and the fact that water flouridation is not common in central Europe

  • Melanie Goodman Deal

    Dr. Perlmutter, I heard you on the Everyday Paleo podcast and was fascinated…I have been Paleo myself for over a year now, but was drawn by your message as to how many ADD/ADHD children you’ve been able to help with nutritional changes. I will be ordering “Grain Brain” in hopes that it will point me in the right direction with my 10 year old daughter, who we believe may be ADD/ADHD, as I would not like to resort to medications. Does your book cover the supplements that would be recommended for a child with ADD/ADHD, in addition to how to transition a child to a grain free way of eating?

    • David Perlmutter

      Melanie: Thanks for your interest in Grain Brain. In the book, I do touch upon the role that diet plays in cases of ADD/ADHD. In some of the case studies I reference in Grain Brain, I do highlight the dietary changes that made a difference for these children. However, always consult with your pediatrician first.

      • Melanie Goodman Deal

        Thank you so much, Dr. Perlmutter! I will definitely contact our pediatrician, but wanted to also make sure I am informed about natural approaches before resorting to prescription medications.

  • Sharon

    I just read the book and I am already gulten free. I stopped eating wheat etc a year ago and all my joint pain went away after 25 years of pain meds etc. I eat organic but I did learn from your book I do not get enough fat although I do only use the good fats. I am 62 and have a hard time losing weight. I am close to my goal weight and wonder how much more fat I need? I currently getting abut 1-2 tablespoons a day.

    • David Perlmutter

      The Grain Brain diet is a balanced diet that takes in 60-70% of its calories from fat, with the remaining 20-30% coming from
      protein, and 10-20% from carbs.

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  • Renaeen

    It says in your book “You’ll find a list of some of my favorite brands at” –speaking of supplements. I can’t find this list anywhere. Can you direct me? I can certainly use some direction in this area!

    • David Perlmutter

      Renaeen: Keep a close eye on the site. We’ll be launching that section shortly, and we’ll announce that via social media and email.

      • Mark Holmes

        I just hope that you stay away from creating your own supplement brand. I grow wary of all the Internet docs who are selling a product – seems like they couldn’t be objective. Think your message is great so please don’t tamper with it!

        • Shickalee

          I see no issue with any author providing a supplement line that is in line with the authors recommendations in terms of dosage and quality. It is an added service that is much appreciated in many circumstances.

          • Deanna

            I agree with Mark. Nutritional advice is too often tied to sales revenue, making it hard to trust. It’s like a used car salesman selling you a pamphlet reviewing the cars in his lot… and the pamphlet of course says that they’re all extremely reliable and well-rated.

            Of course, this book is also being sold for revenue.

            There’s a line somewhere between giving people information for free and selling everything, and along that line is “making a living without coming across as … well, a propaganda-propagator”. I’m not saying that Dr. Perlmutter is the latter. Only that, in the public eye, it is easy to be seen as just another money-seeker.

          • Greg

            You are right making money is evil

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  • daz

    Hi D Perlmutter.I read your book and think its great and intend to start following your program but I had my gallbladder removed about a year ago and was wondering what effects that could have on a high fat diet?

    • Janet Malone

      Coconut oil does not require bile for digestion. I’d also suggest looking into adding ox bile or bile salts when consuming fats. Just my own personal findings as I also have had my gall bladder and appendix removed with many digestion problems. HCL w/ pepsin (the hydrochloric acid also found in raw apple cider vinegar) prior to eating a meal with protein helps with digesting that protein and then of course Pancreatin; digestive enzymes after meals helps tremendously too. Wishing you well:) I also love Donna Gates; Body Ecology Diet!!!

      • Lisa

        I too have had my appendix and gallbladder out. I follow the protocol mentioned above and it has worked great for me.

  • WRG25

    I enjoyed reading your book and have found that the recommendations complement those in Dr. Mark Hyman’s book “The UltraMind Solution.” I have been g-free for 5 days now and doing best to reduce/eliminate sugar carbs as well. I am curious to hear your view on salt as neither Grain Brain or Dr. Hyman’s text takes a strong position on the other white substance which appears to be increasingly present in the American diet, especially in restaurant meals. Does salt have a positive or negative impact on memory and cognition?

    • David Perlmutter

      I do not believe there is much of a direct effect of salt on memory and cognition. However, the relationship to hypertension is clear, and hypertension is damaging to the brain.

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  • Skeptical Physician

    Can you really believe that just one factor such as eating Carbohydrates can be responsible to a long list of neurological and other illnesses? All so diverse in their pathology? This is an over simplistic approach which reminds me of only the religious belief that God can cure all a create miracles….and that as we all know is not science…

    • SKNeuroscientist

      I wholeheartedly agree. For example, exercise has a neuroprotective effect on the brain. There are a slew of other issues that contribute to neurodegenerative disease. This book reeks of simple solutions as a marketing tool to make one doctor a lot of $. The new new testament.

      • Robert

        Sounds like neither of you have not read the book! (Or Dr. P’s other book, Power Up Your Brain.) In both he offers “a slew” of documentation and other factors that contribute to a healthy body/brain. Unfortunately, the 15 minute slot on Dr. Oz did not allow much time for the proof, of which there is a ton. If you two are seeing patients/clients, you owe it to them to check it out.

        • Lynn Dell

          I agree, Robert. The two above comments do not strike me as scientific at all. It was just too easy for them to bash something they have not looked into. While proper science seeks to falsify any kind of matter one is studying, the straw men and ad hominem attacks above detract from the conversation and are meant to cause doubt by means of distraction, not good argumentation based on solid research.

        • RiRi Ray

          my only issue with power up your brain is that the nutritional advice was contradictory to grain brain-recommends eating gluten if not gluten sensitive..and whole grain pastas and breads.. confused me!

      • Lori T

        I agree with Robert. See my post above and how it changed my whole family. I have a lot of anger right now with physicians for NOT checking these things out further. When you can’t come up with an answer for a suffering patient, what can it hurt to pass this new knowledge on? For the first time in 25 years I’m eating raw fruits and veggies without going into anaphylactic (sp?) shock! Giving up grains has been the healthiest thing I’ve ever done. I haven’t felt this good in eons. Please see my above post. Have an open mind about dietary changes that might seem different than what you were taught in medical school. Dig, research. There’s a ton of info out there. Robert is right, you owe your patients, this is your job.

    • Lynn Dell

      I’ve read the book, and am re-reading sections of it to learn the terminology I’m not familiar with, and to make sure I’m following the program correctly and choosing the healthier fats in the right proportions, etc.. I don’t have the book on hand, but aerobic exercise, recommendations for periodic fasting, nutritional supplementation, water consumption, and a well regulated sleep cycle are all part of the program, in addition to reducing carbs to 60 grams a day and kicking out gluten completely. To say that it is just “one factor” is a straw man.

  • Cynthia

    You recommend krill oil but it is relatively low in DHA. The krill oil I looked at only had 90 mgs of DHA per serving as opposed to my cod liver oil that has 500 mgs per serving. It would take 11 capsules to get your recommended dose of 1000 mgs of DHA from krill oil. Do you know of a particular brand?Thanks for the book.

  • harold

    Read your book. Within a couple of weeks some of my gloomyness and depression has abated. Some days I feel almost normal. My big complaint is very loud tinnitus. Ever had any reports of patients getting relief or do you have any thought about tinnitus. All research says it is in the brain not the ears. Ears may be damaged but brain is generating sound. Thanks

    • MANDY

      Was this question answered, harold?

    • David Perlmutter

      see above

      • BV

        After 10 years of suffering from what could almost be described as narcoleptic, and several visits to the doctor and blood work(with no accurate results) I got advice from a counsellor to try going gluten free. At the time I was on meds for low thyroid.
        I weighed over 215 lbs and had almost immediate results. The weight started to shed almost immediately over the next several months down to appropriate levels for my 5’7″ frame to 154 lbs. Over 60 lbs lost and I feel great. That was in July 2011 and my weight remains the same here in March 2014. January 2014 I went off my thyroid meds and am just waiting for the results of my bloodwork, but have not felt any negative results from going med free.

        I have not cut out grains and there are several delicious corn alternatives to wheat ( took a lot of trials to find some good ones).

        Now several of my family members and friends have alsogone gluten free and changed their health.

        During the past three years, I have had few setbacks while eating in restaurants and eaten soups that contained gluten, and the pending results hit quick and hard. On the drive home, I had to pull over and let someone else drive because I wasn’t able to stay awake for the 15 minute drive home. I’m certain cutting out grains altogether may also be beneficial (although I have not even attempted that). Leaving gluten alone has proved to be a life changer for me.

        • Culinary Adventurer

          Please , by all means, cut out the grains! All grains! Read Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.

        • Geraldine Granado

          Thank u for sharing.. I share similar issues.. I am also 5’7″ and hope to be 60lbs less.. I don’t take meds of any kind, but i find i need a nap after a meal. I’m currently pregnant so veggies r yucky However i normally like them. I read Brain maker and Grain Brain.. So i’ve been diligent as possible to follow the diet..but my family is Hispanic and we have such good food.. I was able to modify it.. But I am inspired by u and how u kept improving ur diet to improve ur health.. I will find a way to eat yummy food yet stay healthy..

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  • veryberryjeanne

    Dr. Perlmutter,

    Thank you for an informative book!

    How many eggs per day do you recommend?

    Why are chickpeas acceptable but other beans are not?

    • David Perlmutter

      I have no problem recommending up to 3 eggs daily – wonderful food.
      Chick peas can be consumed in small amounts, but they are far from an ideal food as they are legumes.

      • Laura

        I also had a question about eggs. Loved your book and started eating lots of eggs. Then a client allerted me to research associating eggs with cancer, stating choline as a problem. Google shows a few recent studies associating egg consumption at even low levels with cancer of prostate and ovaries. Can you shed some light on this? Thanks so much!

        • Take what you “read” with a huge lump of salt… PARTICULARLY where “cancer” is concerned.
          A “perfectly” cooked egg, for most humans, would be “soft=boiled”, where the white is just cooked and the yolk is still raw…

        • P. Olsen

          Laura, Four years ago, I had a stage IV very aggressive ovarian cancer. My doctors fully expected me to die. WHen diagnosed, I went back on the Blood Type Diet for Type O, which had kept me in remission for 8 years prior, until I started eating wheat and sugar again, and then I recurred. The diet for Type O just happens to be, in essence, the paleo diet. No wheat, no sugar, few grains. Rice is allowed. Meat, fish, chicken, eggs. Then two years ago I consulted a prominent naturopath and went to the paleo diet, giving up all grains and, of course,sugar. Also restricted red meat. I’ve been eating 2 eggs a day since then. Have omitted all grains except very occasional organic corn chips. Recently have been reading Jaminet’s book and have added a little rice and potatoes back in…still stay under 100 grams of carbs a day. Usually it’s lower than that, more like 70. My oncologist says my survival is “a phenomenon”, and the fact that I’m doing so well “unheard of.” However, I know others on this diet who were almost as sick, who are also well five years down the line. Sugar and carbs are the cancer-feeding foods. Eggs seem to be ok, at least for me.

          • Geraldine Granado

            Thank u for sharing.. I know someone in our community who has stage 4 cancer.. I will be sharing ur post with them.. I really felt that there was hope for him but I didn’t know which direction to turn.. I too am type O.. I notice a huge difference in me with less grain..
            It’s frustrating because some people only believe in drugs..meds for survival.. Thank you again:-D

      • Suzanna Danna from Indiana

        I definitely need to read your book but saw you on PBS yesterday and have have followed in the past many of your articles. Since beans are Hypoglycemic, why aren’t they a recommended food? I feel like a million dollars the following day after eating beans. Thank you if you have time to comment!.

      • Actually, of ALL the legumes, green peas are probably the LEAST problematic, as I have used pea protein where clients are, shall we say, “protein challenged”…

  • Sharen

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    Your principles outlined in ‘Grain Brain’ are right in line with Doug Kaufman, of Know the His theory is that most of the diseases that afflict our current civilization are actually fungally related, and are caused by fungal contamination in grain products (regarding how they are stored), and he recommends his Phase I diet which basically is avoiding corn, peanuts and potatoes, 3 of the most fungally infested crops and all grains. Also Dr. Robert O Young, author of ‘The pH Miracle’ espouses generally the same idea. I have changed my life and health around by following their principles, which are generally the same as yours, and would like your thoughts on these individuals if you are knowledgeable about them. Thank you for your reply.

  • Wayne Goldstein

    You mention items to avoid. What about Tapioca starch? I can find no reference to this ingredient.

    • David Perlmutter

      In fact, many who are gluten sensitive cross react with tapioca.

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  • Shawn

    Dr Perlmutter,
    I notice your deserts always use Stevia. What is your opinion of, “Just Like Sugar” in place of Stevia?

    • David Perlmutter

      I haven’t used “Just Like Sugar” as yet. It is made from chicory and thus far I don’t have any real objection to it.

      • bonny

        What about Xylitol? Is is ok to use in small amounts?
        I have been following this diet for 4 months now. Just heard from you on Dr. OZ . It verified my hunch was right to do this.
        But my Blood pressure has gone up some times to 168/90 use to be closer to 135/80 or lower. Otherwise I feel great. Im 74 female weight 124 and never Have taken any meds. But I do have constipation. Thats the reason I started this to begin with. Hoping it would help the gut ( the fat that is) It has helped a lot but when I added raw milk Kefir to the . raw milk Yogurt the constipation came back. ANY ideas? ps I have quit the kefir yesterday. LOL Thanks for your wonderful book . I read all I could on amazon and then ordered the book. CAnt wait to start finding more info about exactly what I can and cant eat

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  • Sony

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    I saw you on the Dr. Oz show and wanted to see what you thought of or if you knew of “Bulletproof coffee”, supplementing with MCT oil and David Asprey? I have been on the bulletproof plan since June. I have had RA for 13 years and used various medications to combat it. Since changing in June I feel almost 100% better and my mind is clearer. I bought your book and see alot of similarieties between both camps. I use 5tbsp a day of MCT oil, started drinking coffee, and make sure meat, butter, eggs are grass fed. Is there ever too much fat?

  • Cindy

    Thank you Dr. Perlmutter for bringing this information to light. Will you give me some insight? My husband was diagnosed with bi-polar depression and anxiety disorder in 2010. In May of 2012, we discovered he was gluten-sensitive thanks to the Cyrex Labs Array 3 test. He immediately went off gluten for good and the change has been absolutely dramatic, completely for the better. Now we are considering reducing his medications (Lamictal & Seroquel) with the guidance of his psychiatrist, with the goal of taking no medications eventually. His psychiatrist is very supportive. But he is not knowledgeable about gluten effects, does not advise tapering down from the meds, but will definitely support us. I know you can’t advise specifically on this case but will you give me some insight into any similar sounding cases you have seen? I’m concerned about my husband having a relapse of the bipolar depression but have seen the great power of having gone gluten free.

    • Doug Hoffman

      You could use google scholar to find research about the problem, see if there’s anything to use to support your position, to educate & convince your husband’s doctors that what you want to do might work.

      • Cindy

        Thank you Doug. Since posting 3 months ago, my husband’s doctor is on board. And I have learned a tremendous amount via an online “Gluten Summit.” It was a remarkable few days of expert lectures. That combined with Dr. Perlmutter’s book and I have so much more knowledge than I did 3 months ago. Thank you again. 🙂

        • Lisbeth Laursen

          Yes that was a powerful summit! Only heard a few (those on this years webinar) but that sure was a big eye-opener – in many ways.

    • Ron C

      Cindy, I struggled with depression for many years… really ruined my life. Spent nearly 10 years on disability. Today I am no longer depressed and begin my 5th consecutive year working for the same organization. What changed? Diet! I went grain free for the most part. Supplemented with Fish Oil/CLO 1.5 gr EPA/DHA daily. Got off the junk and sugar! Eat lots of veggies, fruit, meats, nuts and fats. I now take 0 meds… down from 4. My advice… consult with your husband Dr. to inform him/her of your intent and begin to reduce the meds. Continue with the diet and as he feels better further reduce until you’re off completely. I found that the meds. came with their own set of problems… 1 pill gets you up, 1 pill calms you down, another helps you sleep! As far as a relapse… he might have a day here or there, but in my experience relapse won’t happen unless his diet relapses.

      • Cindy

        Thank you Ron. Thank you so much for replying. Congratulations to you! We are doing most of what you have done although we have not gone grain free – just gluten free. Grain free is something I am *starting* to consider more seriously. As a result of your post I’m also going to check into how much DHA/EPA he’s taking. And since I posted 3 months ago, I devoured an online “Gluten Summit.” Many of the experts focused on gluten’s effect on the brain. My husband’s doctor has started tapering his medications and he has done exceptionally well. I am feeling much more confident than I was 3 months ago. My husband has been gluten-free since May 2012 and I am certain he won’t relapse. I am extremely hopeful. Thank you again for your reply. Best wishes for continued excellent health.

      • Lisbeth Laursen

        Thanks for sharing, Ron! And well done you!

    • Lisbeth Laursen

      Dear Cindy,

      So happy to hear your husband has found help through diet. Me too 🙂

      You might like to see these:

      Best regards,

  • Audrey

    Dr. Perlmutter,

    I am reading Grain Brain – I can’t put the book down. I am fascinated by the information. It makes so much sense. I am making immediate changes to my diet.

    I am also going to pass this on to my niece, who suffers from both Usher syndrome (leading cause of deaf-blindness in U.S.) and, for over a year, she also has tinnitus so loud that it is extremely disruptive and causing severe stress. She has tried many “remedies,” with no relief.


    1) Do you believe that tinnitus may be a result of “grain damage,” too?

    2) Do you believe that she might be able to slow down the effects of Usher syndrome?

    I would like to pass on your opinion, along with your book!

    Thank you!

    • David Perlmutter

      I always recommend a trial of a gluten free diet when treating tinnitus.

      Usher syndrome is genetic. Unclear if there will be benefit from gluten-free, but why not give it a try?

  • George

    Thanks for all the info in your book, I felt like the data gave a strong, compelling reason to move to this diet. My only issue is that my gall bladder was removed and not sure how I can handle fasting, plus higher fat? Any thoughts on this Dr. Permutter?

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  • Robert

    Having read both Power Up… and Grain Brain, I am ready to take the plunge. My concern is that I have a very high Coronary Calcium Score (94th percentile) but have insignificant blockage as seen on a cardiac cath. As an otherwise healthy, active, trim 65 year old, should I worry about the CCS or just make the change to your diet recommendations? Thank you!

    • David Perlmutter

      Hi Robert. I can’t make specific recommendations for you based on this information, but this is the diet we use in our patients with existing coronary artery disease.

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  • Joann Hoogland

    I take Statins. Should I be worried about increased risk of Alzheimers? Should I be asking my doctor if I can go off them? I have 3 stents, so I know the doctor wants to keep my cholestrol down.

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  • Vicki

    Have ordered your book and plan to try this next week. Questions: we like to have a glass of wine in the evening. You state in your book that a glass of wine is fine, if it is red. So, dry, semi, etc. What is the best?

    • Dr Steven Gundry in his book “Diet Evolution” suggests red wine only. White wine is too high in sugar.

    • David Perlmutter

      Red is by far the best choice.

      • thorgood

        Dear Dr.Perlmutter… why don’t the Chinese and Japanese, and even the Italians have epidemic levels of Alzheimers given their native diets are low protein high carb? They’ve been eating that way for hundreds of years..

  • Jo Anne Niedermeier

    I have been blaming T-Factor diet for our ills, thanks for writing a book backing up my theory.

  • laverdad_ab

    I would like everybody to read this book!! I learned years ago what gluten and lactose had done to my body and have made the appropriate changes. The answer is to actually DO it–there will be changes in taste but that was acquired in the first place!! You can form new tastes!

    • David Perlmutter

      I appreciate your enthusiastic support!

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  • Catherine

    Amazing book, the missing link in my understanding of the neurological component of gluten sensitivity. I was surprised however to see that the recipe on pg. 271 includes balsamic vinegar which very often contains barley malt within the carmel coloring ingredient. Balsamic Vinegar from Modena is not manufactured with caramel coloring but many BVs manufactured outside this region are not gluten free.

  • Jane

    Dr. Perlmutter, my cholesterol is 280, down from 330 by taking Niacin and Red Yeast Rice. Do those supplements fall into the same category as statin drugs as far as damage to the brain by depleting cholesterol? Because I have a family history of Alzheimer’s, heart disease (cardiomyopathy, high blood pressure and blocked arteries) and and auto-immune disease (IBM and sjogren’s) it is confusing taking supplements and I am not sure if supplements have a contraindication. Your advice is appreciated. Thank you.

    • I suggest that you read Dr Steven Gundry’s book “Diet Evolution” to get more clarity regarding your query.

  • Kathy Tunning Dillenbeck

    Are beets allowed?

    • David Perlmutter

      They have to be added to the total daily carb count.

      • ri

        with success comes haters hopefully you dont take some of the remarks on here to heart thanks for all that you do!

    • Neva Wise

      And please make sure that they are not GMO

  • ketocraze

    Why does the author not mention the work of Weston Price in his book? Dr. Price (a dentist who wanted to find out why the British public had such bad teeth) found that tooth decay was a result of malnutrition which was a result of sugars and published the his results in his book ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’. Furthermore, he points out that many groups of people are able to eat grains without any problems so long as the grains are “pre-digested” through fermentation or soaking (think sourdough bread or oats soaked overnight) to destroy the phytic acid present in said grains which prevent your body from absorbing the vitamins and minerals in the food.

  • Pamela

    Dr. Perlmutter, we have recently moved here due to a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. My husband had to take an early retirement per his doctor. I have downloaded the Grain Brain but have yet to read it. I have made attempts to remove gluten from his diet with minimal results. Maybe this will get better after reading the book. I also have seen your videos regarding intravenous glutathione. Is this practice currently being used in PWP. Are you taking new patients? Do you have any other suggestions that would help my husband ? Thank you!

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  • Vicki

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    Does your science pertain to those of us with AFib (not caused by valve problems)? It seems cases of AFib are growing substantially over the past few years, and no one can say what the cause is. Any relation to diet and the brain?

    • Alta Price

      Some atrial fibrillation is caused by low magnesium. I cured mine by taking magnesium supplements. I started by taking one 100 mg tablet in the morning and one in the evening, then 2 in am and 1 in pm, and eventually 2 in am and 2 in pm. You titrate the amount of magnesium by gradually increasing the dose until you have diarrhea, at which point you want to go back to a lower dose. You can do this under your doctor’s supervision (which is best if you have serious health problems), but magnesium is very safe as a supplement. I gradually cut my dose of flecainide over about 6 months after I started the magnesium.

      Magnesium deficiency in the past was less common because it is in so many plants we eat. However, the soil is becoming depleted of magnesium due to modern agricultural practices and even people who eat greens (like me) can become deficient. I believe organic greens are higher in magnesium.

      Hope this helps.

    • David Perlmutter

      Atrial fibrillation is often a manifestation of coronary artery disease. The best diet to reduce coronary artery disease risk is a diet that dramatically restricts carbohydrates while providing lots of healthful fats.

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  • Lisa Puskas

    I’ve been following you since your appearance recently on Dr. Oz. I had been following a diet eat to live because it fit my way of eating. I didn’t realize the amount of carbs, wheat and sugar I was actually eating everyday.

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  • I am currency reading your book and I would like to thank you for writing it. People need to be informed so that they can make healthy choices. I read Dr Steven Gundry’s book “Diet Evolution” last year and both my husband and I stopped eating all grains, added sugars, cooked root veggies and reduced the amount of fruit in our diet. As a result my husband has dropped 20kgs and I have dropped two dress sizes. We have both gained more energy and I am sure that my brain now has more clarity. Please continue to spread the word.

    • David Perlmutter

      And I thank you for reading it Helen. It means a lot to have your support. Wishing you good health.

  • Joan

    What does one do if you have 4 artery blockages – none are over 55%_ and the cardio Dr insists you must be on a statin to keep cholesterol down? Also on a beta blocker and Blood pressure meds. I knew I had a problem 20 yrs ago but no test showed anything till 4 yrs ago. They say I compensated well.
    I’m not a red meat eater.

    • Allan Thornton

      Research Dr Linus Paulings protocol and eat cholesterol bearing foods to prevent your body manufacturing cholesterol in “emergency mode”. Your body produces cholesterol in quantities much too high if it is forced to – by being starved of cholesterol in your food.

  • Hugo

    Hi, have listened to the audiobook but cannot find a link anywhere to the pdf that is mentioned repeatedly in it. Where can i download this?

    • David Perlmutter

      I’d love to help you out Hugo, but you’ll have to give me a hand here, which PDF are you referencing?

      • Hugo

        Ok so from Audible audiobook. There are several mentions of a “pdf” which has recipes, lists and such. I assumed it was a companion pdf just for the audiobook to avoid reading out recipes and long lists.

        • David Perlmutter

          There’s no single PDF on this site that houses all that content Hugo, but most of it is available here. For instance, here’s a list of gluten-free foods:, a list of gluten-containing products:, and some other great resources:

          • Hugo

            Ok thanks. What about the recommended biomarker levels? e.g. fasting insulin, etc? As well as the recommended supplements? Sounds like i might have to re-listen and note them down.

          • David Perlmutter

            Hugo: We’ll be launching the supplements section of the website soon. Keep a close eye.

          • Hugo

            Great. Thanks. Just keep the pricing honest and i’m with you all the way!

          • RiRi Ray

            you people who think DR P is just after the $$$-hes been a neurologist for many years prior to writing books he genuinely wants to help people heal and not have to deal with the devastating effects of brain disorders he deserves every penny he gets for his life changing book that has helped all of you and generations to come! hes my new hero

      • Linda

        I love the book, and am so encouraged. I am having the exact same issue as Hugo. I too purchased the audible book, but cannot find the link to the pdf referenced in the book. How do I get this? Thanks so much for writing the book!


