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The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, MD and Dr. Gerard Mullin

In this video interview with Johns Hopkins gastroenterologist Dr. Gerard Mullin, we explore the fascinating relationship between gut bacteria and our general health as well as the pivotal role of changes in the microbiome in obesity. There’s a lot of actionable information that Dr. Mullin provides that will help you make lifestyle changes for better health.

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  • Ri

    I cant thank you enough for sharing this Dr Perlmutter! I love that you and Dr Mullin are really on the same page in restoring, repairing and preserving the microbiome and the good gut bacteria and really focusing on natural approaches mainly the foods that we eat. Knowledge really is power! I can confidently say that your books have changed my life for the better and I feel so empowered! I will definitely be picking up Dr Mullin’s book on my lunch break. I hope that Dr Oz has adopted a wheat and grain free diet since having you and Dr Davis on his show because he’s always recommended “healthy whole grains” to his viewers and readers..at least he has taken a stance against GMO foods.
    Thanks again for sharing I really enjoyed watching and listening:)

    • 6sickofidiocy9

      Without GMO foods half of the world’s population — India and Africa, for example — would starve. Please…educate yourself.

      • Marie

        Your posts are offensive and arrogant. Why don’t YOU educate yourself with the Truth?! Be sure you read this article in Huffingtonpost to understand Why what you state won’t work to end world hunger.

        With rare exceptions, genetically engineered crops are being created not because they’re productive or because they address real human needs, but because they’re patentable.



        You don’t seem to belong here spouting off on things you don’t even sound like you know about, but then it’s a free country and I think I’m sick of your idiocy.

        • 6sickofidiocy9

          There is more Kool Aid for you. Keep drinking.

        • Yes, educate yourself using that bastion of scientific integrity, The Almighty Huffington Post. Hahahaah 😀

      • KSV

        You are wrong. The US used to obtain 40% of its food from victory gardens and the WHO claims that small agriculture is the most sustainable and best able to meet worldwide food needs. In India farmers who purchased GMO seeds are committing suicide in large numbers because yields would not support costs.

        • 6sickofidiocy9

          Your information is erroneous.

          • Amy Unruh

            And yours is unsubstantiated and dangerous.

  • Ri

    Bought The Gut Balance Revolution on Kindle and so far loving it! great recommendation! I like how Dr Mullen speaks from his own experience with obesity

  • Brigid Skelton

    I just finished reading the book Ten Percent Human (How Your Body’s Microbes Hold the Key to Health and Happiness), by Alanna Collen. It contains a lot of history about how microbiotic research has evolved and where it is going. Have you read it?

  • Green Deane

    You guys have got to address the issue is the potential impact of of the “cleaning” done before an colonoscopy.

    • Rebecca Cody

      I’d love to hear an informed opinion on that, too. Since the stuff they give you to drink sometimes is artificially sweetened with aspartame I’ll never take it. Aspartame caused me to have a major seizure. I woke up in a hospital 32 hours later! So, be sure to read the ingredient labels on that nasty stuff.

  • Diane Ryberg

    I am a healthy, active 57 year old woman who is very fit (yoga, run, meditate…) I was given Clindamycin at my dentist for a minor abscess on my gum. I was taking care of my mother-in-law who picked up C-diff while in a hospital for pneumonia. I had no idea the Clindamycin made me a host to the C-Diff – to make a long story short – I became so sick I was hospitalized for 59 days – moved from a hospital in Aruba – to Fort Lauderdale – and ultimately Mass General Hospital – having been on a vent and not expected to survive. After the 59 days, C-diff came back and I was given a fecal transplant – that saved my life. Clindamycin is a dangerous drug and dentists prescribe it all the time with no warnings!!

    • Dee

      Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing this.

