Finding the Right Probiotic

Visit a grocery store or vitamin shoppe today, and you’ll instantly be overwhelmed by the myriad probiotic supplements available to you. With so many different types of probiotic strains and different brands, it may be hard to determine which is best for you.

My advice: focus on the five key Lactobaccilus and Bifidobacterium strains I identify as key in Brain Maker, and look for a supplement that has anywhere from 10-50 billion units/capsule.

Watch this video for more advice on probiotics, including the best conditions for consumption.

  • TechnoTriticale

    On any PB product, look for a quality statement, such as “potency guaranteed until expiration date under recommended storage conditions”.

    Products sold out of refrigeration (or shipped that way, such as mail-order VSL#3) are usually fine in this regard. A very few brands have credible room temperature shelf life.

    Avoid products that make no statement, or bear the preposterous “potency guaranteed at time of manufacture”.

    Typical room temperature retail store PBs have insufficient CFUs, of too few strains, almost all of which are dead by the time you buy them.

  • Eleanor S

    Where are the previous comments?

  • Danika Stokes

    Hi there. I have a question about the probiotic implants you recommend in your book. I’m having so much difficulty with it and wondered if you could shed some light. It is like a war going on in my tummy when I do it, so difficult to keep in. I’ve tried using them after a water flush, after a coffee enema, first thing in the morning by itself. I have had testing done through Genova and it showed very little good and 5 strains of very high bad bacteria. Is this normal for someone starting with such an imbalance? I’m using probiotic 225. Would love any feedback. Oh and I’ve tried changing water amounts as well, 8 oz-2cups, doesn’t matter, still can’t hold it because of the gurgling, gas and air it causes.

  • lsendero

    I am currently taking Garden of Life Mood+ Probiotic . The suggested daily dose is 2 capsules. Should these be taken at once or split into two doses?

    • LolaK

      call them

  • Lisa Sobel Katz

    I am looking for a safe and good probiotic for my 11 year old son with autism. Can you please recommend one for me or where I can look to find one? Many are for adults. Thank you.

  • Guesttoday

    What liquid should I use to take the probiotic if not water? Even if I filter my water I don’t know if chlorine is removed.

    • Wes Reimer

      Standard filters like Brita do remove chlorine.

      • Gail

        you can also pour water in a glass jug & let it sit for a while & the chlorine evaporates out.

    • ScoobySnack

      You can easily perform a water test and determine if your water filter is removing chlorine. This is the one I’ve used a few times, I have no personal association with it otherwise: http://amzn.com/B000FBMAVQ/.

  • David Hill

    Should I only buy “pearl” probiotics, that have a covering that gets then through the stomach? Aren’t other probiotics killed by the acid bath they are plunged into when they reach my stomach?

    • LolaK

      you don’t need an enteric coating. gut bacteria are exposed to the same acid you are trying to protect it from

  • David Hill

    Does everyone need additional probiotics? I consume home-made kimchi, sauerkraut and kvass daily, along with yogurt and kefir.

    • David Perlmutter

      Personal David, I consume many fermented/probiotics foods and continue to take my daily probiotic supplement.

      • Richele Rosales

        I have read Brain Maker and I could not agree more about the benefits of taking probiotics. My question now is would you recommend it to the elderly with weak immune system?My mom is 82 yrs old and has COPD,specifically Bronchiectasis.She is very prone to lung infections and takes antibiotic each time.Her doctor advised her to wear mask all the time esp in public places as her immune system
        is weak.Would she benefit from taking probiotics?If so,is there a specific kind of probiotic for the elderly?Thanks a lot!

      • Carol Sheehy

        I have tried your Fitbiotic and it makes a difference in my daily health. However, I am a tad confused as to how to figure out which one of your products is best for me. I really do not have a weight issue. I just bought packets because of your name and I need a probiotic. I would prefer a tablet for travel. You have a lot of other options. How does one go through the process of deciding the best product?

        • LolaK

          Call the company.

  • Cecil

    What is Lactobacillus GG?

  • antoniobucci .

    Using glycerine suppository on occasion when necessary for constipation damaging to good gut bacteria?

  • After reading ‘Brain Maker’, I wonder what Dr. Perlmutter may suggest to people who practice the Gerson Therapy, a coffee enema colon cleanse, sometimes daily?

  • Vicky Garcia

    I would like to start my 13 year old daughter on probiotics. Should I look for a kids version with the five key organisms or will an adult version do?

    • LolaK

      Garden of Life sells two kids formulas. I used the powder for my 10 year old but now he takes the kids chewable that Perlmutter helped develop. Dr. Formulated.

  • Sonia Tremblay

    What do you think about Prescript-Assist Probiotic – “Soil-Based-Organisms

    • HoneyJ

      I took this for about one year and when I was tested, I showed no NG for lactobacillus. I was instructed to take this in the evening. I would suggest if you take this to also take something with lactobacillus.

  • Sonia Tremblay

    Thank you

  • Erik Olafson

    I need a good probiotic for my daughter. She’s 1 and 1/2 year old. Doctor’s Formulated Garden of Life Organic Kids say it’s for over 4 yrs old. Can I give her half?

    • Cindy St.Onge Russo

      how about Klaire Labs for infants 🙂

  • Armen Pogosov

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    I read both Grain Brain ad Brain Maker. Many questions I used to have about my health issues such as weight gain and lack of energy at times were answered in your books and a lot of things came together especially after reading Brain Maker. Thank you. If you could, please respond to the following questions/requests:
    1. You used to have a store on your website that sold vitamins. I couldn’t find it this time. Do you still have it or…?
    2. Could you please recommend brands that offer PB and vitamins just to start. Every time I walk into a vitamin shop, I end up leaving it without buying anything. There are so many brands, claims, and disclaimers that my head starts spinning. Your recommendation will at least get me going right away.
    Thank you again for your books.

  • Grace

    What about MegaSpore?

  • Sarah

    A sales person at a health food store in Hamden CT told me that these products only need refrigeration after opening. Is this true? He told me that’s what the sales rep told him.

  • Lee Egy Steinbrink

    I have been taking Plexus ProBio 5. It states that it has 100 mg of the five strains. How does that compare to 10-50 billion units?

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