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  • Ash

    Thank you so much for this book! I’m on week three of limiting my carb and sugar intake. My cravings for these foods are practically gone now. My moods are more steady now and I don’t get upset as much. I’m a calmer person, something I wouldn’t have believed could be possible before. My boyfriend notes that I haven’t had an angry outburst for one week now.

    The first 9 days of the change were extremely hard and I experienced flu like systems, but I feel great now. I never realized how addicted to sugar I was before, even though I ate a clean diet of organic whole and dried fruits. I’m leaner and fitter than before and eat plenty of healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil, avocados and coconut oil. Thank You!!!!

    • David Perlmutter

      That’s a fantastic story Ash. Congrats on taking back control of your health. If you like, share your story with me at so that I can share it here on the site.

  • Sue Seward

    It happened to me in 2007-08. I was losing my memory and was only 55. I started a gluten free diet in 2008 as recommended by my DC/holistic doctor and immediately started to notice the difference in how I was feeling and the brain fog begin to lift. Now Corn is doing the same thing.. so I’m on another journey and challenge to eliminate the corn from my diet!

    • Robyn Guzman

      Hi Sue! I can’t ENOUGH for sharing your story! I’ll be 54 next month, have been a Type 2 diabetic for 23 years and have such deep.brain fog that I’m unable to do the work I’ve been doing for almost 25 years. I’ve made some pretty significant lifestyle changes (although I seriously need major work in being CONSISTENT!!!) and while I feel somewhat better physically and a lot better emotionally, the fog hasn’t gotten any better. I honestly didn’t know what to do; after many physical and psychological doctor visits, lab tests, short-term intensive group therapy, and a 10 day stay @ a great health clinic that espoused a strict vegan diet, my fog had lifted 2-3% at the MOST.

      Then yesterday I saw Dr. Perlmutter’s PBS special, and I ****FINALLY****realized the very probable missing piece of my health puzzle. I got the book today, sobbed like a baby while reading pages 108-110 (about how uncontrolled blood sugars destroy the brain & the longer your blood sugars have been uncontrolled the worse damage your brain sustains). I cried from both relief because I FINALLY had the answer right in front of me, and with incredible grief/fear that it may be too late to fully heal my brain to function well enough so I can get back to work.

      I plan on going gluten free no later than next Monday and I want to thank you again and thank Dr. Perlmutter for giving me HOPE.

      • Sue Seward

        Robyn you are so very welcome! I sincerely hope and believe that it is possible for you to recover! It’s been five years for me now since going gluten/wheat free. I’m working on eliminating other grains, in particular corn since I realize it’s causing some issues as well such as pain and some fog. I realize that it’s not easy to change but once we do it’s so worth it to feel better and be able to THRIVE and not just survive! You can DO IT! Dr. Perlmutter has positive things to say in this area in his book about recovery and regenerating the brain! So happy you found your HOPE! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! XO!

  • Sue Seward

    Ordering your book now and going to recommend it on GlutenFreeLady!

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for your support Sue!

  • Dennis

    Don’t limit the good carbs too far folks (fruit, milk, potatoes, roots, sugar)..remember we run on ‘sugar’ for fuel and the conversion process of fats to sugar creates much less beneficial CO2, and is a stressful way for your body to attain energy. I agree that grains are probably problematic for many, except oats, rice. .
    Good luck everyone.

    • RiRi Ray

      totally agree with you dennis!

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  • Will Maynard

    I think this guy’s a bit of a quack – the next doctor trying to introduce a new fad diet and make a bunch of money off of gullible consumers. Very few members of the scientific community support him, for starters.

    I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned anything negative in the comments, too. Seems rather suspicious. Maybe this site only attracts the fans who accept pseudoscience as fact.

    • Neva Wise

      You “think this guy’s a bit of a quack.” LOL Based on what evidence? You state that very few members of the scientific community support him. Let’s examine that statement…As memory serves, very few of the scientific community supported the fact that the earth was not flat until some time after 1492. Around 100 years ago, very few of the “scientific community” or the medical community supported the idea that simply washing your hands would greatly decrease the spread of disease. There are numerous other examples of how slow the scientific community was to accept the facts that were staring them in the face. So “for starters” your statement that very few members of the scientific community support him, makes me tend to want to hear what he has to say. I “think” it’s just a matter of time before the facts will prove that Dr. Perlmutter’s ideas are scientifically proven to be correct, but in the meantime, obesity and disease will continue to increase. Wow…the FDA just announced that they will ban transfat. LOL That’s about 20 years late. Thank goodness for the “pseudoscience” doctors who told us many years ago to eat real butter instead of margarine. Hey….just sayin 🙂

      • Will Maynard

        To be fair, I’m just giving my opinion. I didn’t say definitively “this guy is insane and wrong”. I said “I think he’s a quack trying to make a quick buck.” The arguments I would make against this man’s dietary suggestions are all based on those lines. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong, maybe I won’t. The great part about being proved wrong is that it makes us all the better.

        I also won’t touch any of the “scientific” arguments you brought up – there were always plenty of dissenting opinions in each of those, including the Earth being flat. I know they teach that in elementary school, but it was by no means scientific consensus.

        I just want to ask you one question: what’s so different about Perlmutter’s diet than any other fad diet that has come and gone? Atkins, low-fat, liquid diets… Statistically, this odds are stacked against it.

        As with any form of science, burden of proof is on the person making the new claim, not the existing foundation. If, in 10 years, study after study finds that grain-free diets do yield less dementia / depression / whatever, maybe there’s something to it. I don’t need to provide evidence for why I doubt this man’s claims – he needs evidence for why he’s right, and it will be a long time before there’s enough correlation to make a real case for it. Either way, it could still turn out, even after 50 years of positive correlation, that he was wrong all along – that’s just how science is structured.

        • CA

          Because the science IS supporting their recommendations and because it works. I now live very well and have made the changes recommended by Dr. Perlmutter and Dr. Davis, permanent.

        • Carie Parkes

          I always think it’s good to have dissenting opinions to remind us all to think for ourselves and do the research. So I don’t mind these comments and give you credit for being willing to be the black sheep so far on this site. I’m guessing it’s not the first time. But lighten up everyone – if we don’t hear other opinions it makes us sound like sheep being led to the slaughter so to speak.

        • TomN

          On the Peoples Pharmacy a guest speaker identified LDL cholesterol as two kinds based on size, baseballs and beachballs. Beach ball size is harmless, but baseball size cholestrol is dangerous to heart health. Gran Brain address LDL as neccesay to tranpsort glucose to the neurons. LDL can be come damaged through oxidation and excessive sugar consumption. Can you explain the connection between the size of cholesterol and LDL management in the body? Also is the baseball size cholestrol the same as the damage LDL in Grain Brain.

        • KS

          Let’s see… I’ve had less arthritic pain, my energy is higher, my back doesn’t hurt, I’ve lost weight and I’m eating great food. This isn’t a diet. It’s a life change. I’ve been on ‘diets’ and you can always go OFF a diet. This way of thinking about your body and eating is quite different. The quacks who came up with the food pyramid (scheme) did so to keep the populace fat, happy and less likely to rebel against a government. Oh, and to fatten their own pocketbooks, as well. I’m an epileptic. They’ve had diets that were almost curing young kids with epilepsy in the 1800s. Eat like your grandparents did on the farm. Meat, veggies, real cream and very, very little grain. I’ve lost 18 lbs in 3 months giving up the sweetened ‘low fat’ milk, eating almost no carbs and pigging out on high-fat meats, cheeses and veggies. It’s been quite an eye-opener on how carbs have been swelling my body so that everything has pressure on it and used to hurt like hell. I can walk normally again. No diet could do this. Only a lifestyle change.

          • David Perlmutter

            This is a wonderful story of success KS.

          • Geraldine Granado

            Thank u for sharing… I’m reading to find info on swelling.. I’m pregnant and I just got the pitting edema.. Ugh.. I refuse to be unhealthy right now.. Ok i need to journal.. Because some where I’m getting junk carbs.. Thank u again for helping me find another clue.. I have DrPearlmutter’s books on kindle.. I need to use them more as research as opposed to novel writing..big duh.. Thanks again:-D

      • thorgood

        banning transfat has NOTHING to do with Perlmutter..butter still has a lot of saturated fat that clogs arteries. is it better than margarine? of course..but avoiding BOTH is the way to go..that’s what he should have said but that would not have been the popular choice….telling the OZ audience that it is back on the table was irresponsible.

        • seagrace

          Thorgood, the medical community is now uncertain if saturated fat actually does clog arteries. It may be other factors. Genes may play a part. What i know for certain is that one needs to play an active role in their health and question and research everything we’re told. Even if it does not sound palatable at first.

      • Dawn Anewday

        The FDA better start studying interesterified oils as they are replacing transfats. Better living through chemistry??????

    • Lori T

      Well I guess it is better to ignore Dr. Perlmutter so you can retain the physique you have Mr. Maynard. I bet your cholesterol, IQ and sugar levels are perfect, too.

      • Will Maynard

        I didn’t make any claims to be on a perfect diet and have perfect health. I don’t know *anyone* who has perfect health. I mean, nobody even knows what “perfect health” is – we just take educated guesses.

        All I’m saying is that I’m a skeptic. Plenty of people here are using anecdotal evidence in supporting this dietary claim, and that’s hardly valid proof. Just because someone’s father got dementia in his fifties doesn’t mean the cause was a diet centered on grain.

        I’d love to be wrong about this. Really, I would. The more we understand nutrition and how to fix our bodies, the better. However, being a skeptic, I’m going to wait for several years of evidence to back these wild claims up.

        • Lori T

          Normally, Will, I would say that is a good and very smart way to think about things, but I am very defensive when it comes to diets like the Paleo. I get very passionate about it not because of any research done or claims made by physicians and other notables. I am passionate about it because of the things I have suffered from for 24 years with no answers by anyone. I went to nutritionists, allergists, neurologist, internal medicine docs, etc., trying to find a cure to my ever-growing food allergies. Until this summer, I wasn’t able to eat raw fruits except for blueberries, raspberries and oranges. My allergies to raw veggies were growing worse monthly. I was on medications for asthma, acid reflux and learned I had osteopenia. I was working out 4 times a week for an hour to two hours each time. I am an active person always trying to lose weight. I didn’t really start to get fat until I was 40, which is, by the way, when I started incorporating more grains and going low fat. Three months on the Paleo and I am now eating raw fruits and veggies with minimum issues. I’ve lost 25 lbs. while cutting back to exercising only 3 to 4 times a week for only 45 minutes. I am no longer using Advair, the purple disc for asthma. I got rid of my Prilosec. It makes me sooooo angry that not one doctor told me about this, but I’m especially angry that not one of these doctors had much to say after I explained these changes are from the Paleo. All they cared about is that I lost 25 lbs. in 3 months and moved on to the next subject. You’d think they’d ask more questions about what I was doing, what the Paleo is about, etc.. On the Paleo, my husband’s cholesterol ratio is better than it has been in 20 years and he quit taking his statin meds! My daughter’s boyfriend has been a diabetic since he was 2 years old. Because he sees what it’s doing for all of us, he decided two months ago to try the Paleo/non-grain thing, too, and the changes in his insulin and blood sugar levels are phenomenal. He has more energy than he ever has. So most people on the Paleo will tell you, it’s not science that convinces us. It’s our own bodies. I would implore you to try it for at least 30 days. Give it an honest shot. You will be friggin amazed. I feel like I’ve finally been let in on the best-kept secret ever. Truly, that’s how I feel. If you do try it, please let us know what you think and how it affects you.

          • Geraldine Granado

            Have u shared ur results on facebook.. I know friends that have some of these issues.. But since it’s not my story..probably unconvincing.. I changed my children’s diet.. To gluten free and low processed food including candy.. My son was very upset.. But our overall health is amazing.. We were around family with strep AND my kids and I did not get it.. I’m so grateful.. So our health is good except when I veer, but our immune is awesome. I also focused on probiotic/prebiotic foods. I’m just sharing that:) interesting how ur allergies where increasing yet u overcame them by changing ur diet.. My daughter has eczema or something..they claim they don’t know.. She went to allergy doctor because eczema is allergy driven (i think) so he said he couldn’t help.. She went to another dermatologist.. She is now on steriod cream and antibiotics:-(( which i hate for a 6yr old.. I’m not a doctor plus i live in a sm medical help. I find that doc just push meds without proper testing.. Thank u for sharing, we too will overcome this allergy/skin issue.

        • Rebecah Kirkendoll

          Will, if you ever become chronically ill/disabled, you may change your tune regarding ‘new’ or ‘fad’ diets. Those of us who live each day in intense and unrelenting pain, and who are sound in mind are willing to try anything that doesn’t harm us.

          Our earliest ancestors did not eat grains, but proteins and some fruits. Their diet was naturally low carb, and also out of necessity because of the food they had available to them. The only wheat available today that is not over glutenized and GMO is einkorn, an ancient grain that is not readily available. What is called ‘food’ these days is often packaged, processed, chemical laden junk, with very little nutritive value. Based on that knowledge, Dr. Perlmutter’s advice makes sense. We simply are not designed to eat most of what is on store shelves, a great deal of which contains gluten, even in products would would not think would have it.

          I don’t think Dr. Perlmutter is in dire need of the money that comes from the sales of his books, and they are very low priced. Authors deserve to be paid for their work, I certainly don’t expect him to give the books away.

          I know it’s a novel idea that there are people out there that actually do want to help others, but those people exist. For all you or I know, Dr. Perlmutter may just be one of those. His PBS special was very informative. I recorded it and paused periodically, to do research on some of the things he said. Science backs him up. Neurologists understand the human brain and brain processes well. It does no harm to try his recommendations.

          Anecdotal evidence should not be automatically dismissed. Hundreds of thousands are feeling better by reducing or eliminating gluten. There isn’t another answer as to why they feel better. There is also much to be said about the horrible effects of sugars. Since I eliminated all of them, except for occasional fruit, I feel much much better. Sugar has many names, and it is good to learn them all. Ending the carb/sugar cycle has cut my appetite, and I am not hungry soon after eating. I have more energy and less brain fog, and less pain. I use stevia solely as sweetener in iced tea of coffee, and have gone from having caffeine all day to one cup in the morning. I don’t need more now to try and stay awake.

          Food is medicine.

          • Will Maynard

            > There isn’t another answer as to why they feel better.

            Actually, there are plenty of possible causes. The first one that springs to mind is the placebo effect – I don’t think that one needs any introduction. Another is the fact that the dietary change is so radical, you can’t really credit one particular elimination with making you feel better.

            I’m not saying that high carb / high sugar diets are healthy, mind you. But if you were to cut out carbs, sugars, gluten, caffeine, etcetera all at once, how can you possibly know which one made you feel better?

            There are other issues you don’t address, too. You say that you only need one cup of caffeine in the morning – the reason you needed so much earlier was likely due to a built up tolerance of it.

            I used to drink a lot of caffeine myself – it got to the point where it did nothing to help keep me awake. I cut it out for two years, and the next time I had a Red Bull, I perked up like I’d had 10 hours of sleep.

            Attributing this all to a paleo diet is just as irresponsible as saying that there’s no way it helped you in any way.

            Keep in mind that I’m not saying that Perlmutter is definitely wrong about all this – If he’s right, there will be widespread trials, targeting specific food groups. And, if he’s right, he will have completely revolutionized nutrition forever. Any scientifically sound theory will be proven correct in time.

            I’m just saying that I’m a skeptic. I think it’s more likely that this is a fad diet than a scientific breakthrough that challenges the last several hundred years of nutritional knowledge.

          • ri

            yeah yeah with your skepticism- what sort of education in health and nutrition do you have? Dr Perlmutter IS right and years of science and research back up his claims along with true testimonials from real people-have you even read the book??? like I said before people like you who are not willing to give up gluten carbs and sugars are going to be the first ones to come on here with skepticism and claims that this is just another ‘fad diet-‘ newsflash Will this is a lifestyle and the followers are not in a cult they are real people who want to take charge of their health and live to see their great grandchildren and still be sound in their minds its fine to have questions but to come on here and insult this fine doctor who has helped so many people throughout his career and has written a New York times best seller to educate and help so many more people just makes you sound absurd and immature-he is speaking the truth everything we’ve been told about nutrition is a lie to profit the wheat industry, doctors and pharmaceutical companies because as long as people keep eating the wrong foods and getting sicker and fatter they will all profit. And this is just about ‘cutting carbs’ there is so much more to achieving optimal health which Dr Perlmutter outlines very clearly in his book-you need to go pick it up from the bookstore and read it or perhaps if you don’t want to spend the money which I think is actually priced too low- you can borrow it from someone but please educate yourself first before coming on her with negativity and doubts

          • thorgood

            geez, how much are they paying you? give it a rest. you expect the world is going to change their dietary habits overnight? You think that a controversial book isn’t going to met with at least a bit of skepticism? We all know what sells books. It’s not common sense. Or reason. It is contentious, controversial theories and flies in the face of generally accepted beliefs.

            Why don’t you go onto some Chinese and Japanese and Italian internet services and warn them of how the diet they have been following for hundreds of years is suddenly going to give them Alzheimers. Why Alzheimers must be at epidemic proportions in those countries. Cheers!

          • ri

            im not being paid a penny im here because i look better and feel better and this book has been life changing for me. and once again ill give you the same advice i gave Will go pick up the book and actually READ IT before you come on here and make absurd comments. Dr Perlmutter is not going to be cashing in on gluten free foods because he does not promote them! in fact as he mentions in his book that you HAVE NOT READ they are to be avoided because they can do worse damage than foods containing gluten. He advocates eating real whole foods not processed crap and sure not everybody can afford to eat organic like Gwyneth but you know what thats no excuse to eat crap. Im on a budget and i still eat really well because i buy healthy nutritious REAL foods and no i dont spend $300 a day on food and nothing i have ever bought has DR Perlmutters name on it so hes not cashing on the foods that i purchase from the grocery store or supplements that i buy. But whatever he is cashing in on like book sales then i say its well deserved because hes literally saving lives. Its easy to come on here and be skeptical thinking heres another person just trying to “cash in” but unless you have actually tried and tested this lifestyle (this is not a quick fix diet) then you cant speak from experience, This book is helping many people read the comments on here and if your not a supporter of this lifestyle why dont you join a high carb or low fat forum your in the wrong place!

          • thorgood

            By the way, how do you know he’s RIGHT? Just because he wrote a NYT bestseller?..I’ll take you down to the Strand bookstore in NYC and show you all the NYT best sellers from 6mos, 8 mos, a year ago that are now in the circular discount bin for a dollar at the front of the store. Perlmutter is having is fifteen minutes of fame. So far the jury is still out as to what kind of staying power he and his current diet will have. I kinda laugh when I go thru Whole Foods and see the Gluten Free aisles – all the items are minimum 25% more than regular so someone sure is cashing in on the gluten craze along with Dr. Perlmutter. He has the right message at the right time. Zeitgeist! Ka-ching! And he’s right up there with the well respected authority on all things Gwyneth. Yes, Gwyneth Paltrow eclipsed Perlmutter by a couple of months with HER gluten free diet book. And you too can eat just like Gwyneth. For only 300 dollars a day. AH but I digress. I’ts mot about the money..nah..they just wanna save lives. Cheers!

          • Greg

            You are right. He should of kept his experiences with his patients the last 25 years to himself for fear of making too much money writing a book.

          • thorgood

            you are absolutely right–the wheat industry will not see a penny of profit from this book, However, the Gluten free manufacturers and marketers (some of whom manufacture wheat!) are going to clean up big time because they can charge MORE for gluten free food..the markup is manna from heaven…I would not be surprised if Perlmutter is already planning a food line based on his book. he is a very smart man if he is….Cheers!

          • Guest

            I’ve been trying this latest way of eating in hopes that finally the answer has arrived and at least some of my misery will finally end. It is day 84. My blood pressure, normally 110/64 was 172/101 tonight. Pretty typical, maybe a little higher, but then again, I did faint again today, another new sympto

          • kitesflyagain

            I’m still waiting for the magic to occur. So far my blood pressure is now high, I see no improvement of any of my sy

          • Lisa

            I have ordered your book and am looking forward to receiving it next week. I’m wondering if you have done any studies about how this way of eating might help fibromyalgia patients. I have had fibromyalgia for about ten plus years. I followed Atkins and felt somewhat better at times but found his plan difficult to stick with long term. I am overweight and want to lose 60 pounds.

          • Plantman0819

            For me I’m hoping this will work, I have Parkinson’s disease and I’m tired of different meds I have to be on to try and control some of the symptoms I have. Plus the side effects are just as brutal. Lately I have been needing my wife to help me put clothes on, she helps grooming me because I’m having a hard time with these things. When I get a bit over stress my voice trembles, my hands shake fiercely. I can’t even write a check let alone sign my name. So many symptoms I have because of this stupid disease. As I sit here reading people’s comments I can’t believe what I’m reading! I understand about being skeptic believe me I too am in that category but I’m willing to give Dr. P’s book a shot. It takes about thirty -sixty or even ninety days to see results. I have nothing to do so I’m going to buy his book or rent it from the library either way I’m going to do it, I will give 100% and see what happens. I truly have nothing to lose but everything to gain.
            I’ve research and talked to a slew of neurologist and there’s really nothing more I can do either take the medicines prescribed and deal with the side effects or give Dr. P’s book a chance. All I do know when anyone starts something you have to have an open mind about it, if we go in with even the slightest doubt it will derail us. So with that said I wish everyone good luck and God bless 🙂

        • CA

          One more time…
          I understand why you choose to question and be skeptical. It is natural for thinking people to do this. Please give Dr. Perlmutter and others doing the same questioning of the American diet (that is not making people healthy) the respect for being skeptical and then doing the requisite work to prove their ideas! They did the work so now the burden of proof is on you as skeptic. Please keep in mind though that having proven them right for myself, I am very skeptical of the comments YOU make! Please read the book and read Wheat Belly and others too – then you can refute the “theories” point by point — IF you still want to after you have tried what is actually being said.

      • Doug Hoffman

        I’m guessing his IQ is above average, simply from his language use and his understanding of science, debate, rhetoric, logic…
        There is no “perfect” IQ, though there are some low ones which don’t allow the person to function as a normal member of society.
        Personally, my cholesterol & blood sugar levels have always been just fine, so I don’t see a place for improvement there if I were to try this new diet.

    • Tony D.

      A quack?. Please define a Quack?. Very simply just tell me which part of his book or facts qualify as Quack?. Can you disprove any claims or facts made by Perlmutter in his book with your own proven data or research?. Did you even read the book?. If you have read the book Please tell us the quackery in it….

      • RiRi Ray

        hes an absolute idiot who loves his glutton and cant imagine giving up his bagel and pasta and hes jealous because hes not a doctor and has no idea about nutrition not enough to get signed for a book deal and have an New York times bestseller he just wants to come on here with his ignorant comments-go away will!!

        • Will Maynard

          With the way you use the English language, I’m closer to a signed book deal than you are. But what do I know? I’m an idiot, apparently. Some stranger on the internet said so.

          • Pamela Hoyer

            So, now your playing stupid? Im disappointed.

        • Pamela Hoyer

          Really, I know Im late in posting but you should play nice.

          • David Perlmutter

            All: Please remember that this website is meant to be a forum for discussion, not personal attacks. I encourage debate on the issues addressed in Grain Brain and my research, and I encourage the conversation that you all engage in here in the comments. However, these engagements must be kept civil. Please refer to our community guidelines:

      • Will Maynard

        Burden of proof lies with the person challenging the existing system – in this case, Perlmutter.

        I’m not saying that I can disprove him. I’m not even saying he’s wrong. Is it really so wrong to be a skeptic?

        Letting theories go unchallenged is a dangerous practice.

        • laughing mermaid

          I strongly agree that it is important to challenge a specific, especially when one has done their leg work.
          Knowledge and action are power.

          .skeptic noun1: skeptics said the marriage wouldn’t last: cynic,doubter; pessimist, prophet of doom
          .2 skeptics who have found faith: agnostic,atheist, unbeliever, nonbeliever, disbeliever.

          Positive people make a difference in the world
          Ever hear of ‘Quantum physics’ ?

          Have a great day, create a new neural pathway, tell someone you love them!

        • Marc

          using labels is sucks

        • CA

          Okay, I understand, but the burden of proof is on you as well and I am skeptical of the comments YOU make! Please read the book and read Wheat Belly too – then you can refute the “theories” point by point — IF you still want to after you have tried what is actually being said.

      • Duck ‘Bill’ Mallard

        A ‘quack’ was a term originally used in Germany for a dentist who still used ‘quacksilber’ quicksilver (mercury). As you can see, we still have a lot of quacks here in America. Aside from dentistry, one of the biggest quacks of all is Stephen Barrett.

    • laughing mermaid

      Mr Maynard, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
      why are you on this site if you are a non believer?
      I do believe there are specific sites that welcome hecklers……
      Kindness is good for your brain

      • Will Maynard

        > why are you on this site if you are a non believer?

        Is there some problem with reading a dissenting opinion? I thought that the way we progress in life and other fields is through challenging what we know and what we believe. Just because I doubt Perlmutter’s theories, I have no place in commenting here?

        • Marc

          to be fair, the guy–MD, neuroscientist etc..–you called a quack is credentialed and you bring what In your analysis of quack.
          Quack btw, used by left brain, overschooled control freaks, that apply that label to anyone that threatens their livelihood, whether they are right or wrong.