    • 6sickofidiocy9

      One does not “pick up” C.Deficile, it is part of your normal gut flora that, due to its resistance to antibiotics, overgrows when certain antibiotics kill the other normal gut bacteria along with the offending abcess-causing strain. Your treating physician should have Rxd a probiotic simultaneously with the Clindamycin, otherwise it was the right call and without it your gum abcess would have escalated into something far worse.

      • Diane Ryberg

        Thanks for your opinion – I was on a probiotic during this time.

      • virons

        I read information from the Mayo clinic that states that you can pick up C. diff. I had a friend who had it and was told that it is opportunistic and can be picked up in water, and food that has been contaminated with fecal material as well as other ways. All people do not carry it in their colons.

  • Marie

    I have had a problem for 20 years of loose bowels and diarrhea. I gave up wheat and grains and got some help, but it was short lived. I used probiotics with the most strains I could find. I took Betaine HCL and digestive enzymes, but none of this helped for long. Eventually, I came across a “diet” to lose weight consisting of fruit for breakfast, chicken (organic) and greek yogurt for lunch and hard boiled eggs with salad for dinner using olive oil and lemon as dressing. I gave up coffee and drank lemon water only. Within a week, I had the best bowel movements I have had in 20 years. Somehow it seemed to “reset” my gut flora. I have felt much better since removing meats (other than chicken) and coffee. I did lose a few pounds, but the difference in my digestion and bowel movements has been profound. Just thought I would share.

    • 6sickofidiocy9

      It is the lack of coffee plus salad greens for dinner that is responsible for the bowel change. The rest is purely anecdotal.

      • Marie

        Perhaps, but I’ve been eating a paleo diet for a few years now. I think that cutting out beef may have helped. I’m drinking coffee again and I haven’t had the problem recur. I think by eliminating all but a few foods was like being on an elimination diet. All I can say is that I am hopeful it won’t return, but if it does, I will go back to what fixed it. Coffee is my only vice, and I have given up quite a lot of foods in an effort to fix my gut. Thanks for your comment. We are all entitled to our opinions though whether we agree or not.

        • KSV

          Coffee is NOT a vice, providing it is organic. It is full of chlorogenic acids and flavonoids and all kinds of studies show it reduces inflammation, asthma, Parkinson’s, diabetes and other conditions. That said some people are highly caffeine sensitive and they probably dropped out of the studies, so should listen to their bodies.

          • Marie

            Have you ever heard of the book, “Caffeine Blues?” I remember reading it years ago on the downsides of coffee, and there are many. Coffee causes blood vessels to constrict – so in some ways, coffee limits circulation of blood. Coffee can also trigger gastroesophageal reflux disease and ulcers. For diabetics, coffee can raise blood glucose levels, and these are just a few. I drink organic, swiss decaf as I have high blood pressure, which can also be raised by caffeine, and caffeine is a DRUG. It can cause heart problems and even death.

          • Sally D’Alessio

            Where can you get organic coffee? I never heard of it.

          • Marie

            I buy organic decaf at Walmart.

          • Sally D’Alessio

            Thanks Mari . I just never thought of organic coffee

          • Bill Pickersgill

            You don’t want it decaf, a little caffeine is very good for you , why alter something like coffee that in it’s natural state has caffeine, and they use all kinds of cancer causing chemicals to take the caffeine out .

        • Bill Pickersgill

          Coffee is excellent for you as long as you don’t drink it black , it is full of antioxidants , stimulates bowel movements , improves thinking , cleanses the liver , fights diabetes , and don’t drink too much at one sitting , moderation is the key .

  • RicardoRichard

    What confuses me is to consume fermented food, especially vegies. not only Dr Perlmutter talks about it but many many others do the same. German and East-Europeans have always consumed large amounts of sauercrout and pickles. I wonder how this acid environment can help the development of good bacteria. Here Dr. Mullin at the beginning seems to mention fermented foods as something negative but later on he affirms that they are positive.
    Besides he is against using the medicines that block stomach acid because it protects us from bad bacteria getting into the stomach and further down. But doesn’t the same acid kill good bacteria that comes down with bio-yougurt and with fermented food? How does it all work actually?
    Acid environment is rather unhealthy in general. Alkaline is preferred but obviously this environment is different in different organs of our body. But as far as I know to make our food acid is not healthy at all. Even alternative medicine talks about it. Who wiill help me with solving this complicated stuff?

