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Fasting for Brain Health

If you’re new to Grain Brain and eating for brain health, then you may not know about the first step that’s included in the Grain Brain diet, which is a 24-48 hour, water-only fast. There’s a lot of science out there (and some of it is available here on the site) that demonstrates the health, and specifically brain, benefits of fasting, including enhancing genetic pathways activated by caloric restriction. Watch this video to learn more.

As always, keep in mind that fasting should only be undertaken in consultation with your personal physician.

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  • Lynn Dell

    Yes! I’m convinced fasting helped to jump start lowering my FBG level. Although after the first day the FBG rose some, so I had to go a second day, and that lowered it into the 80s. Thank you for posting items you have already spoken of – now that it’s been over a month I need the encouragement.

  • Laura

    A bit off topic, but I am new to your forum and have just read your book! Have been mostly vegan for almost 2 yrs now but couldn’t seem to lose the last 10-15 lbs needed. I was 180 lbs to begin with at 40 yrs old and now am down to 135. Since adding healthy fats and more protein, my energy levels have increased, mental clarity has improved and I feel much better. However, I would like to know your thoughts on ACV for weight loss and do you offer phone consultations? Would greatly appreciate a one on one for more specific info about my personal experience with gluten and allergies and is it really necessary to be tested for gluten sensitivity or just as effective to go by the dietary restrictions….

  • pforrester

    Dr. Perlmutter,

    I have a daughter that I will have tested for NCGS as soon as she gets back from her semester abroad. I listened to you and others on the Gluten Summit. Excellent. I have also read your new book Grain Brain. I read about Lauren on p. 46 of the book who was your patient and tested gluten sensitive. How did she do with her bipolar over time?

    It is a problem that comes and goes with stretches of normality, at least for my son, 26 diagnosed with bipolar 4 years ago. I want to get him tested also, for NCGS with the Cyrex labs array 3 & 4. Dare we to hope it is just a gluten issue?

  • Jenni

    I think this is good to but get a headache whenever i do it even with drinking lots of water or vegetable juice

  • Steve Bergman

    I have a question about this. I’m 50, male, 68kg, and have been doing a ketogenic diet for ~15 months. I walk ~20km/day. ~15% of my kcals come from protein. My *net* carbohydrate intake (carb – fiber; I don’t consume any sugar alcohols) is 20g – 25g per day. ~80% kcals from fats.

    My blood glucose stays around 80 mg/dL. Ketostix show a consistent moderate level of urine ketone.

    When I read or hear about the advantages of fasting, I never see anything that it can do for me that I don’t already have. Is there really any benefit to adding fasting to the regimen I already follow?

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  • I’m looking for the fasting calendar 11 days after full moon. The next day is Sept 17th?

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