        • Pamela Hoyer

          Your comment regarding progress in life and challenging what we know and believe is a welcome relief. Hearing different views helps to broaden ones perspective. So thank you

    • Kritts

      Maynard, have you even read the book? this man is a neuroscientist who has done many years of research. What are your credentials?

      • CA

        HAVE you even read the book? We really want to know!

    • Betsy

      I understand your concern – there are so many of these diets out there now.
      My yoga therapist read Dr. Perlmutter’s book and I just ordered it. The no carb, no grain, no sugar way of living has actually been around a long time (I read my first book about 25 years ago – The Yeast Connection). I can tell you that changing my eating has reduced inflammation (diagnosed with RA – not any longer), anxiety, depression. Now, when I eat sugar and carbs – these symptoms and others smack me within an hour.
      It may be true that Dr. Perimutter will make some significant money off of his book and work, but then just look at the sugar and wheat industries as well as those companies that have added all the “other” ingredients to processed foods. Who do you think are the true billionaires here – at some point cokes, snickers, refined flours and sugars were the fads and unfortunately many of us became addicts.
      Might I also suggest you consider reading Daniel Lieberman’s book, The Story of the Human Body – an anthropologist – scientist who shows research that supports Dr. Perimutter’s findings.

    • CA

      Why don’t you try his recommendations before you judge his recommendations. He is correct as is Dr. William Davis who wrote the book Wheat Belly (not in over a dozen languages) which you could also read. The science IS behind them. The American diet is a mess and wheat and sugar are major culprits. Why would you call this leading doctor a quack when you haven’t examined the evidence or participated fully? Many people are getting well by following this advice. Maybe you should try it!

      • CA

        Meant to say that Wheat Belly is in fact NOW published in over a dozen languages – Wheat Belly is known around the world and wildly popular in Europe, Australia, Canada, India, South Africa and growing in popularity daily. Many people have made incredible health improvements. Will, what do millions of happy people know that you don’t want to let in?

    • meg

      I have just heard this doctor for the first time. However earlier I listened to J J Virgin on public tv and have been on her eating plan for 3 months. I have lost 15 lbs, my fibromyalgia pain(due to inflammation) is down 75%, and I am a totally different person. All from diet! Dr. Perlmutter speaks of many of the inflammatory foods in his program that J J Virgin advises to eliminate. I do not think he is a quack. When one has a disorder that conventional medicine cannot handle, one is forced to develop peripheral thought and look outside traditional medicine. This guy is a neurologist and very believable.

      • David Perlmutter

        I think it’s very important to listen to all the information out there, analyze it, and take away what you think the key points are. Smart to keep open eyes and ears Meg.

      • Geraldine Granado

        I’m sharing ur fibromyalgia with a friend ..who i know her mother suffers.. But they r looking for these expensive probiotic pills that she can’t afford.. Thank U! 🙂

    • Robert J. Bullock

      Ding ding ding!!! Exactly. My question for the good doctor: are you enjoying the loads of cash and fame you’re squeezing out of your bullshit theory? Folks, about 14% of the population ever develops ANY form of dementia. Do you think only 14% of the population eats carbs and sugar?!?! More like 99%! Get your heads out of your asses. These guys that “think outside the box” are just utilizing a semi-baked theory with a catchy meme to GET RICH and become celebrity doctors! DUMMIES!

  • johann

    paleo diet is good !

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  • Jaga

    Dr.Perlmutter, I have given up grains over a year ago and have switched to a modified low fat raw vegan 80/10/10 style diet but I do eat a piece of fish or seafood once a week. What are your thoughts on this movement and do you cover it in your book?

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  • sandi

    What is “nutritional yeast” and is it permissible on the grain brain diet?

  • Bruce

    My wife and I tried to adhere to the American low fat diet with whole grains, fish, lean meats, fruit and vegetables. We exercised regularly. Her HDL is 95 and her BP is 106/50. She was diagnosed at 54 with AD. Symptoms appeared at 52. She is now 57 and considered mid stage. While her mother may have had AD she was in her late 70’s. So with no familial history of younger onset I understand that she is in the tiny group of “wild type” AD. Inexplicable cause. Would the AD trio be of any help at this point in her progression?

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  • Mika

    I can’ t wait to buy your book. I have Multiple Sclerosis, and I suffer from brain fog, depression, and more. My doctors are so quick to give me a pill which doesn’t help. Each time I asked my doctor before learning about your book if because we do not follow the hunters gathers diet is the reason for some of my symptoms of course they would say no and that no one knows the true reason why things happen in my illness. Since I’m in my Masters degree in Public Health, I’ve became my own doctor and removed most of the processed foods and in a way I feel better but I hope by reading your book I can feel more like myself again.

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  • Kathy

    Phenomenal book!!

    In your book you recommend Cyrex Array 3 and 4. As a neurologist, do you ever recommend Cyrex 20 (BBB permeability test) for those with or without neurodegenerative disease? If so, is it useful?

  • ron

    Just finished your book. Thanks so much for writing it. Have been on an Atkins like diet for one year. I have lost 55 lb.s and exercise on a treadmill for 45 to 60 minutes 5-6 days per week. Age 59. I really needed direction on where to go next. I pretty much eat as you as you prescribe needing only a few alterations to get rid of the gluten and some other excess sugars. Thanks for the road map. It’s what I really needed. My wife is reading the book now and I am trying to convince other family members. Can’t wait to here my doctors response to this. He had me on Statins.

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  • toolttime

    I have been on the ideal protein the last 6 months and lost 50 lbs and feel a lot better with out carbs.

  • lyn

    I would like to know if the book grain brain will be translate in french soon. Thank you

  • Teacher

    I found Grain Brain very interesting and informative. I am new to this site. I need clarification on a few topics, please. Why are root vegetables (like sweet potatoes) not healthy? Why are legumes limited? Is mayonnaise allowed? If so, what is healthiest?

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  • lisa

    hi there… so my dad had early onset dementia in his fifties – so naturally, I am all over this diet. I have been following it very strictly for three weeks, and I have to say that I feel worse than ever. I have always eaten a low-sugar diet, but grains were pretty present. I am a 40 year old female, a busy mom with a stressful life and I weigh about 125 pounds. Since starting the grain brain diet, I am very shaky and foggy, and I am getting headaches. I believe that I have a fast metabolism – if that even exists (I lost a quick 4 pounds in the first week) – and I am wondering if I am not getting enough to fuel my body. I eat a lot of meat, fish, etc, and I carry nuts with me throughout the day – if I don’t, I feel like I am going to pass out. I am curious if this diet should be altered a bit, depending on an individual’s energy needs. And how can I continue a low-carb. low-sugar diet and not feel like I am going to collapse? 🙂

    • Lisa

      Sounds like you might be experiencing detoxification symptoms.

    • Rebecah Kirkendoll

      Perhaps you should have a fasting blood glucose test. Some of what you describe are symptoms of low blood sugar. Also, as Lisa below said, sounds like detox.

    • seagrace

      It’s been two weeks since your post, Lisa, so I hope you haven’t collapsed! It sounds like your blood sugar is the culprit and not a detox.

      It’s common to claim “you’re detoxing” whenever a new diet doesn’t work or you feel weak and terrible. But unless you’ve been on a steady diet of junk food and alcohol for years, it probably has less to do with toxins are being released from your liver and more that your blood sugar is low.

      You said it yourself. You’re not overweight or already thin, and it sounds like you eat well and low sugar, although we know that grains=carbs=sugar. (I avoid sugar but get too much in my bread and pasta.) And busy moms run a lot and are terribly busy. If you also work forget it.

      At any rate, beware of ignoring being light headed. A fasting blood glucose is a great idea. Are you ingesting enough good fat? Drinking enough water to deal with all the protein? Drinking too much caffeine? Take care of yourself.

      • lisa

        Hey Seagrace, thanks so much for your note. I ended up having some bloodwork (I also have a chronic form of leukemiam, which is under control with medication) so I was panicking a bit… 🙂 Dr checked my insulin and glucose and it was all fine, although I didn’t do a fasting test. I have been feeling a bit better, although I do get moments during the day where I feel very spacey, and my legs feel shaky. I am thinking that maybe I am not eating enough to keep up my energy during my busy days… I haven’t quite found the “right” amount for me. Maybe it was too drastic a change, too fast?? Anyway, thanks so much for your comments.

        • seagrace

          Lisa, I’m glad you’re doing ok and your doc founds your levels acceptable. Did he/she comment on your diet? I’m sorry you have to be on medication. I imagine you’ve checked to see if that adds in your weakness.

          One reason I commented is that your physical make up sounds similar to mine, although I’m 54 and have been eating only fish (no other meat) for two years. But if I don’t eat every three hours I can get light headed, and if I really crash (ate too much bread and not enough protein and/or caffeine and not enough water) I start to shake, then sweat, then get so light headed I feel drunk! So I was concerned about your state and didn’t want you brush it off as just detoxing.

          Yes, you possibly went in too fast and are simply not eating enough. I haven’t read the book, but we need sugar for our brains.

          I’m interested in trying this as part of a very low carb/sugar weight loss diet, but I cannot see my life as grain free. I don’t feel that for my personal chemistry it’s the right way to go. But I think that organic, complex high fiber grains are. Grace

          • lisa

            Hey Grace,
            HA! I am so glad you mentioned feeling drunk!! That is EXACTLY the feeling. I tried to describe to a friend, and she had no idea what I was talking about. Just out of it, is the best way I could describe it. That is actually what freaked me out the most… add that, plus the shakiness and I was wondering what the heck was happening! Plus, the first time it happened, I was out, and I was terrified that I would pass out.
            your comment about personal chemistry is a good one… I also am curious about that. 40 grams of Carbs a day is very little, and I find, almost impossible to stick to. Success at such a low amount must also depend somewhat on metabolism, wouldn’t it? Which is what I was getting at in my first post. For example, last wee, I went to my naturopath for a check-up, and she took blood so that she can analyze the health of my cells. I had eaten an avocado and an egg only an hour before I saw her, but when she looked at my cells, there was no sign of food – in fact, she thought I’d skipped breakfast. So that tells me that my metabolism runs fast – so as you mentioned – I probably have to eat often in order to avoid the “crash” as you call it. The day I felt the worst, where I almost went to the hospital, I skipped breakfast and was late getting lunch – at 1:30 in the aft all I had was half of a coffee. Yikes!! Sweating, shaking, heart racing, etc. It was awful. I haven’t been quite the same since, better, but not the same. As I mentioned before, and like you mentioned, it is probably important to pay attention to your body and feed it in ways that it feels best. This book makes a lot of sense, and it has made me more aware of what I put into my body (and my kids bodies), but it certainly isn’t easy. 🙂
            Your comment about grain-free is interesting – I am finding that a huge challenge. Strictly protein and vegetables seem lacking for me. I just have to find the right combination. Maybe for me, it is a grain once a day, or something.
            I have been experimenting with purchase gluten-free bread (yech – plus full of starches) and I have been baking with almond flour and coconut flour – which no one eats. So there you go.

          • seagrace

            Oh wow I could talk about this a lot. I’ve heard many women say (moreso than men) about feeling lightheaded if they don’t eat often, but those are usually women who are at ideal or not much above ideal body weight. (I’m the latter.) My guess is that you have a high metabolism. You know I want some medical authority somewhere to say, “Guess what!? You may not have a gluten sensitivity! Not everyone does, as popular as it is! And good carbs may not inflame you! Really!” I swear what has happened to people grasping on to their food beliefs like religions? One astute commenter pointed that out. And if you’re a mom, you must be barraged by people and their parenting opinions. (-:

            I hear you about gluten free being full of bad starches. I have the Whole Life Nutrition cookbook. It’s all gluten free and FULL of sugar. Rice flour? Tapioca? Blech I agree. And gluten has no effect on me. I truly feel I need it! (European descent.)

            I’m interested in this blood test you took. I advise you proceed cautiously with your diet. That is my non medical opinion!

            Lisa if you want to take this conversation off a public space, you’re welcome to message me on my Facebook account and I’ll send you my email. Or send me yours and I’ll email you. Or this is fine too, although clunky and public (-:

          • Luv2vacation

            Try increasing foods with potassium and if that doesn’t help them you may need to take potassium in pill form. Your doctor can prescribe this. I felt the same way but I increased my water intake and started on a potassium supplement and now feel like a million bucks. And make sure you are getting enough protein each day.

          • CA

            What you are describing sounds like a basic and common glycemic reaction. I would suggest you read Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis in addition to Grain Brain. Also, reduce your carbs, don’t have bread or cereal and start eating raw nuts and eggs and coconut oil, if you are not allergic. Cease eating bread, pasta, sugar, and any other grain that is a seed of grasses. Eating wheat and sugar is dangerous and you may become pre-diabetic if you continue on this path.

          • BV

            I have found corn pasta and wraps (both gluten and wheat free) to be a great alternative(much better than the rice products out there) and you can do almost anything with a wrap!

    • JanM

      Lisa, I recommend that you watch Forks Over Knives which contains lots of scientific data. I also recommend that you read Dr Neal Barnard’s Power Foods For the Brain as well as any of Dr Caldeall Esselstyn’s book/dvds. All of these highly respected doctors are in agreement with diet with is in contrast to what Mr Perlmutter recommends. Just give their diet a try and I predict that you willfeel much better. I personally know someone who had diabetes who moved to a plant based diet and within one week, they felt a big difference and never went back. There is so much data and evidence for this out there. In addition to this, grass-fed meat and wild-caught fish is just not sustainable for a planet with 7 billion people on it.

      • lisa

        thanks, Jan. I had thought of the sustainability of this diet as well. I will check out the other resources you mentioned – I appreciate your thoughts!

      • Guest

        Thank You Jan!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Wow! Just watched Brain Change! You really opened my eyes. I look forward to reading your book, Grain Brain. Thank you for bringing this information to light. I suffered a very bad brain injury in the past. The docs at Mayo Clinic were very shocked that I not only survived the injury but I did not appear to show any permanent damage. I have noticed my brain has not been the same since the injury though. I am so excited to find you because I have longed for a qualified person to teach me the proper way to care for my brain. Because of my past injury I am very aware of how important it is for a person to properly care for the brain, just as we would any other precious organ in our body. You are a breath of fresh air to me! :0) Thank you for being you and speaking out about what you have learned.

    • Geraldine Granado

      I heard from a friend about .Brain Grain. From an older friend who totally improved his health in his 70s. I was having bad brain fog in my pregnancy but i knew it was worse than normal. I refuse to get nauseous as well. Both started up about 2 months ago.. And school was complaining about my son not getting his work done.. So at about Jan 2015, i slowly changed our lifestyle and food choices.. My son (10yr) never did any work but he scored above average on his finals, i got my memory back, plus heartburn and nausea is totally gone!! I mostly stay on diet, but i still drive off the diet..i noticed right away the difference. That’s why nausea and heartburn were showing up.. Thank u for sharing.. I know i’m on track when I read about others dealing w similar issues..

  • Raja Bhat MD

    Fascinating book! Good food for the brain…:) However I plan to continue with all kinds of beans and lentils as part of my mostly vegetarian diet…you have not convinced me that those are unhealthy or undesirable; my ancestors in south India have lived on those for hundreds of years. I had thought about Dr. Fuhrman’s diet as the best so far but your ideas are excellent and you have given lots of evidence to back up what you say. I don’t see too much contradiction between the two approaches.

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  • Larry y Buchan

    While modern technology of the Industrial Revolution brought us white flour, which is now full of chemicals, artificial vitamins, maturing agents. I can hardly see the damage from eating organic whole-grain breads, with the healthy wheat germ, and the nutrition and fiber from the outer shell of the grain of wheat provided in the bran and shorts. I worked in a flour mill 44 years ago and have been eating whole-grain breads since then and feel no ill effects.

    • Kritts

      wheat is not the same now as it used to be because of hybridizing and other factors which many books and websites discuss. Even though its said wheat is not yet genetically modified, I seriously don’t believe it. Plus the pesticides used in wheat, corn and soy crops are enough to cause disease themselves. Evidentally there is some genetic predisposition involved in some people as well. There are reactions to some in a family while others are not affected.

    • seagrace

      I agree that sticking to organic grains makes a difference. Eating gluten hardly means it has to be processed white flour full of chemicals.

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  • John Douillard

    I am curious how ancient humans ate 75% of their diet as fat. Any insight on how they pulled that off and are you suggesting we eat those percentages?

  • Linda

    Dr. Perlmutter, I heard a radio spot on CBC and you made so much sense to me, that I have bought your book. I have had bowel issues for years. I am trying your approach somewhat gearing into it, and have noticed I do feel better for it. My question is about my Mother who’s 87 and living with me (past 2 years) diagnosed with Cortical-basel degeneration. It presents itself, much like dementia, and stroke symptoms, in my Mother. Do you have any experience with this disease? Her Neurologist is Dr. S. Black, she is one of the best in Canada, and works out of Sunnybrook Hospital, in Ontario. I am told there is nothing we can do to stop the degeneration and it may be hereditary. Which has got me very worried, as apparently there’s no way to tell if you have this other than process of elimination of symptoms until you die and there is an autopsy. I have tried to find information that I can understand, and I wonder if your diet would be of any help. Can you comment on this for us.
    Much Appreciated, Linda Conlon

  • sandpit

    Much of the science in the book makes sense. I’m having a big question about the bacteria in the gut. New studies making headlines say that meat and eggs induce the gut to make bad bacteria that excrete chemicals that cause the body to have a stress, inflammation response. Is this overcome by probiotics?

  • Eric Mathews

    Any tips from the community for a 40 yr old who.just quit drugs , cigs, and carbs ? Have had great improvements with the no to low carb diet however dealing with depression/anxiety/cravings still for sweets…is this more from too many calories overall or the fact that im 30 days off drugs and 2 weeks off cigs?? Need tips / encouragement!!

  • lageorgia

    Dr. Pearlmuttter, after reading your book I have a question regarding.g the APOE4 gene. Does your advice of high fat low carb apply? I am a 3-4 and my doctor recommended going high carb with less than 10percent fat and to be vegan. I tried for a month and got very ill and am following a more low carb high fat diet. Your book touched on the APOE4 issue but I couldn’t find a definitive answer. I have been struggling with this for2 years and am worried sick about my increased Chance of Alzheimer’s. Thank you for any help you can give me

  • Todd Haenisch

    Dr Perlmutter,

    Does redox signaling molecules from Asea work? I’ve been taking them for 18 months a I feel profoundly different. Do you have any evidence of it working?

    Thanks for your time,
    Todd Haenisch


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  • Aristotle

    I have been on the Dr. Fuhrman diet for 2 years and like it. I will learn more about gluten though.

  • Bob

    I’m on a low phosphate/oxalate diet for kidney stones. many healthy foods are off limits to me such as nuts and many types of vegetables. Any suggestions for adapting Grain Brain diet to my circumstances?

  • jane

    I’m sorry, I find this diet hard to swallow. My father is 95 years old, eats tons of sugar, lots of carbs and low fats. He has an incredible brain and memory still. Carbs haven’t affected him. I think the problem is something else. Maybe the GMOs in the carbs, the toxins and pesticides in the grains.

    • seagrace

      Let’s not forgot the role of genes and our own body chemistry in our health. Otherwise how do you explain people who abused themselves with crappy food and alcohol for years living into their 90’s, while seemingly healthy folks are getting cancer at 50? Then there are environmental factors. Not possible to pinpoint one thing.

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  • Rocky

    What about eating foods to give you energy to exercise to replace the carbs you are no longer eating?

  • WSB

    Can anyone explain why soy is excluded from this diet? I’m guessing because it’s GMO. If I’m wrong, I’d like to know.

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  • bbaylis

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    Any suggestions for an individual who had a benign meningioma attached to the right frontal lobe removed five years ago, who subsequently acquired: 1) mild aphasia, concentrated more in verbal communications than written communications; 2) epilepsy; 3) sensory migraines, auras and sensory hallucinations; 4) dysesthesia,cross-sensory perceptions; 5) Parkinson-like tremors, verified to be not Parkinson’s by a DAT Scan;6)continual, traveling headaches for the past three months; 7) a switch from thinking controlled by verbal, deductive reasoning to a thinking pattern controlled by visual, pictorial or metaphoric thinking. A recent MRI shows swelling in the area of the scar tissue and hole from the tumor recission, along with what appears to be the start of a new growth. I have had all the blood work that you suggested and the results are negative or normative. I am looking for suggestions to try to recover as much mental capacity as possible

  • anrebo

    I bought Grain Brain audio book from Amazon. It did not include the PDF file – how do I get a copy?

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  • moneysavingmommie

    I just downloaded your book from….Looking forward to it…Dr. Perlmutter…I have a low blood count and iron count…very thin person 94 lbs….cant gain weight…do u think it will help me with my hemoglobin and iron levels?

    • Neicee

      My daughter weighs 92 lbs @ 5’2″ – her blood pano just showed she needed Vit B12 as it was the culprit. Worth asking your doc.

  • Kritts

    I’m so excited to see this ‘forum’ and that Dr. Perimutter is answering questions!!! I just finished listening to Grain Brain and it makes so much sense. I’ve been researching this phenomenon for a while now and I’m so glad to be able to refer people to this book who, since I have no credentials, and their doctors are clueless, don’t believe me.

    I have a few questions, but will start with this one: I have a friend who is a nurse and her daughter was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos and then this year also with RSD (both rare diseases, as I’m sure you know). Even before obtaining your book, Dr. Perimutter, I told her to have her tested for Lyme and also Gluten intolerance. She said she had both tests, but I know how many false negatives there are for both. It’s so upsetting to me that she says she doesn’t have the time to read all the literature, but I don’t want to over step my bounds (as I usually do with people). She feeds her family pasta daily and doesn’t cut out sugar.

    So I am wondering if you know anything about the connection (if you think there might be one).

  • Betsy Padilla

    I just recently ordered your book as I found you on a Podcast and enjoyed listening to everything you had to say about good quality fat, vegetables and how grains can be damaging to your brain. What I’m curious about is the folks in Eastern Asia. White rice tends to be their staple food. If we should stay away from rice, why is it working for them.

  • Annejab

    What is a good cooking oil when the gallbladder has been removed?

  • thorgood

    if what you say is true then the Chinese, Japanese, and Italians must have a high rate of Alzheimers given their carb friendly diets..they use meats mostly as condiments, and eat wheat and rice like it’s going out of style..and the “it’s the american lifestyle (high stress) coupled with carbs that fry our brains” theory doesn’t wash with me either.
    I say just use common sense before you put something in your mouth. Seek a balance. Listen to your body. FInd your own system that works for YOU.
    My mother is 96 and is sharp as a tack, and she was a vegetarian, ate very little protein, and didn’t start drinking wine til she hit 80. At 96 she is STILL doing competitive ballroom dancing. Cheers.

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  • tk

    I have chrons, celiac disease and a few more but my question is my son is add and bipolar is the a link between the two

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  • Karen Kuehl

    Dr Perlmutter,
    My husband suffers from NDPH, going on over 3 yrs. As you are most likely aware, there is very little research on this, and little that helps. Do you know if anyone with this terribly disabling condition has been helped by this diet?
    Than you! Karen

  • Cheryl Autin Ponceti

    A great explanation for the modern worlds problem with our health issues.

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for the kind words Cheryl! I’m glad to hear Grain Brain had such resonance with you.

  • Judy

    Will there be a video version of Grain Brain?

  • Jo

    can you tell me the tests I should ask for in my next physical? I neglected to write them down before I sent the book to a friend.

  • lisa

    Dr. Perlmutter…
    Regarding sugars: can you put an approx amount on what an ideal level of sugar intake would be? For example, 2 teaspoons of brown sugar with 2 coffees each day, plus 3 small squares of dark chocolate a day, and say one piece of fruit each day. How can I tell if this is keeping my sugars at an approriate level?

  • thorgood

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter..why don’t the Chinese, Japanese, and Italians have high incidences of Alzheimers given their high carb low protein diets? Also could you PLEASE use some of your media muscle to get the manufacturers of all almond coconut and soy milk to REMOVE THE VITAMIN PALMITATE? Thanks! Carol

    • thorgood

      Dear Dr. Perlmutter..why don’t the Chinese, Japanese, and Italians have high incidences of Alzheimers given their high carb low protein diets? Also could you PLEASE use some of your media muscle to get the manufacturers of all almond coconut and soy milk to REMOVE THE VITAMIN A PALMITATE? Thanks! Carol

  • jan

    Dr. Perlmutter, what do you think of carob. Caffeine affects me so I don’t use cocoa nor chocolate. Carob is caffeine-free and shows to have health benefits. Please let me know. Also would like to know what you think of the ALCAT test..

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  • Louis

    Dr. I would to know if, if Black Or Brown Rice, contains Gluten

  • jan

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter I had asked a question about carob which was on here earlier but now I don’t see and and I’m still waiting for an answer. The questions was what do you think about carob vs. cocoa. I cannot have caffeine due to sensitivity and carob does not have it and cocoa does. What are your thoughts on Carob.

    Also, I did buy your book and went to buy the supplements today. The alpha lipoic acid and resveratrol both have fillers and negative ingredients in them. Even by know good standing brands. Can you please let me know which brands I can buy that don’t have harmful ingredients. Thanks

  • Brenda Burke

    I just got the book and skimmed through it briefly. On the recipies you heat olive oil above 350 degrees F. That is past the smoke point….I thought this was bad for you. I cook with coconut oil if I heat to around 400 degrees F. I only use coconut oil at low temperatures. Is this correct?

  • Brenda Burke

    My question is below about the temperatures to cook oils.

  • Brenda Burke

    I just got your book and looked at the recipes in the back. You heat olive oil above 350 degrees F which it the smoke point. I use coconut oil if the temperature is med-high. Is this correct? I know I am going to love the book!

