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Brain Maker for Vegetarians and Vegans

Brain Maker, as well as Grain Brain, places a focus on healthy fat consumption, which sometimes can be difficult for vegans and vegetarians. Frequently, questions come in about how to adapt this type of lifestyle for people who follow a vegan/vegetarian diet. The good news? It’s easy to customize the recommendations of Brain Maker to be vegan or vegetarian-friendly, and, even better, some of the most important foods in Brain Maker are already such!

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  • Dedee

    I am happy to hear, that a vegetarian approach is possible. A pity is that in grain brain the 30 days cure is with a lot off meat. There are not a lot of non meat-recipes. Difficult to start a new way of eating. Is there a site with recipes one could use for the 30 days?

    • TechnoTriticale

      Vegetarian and vegan diets pose considerable challenges for crucial nutrients. The list includes: vitamin B12, iron, Omega-3 DHA and EPA fatty acids (not Omega 3 ALA nor Omega 6, which you likely get more than enough of), taurine, vitamin K2, vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, choline and zinc. Some of these are very difficult to get in useable form and in adequate amounts from plant sources.

      Omega 3 DHA & EPA are actually a challenge for almost everyone, except those chowing down on seafood, or eating non-CAFO critters snout to tail. Vegetarians may have to rely on marine algae, and I suspect few do. They instead get insufficient fat, or get it mostly as n6, or as n3 ALA, and all of those approaches are a mistake.

      • Claudia Cris Freire

        Olive Oil is a perfect fat source for Vegans. Your ” storyboard” on vegan diet is brain outdated…you need to understand biophotons activity and celular machinery to know that humans can have a perfect life on a vegan diet…now the problem is that some vegans are just vegans without sci knowledge and their nutrtion plan is not the right choice …but a little more of brain education should be the “bridge” for a intelligent transition…cells nutrition is based on energy and that energy is in plants.

    • Seven Of Pie

      I’ve managed to make this diet Vegan via substitutions. Eggs = Avocados, Meat = Organic Tofu, Nuts, Seeds,

  • Erica

    I am a “vegan” for years. I use supplements that I get recommended by a specialist. Every year I pay for specific bloodtest. I think whether you a vegan or not, It is always a challence to get enough essentials. Since I use magnesium and vitamine C with every meal I can sleep through the night.

    I eat 3 meals a day. With every meal I eat vegatables, fat like chesnut oil and avocado and proteine. I am not 100 % vegan because I eat 2 eggs a days. These a from a special eco brand in Holland. I eat 700 of vegetables each day, I think that is about 1,5 lb. I also eat a lot of sea weed and use sea weed oil.

    I don’t believe that in general meat eaters live healthier then I do. If you think logical, read the right books and see the right specialist vegans can be perfectly healthy.

    Why do we use animals to test if it is healty to vegegable? Just think logical.

  • Seven Of Pie

    I recently picked up the Grain Brain Whole Life Plan and would like to thank Dr. P for the 14 day diet plan. Although, I’m vegan and substituted all the meat with nuts and seeds or organic tofu and the eggs for more avocados haha. I even made Hemp milk Kefir! I’ve been enjoying greatly improved health with this plan.

    • David Perlmutter

      I’m glad to hear you were able to modify this plan to work for you!

  • socks76

    Hello.. I just watched a DVD called Protect Your Brain by Gordon Robertson (700 Club) anyway..Dr David Perlmutter stated (on the DVD) that eating whole eggs are a healthy way to eat! Than I just Read this on your website …in Grain Brain, Brain Maker, and on his blog — Perlmutter cautions “Meat and eggs are rich inflammation producing fatty acids [sic],” he declares. “It is this inflammation that leads to the enhanced production of brain damaging free radicals. I also saw you on the documentary Vegucated and u said a vegan diet is the best! So what’s the deal David? R u a phoney?

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