Diet and Depression: A Better Plan for Mental Health?

  • Gayton Judy

    “Depression”, and other so called “mood disorders” have been widely understood to be caused by the inflammatory response for decades.
    Now that sickartry has been exposed as an outright fraud that mispositioned the medical model to invent jobs for itself by selling the public on the fraud of “mental illness” and the flip side of that evil lie, ‘mental health” and their house of cards is starting to crumble, this twisted liars are falling over themselves to get on board the diet and lifestyle gravy train, calling themselves “integrated” specialist and inventing “nutritional psychiatry “. (vomit)
    What we have here, is a legal issue any way you slice it. Since the quacks have outed “depression” et al as a simple normal, natural response to a stress and poor diet that can be easily cured by lowering stress and altering diet and lifestyle, clearly it can’t be a “chemical imbalanced, brain disease called mental illness” at the same time. The gig and the lie is up. But what about all the drugged, abused, lied to “crazy” people who lost their legal rights and decades of their lives or their lives because of these lies?
    There is not a shred of evidence that any “mental illness” even exits. It is well documented that this is an fraud and invention of psychiatry and the medical model misused to sell neurotoxic drugs and control and abuse the ‘mentally ill.”
    To now state that “depression” and other “mood disorders” are caused by gut inflammation, is more fraud and slight of hand on their behalf to ensure that they have a revenue stream was people wake up to the fraud that they were never “mentally ill” all along.
    What is beyond offensive about this new scam is that diet and lifestyle are NOT the purview of sickciartry. We don’t need to associate ourselves with the lies of this abusive industry
    to tell us what to eat or how to rid ourselves of imaginary “mental illness’s” or to restore our “mental health”.
    I can’t wait until we en mass sue these lying frauds and they go to prison just like the opioid liars and pushers.
    Rot in prison where you all belong.

    • Cindy Lehman

      Your post seems a bit contradictory or maybe I am misunderstanding your point.

  • Nancey Savinelli

    most of these studies are meaningless with an agenda. Look at your blood type / geno type and only eat red meat if it is grass fed and finished. Red meat is on some blood /geno types and not on others. lamb is on most. Organic food only. Oats do not have gluten and are fine as long as they are not stored in places where it can accumulate gluten. Organic dairy is fine – again refer to your blood / geno type. So many opinions, but it you go back to how we were raised – a long time ago – we had very little disease like we do today. All just needs to make sense and follow mother nature.

  • AnnieLaurie Burke

    The problem with all these “studies” is that they throw together a list of dietary recommendations that fit the mythical “conventional wisdom good diet” (low-red-meat, low-fat dairy, etc.) vs. the equally mythical “conventional wisdom bad diet” (high-fat, high-red-meat, low fruit/vegetables, etc.). There is no rhyme or reason to this. Traditional diets don’t group this way, but that doesn’t stop the researchers from demonizing foods based on the conventional mythos. Anyone conversant with basic statistics realizes you can’t make changes to numerous factors at once, with no rhyme or reason in grouping or associating said factors. This prevents a researcher from ranking factors in order of importance, among other flaws.

    Essentially, studies of this type start with the conclusions the researchers and their financiers want, based on their biases, and work back to the data, rather than the other way around. No one has looked at the effects of a natural (or “ancestral”, if you will) diet — wild-caught fish; grass-fed mammal meat; natural dairy (low-fat dairy is an unnatural, processed food), whole grains-fruits-vegetables grown organically, etc., — elements that would comprise the diet of a health-minded, rational, nutritionally-savvy person — vs. the conventional Standard American Diet, which could include vegetables/fruits grown w/pesticides, farmed fish, unnatural seed oils, etc. Until the researchers cease loading the dice, I continue to be unimpressed with their results, particularly if I invest the time to go back to the original publication of said study. Rather, I’ll rely on 2.5 million years of human evolution as to what foods contribute to overall health. And, while there has undeniably been a great deal of variation in the specifics of the human diet over those 2.5 million years, the basics (see Jaminet, Ballentyne, Kresser et. al.) have remained the same. And they did not include glyphosate-enhanced harvesting, farmed fish, and cannibalistic cows.

  • Krikit

    Thank you!

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for watching Krikit!

  • Mohammad Rastegar Panah

    I have a question regarding red meat. We know that read meat will support the opportunistic bacteria, so a lot of centers try to detoxify their patients by avoiding the meat for few days. The late Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Gerson would practice this way. In Gaps diet, however, the opposite is true. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride , in her famous book ” The Gaps diet” insists that the best diet to cure a leaky gut is using a broth made from animal fat and bone. I am confused. Can you help me?

    • noel

      Well Mohammad: the key is in the proof of the pudding: What is the qualty of the animal fat and bone ( and even red meat ) Well: if it isnot 100% grass-fed, then donot expect any cures from it. You could expect the dertimental effects from the hormones and antibiotics and GMO made grains via the mainstream animal fats and proteins.

  • Rob

    I went dairy-free for other reasons, but one of the unexpected spin-offs was that the gray cloud of depression which had been part of my life for over 40 years, lifted (almost immediately.) Later I was told that kefir was different & okay to have, but the depression came straight back.

    • Cyd

      The same happens to me Rob. I think it is the casein (the protein in dairy) that my body cannot tolerate. I also cannot tolerate gluten in any amount.

  • Roberto Juan

    “Depression” is not something we “have” but something we choose to do. Like anger and boredom and jealousy and stress. These are activities we choose to engage in.

    • Kili

      Except, unlike anger, boredom, jealously and stress, depression impairs the actual function of the brain.

      • Roberto Juan

        All emotional disturbances, including anger, depression, and anxiety, create changes in the brain. (And we can see changes in the brain when we learn a new musical instrument and when we fall in love.) Most people blame their brain for their emotional disturbances without looking at their roll in creating them.

        • Kili

          Except depression doesn’t discriminate between external factors and internal factors. While an external factor can contribute to whether a person experiences depression (e.g. the death of a loved one), people who are happy and otherwise ‘normal’ can nevertheless become depressed.

    • christine

      how can you get out of those emotions if you have them? Look so easy for you!

      • Roberto Juan

        I didn’t say changing how we think is easy. But it can be done. How we think and what we choose to focus on creates our emotions. We can’t become angry, stressed, or depressed without the thoughts and thinking that supports these emotional disturbances.

  • Hugh Fennell

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  • christine

    I would like to know something. If you have trouble digesting fat.. I know you can take enzymes but what should I do else? I get gall bladder pain…and wake up in the middle of the night (2:00)

  • Καρολίνα Carolay Guevara

    I think it is the casein (the protein in dairy)

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