The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, MD and Dr. Steven Lin

If there’s one thing I hope that you’ve learned in being a member of this community, it’s that no part of the body works in isolation. Our body is an incredibly synchronous machine, with any number of parts working in concert to execute even the subtlest movements or actions. Our entire body functions in this integrated way (hence terms like integrative health and integrative practitioner!).

In this discussion, one area we’ve neglected in this conversation is the mouth and our oral health. Dr. Steven Lin, the author of the new book The Dental Diet, is here to encourage us to consider the role of this part of the body not only in our total health, but as the starting point for the entire journey OF health!

Let me share a bit more about Dr. Lin:

Dr. Steven Lin is a board-registered dentist, writer, and speaker with work published in The Sydney Morning Herald and The British Dental Journal. He has also written for MindBodyGreen and About.com and given talks as part of the TEDx program.

Trained at USYD with a background in biomedical science, he is a passionate whole-health advocate, focusing on the link between nutrition and dental health. Dr. Lin focuses on helping his patients prevent dental disease so as to avoid treatment. He looks for the root cause of disease, believing that the mouth-body connection is the best way to monitor our health.

He is also convinced that our diet is the cause of the problems in our mouth, from crooked, rotten teeth to inflamed gums. The oral-systemic link means our mouths affect our body and our bodies affect our mouths.

Dr. Lin’s personal and professional mission is to prevent dental diseases instead of treating them.

I do hope you’ll enjoy today’s interview, pick up a copy of Dr. Lin’s book, and think more about the implications of your health choices on your oral (and total!) health.

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  • Kristofer Young

    This interview is a perfect example of what happens when two brilliant
    doctors share their views about health! I look forward to getting the
    book! My thanks to each of you!

    • David Perlmutter

      Glad to know you enjoyed! Thanks for watching.

  • Fantastic that his eyes were opened by Dr. Weston A. Price’s 1930s book on nutrition and physical degeneration!

    • David Perlmutter

      A seminal text for Dr. Lin! Good to know you’ve read it too.

      • That book probably should be required reading in modern dental schools, right?
        Thanks so much for all your great videos and blog posts, Dr. Perlmutter! I recommend them to people all the time.

  • Kathryn Imbrigiotta

    Another very interesting video interview! Thank you! I wonder if either you or Dr Lin have any thoughts about pulling with coconut oil.

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for watching Kathryn!

  • Ryk Kem

    I question the statement that if you breath through the mouth that you deliver cold stale air and can’t get enough oxygen to the body through mouth breathing. Its being taught by Wim Hof, mouth breathing, control hyperventilation to oxidize the body. We can see the effectiveness of the method to saturate the blood with oxygen within the body by doing this method. #scienceontherocks Great interview lots of vital information shared! Thank you for your work Perlmutter

  • mankirt aulakh

    Another very interesting video interview! Thank you! I wonder if either you or Dr Lin have any thoughts about pulling with coconut oil.

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