  • Brenda Burke

    I just got your book because I think I am gluten sensitive and have not had gluten for 3 weeks. I have not read it yet, but looked at the recipes in the back. You have recipes where you heat olive oil higher than 375 degrees F which is the smoke point. The oil could be harmful when degraded. I use coconut oil for higher tempetatures. Could you confirm this for me. I find conflicting information on this issue.

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  • margaret

    Having just finished reading your book, I am puzzled by some of the advice that doesn’t seem to be supported by the citing of any research in the book. For example, why eliminate soy products? They contain no gluten. And why not drink diet soda? So many other pieces of advice are so well-documented in the book, that I found these points very puzzling.

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  • Guest

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter, while I was at the gym, I saw you were on Dr. Oz and was shocked to see the effects of grain. I am a recovered anorexic but after full recovering I became anxious about food and eating carbs and fat. But I got into the habit of lowering my fat intake and wondered why I was still always thinking about food and depressed. I realized all of my problems are because of my fat intake.
    But after starting your plan, my energy levels stay 100% elevated during exercise, I don’t feel like I have to restrict and I am never cold even at 20 degrees F. My favorite food has always been vegetables since childhood so I am so happy I can finally eat bell peppers and kale freely with goat cheese and avocado. It’s amazing!
    Unfortunately I am lactose intolerant but I love cheese and you advice against soy cheese. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!

    • David Perlmutter

      Glad to hear Dr. Oz could bring us together, and to hear of your improved health. Cheese is a healthy source of fat, and you are okay to consume as long as you avoid blue cheeses.

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  • Cheryl

    I had my gallbladder removed several years ago. Is a higher fat diet safe for me? I’ve read your book and would like to try your program. I have stomach problems all the time, among other things. I, supposedly, do not have CD, but wonder if I am, indeed, gluten sensitive.

  • Nancy

    We just bought your book and it makes sense to us. I am 67 and my husband is 74. We will exercise a little more and will follow your plan, for the first four weeks you said “moderate carbs 30/40 for the beginning then to increase it. What carbs do you recommend??

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  • Wendy

    Thank you so much, Dr. Perlmutter. Your book is a ‘game changer’ indeed. My husband and I have been eating Paleo for a year now, and are reaping the benefits daily. Yet until I read your book, I was a bit dismissive of some of the most key benefits in reducing carbs and eliminating wheat. You’ve provided a huge contribution to us all- now we need to help spread the word!

    • David Perlmutter

      You’re so very welcome Wendy. So glad you have joined our community here.

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  • Deb

    Dr. Perlmutter, just read your book. A bit of an eye opener for me. I have a couple of questions for you. I have tried going gluten free due to headaches, but never thought to associate high carbs with dementia. I am 50 with signs of short term memory loss, difficulty concentrating. How quickly do your patients improve their memory capabilities while taking the supplements you suggest? I also have a severe egg allergy. Other options for breakfast? I am going to try your diet! Any improvement is greatly welcomed. Thank you for sharing.

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  • DMarie

    Read your book and am still in shock. I have been “gluten-free” for over a year and now I see that my slip ups (inadvertant) and hidden gluten may have been sabotaging me. I have a recurring rash that LOOKS like DH but the dermatologist says it is not in the right place for DH and is unrelated to my food intake/allergies/sensitivities. It has recently developed into cellulitis and the itching is unbearable! I have “MS” and take several medications and I am wondering if they have gluten in them too. I haven’t been able to find out what the meds’ fillers are. Any suggestions? Thank you for all your work!

    • JohnCractow

      I was posting my own question and saw yours and thought I’d see if I could help. The Product Insert, which will be on the manufacturer’s (whether brand name or generic) website, will list all the fillers. I am allergic to gluten and utilize the product inserts for medications quite often.

      • DMarie

        Thanks, JohnCractow. That is a big help to me!

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  • margot jones

    how does astaxanthin fit into your regime?

  • margot jones

    I’m trying the gluten free for several months to see if it has an effect on my tinnitus.

    • Kritts

      I’ve been off gluten for almost a year and my tinnitus is as strong as ever. I suspect that it is the diseminated Candidiasis I have.

  • JohnCractow

    I’ve been gluten free now for around two years and it has done wonders for my anxiety and racing thoughts. Your book goes into much detail about the effects of going gluten free on emotions and behavior, but not much detail as to how the rest of the diet effects these aspects. Can I expect further improvement by implementing the other aspects of your diet?

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  • behaviouralsciences

    In recent years psychologists have become increasingly aware of the role of an adequate diet in preventing
    and curing mental illness (Bell, 1958). As early as 1938, Vitamin B1
    deficiency was found to cause severe relapse among “recovered” brain
    patients at the Mayo Clinic (Williams, Mason, and Smith, 1939). Considerable decline
    occurred even among patients receiving the amount of thiamin (B1) found
    in typical American diets (Williams, Mason, Smith, and Wilder, 1942).

  • Lisa W

    I noticed that barley is not on the accepted list … while it often listed as containing gluten, there seems to be some waffling about the availability of the gluten … anyway, the reason I ask is that I started adding barley to my diet as a way to increase fiber and cut down on meat in Sept .. I make a really good barley, mushroom and truffle oil concoction. What I noticed is that urinary frequency and GI problems diminished significantly. The way I can best describe it is that barley seems to be a sponge for toxic stuff and gets rid of it. Since my body seems to love this, I hope it might be one of those maybe grains?

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  • Karen

    Dr. Perlmutter,

    I recently saw your program on PBS and was very glad to see that a Medical Professional was talking so passionately about the connection between food consumption and specific health issues. I wonder if you would further your knowledge about diet and health and read the book
    “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell,Ph.D and the book “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” by Caldwell B. Esselstyn. These two books emphasize the need for humans to return to the diet that we ate when we were primarily gatherers, not hunters. We were gatherers for a much longer time than we were successful hunters! Please read them. I know if you do read them, you will incorporate their ideas into your dietary advice for the public.
    Sincerely, Karen Vales

    P.S. Both books are available on IBooks for $9.99 and $13.99 respectively
    Sent from my iPad Karen Vales

    Sent from my iPad Karen

    • Neicee

      I’m so sorry, but the so-called primal/paleo community completely destroyed Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s theory/fame a couple of years ago, including Dr. Perlmutter. Please remember, hunters preceded gatherers and imparted the theory of survival. After the introduction of grains man seems to have been sick ever since. Recent research by archaeologists find the ancient Egyptians with periodontal disease and bone loss.

  • carol

    I cut back fats treat gallstone issues. Will your high fat recommendations be a problem for me?

  • Leslye

    pk here goes. I’ve read all the previous comments. exhausting really particularly when the personal attacks started. However; I am reading the book on a recommendation from a friend who is a nutritionist. So far, everything makes sense to me with regards to me and my husband’s particular conditions. I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia for over 10 years, Crohn’s Disease for 3yrs and I am 52 yrs old, have RA also. GI has me on Remicade infusion every 8 wks and it has gotten to the point where it absolutely does NOT do anything to curb the symptoms of IBD. I am severely overweight partly due to steroids for the CD and Fibro and partially due to lack of exercise…kinda hard to go to the gym when you can barely walk and are afraid to drive a car because of the dizziness and nausea that accompany the CD.
    My husband has Toe II diabetes and needs to lose 35lbs at least. I am so worried about Alzheimer’s with him because of the diabetes and for myself as my maternal grandmother, my mother and my sister (at age 54) were all AD victims.
    Any words from Dr Perlmetter would be most welcome.
    Thank you,

  • grant

    Dr. Pelmutter, as someone who has recovered from an eating disorder and spent years finally finding a balance (with all the information out there), I see validity in your science but it is difficult when you have looked at established and credible data over the years ie. the Mayo clinic that states balance includes 225-325grams of carbs, 50-175grams of protein, and 44-78 grams of fat based on a 2000 calorie diet that contradicts your data?
    Also, I noticed your cartoon in your book that notes “oops” with past research on carbs, how can you be certain your philosophy will not be the next “oops”.

  • Ed Arnold

    I have to ask Dr. Perlmutter: are grains really the problem, or is it what humans have done to grains? Modern transgenic dwarf wheat (a hybrid) bears little resemblance to ancient wheat, and (among other things) has extremely high gluten levels. Plants like GMO corn and soy, in addition to having genetic changes, bring with them high levels of an herbicide (glyphosate), a toxin which the U.S. FDA allows in the food supply. Do we have convincing evidence that ancient grains have exactly the same problems as modern grains?

    • CA

      You might want to read Dr. William Davis’ book: Wheat Belly and he discusses this on his blog quite extensively too. (just Google Wheat Belly Blog) Humans were never meant to eat Grains (seeds of grasses). There is a lot if information out there about this but Davis addresses it directly and has connected to the appropriate reseach.

  • Shelly Ross

    Dr Perlmutter, I recently bought your book Grain Brain and WOW is it ever an eye opener! I’m wondering about being dairy intolerent (I’m also gluten intol) but eggs were listed as a NO NO for me – so what do I do about that? Not ever eat them or can I if I’ve gotten off gluten products and eat what I’m really supposed to? I’m confused about this – thank you~

  • Tarek

    DrPerlmutter, first off please accept my sincerest gratitude for being one of those doctors I am proud to call a colleague. I am an OBGYN with an interest ( obsession really) in nutrition, Paleo, and health & wellness. I am interested in some kind of formal qualification in nutrition that would not involve me having to study all kinds of outdated nonsense just to satisfy some certifying authority that I was ” sound”,but something from a reputable organisation I could do as a distance Master’s / certificate. Would you be able to guide me in the right direction? Many thanks, Tarek Arab FRCSC

  • Heather

    I just finished you book, and am excited to trying your approach to a healthy diet. I am already a very physically active woman, and want to understand if there is a different carb quideline for athletes? I run several times a week, and race; weight lift and take a few aerobic/muscle resistance training classes a week. I fasted on Monday, and have been working on week one guidelines, but feel a bit shaky and “not with it”. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    • David Perlmutter

      Heather: Great question, as that’s something many people find themselves wondering about. For those who engage in regular and rigorous athletics, I allow for an increases of up to 80-100g of carbs/day

  • franklin bowman

    Dr. Perlmutter, I love your book and I tell everyone that will listen about you and your work. My question is should my daughter give my granddaughter rice ceral to eat?. she is four months old..thank you.

  • KC

    Dr. Perlmutter,

    Do you feel that seizures/epilepsy are linked with gluten consumption? I am severely gluten intolerant and have had several seizures after accidental gluten ingestion. However, I have been told by my gastroenterologist I will be treated solely as an epileptic when I know this is not my case. Does anyone acknowledge that gluten can cause seizures? Please help!

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  • Kritts

    Major question for me is: why do some people have this and not others? Please, posters, I don’t want to hear genetics, etc. I’m asking Dr. Perimutter only. And why is this all happening now, even though our wheat has been rendered a non-food for so many years?

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  • Citlali

    So once a person has dementia—no change in diet will aleviate the memory loss?

  • James Shearer II

    On page 222 of Grain Brain we are told the many drugs can inhibit B vitamins (see list on I cannot find this list. Please advise

    • David Perlmutter

      Hi James: That item is listed as a resource within the “Learn” section. Here’s a direct link for you:

      • James Shearer II

        Thank you. I am not sure why I couldn’t find it before. From the list it seems as almost all minor pain relievers may inhibit B vitamins. What pain reliever would you recommend?

  • James Shearer II

    Thank you. I seems like most every pain reliever can inhibit B vitamins. What do you recommend for minor pain relief?

  • James Shearer II

    The tests you recommend in Grain Brain do not mention triglycerides. Is there a high and low level that you would consider unhealthy?

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  • hillruner

    Thank you for this opportunity to ask questions regarding your book & program. First, with programs such as Dr. Joel Fuhrman & Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn successfully reversing vascular (“heart”) and other diseases with diets that are extremely carb centric — and in both cases, having patients that are living into their 80s and 90s after being diagnosed with diseases — what is your perspective on this? Second, I travel quite a bit–Asia and Europe–and those societies thrive on grains and carbs. Yet, their disease rates are low and the people there are far, far leaner than Americans. For example, in Germany beer & pretzels (grains), Italy is pasta and thin crust pizza. Parts of Asia wheat noodles. So why are they thriving on extremely high carb diets and staying healthy?
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    • lilymanx

      Interesting question!
      FYI, when I travelled in China, I saw much less rice than I expected. Most meals were largely small pieces of meat, fish, chicken along with lots of vegetables. There was always rice, but the Chinese I saw used very little with their meals. Desserts, if they have them, are barely sweetened. Street stands don’t sell cakes, candies or pretzels – they sell fresh fruit on a stick or fresh yogurt. The only unhealthy food we had was in restaurants catering to tourists. (And the Chinese get a lot more exercise – many ride bikes to get around, and we also saw people of all ages working out in parks that had rudimentary exercise equipment – these places were crowded even late at night when they were barely illuminated!)

      I have not been to Italy recently, but when I was there years ago, the Italians did not eat a lot of pasta. The main course was always fish or meat or chicken, and vegetables were a staple side order. There was also an optional side of pasta in most places. But the Italian consumption of pasta and bread seemed moderate. Only a few restaurants in Rome back then offered pizza, and it was considered a side dish.
      Americans eat grain-heavy meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Often grain is the main course.

      So my impression is that grans are not the devil if used in moderation, but too much can trigger intolerance. (Though I have also read that modern bread has a lot more gluten in it, which could be a factor, too.)

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  • Rachel Lapp

    I appreciate very much your amazing book “Grain Brain.” I have read the China Study as well as Dr. Esselstyn’s books re: Vegan diet and NO fats at all…I find the contradictory information confusing. While you promote healthy fats for brain, neurological and general health; Dr. Esselstyn suggests that all oils damage the endothelial lining of our blood vessels…I am interested in adopting your suggestions, and have read “Grain Brain,” but remain a little apprehensive of embracing healthy fats…how would you address Dr. Esselstyn specifically?

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  • Theresa Bonomo

    I need name of medical practioner , familiar with grain brain, who lives in area near Boca Raton FL 33434

    • Theresa Bonomo

      After reading Grain Brain, I am convinced the programe would help me. After one week of following a sugar free and wheat free diet , I have dropped 5 lbs. I want to be under the care of a practioner who can review a gluten tolerance lab test and advise me further. Here in Boca Raton Fl , please tell me how to find one. theresa

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  • mollasses

    I have strictly followed the diet for two weeks and now I am constipated. I drink plenty of water, and avoid caffeine. I have always eaten a vegetable rich diet, am not overweight, and exercise daily. Any suggestions?

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  • Maggie

    Dr Perlmutter, I have read your book recently and made changes to my eating plans. I have to thank you for such an informative book. I have followed your nutrition guidelines for the past two weeks and I have no words to describe how grateful I am I saw you on dr.Oz show and heard your point. I have been feeling so energized throuout the day, no yawning, no meltdowns in the middle of the day. I have always been an active person. I felt good but All the information you provided made so much sense… I just alternated my food supply and I feel more than good. I feel wonderful, happy, and full of energy. I am even able to work out in the early morning since one of the biggest changes I noticed is that I wake up rested and most of the time without an alarm:)

    Thank you!!!!!

    • David Perlmutter

      Maggie: That’s so wonderful to hear. Congrats on taking back control of your health. Wishing you all the best.

      • kitesflyagain

        Those are the very results I’m hoping for. So far it’s been four weeks and there’s nothing new to report yet, I’ll let you know when the magic occurs!

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  • fuzy1

    read the book. clearing the pantry sounds tough. I did find a coconut oil brand name “Luanna” but it is a solid below 76F. My question to you Dr Perlmutter , Is this what you are asking followers of your plan to eat? Seems nasty to put a scoop of fat in my mouth.

    • David Perlmutter

      Many folks use it as a cooking ingredient, or mix it into their coffee. Lots of different ways to enjoy!

      • fuzy1

        ok I am up for the experiment just one more question for now. On page 76 your table listing omega 6/omega 3 comparisons in commonly used oils, sunflower oil is noted 65% omega 6 yet on page 226 sunflower seeds are cited as a source
        for good dietary fat. Why the seeming discrepancy?

        • CA


          There are LOTS of brands of Coconut Oil out there – look for non GMO if possible and minimally processed. The taste gets better once you get over the initial resistance to the idea and can realize it is a healthy thing to eat! I sprinkle cinnamon on top and add a drop of stevia and it is delicious. Yes, it is solid at room temperature – it is supposed to be. And – it dissolves in your mouth which should tell you it will not sit there like a solid fat in your body – it is a wonderful food for you. You can also use it as a hand and body lotion and a hair treatment (lightly). I use it all winter to keep my skin nice and soft and nourished. Read all you can about it and how it is made! Avocado oil is good too.

  • William Sweetman

    Dr Perlmutter,
    I read your book Grain Brain over Christmas Break, and have been gluten free since then. Its only been a month but I feel leaner and more energetic. I also notice that I am able to concentrate for longer periods of time and can memorize items faster. I have a a quick question about drinking milk. You mention to drink milk and other dairy products sparingly. I have heard that drinking milk can help with fat burning around the abdominal section due to its calcium content. If this is true, are there best times to drink milk and is goat milk considered more nutritious? Thank You.

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  • Katie

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter, I am reading your book right now and so far it is very informative. I have been gluten free for almost 2 weeks now and have never felt better. Still adjusting but so far so good. Just curious if in your research you have ever seen the effects of a gluten free diet on PCOS?

  • Jen

    How about a 6 year old that had Brian tumor removed and now has problems with anger. Could this be food related? Drs recommend anti depressants.

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  • David Perlmutter

    Hi Donna
    I’ve answered these questions in the FAQ section of the site. Thanks!

  • WinterSong

    I love your book and am excited to be several days into the diet. I do have a question – in the book it says that vegetables on the approved list can be eaten as much as we want. I did that for the first few days but soon realized that the vegetables were pushing me way over the 40g carbs/day mark. I was probably closer to 100. How can we eat an abundance of vegetables while sticking to 40g of carbs?
    Also, what is the general percentage of calories per day of fat vs protein that we want to shoot for?
    Thank you! Brilliant book!

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  • David

    Dr. Perlmutter, what is your thought about “EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE”

    • David Perlmutter

      It’s interesting, but I believe it’s more important to focus on carbohydrate restriction.

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  • Laura

    My daughter is 16, she has type 1 diabetes, chronic migraine headaches and a couple of months ago she was told she has Fibromyalgia.
    I’m wondering if this diet is safe for type 1 diabetics and how do you adjust your insulin for it? I would imagine you cut out the Novolog all together, but what about the Lantus? Please advise!!

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  • Tracey

    Dr. Perlmutter, would you offer paid consultation across continents via Skype?

  • Sue

    I have been grain free for 6 wks and overall feel better however, my sleep is very disturbed and I have a significant amount of cramping in my calves. I started B6 yesterday but can’t even get to sleep tonight because my calf is cramping. Please Help!!!

    • CA

      Hi Sue,
      I had the same kind of cramps – here are several easy remedies:
      1. As soon as you can, get the supplement Magnesium Malate – 500mg. This is recommended by Dr. William Davis of Wheat Belly and it works – I take it every day. Potassium helps too.
      2. When you have the cramps, a small sip or two of Tonic Water with QUININE will help immediately.
      3. If you prefer and can enjoy the strength of it, Apple Coder Vinegar will do about the same and you can thin it with water.
      4. There are “Hyland’s” leg cramp pills but you don’t want to take them much – they are still unregulated. They are sold all over, including Malwart.
      You’ll be okay – this seems to be a transitional effect of going wheatless – not sure why. It might have to do with neuropathy. I’m just not sure but mine were severe and they stopped.

      • CA

        Sue – make that Apple Cider Vinegar! (sorry – typo)

        • CA

          I think Shwepps brand Tonic Water has Quinine in it. They used to sell Quinine in pill form but took it off the market for safety reasons because it is not good at misused doses. In Tonic Water it is minimal but it works amazingly fast!

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  • Choccocat

    Dr Perlmutter, my husband and I are 3 weeks into the Grain Brain diet and are missing the usual culprits bread, pasta & potatoes. Whereas we will definitely continue to avoid gluten laden bread and pasta, we were wondering if the occasional potato accompanying a high protein meal to keep blood sugar level even would be ok?

  • Prevenscape

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter, I am an avid cyclist, before a long race I eat
    mostly carbohydrates, I started your diet one week ago, I have lost some
    undesired weight (wohoo!) and doing OK for spinning classes and gym
    workouts but I have not raced, Should I go back to a high carbohydrate
    diet (pasta) a day before the race? I have a 100 mile event in a couple
    of weeks and would like to get your advice.


  • Willizz

    Dr. Perlmutter than how do you address the face that the societies in the world that have the least Alzheimer’s eat the MOST carbs. Also this research was performed on kids with epilepsy and rats.

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  • Kirkmuse

    I am reading “GRAIN BRAIN” for the second time. You mentioned chronic inflammation as the cause of many diseases. What is your opinion on cannabis use to lower inflamation?

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  • Sue

    Do you know if there is a connection between gluten and granulomas? I have a round “rash” on my arm the size of a half dollar. My derm doesn’t seem to know what it is caused by but I have been suspicious of gluten.

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  • Mary

    Dr. Perlmutter, I’ve been religiously following the supplement suggestions from your “Better Brain Book” for several years. ( Mainly, the alpha lipoic acid, NAC, and acetyl L carnitine along with a few others.) Do you recommend taking these same supplements if I follow the dietary changes suggested in your new book “Grain Brain?” By the way I also have had a gluten sensitivity for several years and my mother had Alzheimers.
    Thank you for all your research and the wonderful information you share with us.

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  • Choccocat

    Has anyone else put on weight doing the Grain Brain diet?
    I’ve put on 4lbs!
    When someone tells me I can eat something liberally, I take it literally.
    Will have to review and reign in!

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  • SA

    Any information regarding essential tremor and the Grain Brain recommendations,I would like to hear about possibilities. SA

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  • Laura86

    Dr perlmutter this book is amazing my mom has the book thanks

    • David Perlmutter

      Glad to hear you feel that way. Hope mom enjoys as well Laura.

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  • Jan

    Dr Perlmutter, I just don’t know to turn. Have you ever had a patient like this? when I was in my 20’s I had some sort of neurological breakdown, tingling arms, legs, generalized weakness, tinnitus, and more.( a great deal of stress in my life) I have always kept stress bottled up and I know my body had enough and sent me a signal. I thought I had MS, but didn’t. To this day, I don’t know what happened. When it first happened, my dad took me to a neurologist. I had an eeg, which was negative. this was in the 1970’s. the effects have lingered for many years on and off, as I continued to have a lot of stress. the symptoms are hard to describe but I feel like there is inflammation throughout my nervous system ,including the brain. it feels like a vibration throughout my nerves that acts up when I am very stressed. I cant include it all in this note, but I really need to get to the bottom of this as I am desperate to stop this or slow it down.. I am in my 50’s now, mri and mra were negative Do you suggest a spect on the brain? I need a plan of action! I am so concerned about the effects of long term inflammation on the brain and am constantly thinking about it! I do at times, have “brain fog”
    I know you are in Naples (we took my dad there for hyperbaric tx after a stroke in 1998, which really helped) I live in Michigan and wondered if you have a facility here or can you recommend a top neurologist here? I am really scared and want to know what to do. This has been on my mind for a long time but I never knew where to turn for answers since all the doctors around here say that my tests such as mri, mra are normal and I should just go take a vacation.
    Thank you so much

    • Culinary Adventurer

      Have you ceased consuming gluten and seeds of grasses – wheat, rye, barley, oats.. etc…??? Sugar too? Have you read Dr. William Davis’ book Wheat Belly. Have you actually changed your diet?

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  • Ben

    Dr. Perlmutter, what do you know about the effects of diet on one’s platelet count? Is it possible to increase it through diet, if the count is unusually low?

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  • Diane

    I read your book and immediately decided to transition into your diet. For the past two weeks, I was mostly gluten-free, definitely on low carbs (30%) and had increased my fat. I had my blood tests and was going to start your four stages.

    However, into the second week, I became constipated: one day, then two, so I tried beans, lentils, and ground flaxseed
    with Aloe Vera juice. It worked a “bit” on some days but it wasn’t until 6 days later that I actually had a more normal one taking into account I was
    constipated for so long.

    I was told by a dietition that it could be because I had eliminated grains (quinoa, millett and brown rice which I had been eating). So I am tweeking your diet and am eating grains daily again plus one more fruit per day. I do not want to deal with constipation separately from my diet. My doctor is not interested in talking to me about it.

    Diane Atkins
    Victoria, BC, Canada

  • Straightthinker

    I discovered something wonderful for this life style. I love hot chocolate, but that does’t go along too well. Now I buy unflavored Almond milk at Costco. I put in stevia and either 1-a teaspoon of coconut oil (no carbs at all) or 2- a few drops of vanilla (very very low carb). Very few calories, no carbs to speak of, good fats, and seems to fill me up and satisfy my dessert desire. Not chocolate, but equally as good. I’m sure you could do the same with unsweetened cocoa as well, but that will have some carbs. After a few days, I now look forward to my nighttime warm milk.

    • David Perlmutter

      Sounds like a solid part of a bedtime routine.

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  • Bengt Seger This article in Nature Neuroscience wasent any news right? It´s what you write about in your book right?

  • Queen Victoria

    I have been doing this diet for three weeks and have less energy than I did before. I am not overweight, although I lost 2 pounds on the diet so far. However, there must be something wrong because I am too tired.

    • Neicee

      Consider your D3 levels or magnesium levels, especially your mag. I upped mine and later slept like a baby – a hot bath using Epson salts is the best when coupled with a glass of red and soothing music.

