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Dr. Perlmutter’s #1 New York Times bestseller about the devastating effects of gluten, sugar, and carbs on the brain and body — updated with the latest nutritional and neurological science

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Regain your health, and protect your brain while you look, and feel, better.
David Perlmutter, M.D.

When Grain Brain was published in 2013, Dr. Perlmutter kick-started a revolution. Since then, his book has been translated into 34 languages, and more than 1.5 million readers have been given the tools to make monumental life-changing improvements to their health. They’ve lost weight, banished anxiety and depression, reduced or eliminated chronic conditions, and taken proactive steps to safeguard themselves against cognitive decline and neurological disease — all without drugs.

In this fully revised, five-year-anniversary edition, Dr. Perlmutter builds on his mission. Drawing on the latest developments in scientific research, which have further validated his recommendations, he explains how the Grain Brain program boosts the brain, shows the benefits of using fat as a main fuel source, and puts forth the most compelling evidence to date that a non-GMO, gluten-free, and low-carb diet is crucial for cognitive function, weight loss and long-term health.

Featuring up-to-date data and practical advice based on leading-edge medicine, including modified guidelines for testing and supplements, plus a wealth of new recipes, Grain Brain empowers you to take control of your health as never before and achieve optimal wellness for lifelong vitality.

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An innovative approach to our most fragile organ.
Dr. Mehmet Oz<br /> Host, The Dr. Oz Show
Dr. Mehmet Oz
Host, The Dr. Oz Show
Grain Brain Revised is brilliant, easy to follow, and can have healthier brain and healthier body starting today.
Daniel G. Amen, MD<br /> Founder, Amen Clinics
Daniel G. Amen, MD
Founder, Amen Clinics
Dr. Perlmutter understands the connection between diet and brain health, and...teaches us that simple lifestyle changes can make a world of difference.
Maria Shriver<br /> Journalist and author
Maria Shriver
Journalist and author