    • Marie

      Bottom Line: The body tightly regulates blood pH levels and it is not possible to affect it via diet. However, diet can change the pH value of urine. http://authoritynutrition.com/the-alkaline-diet-myth/

      • RicardoRichard

        I know that, Marie. The kidneys and the lungs are the most responsible for preserving that ph blood balance of about 7,4 . Only in extreme cases of kidney failures the whole problem may be exacerbated and the blood ph levels imbalanced causing even death. But all what you say does not reply to my questions.

    • KSV

      It isn’t about the acidity of the food- that is a canard- but about the makeup of the gut bacteria. Lactic acid fermented foods tend to have firmicute bacteria like Lactobacillus species. These bacteria are necessary to extract energy from food and get more calories out of it, Fat people have a relative excess of firmicutes so you might want to ease up on them if you are trying to lose weight. Thin people have more bacteriodetes which in overgrowth will cause diarrhea. We all have some of each, and fecal implants from a healthy thin person can cause weight loss in a fat recipient.

      L, Acidophilous, the main beneficial yogurt bacteria means “acid loving” so it is not badly denatured by stomach acid, although the full fat yogurt has fat, which does not break down until after the stomach, protecting the organisms from extremes. Avoid sweetened yogurts, sugars and blood sugar above 105 if you want to decrease firmiciutes.

      • RicardoRichard

        Sorry, but your argument suggested by your first sentence looks contradictory. Isn’t it so that the make-up of gut bacteria depends on the food? There are 2 theories – the food leaves either acidic or alkaline “ash”. Some people say that they always leave acidic “ash”, which is not comprehencible to me anyway.

        Yes, I do agree with fecal transplants – but this is a new procedure.

        L.Acidophilous – that explains my doubt. Thanks. But is it the same in case of Lactobacillus produced by fermented vegies? Are they not affected by stomach acid juices? I guess there must be something to it, because people not used to eating sauercrout, etc will suffer after consuming it. I can eat 1lb of it at a sitting and nothing will happen to me.

  • Diane G. Jones

    Is it possible to consume too many probiotics via diet and supplementation?

    • Wendy Allen

      Probiotics may die off in the stomach acid or fighting bad bacteria. The bowel movement is about 60% dead and alive bacteria. The body will find the right amount maybe and keep that alive. The appendix may help reinnoculate the large intestines with good bacteria. Most people maybe low in good bacteria. Taking a probiotic daily may not be too much. Fermented food…I can’t eat too much. People may find a balance in what they eat. Best wishes.

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    • Manzer Belanger

      Any milk from other species are NOT healthy for HUMANS. Only human Mothers’ milk is good for humans – an then it is only good for INFANT HUMAN BEINGS that are growing. Milk from other species has growth factors for that species (IE: cows for calves to make them grow fast !) Not for grown humans to make them grow more !!! Read:
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  • Beverly Annette

    Great Information. I just got both of your books and am excited to put this into action!

  • Bill Pickersgill

    Pro- biotics is way, way overrated , there is no comparison to eating yogurt from whole milk and taking a pro- biotic pill , supplements are a waste of time eat the food , the body absorbs nutrients from pills very poorly , whole foods have tremendous healing powers. and all grains pretty much naturally contain gluten , the gluten craze isn’t true at all the body is set up for complex carbs [ grains] this is a scientific fact , not protein or fat, and interestingly the bible backs science up Zech 9 : 17 niv bible , And the brain is primarily fueled by complex carbs , this also is a fact . biblebill209@gmail.com

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