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  • Norman

    Could you comment on the 2013 ACC-AHA Guideline on Lipid management. They claim they have strong evidence that’s why they expanded the use of statins for more patients as a preventive measure.

  • rs

    Can you drink sparkling mineral water on this plan, or is the carbonation a problem?

    • Culinary Adventurer

      Carbonation consumed WITH food may be a problem. Too much carbonation may be also. Otherwise I haven not heard a complete rejection of it. Maria Emmerich discusses this in some of her books. You might want to check out her website.

    • David Perlmutter

      Carbonated water, although it does contain more sodium than flat water, is absolutely encouraged on the Grain Brain program. In fact, adding natural flavoring makes this even more refreshing and still adds no sugar.

  • Karisa Bohon

    Is there a list of corrections for the book? I noticed a contradiction in chapter 3, where you characterize walnut oil as an omega-3 rich oil on p. 74, but then the table on p. 76 shows walnut oil containing 52% omega-6 vs. 10% omega-3.

  • Gary

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    Trying to learn as much as I can from the book, PBS special, this site, etc., as I think it holds the key to many health issues. You address dementia and, occasionally, Parkinsons, but haven’t read or heard anything about ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Have you tried your low carb/high fat approach with any ALS patients? Any thoughts on whether it might slow, stop or prevent this terrible neurodegenerative disease?

    Thanks much

  • Dana

    I have read Grain Brain and in the book Dr. Perlmutter mentioned that on his website he mentions his favorite supplement brand names. I am having trouble finding what brand names that he recommends. Can someone help me find this info.

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  • fransim

    I have been fighting depression, weight and migraines for thirty plus years. Within the last few years I have made the connection between the migraines and gluten. Last week I read the book and added the supplements to my diet. I have been on a crying jag since, any suggestions?

    • Culinary Adventurer

      Are you completely grain and sugar free????? Are you eating healthy fats like coconut oil? Have you also read Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and visited Maria Emmerich’s great website for information and great recipes? I encourage you to keep trying and also widen your circle! You have a lot of good experiences ahead.

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  • hollyf12

    my son has ADHD. What are supplements he should be taking? He is 11. I am trying to transition him to a grain-free diet.

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  • Marilyn

    I have your book and just love it! I have stopped all grains at this time. I was already gluten-intolerant so wasn’t eating pasta, etc.. I started Atkins a week ago. I’ve used this type of eating since the 70’s and it suits me. Sugar is my enemy, but as of today it’s been 8 days since I’ve had sugar or grain. Just two days ago I started having extreme brain fog and today it’s just horrible. Is this my brain cleaning itself up?

    • Culinary Adventurer

      Eight days is not a long time. Are you completely OFF wheat and other grains? Sugar too? You might want to also read Dr. Davis’ Wheat Belly blog on Wheat withdrawal symptoms. Have you read his book too?
      Keep expanding your range of information!

      • Marilyn

        Yes, zero sugar and zero grain. All I’m eating on the Atkins induction phase is protein. Where is his blog?

        • Culinary Adventurer

          Hi Marilyn,
          Just google Wheat Belly Blog – there are hundreds of good post by Dr. Davis. Just start reading. You need to eat more than protein – like healthy fats! It is a great way to eat!

  • Gladys B

    Dr. Perlmutter, I have followed your recommendations closely since 11/1/13 in the hopes of eliminating frequent headaches/migraines, and to help insomnia and low energy. I felt some improvement the first 2 months, but in January 2014 started getting frequent headaches/migraines lasting days, and out of the blue a lingering bout of ulcerative colitis (the worst I’ve ever had in the 5 years I’ve had it). 3 weeks ago a colonoscopy showed inflammation throughout my colon, and I am being treated by a g.i. doc. I’d had no symptoms for at least a year prior to now. I have continued the diet closely, but am disheartened as I had hoped this protocol would help the colitis, which had not been bothering me. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have.

    • David Perlmutter

      Gladys: You should be consulting with your physician immediately, and only make any dietary, lifestyle or medical changes under their guidance.

  • Gemma

    I am new to your theory and ideas and although I am myself practicing a fairly diary and gluton free diet, I am struggling to work out what on earth I and my two young children can eat. It’s troubling me so much as I am solely responsible for their health as they are still only 2 and 4 years old. My mother in law has early on set Alzheimers and I am worried about cognitive decline and the array of illnesses that I could be setting my children up for if I continue to allow them a sandwich in their lunch box. What do I feed them instead? Ideally some chicken chunks with gluton free pasta I suppose but seriously 1) How will I afford it? 2) How can I convince them that although 90% of their peers will be eating a form of grain/bread that they shouldn’t and 3) What if they just don’t eat the replacements? I am looking for advice here and I hope somehow I can make sense of it all because at the moment I have read theories about Grain, Gluton, Diary, Soya, Fats. Low fats, Carb’s and toxic sugar. I walked through Waitrose this afternoon looking for a convenient snack or lunch to feed myself and my children and I seriously struggled. It felt like there was literally nothing on the shelf of several aisles that I could eat. In the end I chose a cooked chicken breast for myself and the boys had a scotch egg and a ham sandwich. I felt so guilty after they ate it. I am not trying to duck away from this and I want more than anything to feed them well, the best I can, but surely the theory is more based on those who consume a higher amount of carb/gluton/dairy and sugar that I and my family do?? I mean, I cook 90% of meals from scratch, I limit sugar and processed foods for my children, I encourage vegetables and stock up on hidden veg sauce for pasta, we eat gluton free pasta and enjoy fresh fruit, but after reading areas of your book and that of Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ I am completely dumfounded at the amount I cannot eat or allow my children to eat 🙁

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  • mary

    Dr Perlmutter
    What are your thoughts on sprouted wheat/grains. I eat Esekiel bread
    Thank you

  • Robin

    Dr. Perlmutter –I have been interested in and trying to follow health based eating habits since the days of Sugar Blues and Diet for a Small Planet. Your information makes sense to me in most ways. However, the low carb/high protein and fat goes against some things I have believed as a “health food” vegetarian who spent many years feeling quite healthy on a vegetarian. I have 4 questions.
    1. What about the theory that “whole raw grains, nuts and legumes” digest more slowly than simple carbs and therefore do not unnaturally raise your blood sugar.
    2. What about the theory that you can combine different unprocessed foods (e.g. corn and beans) to make “complete proteins” that are equivalent to the quality of meat protein.
    3. Do you know of the Nearings, who lived on a low protein organic vegetarian diet in Vermont for many years and wrote some books extolling the virtues of that diet. . What do you think.
    4. What about the argument that raising meat is a less efficient way of using the earths’s resources i.e. it takes a lot of grain that could be eaten directly by humans, especially given the population of the earth.

    I appreciate any thoughts you have.

  • elmonika

    I love your book,just starting to implement your “rules” in my life but there is no mention of the salt being a main factor in high blood pressure disease.What’s your take on salt,Dr.Perlmutter?

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  • Kathy Koester

    Dr. Perlmutter, I was told to seek you out by Dr. Tieraona Low Dog. My son has a considerable amount of cerebral edema resulting from cyberknife treatment. He has had two rounds of hyperbaric therapy that have allowed him to get off of steroids and tegretaol, but the improvement has seemed to taper off. He’s left with left sided weakness. Dr. Low Dog was immediate in her response to seek out your opinion. Any ideas on how to get the body to rid this edema? Ben just wants to be a normal 19 year old.

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  • Jen

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter, how does one adapt this way of eating for someone who has kidney disease and has been told to keep protein under 60 g a day, and to emphasize vegetable proteins over animal? I have IgA Nephropathy and am so far fortunate to have about 60% kidney function. I’d like to follow this way of eating but I’m concerned of how I’ll do with no legumes to speak of. Many thanks for your consideration.

  • elainetmom

    You don’t mention soaked grains or sourdough. I have read in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon that soaking grains (wheat, spelt, etc.) “partially breaks down the gluten into simpler components that are more readily available for absorption”. If the only grains one ate were soaked and fermented, would you allow some in your diet recommendations? And if so, how much? I am trying to cut back on grains in my house, but my teenage children are not happy about it. Thank you.


  • Louise S-N

    Dr Perlmutter .. thank you for such a great book which really does shed some light on today’s eating habits, good and bad. My husband and I have drastically changed our eating habits (they weren’t that bad to start with) and have gone 95% grain free. I have tested your program for a solid week and not only did I lose 5 lbs but also had tons of energy which has been lacking for the past 10 years. Thanks you again and we are both strong advocates of your program and passing the word around!

    • David Perlmutter

      Glad to hear of the success you, and your husband, have had. Now, to go 100%!

  • katydidnot

    Dr. Petlmutter, do you recommend higher fat consumption even for ApoE4 carriers, particularly a female who has both copies? And do you include LDLP when saying that people needn’t worry about high cholesterol numbers?

    • David Perlmutter

      We do not fat restrict our APOE+ patients. Of course, you should consult with your doctor though.

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  • Mike C

    I just saw you on fox news and I believe what you said about grains. But then I cam across Dr. McDougall’s newsletter, where he essentially is attacking your book, and the wheat belly book. I don’t know who to believe anymore. Some say eat meat, eggs and fish, some say eat only plant based foods. Some say oatmeal is good, rice is good, but wheat is the only bad grain. I don’t know anymore??

    Can you provide any insight?

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  • Cindy

    I recently went to a doctor to help me with a weight issue. I have never been really over weight. But about three years ago I was put into a very stressful situation. I lost my dad and became the caretaker of my very ill mom. My life changed drastically. I could not longer work and my family became second. During this time I gained almost 60#s and became very ill. I hurt all the time and could barely get around, I had extremely bad headache almost daily could not remember a thing and could barely walk. I went to a physician that diagnosed with fibromyalia and put me on all kinds of medication where I continued to gain weight. Three weeks ago the new doctor recommended I get your book. I ordered it immediately. Today I have lost over 12#s and lost 3.5 inches in my waist alone just from going gluten free, sugar free and following your book. But what I am most excited about is I am getting my life back on track. I have been able to walk on the tread mill 20 minutes every other day. I could barley got 10 before this. What also has amazed me is that I am less dependent on these addicting foods and wanting less of them all the time. It is truly amazing what your book has done for me. Thank you!

    • David Perlmutter

      This is truly wonderful news Cindy. Congrats on taking back control of your health.

  • Ted

    Sorry if this has been raised before, but how does one reconcile the Grain Brain Diet with this recent study on cancer risk and protein?

  • pamela

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    thankful for all he has done. contact him via email:
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    it, he has done mine.

  • Ted

    I am very grateful for “Grain Brain.” After years of reading books and papers on the ideal diet, Grain Brain is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you! I have only two issues I am trying to reconcile. How do you look at the China Study and its apparently indictment of cassein in milk products–and what is you take on the study that showed a high correlation of DHA (high Omega 3s in the blood) to prostate cancer? Finally, since high testosterone correlates with prostate cancer is there a risk that high cholesterol will increase prostate cancer risk? Thank you again for the important work you are doing!

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  • Guillermo gomez cortes

    I got the book, and let me tell you .I had a tumor in my brain about 6 months ago,,supossely my life expectation didn´t go farther than February 2014, based on Neurologist thar checked my IMR and TAC. I went to a man who is a Bioenergetic and healed me up with the help of God, only using leave´s trees ,and it worked perfectly,,,no more symptoms ,,almost gone 100% the migraines and headaches,,,and the whole curing was based also in the RIGHT NUTRITION and is very close to Dr. Perlmutter suggestions,,so go ahead,,read a lot, learn a lot and practice,,,it works..

    • David Perlmutter

      I am so glad to hear of this health turnaround Guillermo. This is wonderful. If you like, share your story with me at, so that I can share it on my website.

    • Guillermo gomez cortes

      First of all I got to thank you for taking time and read my story. I live in CR since 1999 and work in Aquaculture for the last 29 years. It was normal for me to fell intracraneal pressure when I was doing certain kind of movements, or coughing or sneezing or even big laugh , even at the bath, etc, etc.About 6 years ago I start to feel VERTIGO but really hard one, and never dissapear until now (2 or 3 months ago). sometimes I feel it a little bit.
      Three years ago I started my own fish farm here and the business wasn´t easy and a lot work , mostly overnight and working during the day, as well. Here is when the terrible headaches initiate and associate them with a persistan low quality of breathing while I was in bed trying to sleep, but the migraines were increasing , not only in frecuency , but in intensity; even I felt twice a weird sensation upon my forthead , kind of DRAINING SOME LIQUID INSIDE, and from there I lost vision capacity in both eyes , a little more in left eye.
      At this point I ask an appointment with Othorrino and got it for 10 months laters (wich was pretty fast for here, believe me). Meanwhile the symptoms got strength and a lot of disease
      And no one doctor I visited meanwhile knew a clue what was going on on me,,,I´m a reading lover and figure it out (Google) that I was suffering of a Intracraneal pressure, maybe Hydrocephalia or aneurism , but this superdoctor said I was just stressed,,,nothing more.
      When the Othorhinolaringologist talk to me and I explained about my symptoms and ASKED him to do a TAC on me , he said yes,,,so two weeks later the TAC , took too long time and different positions and appear a ping pong ball just located in the IV ventricule and in that moment (august 2013) this Dr. referred me to a Neurologist inmediatly and the same day the Dr. analize the TAC and an MRI took me too.
      And there it was , a huge ependimoma starting to irradite his tentacles to the base of all the craneal nervous , etc, etc, and then (here comes the beauty of all this) , the Dr. ask me when I was willing to go to surgery , cause in that moment my case was the most grave in all the province based on his data. I was in shock and I only made him a question: How do you think Dr. I´m gonna be after surgery and he said: I DONT KNOW ,MAYBE YOU DIE RIGHT HERE IN SURGERY OR WITH PROBLEMS AT YOUR FACIAL NERVES,,,etc, etc,,,a lot of words and term came out of his mouth except HOPE,,,so I was completely depressed on the edge of suicide…Sorry this is taking too long….After one month looking for medical alternatives , nothing will dissapear this kind of tumour, it´s position kept me healthy most of my life, but now, I assumed with all the stress I was living for many years, gave life to the tumour, and the real problems start for me. One friend I used to sell him alive fish , told ma about one man that has cured a lot of people , just using leaves of some trees, so I start to ask about this guy , and a lot of storys I got told. Person with Parkinson , Leukemia, Abdomen tumours, etc, etc, etc,,,,,all kind of people, since poor , until rich people,,,me,,,,and we became friends and together with his recipe comes advices about WHAT TO EAT AND WHAT DOESN´T , and its very similar what you reccomend in your book. The difference between you and this guy, is not a professional , this guy says GOD use him for make all this healings.
      When I went the first time to his little and humble office, didn´t ask me nothing,,,he figured it out everything , just touching my hand and looking at me while I was sit down. At the end of his analysis told me everything I knew already and ask me what I was told by the Dr.Neurologist , and he conclude this Dr.was missinterpretaing my symptoms and the images too ,and told me more storys about , what he called faliled diagnosis. He told me you HAVE A BACTERIA IN YOUR BRAIN ,and if this Dr open your brain , it won´t take out all the bacteria or tumor as he called and that kills you , sooner or later,,take this leaves tea and you´ll be fine in 5 weeks , and I did it a, and now I´m fine,,,,,
      Most of the syptoms are gone, the vertigo is minimun , but honestly I haven´t take another TAC for economic reasons, my farm is going through very difficult times and no money for anything but the fish.

      So this is my story and I´ve known more people cured by the gift of God and this man as a tool.


  • Psylllium Guest

    I had a Diverticulitis attack many years ago and now I ingest 3 tablespoons of Psyllium husk daily. The research I have done on Psyllium husk says it contains no Gluten but that it binds with Bile Salts and eliminates Cholesterol. from the body. Is this true, and if so, is taking Psyllium husk counter productive to having a healthy cholesterol level as suggested in your Grain Brain book?

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  • Hi there.

    I suffer from cluster headaches since 2006, but have been diagnosticated only in 2012.

    Since then, I have been treated with the “classic” medicine: sumatriptan, verapamil, divalproex etc.

    It’s been hard 🙁

    I am reading Grain Brain, which has been recently published in Brazil, and I’d like to know if it is possible to prevent or cure cluster headaches with a gluten-free diet or any other kind of dietary procedures.

    Please note that I am writing from another country and from a remote region (amazon rainforest) even in Brazil, where health treatment is not totally adequate to my condition, so any information is really important and can make a difference for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

    Rommel Sousa, 35 years old.
    Manaus, Brazil.

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  • Scared in Spring Hill

    I am scared to death! Experiencing ascending peripheral neuropathy along with tetany, spasm, suddenly uncontrollable seizure-like activity and serious brain fog with frustration and depression, serious flaky facial rash as well as family emotional alienation. I have panic attack history and self diagnosed (but known) gluten intolerance.

    Each accidental ingestion of gluten is heavier in the symptoms department. I was tested negative for cauda equina, MS and Guillaume-Barre as well as Charcot-Marie Tooth (sp?). I don’t know if I was tested for Celiac. Life falling apart and very scared. By the way, I can tell that fear exacerbates symptoms.

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  • TaoTeChing

    In chapter 1 in the book Grain Brain it is two diagrams. One states that our ancestors diet consisted of 75 % fat. I have intuitively difficult in imagining this to be correct. I GUESS that the animals they hunted had 15 % body fat, which would indicate a fat content for the ancestors of the same figure, 15 %. How could they possibly get their hands on such large amounts of fat?

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  • BAF

    I’m 45. I have high cholestrol. I have a stent. And an other issue I think stemming from these issues. I dont want statins or another meds to deal with issue. There is heart desease, stroke and demencia in my family. I want to reverse this crap right now. Please help!!!
    Your book is the best I’ve read so far… and I’ve read hundreds of books on what to do about my health… great research great book!!! thank you

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  • Trish

    Dr. Perlmutter, what about a 23 year old female with partial absent seizures? I began eating a very high fat diet do eliminate these. Eating only meat, coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, eggs, and ever so often a very small portion of veggies, sometimes a little bit of spices and herbs. But I don’t seem to have much luck 1.5 months later. Any suggestions on this?

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  • I just started reading this book. I have been diagnosed with Partial Complex Seizures which has cause many problems including totaling my car. I am currently on 4250mg per day of Keppra and 200mg a day of lamictal (Dr’s target depending on blood level tests is 300mg). My issue here is that I fear to reduce the medications and replace with diet as how would I monitor this? I would feel that every time I reduced the meds, that I would have to refrain from driving for 3-4 months (as I was having these seizures as little as every week to a 3 month gap). Simply put, I couldn’t make a living if I did that. As of now, I’m 6-8 months minimum from driving as long as no seizures. On the other hand I hate taking the level of dosage of meds every day,

  • Gustroh

    Why are all the comments 5-7 months old. I put in a question the other day for nothing.

  • Gustroh


  • Kyersten

    Hello, I have a question regarding feeding young children on a diet like this. My toddler is not allergic to nuts, but due to choking hazards, cannot eat them as is. can we mak nut milks, instead? Would that still be beneficial? We already eat organic, raise our own organic meats, eggs and garden produce. I, unfortunately am addicted to sugar…and I am sick of being exhausted all the time, so this is it, gone it is! We are going to give this a shot. I Want to incorporate more juicing, as well, for the benefits of raw, again, toddlers have issues with raw veggies, (choking)…any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance!

    • David Perlmutter

      Almond milk is a great choice Kyersten. Good thinking.

  • Gustroh

    what about chicken skins and ham fat, good?

  • Debw

    Does anyone know if it is ok to drink SoBe water while following the Brain Grain plan? It is gluten free but I’m not sure about the other ingredients

    • David Perlmutter

      I am not familiar with the ingredients Deb, but my guess would be no.

  • Gustroh

    I want to know the dangers of chicken skin. I love them but have been brainwashed to think they are bad. Are they?
    And what about ham?

  • Gustroh

    The Dr. mentions taking 350 mg of turmeric daily. Is that a pill form. What about fresh turmeric how much fresh would be equal to 350 mg of powdered?

  • john

    Just finished David
    Perlmutter, M.D. book “Grain Brain” and I loved it. I saw my grandfather
    eat stake (& sometimes bacon) and eggs every morning I was at his
    house. All his meals included large portions of protien He lived to 101
    years of age but more importantly was razor sharp in his thinking even
    past 100 and was successfully trading in stocks right up yo the day he

    Yes…cholesterol is good for the body and Brain and all
    the typical thinking that Grains are good for you is total
    hog-wash!!!!!! I will never eat a slice of bread or a bowl of cereal

  • Gustroh

    How does one get an answer in this social crap?

  • Gustroh

    7 months ago…

  • Scott Erickson

    Dr Perlmutter,

    I’ve recently watched this interview you were hosted in >>>>

    The discussion has spurred me to ask a couple questions.
    1) What is your view on the Mediterranean diet and AD prevention?
    2) When you mention “healthy fats” that people don’t consume enough of, what are these foods you recommend people eat more of?
    3) Similar to the second question what are the carbs you recommend people stay away from. Some of these terms were a little ambiguous in the interview. Just interested to know your views!

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for these great questions Scott:

      1) There is certainly a strong connection, and other than the focus on grains, the Mediterranean diet is quite similar to a Grain Brain lifestyle.

      2) Eggs, avocados, nuts, seeds, grass-fed beef, fish, and more

      3) Check this page on my site:

  • Joey

    Everything I’ve read specifically for long distance runners says not to do low carb. They have medical research to support. How can carbs really be that bad? Why don’t more athletes go to low carbs?

  • Steve

    Dr Perlmutter,
    I have purchased Grain Brain on Audible. How do I access the PDF you reference in the audio book?
    Thank you

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  • jcpeake

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter,

    In Grain Brain, you provide a list of lab tests that you recommend being performed at the start. One of these is the C-Reactive Protein (CRP) test, which is a marker for inflammation. I’ve just learned that there is a variant of this test called High Sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP). Can you tell us, is the High Sensitivity version better, or just different? Is the HS version preferable for “Grain Brain” purposes? Which do you recommend? Many thanks!

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  • Liza Levin

    Twelve years ago, I started following the Carbohydrate Addict Diet after seeing Drs. Richard and Rachel Heller on TV. I believe their diet literally saved my life. It also focused on the elimination of carbs and the control of blood sugar. I used their “reward meal” concept to eat a small amount of vegetables and fruit that had a little higher carb count.
    Dr. Perlmutter – I love the your new information and research on the harmful effects of carbs! I’m looking forward to future books.

    • David Perlmutter

      Thank you Liz. Next up is the cookbook, out this fall.

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  • patsy

    why do you say no blue cheese on the list of foods but yet allow a recipe with blue cheese on your site? This is very confusing

  • Jarod Benowitz

    All I see are M.D.’s no PhD’s, that’s a problem considering the boldness of your claims.

  • SandraIrina

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter,

    I wrote you several days ago asking if you could provide some studies on diabetes that I could use for my scientific paper about
    gluten. I presume my mail didn’t get thorough. Nevertheless, I was very
    glad to find the SCIENCE rubric on your homepage with the numerous studies on any topic I need.

    Thank you so very much for this treasure! I hope I can somehow contribute to a revolution of the old Austrian way of treating
    neurological and metabolic disorders by using your precious knowledge.

    Relieved Student,

    • David Perlmutter

      Glad you found the information you needed Sandra.

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  • Patti LaBurn

    Why have you not addressed GMO’s, Organic food choices, grass fed meat and wild fish. These are so critical in todays food choices.

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  • jjordanw

    what about organic oatmeal ?? is that bad ?? Thank you

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  • tree1957

    these are the changes i have made since reading Grain Brain:

    using cpap and sleeping well on a regular schedule for first time in years
    walking an hour each morning before work, and on weekends
    drinking raw goat’s milk, almond milk, and coconut milk
    eating fewer sugary foods including candy bars and fruit (no juices or sodas)
    eating less bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and cereals
    eating more meats, cheeses, nuts, avocados, eggs
    using supplements: vitamin D, probiotics, fish oil, resveratrol, tumeric
    (i have amalgam fillings and read the entry by the person who said alpha lipoic acid reacted badly in combination with amalgam fillings for her friend, so i avoided that supplement just in case it is true)

    i like the way you don’t pussy-foot around. i have lowered my carb consumption from approximately 1000 grams/day to about 200 grams/day. i am avoiding gluten even though i think my body likely handles it decently. i am 56 and overweight, carrying 210 pounds and less than 5-1/2 feet tall. lots of muscle but lots of fat, too; very small bones, or so i was told by Dr. Art Mollen many years ago.

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  • Robert J. Bullock

    The “MIssion” page on his website should read: “My mission is to make Dr. Perlmutter rich as hell and famous to boot.” When will people wake up?

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  • tree1957

    one thing i don’t recall if you addressed in your book, and i’m not even sure if this is true, but i read that nutrients in vegetables are difficult for the body to absorb (if not downright impossible as with spinach) without fat or heme iron as a transport because of their polyphenols, that polyphenols in vegetables, phytic acids in grains, and tannins in teas all dramatically inhibit absorption. if that is true, and it is also true that fats are a transport, then that would be another reason to consume fats.

    also, i was wondering about adding otherwise prohibitive fruits to water, like nectarines and cherries. i know that, for instance, cut up ripe cherries would flavor the water pretty well, but would that add too much sugar to the water? i have read that if water is distilled or filtered as in bottled water, that the body doesn’t recognize anything to absorb and it can pass through without hydrating. for that reason, i have thought that adding lemon or fruits, etc, would be good, if you are drinking water with everything removed from it, so the body will recognize that something is there to absorb. but i was mostly worried about the sugar, if it would still be too much for the body to handle.

    • gayla chandler

      this is only an update. i wanted to edit this message, taking out old content and adding the update, but it would not let me, and i am unable to go go back and correct and/or otherwise revise text using my ipad, so what comes out is what i write with no corrections, sorry. 🙁

      still doing way way way worse than what you recommend, dr. perlmutter. your eyes would pop out if you only read it, but i’m walking about an hour each morning and afternoon, an hour before work and an hour in the evening, just medium speed. i imagine that the leptin thing is kicking in, esp now with the good sleep i’m getting after the evening walk (less time to eat and watch television). got an exercise ball to work some core muscles. got some kale and spinach leaves with bok choi and other leaves mixed in (ewwwwwww!). made fresh coconut milk, and am eating coconut meat, lots of nuts, avocados, tuna fish, made some homemade hummus (soaked the chickpeas with acv for 48 hours to get the phytic acids out and skinned them, all fresh ingredients except the tahini from sprouts). trying to cover sleep, exercise, and food including supplements as recommended in your book

      • David Perlmutter

        Nothing “worse” here Gayla. It sounds like you are taking steps in the right direction.

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  • rkm54

    I just read your book. What adaptations do u make for the diet of vegetarians who usely eat beans and tofu? I do eat fish but no chicken or red meat. Please help as I want to avoid my primary care doctor putting me on statins! I am a 60 year old woman whose mother had early onset Alzheimer’s disease diagnosed at 67 yrs old. I have been vegetarian for 14 yrs. What do u recommend I do?

  • I read Grain Brain in its entirety about two days ago. I’ve been against low fat diets and cholesterol doom-sayers for about 12 years. This was after I was diagnosed with ‘high cholesterol’ and prescribed Lipitor. I decided to do some research and found Dr. Ravnskov’s website and books. It completely turned me around. I threw away my Lipitor prescription and stopped worrying about eating fat. So, I really appreciated the emphasis in the book on this topic. I think the scare over healthy, natural fat is the one thing that caused more health problems than anything. I think if we could get people off the high cholesterol and fat scare, the carbs would naturally take care of themselves. After reading the book, I felt the dietary advice was too restrictive, especially based on what’s available and convenient at our stores. Instead, I decided to eliminate gluten and lower my carb intake as much as possible while continuing to eat the fats and protein I love. Sorry, but that includes bacon and sausage (usually nitrite free). Based on the brainwashing that still exists, it is a very difficult task to follow the menu’s prescribed in the Brain-Grain book. My health food stores are filled with products touting ‘low-fat’ and ‘no-cholesterol’. So, until we can completely turn the myths on cholesterol and fat upside down, it’s going to be very difficult to incorporate the lifestyle recommended in this book.

  • I recommend that you watch Forks Over Knives which contains lots of scientific data. I also recommend that you read Dr Neal Barnard’s Power Foods For the Brain as well as any of Dr Caldeall Esselstyn’s book/dvds. All of these highly respected doctors are in agreement with diet with is in contrast to what Mr Perlmutter recommends. Just give their diet a try and I predict that you willfeel much better Togel Online Klik 4D . I personally know someone who had diabetes who moved to a plant based diet and within one week, they felt a big difference and never went back. There is so much data and evidence for this out there. In addition to this, grass-fed meat and wild-caught fish is just not sustainable for a planet with 7 billion people on it.

  • Sam Bali

    With regards to Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome (BWS):

    14 days ago, I induced Ketosis by eliminating Carbohydrate rich foods, all of which are grain based. Right now I am still trying to achieve “Keto-Adaptation”.

    After an abrupt discontinuation of 30mg Diazepam per day, commencing as of 5 days ago; I can firmly say that the degree of Depersonalization/Derealization as a symptom of BWS, has been significantly reduced as compared to the previous experiences I have had with BWS.

    I think the worlds perception on the medical profession is grossly misconstrued.The masses seem to believe that any “Joe” with a degree in Medicine is an all knowing source of counsel.

    You have written an excellent book, Doc. It frustrates me that people often overlook credible advice as just another marketing ploy of sorts, in this media saturated society.

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  • Ontolojim

    I am 66 and have always lived what I thought was a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise. I bought the book 8 weeks ago and began the diet 7 weeks ago. I was convince by the evidence in the book, the logic of the book and the connection to the already healthy life style and healthy eating. What I changed was to drop the gluten and unhealthy carbs. I also dropped the statins that my doctor had me on.
    The difference has been amazing in terms of how I feel, look, and the energy I can maintain for the day. I do work with my brain and I think it is working better, plus I don’t feel stress or nervousness with the same peaks of the past. My wife has taken up the diet as well and I have noticed a difference in her. We both have benefited and I can’t see the time when we would drop it. All I can say is thank you, thank you and thank you for your work and for publishing the book.
    The diet is not difficult, I never have been hungry, and I enjoy the food. I have also lost about 17 pounds of belly fat. Enjoying life more than ever and feel like the aging process is really going to be OK.

  • Yochanan

    Has the book been translated into Polish yet?

    • David Perlmutter

      Those rights have been purchased, and I believe they are working on the publication now!

  • TB Rojas

    I’m confused… Grain Brain says dairy products are ok,, but other paleo diet books I read say dairy products are not ok… How are we suppose to know the truth about dairy ?..

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  • BJanke
  • Carrie Pitt

    Dr. Perlmutter …… I teach Therapeutic Yoga & have a private student with Parkinson’s’s Disease ……. I would love if you could recommend a Neurologist in our Area …………….. South Orange County, Southern California. …….
    the Neurologist he has now is not on board with the importance of dietary change ……. I had him take your book to show her and all she said was “I agree with this…” but did not go as far as to tell his wife it was important to follow your dietary guidelines ……. so his wife doesn’t believe she needs to change …
    I have asked all my Yoga students to read your book & “Wheat Belly” by William Davis MD …………
    I’ve always taught what we eat determines how Healthy our Bodies are …….
    I have been with this student for 11 yrs. & he deserves a Neurologist that understands an anti-inflammatory diet ……….
    Waiting for your reply ………
    Peace in HEALTH
    Carrie Pitt
    Laguna Beach, Ca

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  • confused cyndy

    love your book, can you help explain how one gets FODMAP?
    is it because of a past history of high carb diet?

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  • Michele

    I find this diet so hard to stick with mainly because of digestion issues. I can’t eat too many vegetables and nuts because (I think) the fiber and possibly the fat from the nuts upsets my stomach. I do have a mild case of Crohns, a previous ulcer, and GERD. I suppose the solution is to eat more meat and less veggies and nuts, but I have no desire to eat it as much as I would need to keep my carbs down to the level Dr. P recommends. I’d waste away, probably, as I have a small build anyway. As it is, the weight is melting off rapidly, in part, because I’m, ehem, eliminating the veggies and nuts as fast as I get them down. Also, I’ve been exhausted when I’ve taken the carbs down to recommended levels. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  • Clifford Olivia


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    him, and before i know it i was feeling changes on me, and on the
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    if not for DR OZIL i will have been a dead woman now thanks to DR OZIL.
    And also if you are out there suffering from any disease quickly
    contact this powerful spell caster at his email via he is ever ready to help you.

  • Bill Wagner

    My wife and I read the book on a road trip of 15 hours and could not put it down. In 4 months I have lost over 40 lbs, my wife has lost 25. We no longer ache as in the past, and if we “cheat” we feel it. Thanks for changing our lives, Dr.

    • David Perlmutter

      That’s wonderful to hear Bill. I’m so glad to know of this success. Just remember, I shared the information with you, but it was you who made the choices that changed your life.

  • Rich Linkemer

    Dr Perlmutter,
    I have written several times with no reply. I started two years ago with “Wheat Belly” to become “Wheat Free”. I was 190 lbs and 76 years old with 7 back and neck surgeries, a stent, and three hip replacements.
    Today I was 164 lbs, and have never felt better in my life. I play golf 3 days a week, ride my recumbent bike almost every night, and enjoying bridge on the other days.
    I read “Grain Brain” last winter in Naples, and I think it is a fantastic book. I tell friends and acquaintances about it daily when I am asked about why I am gluten free and what it has done for me.
    I have asked before, but I will ask again about if you play golf or do lunch or dinner with anyone who believes strongly about what you have said in your book. My wife and I have been enjoying Naples the last nine years, and we will be there again this year from Dec. 15th to March 31.
    Please be my guest at any of the above options.

  • Tracey

    Hi Dr.Perlmutter,

    I read your book about 2 months ago and loved it. I am a Five Element Acupuncturist and Registered Nurse. I have been recommending your book to many of my clients saying your a doc ahead of your time, going against the norm, having backlash, and that it is genius.
    I have not eaten meat, poultry or pork for 30 years. I have taken good care of myself, exercised regularly and believed I was healthy. I ate sweets and carbs in moderation and ate a low salt diet rich in seafood, fruits and lots of veggies.
    I began having severe headaches last fall, and last month I was diagnosed with a small meningioma of the left posterior fossa. I have since cut out all dairy as it brings on the headaches almost immediately. Low pressure storms bring them on as well and yet they are not migraines or cluster headaches. My neurosurgeon said he absolutley did not believe there was any relationship between the headaches, pressure, foods and meningioma, that it was a fluke finding! (I will not be going back to him). I’ve since cut out sugar and am eliminating the little bit of salt I do eat, along with going low carb. Do you this this will help shrink the meningioma or do you have any other recommendations? I will be picking up your book to re-read again this evening.


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  • Doug

    Dr Perlmutter,
    We are following your nutritional suggestions and have experienced several significant improvements in the 6 months. The most significant is the dramatic lowering of my triglyceride and LDL counts. The significant reduction in sugars associated with baked goods and breads have eliminated the after-lunch and after-dinner drowsiness. We no longer experience the headaches we always associated with sweet breads. Our meals are tasting a lot more like the meals that my grandfather enjoyed for most of his adult life as a missionary in India and he lived to the ripe age of 101 with very little diminished mental capacity. Of course, only time will determine if your theory is proven, but you certainly have some willing participants in its testing!

    As baby-boomers are crossing into retirement, our country’s economic health will be impacted by determining whether wellness and good nutrition can lower the incidence of dementia. One final note regarding obesity, when I was telling my daughter that we have become accustomed to vegetables and eggs for breakfast, my daughter, who coaches high school sports and teaches biology, said, “Since when did America decide that breakfast should be deserts?”

    Keep the conversation going! We are counting on medical science to find the answers!

    • David Perlmutter

      Wonderful to hear of your success Doug, and thank you for coming here to join this community.

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  • Talitha Boshoff

    THE GRAIN BRAIN p74: “… omega-3-rich oils, such as olive, … ” Olive oil ??? Is that correct? I thought olive oil contained omega 9 only.

  • Nicky

    Dr Perlmutter,

    I’m in the process of reading Grain Brain and I’ve already begun to eliminate gluten and reduce carbs in my meals. I do have one fundamental question, however. If we have not yet evolved to tolerate the new strains of wheat and we avoid them, will that not perpetuate gluten intolerance in future generations? This seems unsustainable unless Big Ag is also coerced to return to ancient grains. Your take on this?


  • Vashon

    I don’t want to lose weight but I’m finding that I am by eating a high fat, low carb, gluten free diet. Any advice?

  • Jan

    Dr. P,
    I have read your book and have been diligent to be gluten free for several months however, I have not been tested for sensitivity.
    My question is; will that test be inacurate if done on a person who has not ingested gluten for a long period of time?
    Thank you for this format of Q and A
    Jan W.

  • Judy

    This book has been a game changer for me. Every page contained a new revelation about how I could improve my brain and overall health. It is just the information I have been looking for. I immediately stopping eating processed sugar and eliminated almost all carbohydrates and eliminated all gluten. I couldn’t bear to eat them any longer knowing what negative processes they activated in my body. I have lost 5 lbs in two weeks and already have more energy and am sleeping better and am already starting to lose the fat around my waist. I am so grateful for this book. Thank You!! I’m sharing it with all of my family and friends.

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  • Barb

    Will you comment about Forskolin?

  • L Gillett

    What if you have no gluten sensitivity? Can this plan be modified?

  • L Gillett

    What if you do not have gluten sensitivity? Can the plan be modified?

    • David Perlmutter

      Gluten elimination is a key part of this lifestyle.

  • Daivid

    I had a question I was wondering if anyone had the answer … I was reading through his book but couldnt find his recomended daily dose of sugar consumption for optimal brain function. I was diagnosed Bi polar when I was 18. I am now 22 after reading his book a few months ago My life has completely changed. I still struggle with Brain fog on days where I eat too much sugar. In fact its usually the day after like a sugar hang over you could say… It only happens when I lose control of my diet and eat foods with too much sugar… But what is your daily recomennded dose of sugar for optimal brain function?

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  • Hal

    I’ve been taking 6,000 IU of D3 for a little over three months now.
    Last week I went to the doctor and got a test done to check my
    D3 level. The results came back that it is at 56 right now.
    Where I go I only get to see a PA not not a doctor. I explained to her
    that I was trying to get my D3 number to 90, but when the test results
    came back and were shown to be at 56 she totally ignored what I
    said and recommended I start only taking one 2,000 IU D3 a day.
    I was trying to ask her if I increased the dose how long did she think
    I should wait before getting my D3 level checked again, that didn’t
    work out so well, so I am asking you. As of now I increased it by
    2,000 for a total of 8,000 IU of D3 per day. Since I have been eating
    right my anxiety and depression has decreased and I have lost twenty
    seven pounds and seem to be holding right around 152. I am feeling
    better over all. I hope you reply about my D3 question. Thank You, Hal

  • Cher

    Dr Perlmutter, My husband and I are reading Grain Brain right now…so very interesting indeed! Up to this point we have felt that we had been eating very healthy – never considered that we might be gluten sensitive – Having not finished the book yet,I am very anxious to know your thoughts on sprouted wheat bread and real fermented sourdough! I have had the understanding that these are beneficial to one’s health and I have been sprouting and fermenting for some time now with no apparent ill affects. Would love to know if you have any scientific research on this topic!

    • David Perlmutter

      Still advise best to avoid.

  • Hal

    I asked a question yesterday, saw it posted and now it’s gone.
    I also noticed that all the replies shown are months old, does
    that mean that my question will probably not be answered ?

    Thank You, Hal

    • David Perlmutter

      Hal: Your question is still here, there are just many, many comments posted on this thread. You have to browse until you find it. Your question, about Vitamin D supplementation, is something you must discuss with your physician though, and not something I can advise about in this forum.

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  • GG

    Great book: what are your thoughts on the “resistant starch” idea in terms of potato & rice?

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  • Iury Chaim

    Hello Dr Perlmutter, I’m from Brazil and just read you book “Grain Brain” and I’m very happy I accidentally found your book in the bookstore. But I have a few questions, how do athletes should eat before and after training and you say we should moderate milk and yogurt, but we can freely use butter and cheese (except blue’s), why is that, i’m confused. Thanks a lot and congratulations for your terrific book and work.

  • Bees4me

    Having listened to your comments on CBC radio interview Aug 27/14 repeat interview, I think you have left out one important piece of the puzzle out of your research. All the diseases that have been on the rise significantly are not because of gluten, but because of what man has done to the grains and oilseeds, namely GMO canola, corn, soybean that has contaminated all our foods since 1996. As for grains, what has contaminated them is Glyphosate (Round up) dessication of crops. Glyphosate kills bacteria, therefore is an antibiotic. Glyphosate is also what is inserted into canola, corn, and soybean crops that makes them GMO’s. When people go on a gluten free diet, they feel better because they have taken canola oil, corn sugars, and soybean oils out of their diets as well, which have contaminated all carbohydrate foods. Have you checked out Dr. Thierry Vrain’s research?

    My own Discovery: About 15 years ago I developed eczema. I couldn’t figure out where this had come from. I had changed nothing in my diet. I went to Cuba two years ago, where the food is organic except at 5 star hotels. My eczema cleared up in the two weeks, but broke out again while I stayed at a 5 star hotel for three days just as I was leaving Cuba. So I started to wonder what I had to do at home to rid myself of eczema. Because I predominately grow my own food and cook from scratch, I decided to take canola oil out of my bread. Voila! Problem solved. Every time I am away from home for more than 3 days, my eczema breaks out. This means no more margarine, salad dressings, mayonaise, containing canola, soybean oils.

    What led me to take Canola out of my diet were 2 things: reading the book by Jeffrey M.Smith “Seeds of Deception” and my experience with my wild birds who I have been feeding canola seed to. About 15 years ago, I ran out of canola seed and asked my neighbor for some seed for my birds. He said to help myself, but that it was GM Canola. I said I don’t care as it was for the birds. They ate it one day only. There was purple shit all over my deck and they refused to eat anymore of the GM canola seed.

    • David Perlmutter

      Certainly want to remove canola oil from the diet. An unhealthy fat.

  • Dr Perlmutter,
    I’ve just finished your audiobook and plan to get your book in print so it is easier to refer to. I have a question on the DHA supplementation. My husband and I were taking a DHA/EPA supplement until last year when we heard there was a study showing that men were prone to, I think, prostate problems. I don’t remember exactly, but my husband stopped the supplements at that time. Do you know of it? Was it based on a certain amount per day?
    Thank you for your book!

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  • Mixy

    Hi David,

    I have just finished reading your book. IT is a very interesting and revealing book

    I have occasional brain fog, and i think it might be gluten related. For example, when I drink beer I get very foggy and spaced out. That does not happen with wine
    I also realised that when I go to Spain to visit my family, I get very foggy. In Spain, bread is eating compulsively to accompany the 3 daily meals

    I have cut gluten, but i have a question about supplements. You recommend DHA/EPA, Vitamin D3, Resveratrol, Turmeric, Probiotics, Lipoic Acid, Coconut oil

    – I have no gut/stomach problems: do I need Turmeric and Probiotics supplements?

    – If you get enough sun, do you need Vitamin D3 supplements?

    – coconut oil: this site about brain fog, mentions a study in Sweden where they link saturated fats in palm oil to liver fat increase and diabetes risk. The claim is that coconut oil is similar to palm oil in saturated content….

    I am confused now 🙂


    • David Perlmutter

      Turmeric and probiotics can impact conditions that appear far unrelated to the gut. To determine if you need a Vitamin D supplement, get your levels tested.

      • Mixy

        thanks a lot for your answer and help!

        That makes sense. If Vit D levels are low, then use supplements

        Is there a way to apply an easy equation to the prescription of all the other supplements?
        I had blood tests done before reading your book and everything is within normal levels: CRP, insulin, blood glucose… (i will get vit D and Cyrex testing done soon)
        So, I have brain fog/inflammation but the blood tests seem OK. If I start taking supplements, how can I scientifically know if the supplements are having any impact on my organism, considering the blood test results are already OK?


        • David Perlmutter

          Read this blog post Mixy:

  • sammy garcia

    I read your book ! I have brother-in-law who is a family physician and other family members in Peru who would benefit from it ! Hence, my question is : Do you have a spanish version available ?

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  • JJ

    I live in Ireland. Are the cyrex lab tests available worldwide?

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  • 6442

    What about the fact that grains apparently are gm modified with an insect gene? I mean, why isnt that a huge part of the discussion?

    • David Perlmutter

      Certainly, genetic modification of the food we eat is another danger to our health.

  • 6442

    Yes, but how can u blame gluten, or phytic acid etc, as some do, or whatever it is, when what could be making people sick is the strange combo of for instance grain/insect. Wouldnt it make a strange and alien genestring, or whatever it’s called? Sorry, i just think this is very underresearched. Did u mention in your book about the fact that grains resemble a hormone, which it then takes up into the body,, which is supposed to be harmful…(sounds harmful…)

  • 6442

    Grains have in them something resembling a hormone, which exists in the human body. This is harmful for the body, as it confuses the grain hormone for its natural own hormone. Is what i meant to say. Could you say something about this? And i wonder if organic grains have managed to not use the gm modified seeds?

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  • Judy

    Hi. I am a 55 yo female recently diagnosed with Dystonia a neurological movement disorder. I have spasms in my neck, jaw and eye lids.
    Is there a possibility that a change of diet would alleviate symptoms? If so, what changes should I make? I already consider I have a healthy diet but I do like the odd sweet thing to eat.

  • disqus_VrnxMOXw0t

    Wow I’m thankful for you and other Dr’s like you. All my life I’ve had bombastic bowel syndrome. I’ve also always caught every cold and flu bug within 500 miles. I’ve usually gotten sick 5 or 6 times a year at least.
    Lately since I turned 50 (now 54) I’ve been suffering from a number of ailments. I found out that I was seriously low in testosterone (real surprise since my wife had our second child when I was 50) and I have adult onset asthma after suffering from a bout with H1N1 and Double Pneumonia that put me in intensive care for 11 days. I have also recently found out that I’m severely intolerant to gluten.

    While the gluten free products available locally are very expensive, I’ve kicked the obviously posted gluten products to the curb.

    My GI issues have calmed way down for the most part. My mental fogginess has drastically improved. My energy has returned so much, just in the last 3 months that I’ve been off Gluten, that I’m exercising, my brain functions are increasing (i’ve started using challenges on All tested brain functions have steadily and drastically increased with the exception of memory. I’ve always struggled with short term memory of things like names and phone #’s.

    My mental clarity and short term memory were so bad all the way back in my 30’s that I have thought numerous times that I was getting early onset Alzheimer’s like my father. I kept making major stupid mistakes at jobs and getting fired. I’ve tested with a high IQ but I couldn’t remember how to do simple tasks.

    Since I got off gluten products, it’s like I have had some vital parts of my body and brain unplugged and now they are plugged in and my computer and body are operating well.

    I’ve also suffered life long from excruciating headaches. They used to be so bad in my childhood I would bang my head against the wall and have to crawl on the floor from bed to bathroom and hope I could make it to the toilet to barph.

    I used to fish a lot for salmon in the Pacific Northwest and when eating a constant amount of Salmon all year my cholesterol was perfect, even for an overweight older man (30+) but in the last few years I haven’t been able to fish as much because I couldn’t afford it but also because I haven’t felt like doing any outdoor activities.

    My wife and I are avid researchers and we have been reading your book and Wheat Belly and several others and one curious thing we’ve noticed is nobody really has done any studies (or at least no one really talks about it) on how long one needs to be gluten free before 100% turn around.

    I’ve lost almost 30 lbs and my stomach has drastically shrunk and I have skin hanging off my stomach. I had been holding study at 271 for over two years with only 1 or 2 lbs variance. In the last 3 months of light exercise I’ve lost almost 30 lbs. I’ve also begun seeing more muscle growing in my neck and biceps and triceps and my chest is even losing the flab that has been hanging for the last 10 years.I am now below 250 for the first time in over 10 years. When my wife and I married in November of 2003 I weighed over 320. The other day on accident I put on a pair of pants and they fit rather well. I realized that I was wearing a pair of slacks that were only a 40 waist rather than the 44’s I’ve been snugly wearing for over 10 years.

    One thing I’m curious about and would love an answer to…. Have you noticed people with Gluten intolerance having symptoms similar to a blood sugar crash but having normal range BS test? I used to get a crash feeling where I would almost pass out if I didn’t get protein right away and I would have to shove food down my throat while getting dizzy, sweating and shaky hands and feet. Almost feeling like I was going into shock.

    My wife has a blood sugar test kit and on numerous occasions where you would have though my BS would be in the single digits it would be between 80-100 like right after a good meal.

    Any insights?

    Again – thank you.

  • disqus_VrnxMOXw0t

    I’m glad that I found my Doctor. I don’t think he believes the way a lot of doctors do, he takes the “known” with a grain of salt. He had been a professor at Oregon State Health University until he accepted a job at the clinic I have gone to for over 15 years. I’m so glad he did.
    He’s the one who tested me and found out that I was drastically low in testosterone (even though made my wife pregnant when I was 50). He is the one that found out that I’m severely gluten intolerant. Between those two things alone I’m feeling more like 30 than 54. God bless you Dr. Young. God bless Dr. Perlmutter as well.

  • Jenna M

    I’m trying to get started on a grain brain diet and I just finished the audio book. Is there any one, easy place that I can find simple info to get started… Such as a list of tests that I should ask my doctor to do, and a list of supplements with dosages? This info seems to be scattered all over the place and I hardly have time to track it all down (which is why I had an audio book in the first place). Thanks.

  • John

    Keto rash? I developed an awful rash on my face after going in to ketosis.

  • Barbara Shaw

    So simple to be on good diet. God gave us hints in the bible.
    Genesis 1;29, God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed
    that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its
    fruit. You shall have them for food.
    This is all I ate most of my life outdoor food,greens,fruits,veggies,nuts, and seeds. Stocks from beef,chicken cartilage for soup. I am almost 60 years old. People are shock to know this is how old I am. I have people tell me I look like I am in my 30’s. I feel great with a sound mind. I wouldn’t touch grains too often because I don’t feel right on it. So I stay away from it. Thank you Dr.David Perlmutter for having people be alert for better health.

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  • NRitchie

    In your book you mentioned a 30 day meal plan, I cannot find it on this website anywhere?

    • David Perlmutter

      It’s not just a meal plan, but an overall plan. That’s Chapter 6 of the book. There’s a sample one-week plan there, and you can build on that with the recipe ideas in the Cookbook.

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  • Terri

    Dr. Perlmutter, I recently heard Dr. Katherine Reid speak about glutamate in processed foods and how that affects autism amongst other disease processes. What are your thoughts?

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  • Michele

    My husband has recently been diagnosed with dry macular degeneration. Could this diet help the AMD stablize and not progress?

  • Pingback: Taking fat personally | thehealthybugs()

  • Tdamerji

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter,
    On the advice of a few friends who are gluten free and after reading your book Brain Grain, I decided to also cut gluten out of my diet. After a few weeks (during which I was grumpy and moody which I understand is a normal withdrawal symptom) I started feeling a considerably higher level of energy. Other things like clearing of my skin, reduction in ear wax, dandruff and nasal congestion also occurred. I felt great. A few weeks later, still off gluten, my energy gains and most of the other improvements I had felt slowly began to reverse themselves and I went back to more or less where I was before going gluten free. I would love to know your thoughts on this and why it may have occurred, and what I can do to go back to feeling great. Thank you.

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  • Jeff

    Dr. Perlmutter: With grain causing inflammation in the brain – two questions: 1.) Can Normal Pressure Hyrdocephalus (NPH) be caused by inflammation? 2. ) Is there research that shows a low carb, grain free diet improves hydrocephalus and its symptoms, especially motor skills (walking, incontinence, etc.) Thanks

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  • Mixy

    Do you need fish oil supplements if you eat fish 2-3 times week?


  • chap

    read the book, my daughter thinks she suffers from ADHD or ADD or whatever it is , and she just might having trouble finishing the ACT, anyhow i had her tested based on all the tests in the book got the results back and took them to my physician, they said all normal? how can i be sure cause i do not know how to read the test results properly

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  • GregM

    Dr Permutter, trying to go low/no carb seems to erupt my depression. Some friends of mine have the same reaction. We already know we are prone to depression and are on medication. With my depression I become lethargic and my whole exercise and diet plan does out the window. Once I eat carbs I am back to feeling good.
    Since I am not alone in this depression trigger how can this be handled. The way I see it I must chip away at my carbs little by little.
    Thank you

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  • Max

    Dr. Perlmuter,

    I just read your book and have a few questions I am really hoping you can answer. The reason why I startedreading your book was because I developed some anxiety and depression at the age of 23 after a very turbulent relationship and other stress factors. The problem has been on and off for about 1.5 years since and iI had zero issues with depression for my entire life prior. Also, no one in my family history suffered from any psychological issues. My diet has always been organic, and as natural as possible…I probably ate “junk food” a few times a year. My energy remains high and I go to the gym 3 times a week on average…but my mood and mental state fluctuate every 2-4 weeks. Its really frustrating. I have not and will not try medication. My questions are below:

    1.) Have you treated anyone from depressive symptoms solely by changing their diet AND did it go into complete remission?
    2.) I want to ensure I DONT lose any weight on this diet and that I can continue to gain weight (ideally 1lb a month) I have always been a tall and skinny guy ( 6’3 160lbs) and I struggled very much to put on weight for the last two years by eating a lot and going to the gym, I was able to go from 145lbs to 160. My bmi is around 7% and I’m very lean. It is crutial to me that if I embark on this diet I do not lose any weight in the long term….and continue to gain weight until i reach my goal of 180-90lbs.

    Your response will be very greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • David Perlmutter

      Our greatest success with depression has been through utilizing a diet that is low-carb and gluten-free with generous healthful fats. This helps reduce weight loss and may allow weight gain. The biggest leverage point for depression is clearly re-establishing a healthy gut with reduction of bowel permeability. This is done through the use of aggressive probiotics and prebiotics as well as considering the use of probiotic enemas.

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  • Minerva Gomez

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  • Minerva Gomez

    Hello every one i want to use this forum to thank Dr Arigbo for bringing joy into my marriage , i have been trying to get pregnant after my miscarriage 6years ago , but to no avail until i contacted Dr Arigbo, of Arigbo spell temple and Dr Arigbo made a cleanse and pregnancy spell for me , thanks to Dr Arigbo am a proud mother of my baby boy and am expecting another baby very soon , you can contact Dr Arigbo on email (arigbospelltemple@gmail. com) or call +2347060960158
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  • My name is Jeffrey Dowling, i live and work in Oxford shire, UK. My life is back!!! After 2 years of Broken marriage, my husband left me with two kids, I felt like ending it all, i almost committed suicide because he left us with nothing, i was emotionally down all this while. Thanks to a spell caster called Dr. oyinbo of Ultimate spell cast which i met online. On one faithful day, as I was browsing through the internet, I came across several of testimonies about this particular spell caster. Some people testified that he brought their Ex lover back, some testified that he restores womb,cure cancer,and other sickness, some testified that he can cast a spell to stop divorce and also spell to get a good paid job so on. He is amazing, i also come across one particular testimony, it was about a woman called Vera, she testified about how he brought back her Ex lover in less than 2 days, and at the end of her testimony she dropped his email.After reading all these, I decided to give it a try. I contacted him via email and explained my problem to him. In just 48hours, my husband came back to me. We resolved our issues, and we are even happier than ever.Dr.oyinbo you are a gifted man and i will not stop publishing him because he is a wonderful man. If you have a problem and you are looking for a real and genuine spell caster, Try him anytime, he is the answer to your problems. you can contact him on ( or or call him +2348074066640. he is the best caster that can help you with your problems………………

  • salad gardener

    while I agree that eating grass seed (wheat etc) is not a natural diet for human the grain brain book refers several times to a cave man diet. Homo sapiens like chimps and bonobos are basically rainforest animals – we arose from there and our brain expanded (like chimps) there – read ‘return to the brain of eden’ by Wright and Gynn – thus fruit is an important component of our diet .

  • salad gardener

    its unfortunate that the human population has increased many times over and a result of eating grass seed – the Khymer civilisation on rice, the Western on wheat etc. It is not the best food for health but its cheap and plentiful. If we all lived on a Permutter diet we would be healthier I am sure but less numerous – this may not ultimately be a bad thing but …..

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  • PJ

    If I remember well from the book, there was a reference to one study which shows that indians that eat lots of curry cooked with turmeric (curcumin) are less likely to have cancer

    So, does that mean that you don’t need to take the recommended curcumin supplement if you use turmeric spice in your food?

    The same question applies to fish consumption and DHA, and eating food rich in probiotics vs getting probiotic supplements

    Great book BTW


  • Dt

    Can I use tapioca starch in moderation?

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  • Larry Kellogg

    Dr. Perlmutter, what about athletes who exercise 2 or 3 hours daily? I sometimes do that, but cannot always do so. My average is 1.5 hours daily. I am working on your diet, but I wonder how it effects people who really drag themselves down through exercise. And here’s another taboo – sex. While I read in your book that sex is positive, I wonder that sex has a powerful impact on our youth enhancing DNA? So, I wonder if it really helps older people to consider sex as a vitamin that epigenetically reprograms a more youthful and hence, vigorous, DNA – which is the blueprint for our being?

    • David Perlmutter

      For someone who engages in intense athletics, a Grain Brain lifestyle would allow for 80-100g/carbs/day.

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  • Dawn

    Dr Perlmutter, what recipes would you recommend for people who are allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, sesame, coconut, legumes, beans, and eggs. Thank you for your time. 🙂

  • Asli

    Please peruse Chris Kresser comment on Grain brain

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  • Lucas

    I have read Grain Brain and I have been following the diet. I feel great! thank-you.
    I am very into body building, I do intense weight training 4 times a week, and cardio’ on my off days. What percent of my diet should I get from protein, fats, and carbohydrates to build muscle. Alot of famous bodybuilders and trainers recommend 40% carbs 40%protein and 20%fats. what are your thought?
    thank-you for your time

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  • Angela

    Dr Perlmutter, I enjoyed your book very much. My Dr approved me to get the Cyrex Array 3 test done however I am having a difficult time finding where to go to get the test done.

  • Rachelle

    I’m wondering if you, Dr. Perlmutter or anyone else here has successfully dealt with Uveitis? Our oldest daughter was diagnosed 6 years ago and with all my reading and research I have not found anyone yet who has successfully helped anyone with this auto immune disease. We have tired so many different things and spent thousands of dollars and here I am… still searching and believing that we can heal her and deal with this naturally instead of with all that works right now… steroids and immune suppressants. She is now 14. I have not read your book as of yet- I just heard you for the first time on the Auto Immune Summit. I am a little skeptical however, because we have tried so many different approaches and still haven’t found anyone yet who even knows what Uveitis is, let alone helped someone with it. Thanks so much for your time!

  • Nanahat

    can we eat black beans?

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  • Suzy

    First I want to thank you so very much for this information and book. I have always just wanted to know how to take care of myself and I know I have now found it.
    My question is a funny one… it ok to smoke marijuana now and then? Please cover this topic as I am sure I am not the only person curious about this.

  • lizzy benjamin

    Hello I am lizzy , am out here to spread this good news to the entire world on how I got my ex husband back.I was going crazy when my husband left me and my two kids for another woman last month, But when i met a friend that introduced me to DR Agbalagba the great messenger to the oracle of DR Agbalagba healing home,I narrated my problem to DR Agbalagba about how my ex Husband left me and my two kids and also how i needed to get a job in a very big company.He only said to me that i have come to the right place were i will be getting my heart desire without any side effect.He told me what i need to do,After it was been done,24 hours later,My Ex Husband called me on the phone and was saying sorry for living me and the kids before now and one week after my Husband called me to be pleading for forgiveness,I was called for interview in a very big company here in IRELAND were i needed to work as the managing director..I am so happy and overwhelmed that i have to tell this to the entire world to contact DR Agbalagba on his personal email address and get all your problem solve..No problem is too big for him to solve..Contact him direct on: and your problem will be solve.

  • Lisa

    My body needs to gain weight and muscle mass. Some undiagnosed syndrome has caused muscle and weight-loss, achy joints, and osteoporosis. I have upped my meat and egg consumption, eat tons of nuts and seeds, but every time I reduce grains (I eat only non-gluten ‘grains’ like quinoa, buckwheat etc.) I start losing weight. Do you have recommendations? Is it okay in this situation to continue grains/beans until we figure out what is going on?

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  • Laura Morris

    This is profound information who’s time has come. I recently experienced a dramatic shift in my health by cleaning up my gut, and getting off carbs and sugar. Prior to that I had a severe depression for two years, exhaustion and chronic pain. My immune system was shot. After making some of these changes, my brain fog cleared and the pain subsided.This information is huge!

    • David Perlmutter

      I hope we can create many more success stories like yours Laura.

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  • Katy

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter! What are your thoughts on raw milk and Kombucha? Also, should sourdough be avoided? Thanks in advance!

  • I have read your books and read the original studies that it is based on … your hypotheses of the relevant importance of glucose conversion and its effect on neurotransmitters and the human nervous is in error. Good luck though, doctor– I would pull the Dr. Oz recommendation though.

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  • SShallies

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    I am reading your book currently and suffer from chronic migraines for the past 30 years. I’m currently on Topomax daily and have tried many other meds as a preventative, but nothing has ever seemed to work. I still average 4 headaches a week. Do you have any patients that have completely stopped taking meds for migraines or stopped getting them after having them lifelong, just from changing their diet?

  • Chuck Novak

    I’m going to have a physical, what blood panels should I have taken

  • Michelle

    Dr. Perlmutter, I am a 58 year old woman and I started the grain brain diet in August. I have been on 20 mg of Crestor for high LDL cholesteral for many years. I started the diet and six weeks later had a lipid panel done where my total cholesteral was 224 and LDL’s went from 81 the previous year to 125 on the diet. (Ratio ok at 2.5). I went off Crestor for six weeks and re-
    tested. Total cholesteral was 408 with LDL’s at 293. My LDL particle number is 1592 and my homocysteine cardiovascular number is 10.9. My ApoE Genotype is 3/4. I also had a an A1c test which was 5.5. I asked my Dr. what she thought and she said my body needed more time to adjust to the diet but to check with you to see what you thought and re-test again in a few months. I am nervous being off the Crestor with numbers so high. Would you let me know your thoughts? Thank you.

  • Heather

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    Can you please comment on how the use of Einkorn (flour, pasta, homemade sourdough bread) fits into the Grain Brain eating plan?

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  • Elizabeth

    Dr. Perlmutter, Are you familiar with the work of Ray Peat? He advocates no grains, like you, but differs on his recommendations for polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), such as those found in nuts and seeds. He advocates NO olive oil, for example, because of how this affects cellular metabolic functions (not just in the brain but throughout the body). As a non-scientist, I’m struggling to understand discrepancies in both of your bodies of work. Thanks!

  • PTH66

    I was diagnosed with CIDP (a rare auto-immune disease) in 2010. I won’t go into details but will say, one day I was a hiker, a biker, playing basketball with grandkids and volunteering. Within a week, horrible pain, couldn’t walk, couldn’t write, couldn’t get up alone and finally was admitted to the ICU. Now, five years later, I receive IVIg every 6 weeks (it used to be every 4). So…what do you think? A change of diet would help? I am not overweight and really never ate junk but I had an “ahh haa” moment when I heard about your research. Really curious.

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  • Courtney

    Have you every tested someone for gluten sensitivity and it come back completely negative. Where the person had no sensitivity to gluten at all?

  • courtney

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter,
    I just finished your book and I am starting a gluten free diet. I had two questions: 1) do you ever test someone for gluten sensitivity and it come back negative with no signs of gluten intolerance? and 2) I have been experiencing headache on this gluten free low carb diet. Does this improve and what could it be realted to? Thank you! Courtney

  • Pingback: ICYMI - LIVE with Kelly & Michael | David Perlmutter M.D.()

  • Murleen Ray

    Dr Perlmutter, my brother in law suffers from a rare form of alzheimer’s that attacks the visual cortex (often called ‘early onset’, it blinds the patient, kills in 3-5 years). We have tried drug trials but this form of the disease is pernicious and debilitating. Do you have any suggestions that may address this particular form of this disease? Thank you!

  • L.J.E

    Can we use Paleo recipes on this diet?

    • David Perlmutter

      The likely answer is yes, but you must always consider every ingredient.

  • Kelly

    Dr. Perlmutter, I have been reading Grain Brain and have had so many light bulbs go on about my health that I could light up Times Square. But just as I was ready to dive into the 4 week plan I noticed that you think very highly of, and the program uses, eggs. I am allergic to eggs. Can you suggest alternatives? Will the program still be a healthy choice for me? Thanks, Kelly

  • FeR DV

    Hello Mr. Perlmutter, thank you very much for your valuable information.
    I did an article on your book “Grain Brain” in my blog:

    But I’d like to Hispanic audiences your videos are available translated into Spanish or at least with subtitles in Castilian. Probably your message would reach many more people.

    A hug, I wish you fruitful research. And sorry for my english writing.

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  • Fan

    Do you have a list of languages in which Gran Brain has been published? I’m eager so get copies of it to friends and family in other countries.

    • David Perlmutter

      Grain Brain has been published in the following languages/nations: Arabic, Chinese (Complex Characters), Chinese (Simplified Characters), Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, UK

  • Fan

    Wonderful! I see that all the languages I’m looking for are represented. Thank you!

  • JHM1

    I would like to know what is the problem with gluten free soy and soy milk in the diet?

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  • Akita Sakous

    Hi Dr Permutter.
    Very interesting with your book. I would be glad if you could send me some references on on your work/studies about autism and gluten? Thank in advence!

  • me

    I am curious has any correlation been between Food and HS Syndrome?

  • Jack

    On page 74 of “Grain Brain” Dr. Perlmutter says “…but people who regularly consumed omega-3 rich oils, such as olive, flaxseed, and walnut oil, were 60% less likely to develop dementia…” . On page 76 however, walnut oil is listed as 52% omega-6 and only 10% omega-3. Is this a misprint? Should the numbers be reversed?

  • kevin tschirhart

    Dr Perlmutter, just purchased and read your Grain Brain Book. Very informative; I’m excited to begin the four week “diet” in a few days and I would your feedback about a column By Dr. Oz in yesterdays G-ville Sun. He says to avoid red meat, pork, and egg yolks and if you consume more than 4 ounces of red meat and one egg yolk a week, or a combo, your gut bacteria change to produce trimethylamine, which your liver turns into inflammatory compounds like trimethylamine oxide and that may be more likely to promote cancer than cigarettes. A rather alarming statement! Is there any truth to this claim???

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  • Lisalivinlife13

    I know this is an odd question but I suffer from severe chronic constipation…..can your diet help with this Dr. Perlmutter? I have tried everything!

    • David Perlmutter

      Without knowing more details, I can only say it is possible.

  • GGA

    How does this work for a nickel allergy? I have to avoid legumes, leafy greens, wheat, nuts, seeds, tomatoes, onions, chocolate, wine, bananas. and have to be careful about potatoes. It sucks.

  • Tim

    Fantastic book Dr Perlmutter. Best health book I’ve read. Thanks.

    I started eating according to your suggestions in Grain Brain just over 5 weeks ago. I went this week and got blood work done and I’m waiting to see how it has affected my blood sugar. My A1C was 6.4 prior to reading your book.

    I’m also hoping going gluten free will help my essential tremor. Fingers crossed.

    One question.

    The Quest protein bars I used to eat say they have Only 5 g Net Carbs (24 g of Carbs and 19 g of fiber). Is it really only 5 g of carbs to my blood sugar?

  • lizzy benjamin


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  • Denise

    Is there a “list of tests” for someone like me who is new to gluten free & healthy living? I called Kaiser (my insurance / medical company) asking for a comprehensive blood test to evaluate all vitamins & minerals to determine if I need to supplement. No such thing. I have to ask for each test individually … can you assist?

  • Ioana

    Dr Perlmutter, how can i find out how much ppm gluten is in a pizza ( eg pizza hut) in comparison with a can of Stella ( 440 ml ) ? Thank you

    • Culinary Adventurer

      Please stop eating wheat – in pizza crust or anything. That is the whole point of both Dr. Perlmutter’s work and Dr. Davis’s work. These grains – seeds of grasses are poison so it doesn’t matter the carb count or the calorie count – count them out!

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  • scott

    Involuntary weight loss

  • scott

    Involuntary weight loss
    Dr.Perlmutter -I started the diet end of January. I feel better but have involuntarily lost almost 10 lbs. There are noticeable benefits but at 5’11 and 155 Lbs I want my 10 labs back. How do I do that without eating a bunch of sugar & carbohydrates?

    • David Perlmutter

      Try increasing your fat intake.

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  • Katy

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter! I pre-ordered your book! I can’t wait to read it! Questions: Is milk keifer made with raw milk (goat or cow) and Kombucha okay to have? Also, what are your thoughts about eating sourdough if you use gluten-free grains? Thanks in advance!

  • Regina

    Hello Dr. Perlmutter. I have been following your no grain diet, high fats (coconut, olive oil and butter), lots of vegetables, some fruits. I do consume about 6-8 oz a day of whole milk (raw). I am still fighting abdominal fat. I have to add that have completed four rounds of TC chemo, and the oncologist said weight loss will be slow due to steroids taken. It has been 8 months since the last infusion. I have stepped up exercise activity. Any hints how I can wake up my body and start losing weight?

  • Jean

    Do you know much about Progressive Supranuclear Palsy? If so what would be your recommendations for someone with PSP?

  • lizzy benjamin


  • PaleoMan

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter. I am in med school and am paleo, How do you feel about caffeine (from coffee)?

    • David Perlmutter

      I’m an advocate of coffee!

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  • MomOfTwins

    Dr. Perlmutter – I have preemie twins (27 weeks), now 8, healthy and happy. However, as is common with preemies, attention deficit is a challenge. I have been gluten free for almost 7 months, and would like to try your approach and include them. However, as is also common with preemies, I have one who is particularly sensitive to food textures. Although he has come a long way and now eats a variety of veggies and loves dairy, getting him to eat meat (beef, pork, fowl ..) much less a salad is a challenge — unless its minced in a chicken nugget or a gluten free selects hot dog. His favorite is the almighty noodle, which I “enhance” the best I can (I even managed to puree tilapia and add it to his favorite sauce). I have tried the gluten free pasta on him, which he will consume, but there is still the carb factor. Do you have any suggestions? Oh and he will absolutely not eat eggs regardless of how they are prepared. Needless to say, he loves breads, cereals and pasta ..

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  • Tammy

    Can people with Crohn’s disease be helped with this diet?

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  • marthe

    Question related to MS and the improvement expected by Probiotics and FMT and diet As in Brain Maker
    Are there changes on the MRI after the treatment and the diet?
    Are there signs on the MRI of lesions ore regressing or not progressing or both?
    Don’t think I have seen this in. Your book?
    Thank you

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  • Cathy

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter, I’m currently reading Brain Maker and am fascinated, excited, and hopeful, thank you! My question is in regard to understanding the role of inflammation. My identical twin sister has suffered from moderate to extreme muscle fatigue (among other symptoms including some peripheral neuropathy for a year. Her erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) to test for inflammation was normal. Does this mean inflammation is not a factor in her condition (still undiagnosed; negative MRI, negative lumbar puncture, etc.)? She probably has leaky gut, as she also has sub clinical Hashimoto’s, was not breast fed, has low vit D and low B12, had strong cortisone treatment to repair damaged optic nerves from an attack 6 years ago (bilateral optic neuritis and an episode of transverse myelytis), has had antibiotic treatments in the past, and had years of pelvic pain (now mostly better). Would she be a good candidate for your protocol even if her tests show that inflammation is normal?

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  • Pingback: Don’t poke my wheat belly — the gluten-free question | The Land of the Big-Eyed Girls()

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  • Maggie

    Dr. Perlmutter, I heard parts of you on a local radio station this morning and found you very interesting, i just ordered your lastest book from Amazon. One question i had that i only got to hear a bit of, is you made a comment that you never prescribe Statin’s to women and i was wondering why?

  • Patty

    Two weeks on grain brain diet – the scale has not moved. Need suggestions!

  • Dot

    I am totally intrigued by this idea that gluten can be behind such a wide variety of modern society ailments. I am going out to buy the book this afternoon. For the last 6 months + I have been doing the merry go round of various doctors trying to diagnose these chronic hives, from seeing you on PBS I have determined that I am giving gluten sensitivity as my own lets see it that helps because, “hey the doctors have been no help, so why not?” Presently they have me on 4 different anti histamines every day and that does not help. I guess even tho I am doing this experiment, my question is, what do you think? I am I going down yet another blind alley or could this indeed be the cause, by daughter is fighting me tooth and nail, saying after 60 years how could I suddenly be gluten sensitive, but I keep telling her, I have had alopecia universalis for 42, so anything is possible with my system.

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  • Pingback: Optimal Diet for Brain Health | David Perlmutter M.D.()

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  • Sheila Kaye Robinson

    following since discovery in Aug 2014. Had 159# fat and only 59# lean. now at 45# fat and lean mass 120# .some more to go but the benefits besides weight are totally uncountable. I’m 65, have been doing this through the lengthy illness and passing of my husband but the program stayed strong through it all. No sugars, processed foods. grains, gluten, etc. at all. It’s permanent and no no, items I treat as poison. I can’t believe I’ve done it and feel it is totally permanent. I am in my 9th reading of the book and get more out of it every time. Yes I do take all my supplements. I feel wonderful, better everyday, full of energy, Happy and content, aside from the loss of my husband . My mind is much clearer and I’m much more relaxed about everything. Thankyou for giving me the answer I was searching for for 30 years. I’m ever grateful I found this and was receptive to it. You saved my brain and my future. Sincerely, Sheila Kaye Robinson

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  • Helen Lever

    David, I have purchased Grain Brain in an audio format and disc number 7
    has been gobbled up by my car cd and I cant retrieve it:-( is there
    anywhere I can purchase this disc or download it ??? so annoyed!!!

    • David Perlmutter

      Unfortunately I can’t be of much help there. Try contacting the retailer you purchased from.

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  • Gratefulnurse

    I started eating fermented foods and G.F. May 21 and felt amazing within a week. I have eliminated almost all breads and sugars. Taking 2 probiotics daily, brisk walking 3x/wk 45 min, coconut oil,Kimchi daily, and Vitamin D and fish oil daily. My energy level is good (stopped antidepressant, klonopin and Levothyroxine). Yet I feel that my cognitive function is not good- ( I felt better right after the diet change) Very frustrating. Am I going through Detox ? Vitamin deficiency ?

  • Sachin

    Hi. I just wanted to know that if we take out most fruits from our diet, how are we going to obtain the vitamin C that is so crucial. Vegetables have very minute amounts. Also, I am vegetarian. I cannot eat meat,fish,eggs etc. I can rely on beans only for proteins. I soak them 20 hours to eliminate phytic acid and lectins. I have to consume these everyday and not too little also. Can a vegetarian have a grain-brain free diet?

  • Rikke Kostvejleder

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter
    Do you have any knowlegde about a correlation between c-section and the risk of enuresis nocturna. Or between gut health (incl. the mikrobiome) an enuresis nocturna. I have been searching but can´t find good litterature that mention anything about it.
    I am thinking that you as an experienced neurologist may have an oppinion about the subject.
    Thank you. From a danish reader 🙂 Rikke

  • Leah

    Any guidance or thoughts for people training for an endurance event such as a full Ironman? I just listened to Grain Brain for the 2nd time. I agree and believe everything you say but not sure I can limit carb consumption as recommended because I frequently read and hear advice to consume carbs. I’ve tried eating more protein rich foods a few hours before longer training and I feel sluggish and heavy. Any gels, chews, pre-workout foods/nutritional items I find are all junk: corn syrup, sugar, artificial colors…

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  • rosario

    Dr. David Thank you for giving this knowledge to the suffering humanity!!! I attended a Family doctor in Almuñecar town in Spain and he diagnosed just from listening to our physical problems and food habits, that both had a gluten and carbohydrate health consequences. He requested us to read your book He is a follower of your work. After four months and seeing no results with my personal method for reducing my 2 cms. gallstone, I am reading your book in Spanish pdf and it is incredible, how much I am learning! Can I share it in facebook?

  • Janan

    I started this diet 2 weeks ago. I’m 50, always been healthy and at the low end of normal weight. I lost 4 lbs quickly. I Exercise regularly. My problem – I can barely run now. My legs are so heavy. Even biking, I couldn’t keep up with my husband this weekend. He wants me to stop eating this way. Help. I don’t want to quit but something isn’t working .

  • Confused

    I have just ordered this book along with The China Study. Dr. Perlmutter, how would you characterize the disparate findings I think must be inherent in the two books? The China Study findings recommend ZERO animal based foods. I am and will continue to be confused, I fear.

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  • Snoozer

    Hi Dr Perlmutter,
    I’m disappointed to say that the Grain Brain eating plan is not for me. I undertook the program in an attempt to clear my already depressed head – I often have trouble focusing and concentrating, and my memory constantly fails me (I am 45 years old, and I am otherwise healthy). I’m sad to report that the program failed me, and actually sent me on a downwards spiral, nearly back to my lowest point (now almost 9 months ago).
    I naively assumed this would work for everyone, but as soon as my four weeks were up, and I returned to my ‘normal’ (good/healthy/varied) diet, I felt so much better – clearer head, more energy, better sleep, positive mind. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, but lost 2 kilos in the first 3 weeks. I learnt about keytones, and got my body to burn fat rather than sugar, which was something I hadn’t understood before. But now I think I need to focus on my serotonin levels; so on to another plan.
    Best of luck to others trying this out – just know that it doesn’t work for everyone.

    Snoozer – Australia

  • Donald Sutherland

    I am interested in knowing if one of the most common Wheat seeds(Clearfield) mutagenically, genetically engineered in the laboratories of the Fortune 500 chemical company BASF is considered a cisgenic genetically modified organism (GMO)? And is there a correlation with the rise of glutten intorerance since its’ emergence on the market 30 years ago?

  • Mark Leggas

    Dr. Perlmutter, I listened to your book on Audible. Very informative and helpful. I’m a pharmacologist by training so all this made sense. I have had many issues, including high blood pressure, that has disappeared since I stopped eating wheat and other grains. I want to follow your diet but have a question regarding my macronutrient needs. I’m currently in the midst of marathon training and triathlon training. Do you have a recommendation of the ratio of macronutrients for someone like myself

    • David Perlmutter

      Take a look at this blog post Mark, and know I suggest 80-100g/carbs/day for those involved in high-intensity athletics.

  • Jim

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    Please explain why blue cheese is not a good choice to include in my diet.

  • Michael Organ

    Awesome book, combining science with simply language, and such revelations! My life has changed since I started reading it, and I intend to stay the course.

  • Kathy Mack

    I just purchased the audio version of Grain Brain through Audible. At the beginning, you reference a PDF that accompanies the audio version. Where do I find the PDF? Thank you

  • 0xnull

    A recent article in Scientific American questions the validity of anti-gluten theory.

  • Jamie

    I’ve been reading your book and you talk about DHEA,
    I was wondering what brand and how much should one take daily?

  • Colleen Gallagher Little

    Hi Dr., I’ve just finished your book and have a question. Can stopping long term statin use cause weight gain? I’m following the diet 90%, weaning myself off carbs. Thank you!

  • Michele Elise

    In Grain Brain you mentioned that we could find a list of recommended supplement brands on your website. Where can I find this list?!

  • Nina

    Thank God for the information in your book. I am looking forward to buying the nutrients and gaining back good health. Right now I am a mess. I will let you know how it goes.

    • David Perlmutter

      Wishing you the best of health Nina.

  • Carol

    Hi. I want to eat this way but the last two times I tried I ended up getting Xanthomas under my eyes and a little one on my eye lid. I had my gallbladder taken out about 20 years ago – could this be the problem? That I can no longer metabolize fat properly and then eating higher fat and lower carb is triggering these?

  • Cocodrille

    We have the results! My husband, age 65, received great news from testing. His nuclear stress test for heart came back normal, and his carodit artery imaging showed reduction of plaque. He actually is reducing negative cardiovascular elements. We have been following the Grain Brain regimen for 8 months. We have always been athletic, so attributing to the principles within the diet and nutrition. Thank you.

  • Carol Mathis

    I have lived Grain and sugar free for 2years. I have learned that avoiding unhealthy foods have made a difference in my health. I have history of brain tumor and seizures, avoiding sugars controls seizure activity. This is my experience. Thank you.

  • sarah

    I prefer to get nutrients from the source as much as possible, as skeletal muscle will not only have creatine, but carnosine, taurine, tryptophan, etc., however, supplementation for a vegetarian is an option.

  • Robert

    I am 64 years old …….. My health was a mess . I discovered the grain brain and wheat belly total as well as dr bob Marshall program om earth ….. No grain or sugar in 2 years ……. Lost fifty ins. Blood chemistry is great—– I am spearguns after just two years on this program. ,,,!

    • David Perlmutter

      Wonderful to hear of this news Robert.

  • Mindy Chia

    Dr Perlmutter. Thank you for the invaluable information in your book “Grain Brain” and I have just started reading “Brain Maker”. Since 2003 I have been introduced to the pH Miracle diet eating a raw vegetarian diet to regulate the pH of our blood and tissues. Firstly it is good to know that a lot of of the pH Miracle diet complies with your explanations about how the body works given in your Grain Brain book. I would love to read about your views about eating meat. I have been told so many reasons why we should not eat meat such as our digestive system is just not designed to digest meat. I do accept that animals bred today are not the grass fed ones bred by our forefathers and there are the aspects of antibiotics, pesticides and hormones to think about.

  • Michele Wesley

    I am a incomplete spinal cord injury person with nerve muscle severe pain c5c6. Is there anything you highly recommend to help me. I was shot in 2012.

  • Michele Wesley

    Dr. Perlmutter you were recommended by a company. I hope you can help me

  • Sarah Griffeth Couture

    Dr. Perlmutter, Have you found any anecdotal evidence relating myasthenia gravis to gluten intake?

  • Bryan

    I’ve been reading your book Brain Maker and although I enjoy it a lot, I can’t help but tell you about how chiropractic care can accomplish many of the things you mention. There are numerous case studies that show how chiropractic care has reduced the effects, or even cured, Alzheimer’s disease. Here is a case of a woman with Alzheimer’s who was cured in 5 months.

  • Karin Brown

    I have been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. Do you recommend a diet that would eliminate flair ups and possibly reverse the neurologic disease?

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Hi Dr Perlmutter,
    Got your book for Christmas upon request and immediately read it all. I’ve started this diet 4 days ago with 24h fasting with only water (from dinner to breakfast – it was more like 38h because i woke up late).
    I am feeling my heart is pumping too strongly, it also seems but not sure its beating too fast but i am sure its pumping more strongly because i feel it a lot even during normal day activities, so before sleep and in breaks i notice it really a lot. It gets me unfocused over work and my regular meditation got different as well. Is this symptom normal and will it pass if i just keep on your book’s diet? Or should i take it easy and go back to carbs?
    Thank you!

  • Kale

    Our ancestors ate this diet but died an early death Don’ we need to adjust our diet a little

  • Ricard Siagian

    Hi Dr. What do you recommend for fatal insomnia from heavy dose of fq neurotoxin? Could my CNS has been lost of damage or are they still there but being blocked? I am in benzo now and want to taper but my reason to take it is a because absolutely cant sleep, not even a wink. Its already 5 moths and don’t know what to do.

  • claudia

    Dear David,

    I’ve just finished reading Grain Brain and I have stopped eating gluten..i’m concerned about eating dairy as there is a strong cancer link – your thoughts please?

    Also I would like to see a lot more scientific evidence in large studies, not just a few people in regards to all grains not being good for you…interestingly my fasting blood sugar has been in the range 4.7 -5.0 for the last 6 weeks, and for the last 2 weeks I cut out most carbs and my fasting sugar rose too 5.5 – so I’m very confused and now worried that this is not an exact science. Maybe I need more than 10% carbs as i’m very active and i’m now worried i will lose muscle ….please can you explain why this has happened? How much long term research is behind your recommendation of having such small amounts of carbs?

    By the way I was pre-diabetic 6 months ago, I followed Patrick Holford’s Low Gl Bible and I’ve lost 30 pounds. My Hba1c is now at normal levels. I was eating a handful of carbs each meal, more balanced with lots of good fats like you suggest. Patrick Holford recommends low fat!

    Best wishes

    Claudia Shavick

  • Suzanna

    Read Grain Brain & have these questions:
    Why no blue cheese? Is this a mold/allergy issue?
    Why no beans, since beans are recommended to prevent diabetes & blood sugar spikes?
    What are “wheat free low carb crackers”?
    What about people w/ herpetic family of diseases that can’t eat high arginine foods like nuts, coconut, sesame seeds, etc.?

  • Patricio Greco

    I ve 43 yo I read the book. Since I Changed my diet I lost 14 kilograms and had no more headaches. I had headaches since I was a child. I feel good even younger! I hope to loose other 15 K in the next months. Thank you very much! Patricio

  • FB

    I have Myasthenia Gravis. On december I started a diet avoiding carbs and sugar. Seven days later, my Myasthenic Symptoms disappeared completely. I didn’t belive it was because of the diet, and on January I return to my regular carb food. Two weeks later, my symptoms reappeared. So I started again, convinced this time, it was the diet. As soon as I eliminate carbs from my system (7 days approx), symptoms disappeared again.

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  • Nora

    I’d like to get in touch with you… My husband is suffering from a very bad case of psoriasis … Can you help him… Thank you

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  • Peg

    Does diet affect Alzheimer’s?

  • Pingback: David Perlmutter, MD interviews Gerard Mullin, MD about the Importance of the Microbiome - Center For Wellness()

  • Amy Gunderson Guajardo

    Dr. Perlmutter, I recently purchased your Grain Brain book on an audiobook site, as I drive a lot for work and found it a great way to educate myself while traveling. In the reading, it is mentioned several times to find the PDF that cooresponds with the topic in that chapter. I am not sure where to find those PDF’s. Could you please help me out? I’m looking for the 4 week plan and the supplements, especially. Thanks!

    • Stan

      I also bought the audio book and am looking for the referenced accompanying PDF. Did you receive it or get a link to it? Thanks

  • Pingback: Book review - Grain Brain()

  • Tin B.

    People have been eating grains especially whole grains since they started farming over 12,000 years ago. Although I am sure processed foods, including processed grains even processed whole grains and other kinds of carbs are harmful in excess, I am also sure that all this does need to be taken with a thoughtful grain of salt.

  • Tina K

    I went grain free about 4 months ago. I developed a persistent salty taste in my mouth about 3 weeks ago. My mouth is not dry. It is watery. Any ideas?

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  • Jo Belanger

    I am reading your book, my husband is becoming very confused and forgetful. I believe dementia or alzeimers has begun to set in. My question is, by cutting out wheat and following your diet plus exercise & cutting down on drinking can alzeimers be reversed or does it just slow the progression. I am already practicing a wheat & sugar free diet because of sjogren’s. I’m hoping if my husband gets on board he can slow down the progression.

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  • Linda Eddy

    Hello everyone out there Am Mrs Linda Edward from Miami Florida US. i cannot hide my joy today as i share this true life story about how my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer on October 18, 2013. If not for the mis-understanding and skepticism my husband would have still been alive today.

    We never knew that cannabis oil can cure cancer, if not my lovely and adorable mother wouldn’t have die of her prostate cancer, well all the same i still give God all the glory and big thanks to Dr Rick who provided me with CANNABIS oil for my husband prostate cancer cure, after i lost my mum to Liver cancer 2 years later my husband was diagonised with cancer prostate cancer he under go many chemo’s and radiation treatment in seeking solution to cure the cancer.

    We spent all i gat but all to no avail until i mean’t a friend of mine who directed me to Dr Rick Email by giving me his email: i quickly emailed him and in less than hour i got a feed back from him and he directed me on how to purchase the medication cannabis oil and he told me the delivery logistics which i quickly responded to,after two days of procuring the oil, the oil was deliver to me as he promise me. immediately my husband commence with treatment with the cannabis oil as directed by the prescription manual.

    To God be the glory after using the oil for couple of months (Three months) my husband is free from cancer and today me and my husband are living happily but it is a sad story that my mum didn’t have this opportunity to survive it,once again you have to be aware that there is cure for cancer diseases today contact him via his


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  • Zig

    Hi I want to buy your books in PDF form. I don’t have kindle/eReader etc. I also live in Australia. Do you sell Grain Brain in pdf format?

  • Tracy Morgan

    All thanks to Dr Ken, I am here to share a good testimony of my self on how i came in contact with a real herbalist who helped me. i appreciate everyone for taken their precious time to read my testimony, 6 months ago i was diagnosed of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, this means that 6months ago i was Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis positive when i told one of my good friend about this, she sympathized with me and then she said that she was going to help me out, she told me that we should do some research on the internet, we came across Dr Ken [] and my friend said that she has come across a lot about him and said that he is a real herbalist remedy to all illness, i was really surprised on this and confused as well, I was so speechless and quickly i contact him to help me and he prepared some herbs for me and send it across to me and he told me the way i was going to be taken the medicine which i did, and in the next 2 weeks i went to the hospital and they said that i am now Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis negative, i am very happy about this, when i contacted Dr ken again to tell him the good result , i asked him how he was able to help me, and he said that he was gifted with it that he can cure illness like. call Dr Ken: +2349052116690 or email him via

  • Rohini Reddy

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    My mother is 63 and was diagnosed with post-cortical atrophy 7 years ago. A friend recommended your book. Will what you have outlined in the book help someone who already has a variant of Alzheimer’s?
    Thank you for your help!

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  • Alexis

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter, I have enjoyed reading your book “Grain Brain” however, I am a little confused on how in the book you suggest to not eat carbohydrates at all but then also say a vegetarian diet is healthy. I do not understand why it is okay to eat vegetables and fruits because those both still contain carbohydrates. If you wouldn’t mind explaining, that would be great! Thank you!

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  • Marwa Kaabour

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter, I read your book a year ago and was very impressed by it. I even gifted a few copies to my friends. I had gained over 40 punds from my first pregnancy, and I followed your diet just to loose weight without actually suffering any brain disease. I lost my baby weight while enjoying a rich & joyful diet, thanks to you! The recipes are really delicious.
    This year, a family member was diagnosed with MS. he is a young man with a healthy and active lifestyle. It was devastating to receive his news. I wanted to recommend your book and diet to him, however, while I was researching’MS’ and ‘diet’, I came to learn about the Swank diet for the treatment of MS, which recommends a diet that is completely low in fat and high in carbs, it is quiet the opposite to what you have explained to us about low-fat in your book, and since MS is also a brain inflammation disease, I thought your diet would help but now I am confused and do not wish to recommend something I am not sure of. I am puzzled at the fact that a low fat diet can help heal a brain disease while you had explained to us that the brain is made mainly of fat & feeds best from fat. Dr. Permutter, I am desperate to help my family member, to see a dear one suffering an MS strike is heart breaking, I really would love to hear from you on this subject matter, I would highly appreciate receiving a response back from you. God bless.

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  • ShiraY

    What is “rocket” mentioned in many of the recipes?

    • David Perlmutter

      That’s another word for arugula.

      • ShiraY


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  • Caitlin Burket

    Dr. Perlmutter, thank you for this inspiration. Would there be any adjustments to the nutrition plan that accounts for Hypothyroidism?
    Thanks, C. Burket

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  • Lynn Doxon

    After reading Grain Brain my husband and I went on a low carb, gluten free diet as recommended in the book. I lost 10 pounds, but my husband went from 160 to 133. His doctor did a blood workup but found no apparent causes. He is feeling weaker rather than having more energy. He eats three hearty meals and a bedtime snack every day. We are about to go back to carbs to see if we can stop the weight loss. Any thoughts?

    • David Perlmutter

      You may want to consider adding more healthy fats to the diet. However, if this persists, consult a medical professional immediately.

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  • Mr Desmond

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    who healed me of an infection that i contacted through sex. i was sick for
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    kidney,heart,lungs,problem .etc

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  • jngordon

    I bought Grain Brain on Audible. You list all of the supplements you suggest. How do i get a pdf of them?

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  • Josh White

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  • Jamie M. Garrett

    I have had my gall bladder removed, will this diet cause any problems with the higher fat intake?

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  • Linda Eddy

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    To God be the glory after using the oil for couple of months (Three months) my husband is free from cancer and today me and my husband are living happily but it is a sad story that my mum didn’t have this opportunity to survive it, once again you have to be aware that there is cure for cancer diseases today contact Rick via his email, save a life today!!!!


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  • vanwin

    There appears to be a revolution going on in the western world, at least regarding the total change in recommended diets.
    We have been brainwashed for about 50 years or more to alter our diets to the present state of affairs, and people are finding it very difficult to alter what they were previously taught concerning what is best to eat and what is not. It is always slow to catch on when we have been brainwashed by the system and medical advice.
    Many General Practitioner doctors have not made the effort or taken the time to update what they learned 50 years ago and they believe what the drug company reps tell them.
    I have read a large quantity of books over the last year with particular reference to the microbial system, written by experts at the top of their profession who would not risk their status and reputation to make some extra money book-writing.
    Why are so many people today obese, depressed, and riddled with inflammatory illnesses?
    It does look as if we must go back in time regarding what we choose to eat. e.g. protein, fat and cholesterol good, sugar and carbs bad.
    I am not referring to one or two medical writers, rather more experts at the top.

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  • Liz Wu

    I came across this book in my chiropractor’s office yesterday and managed to read a good portion of it during my hour-long wait. Much of it makes sense. Was wondering what types of proteins would be recommended for a plant-based diet and how unfermented soy products (tofu, etc.) are harmful. Thank you!

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  • Lil

    I’m reading GBWhole Life right now. My question concerns eggs on the plan and recent articles I’ve read about TMAO and avoiding eggs along with red meat and full fat dairy for cardio vascular health. Would you please address this question. Thank you.

  • Leanne

    Hi Dr Perlmutter,
    Reading your book and already referring friends and family onto it. I am desperate for help. I was a very fit, healthy 46 year old who rarely saw the doctor. In hindsight probably had some unnecessary gluten in my diet but nothing major. Never had weight issues, sat around 52 kg except when pregnant for the last 30 years.
    In August I moved to Singapore. In September I started having health issues. Started with skin issues then developed other issues: problems with my eyes, fatigue, depression, joint pain, sensitivity to light. I suspected environmental because when I travelled my symptoms improved. Doctors thought I was mad. Had a battery of blood tests and biopsies. Only positive was for Mycoplasma in November which my kids had had in October. In January went to a naturopath having given up on mainstream medicine! She suggested hormone related (perimenopause hypersensitivity) and to test for mold. Testing showed 3-4 times the acceptable level of mold. We had apartment treated but I am still struggling. I have been on a diet of mainly veg and some lean proteins since November. I still eat fruit but wondering if I should now cut that out too – Im worried about losing too much weight, now down to 47kg and feeling lethargic (for someone who used to run about 30kms a week!) and i can’t seem to get enough good fats ….having lots of avocado, coconut oil, grass fed beef. Naturopath says to continue avoiding eggs so have been having fruit for breakfast but maybe I need to cut that out too? I really really want my life back …..any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU

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  • MrRxac

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter I have been reading your book Grain Brain. You found gluten in wreaking havoc in our body leading us to a poor mental health ,etc. Do these bad things only affect people with gluten allergy, not someone who develop no antibody to Gluten? And this antibody negative population can still enjoy regular cereals, breads, baked goods in a reasonably small amounts. Can my family doctor order a gluten antibody test on request, or there is a dedicated laboratory doing just that?

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  • Sylvia

    Hi. I began the high fat non carb journey today. Is it normal to experience sickness and a dreadful headache? I’ve been so ill🤢

  • Fitlandia

    Dr. Perlmutter, we’re big fans of yours and reference your book in my podcast with Dr. Jerome Craig on asking the question, is a “gluten-free” diet a fad. Love the work you’re doing and the lives you’re changing!

    • David Perlmutter


  • Dreg navarro

    Thanks for this great post, I have also come across this great website as well. If you’d like you can probably link to it as it has very good resources about hair loss solutions

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  • Mariana Prates

    Dr. Perlmutter, can´t wait to read your book, saw it on the Garden of Life instagram account (the brand I have been buying my probiotics from for some time now) and then reached for your interviews online and found everything you say about gut health and brain diseases fascinating. But after reading on your website about carb moderation, not only the simple ones but even complex carbs as well I find myself very confused and in need of advice. You see, I have always been mindful of gut health and probiotics and in an effort to a more alkaline diet reached for macrobiotic. And have been following macrobiotic for a month now. But 60% of every meal is of grains, which I thought completely safe until I read your opinions on it. So my question would be, do you consider macrobiotic diet safe?
    Best regards, Mariana

  • Joe D

    Does the high fat intake effect or worsen prostate cancer

  • LIPS aka Bath House Berry

    This is Bath-House Berry. Nothing to See here. Eat what the US Government suggests for maximum institutional profit.

  • alfred maria

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  • Shevanthi Perera

    Is Goat milk good for you to drink?

  • srinivasrjy

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    Shirley Heche

  • Delia Ward

    I am on wheat free diet, since being so till started working part time been making my own bread not deliberately, but been using grain free flours I believe buckwheat and coconut , then I found a wheat free bread that stayed in one piece did not taste bad so brought some , full of grains , my brain just kept going , I went doctors she done loads of blood test all fine , I made my own bread after a while again , two days later it was like got my brain back working . I thought maybe my Christian friend was praying , maybe I was healed , than run out of home made bread , my brain seems to have gone again , I best make some bread grain free I think . came library as was wondering and found this

  • Delia Ward

    Hoping I can order your book from the local library thanks Doctor for making this available

  • Karol Thomas

    Hello my name is Thomas Karol , my husband was suffering from liver cancer, and the doctor’s told me that there is nothing they could do to save my beloved husband life. Then a friend told me about hemp oil , i told her that my husband liver cancer was in the last stage that i don’t think the hemp oil will be able to help, and she persuaded me to try, for the love of my husband, i decided to give it a try. I did some research and i found a doctor who helped me with the cannabis oil to cure my husband liver cancer and he assured me that after 3 months the liver cancer will be gone, and For the past one year my husband is perfectly okay and he is free from cancer, if you know any one who is suffering from cancer you can save his/her life by contacting Dr. Brown Nelson via his email : ( it worked exactly as the doctor prescribed. Thanks to Dr. Brown Nelson for taking away sorrow in my life. God will bless Dr. Brown Nelson for helping me with cannabis oil and for his support and care, i will keep on help you to fight cancer in the World, all i have to say is THANK YOU LORD.

  • Kaylene BUTEAU

    I am taking care of my mother with some sort of dementia and I am tracking her food. Of course, I avoid processed sugar and I am now watching the gluten. I do notice a difference in her personality after the gluten,. Not all gluten though. Some gluten puts her to sleep like it does me. In your book, I don’t recall if you mentioned gluten causing irritability and how long it might last. Any insight is helpful as well as a way to trick her off it. She can’t be reasoned with and of course like most people she loves bread. The sprouted flourless bread you mentioned in your book is at Trader Joe’s but it has gluten in it. Do you know of a good brand?

  • David Brock

    I agree with the basic premise of the book etc but I wonder if Dr. P ever tests anyone in his practice that is negative for his “gluten sensitivity?” From reading the book it almost gives the impression that he has already decided the diagnosis (gluten sensitivity) before he has even done any testing, and it sounds like his lab panel is designed to always be positive and find the diagnosis he is looking for. Does any patient ever come to his office and leave WITHOUT a diagnosis of gluten sensitivity? It is probably more prevalent than mainstream medicine realizes
    , but this is the one oiece of the book that I think is somewhat overstated.

  • newfguy

    Dr. Perlmutter along with William Davis MD are charlatans spreading medical quackery that is without a basis in science. Other than those with celiac disease there is no credible science to support large percentage of the population avoid grains. On the contrary, the nutritional scientific literature supports eating a whole food plant based diet (including whole grains) for optimal health. Run away from these carnival barkers who are an embarrassment to the profession of medicine

  • Pascale

    Dr Perlmutter and readers, sorry for the mistakes but I’m french…
    I have read “Grain Brain” last year because my “special” doctor told me to do and it was a real event in my life ! (I bought it for friends). I will not say more of it here because others do better than I.
    Since I have reduced much carbohydrates and increased the consumption of good fats, I’ve noticed real changes in my “mental health” and what is written above : “… eliminate brain fog symptoms, and improve memory and energy levels” is just what is happening to me !! I am grateful to you Dr Perlmutter, and to my doctor, for having helped me to eliminate these symptoms that is changing my mood and relation to others and to the life…
    Since I have read Brain Maker, my husband and I are taking daily the probiotics Mood+ and it’s really helpfull too.
    Here is my question : can the ketogenic diet have an action on the mechanisms of the addiction?… Or, do you know anything that could act on it?
    I hope to read you soon.

  • Lj Thomas

    I see different people who are having glowing results healthwise and with weight loss on either a high carb (vegan/vegetarian) or low carb Atkins/ketogenic) lifestyle. The reason is what they both have in common which is avoidance of REFINED sugars and carbs, processed foods, fast foods, junk foods and foods created in laboratories by the food industry. I do not believe that a plant based diet revolving around carbs like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and grains like quinoa is in the same league as a diet such the the SAD diet or a diet loaded with the aforementioned toxins. I have friends and family members who have been vegetarians and vegans all their lives, and they are the healthiest and trimmest people you could ever meet.

  • Daniel Radin

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter. Have you read the recent small study suggesting a connection between SIBO and taking probiotics, especially for people with slow motility issues? The study especially looked at patients suffering from brain fog. I am considering discontinuing probiotics to see if I get any relief from brain fog. What are your thoughts? Here is the study: