What is the Ideal Breakfast?

Like most Americans, you probably start your day with breakfast. While I often opt to skip breakfast (and instead just enjoy my cup of black coffee), there’s nothing wrong with the choice to start your day with a healthy meal. However, the key is that it’s just that: a healthy meal. In today’s video, discover the cornerstones of a brain-boosting breakfast that will keep your body operating at peak efficiency throughout the day.

For some breakfast ideas, check out the recipes we have here on the website!

  • ri

    I love how you say croissant! hehe

  • Michael Oliver

    Hello Dr. Perlmutter,
    Recently I have heard about the supplement Cinnergy as a way to combat the toxicity of sugar. Can you please share your thoughts on this product? And if you have any alternative suggestions I would appreciate hearing about them. I value your work and because of you I am living a more healthier lifestyle – thank you for all you do!!

    • carolat538

      I use it and it works great form Cinnergy Plus it has great for the Live if

  • Rene Warne

    What options are available I am allergic to eggs, seafood, gluten, dairy, peanuts most of the recipes have eggs

  • Astarte

    Do you have any opinions or data concerning weight control products that are said to alter fat metabolism? Is there a concern how these may affect our brain function over time?

  • Roberto Roldan

    Dear David,
    have you heard about a powder foot called VIVRI? Could you give me your feedback about this kind of food that people is starting having as breakfast?

    • Robert Rolapp

      Take more control by learning from Dr Perlmutter using simple low-cost ways to food that are way more effective and almost as fast to prepare. Vivri does not easily tell you on their website exactly the ingredients used. I worked for a few MLM companies as a programmer and the industry for these companies does not thrive on you getting well as much as getting you wealthy. They skimp on science and high speed prep is their focus. They talk about numerous vitamin counts but your immune system health needs different amounts as you gain health. So their one-size-fits-all paradigm is a false and potentially health reversing approach. Just dump Vivri and follow a number of podcasts and Functional Medicine books that will start you on a 30-day cleanup and restart program. Your body and wallet will both praise you for doing this instead.

  • Maryam Tafreshi

    Can too much calories eaten at once creat deziness and numbness in body parts like feet? Can too much carb do this? What about too much protein? Is this a sign of diabetics in anyway?

    • David Perlmutter

      If those are symptoms you are experiencing Maryam, I’d suggest you consult a physician immediately.

  • Sam

    Doctor, thank you very much for your teaching insights. In one of your gluten free recipe, it lists such foods as avocado, coconut and pineapple. Isn’t it true when you combine fats and fructose, a liver starts producing triglycerides?

    • David Perlmutter

      There is actually very little fructose in this recipe so the effect upon triglycerides I think will be hardly any. But this is an excellent question

  • evZENy

    Luckily not everyone grew up and is still munching on the typical American breakfast you describe. Mine was closer to the one shown for Turkey, but I also enjoy the Japanese

  • disqus_dSf8TuMRBh

    Dr Perlmutter may I ask you why you generally don’t eat breakfast?

    • Joyce Toler

      Maybe he is reaping the benefits of intermittent fasting?

    • David Perlmutter

      The reason I generally don’t eat breakfast is twofold. Firstly I usually have a good dinner, with lots of olive oil and healthy fats, so that I am not craving carbohydrates in the morning. Secondly, I think it is good to extend the fast from the evening meal to the middle of the next day. This creates a slight stress on the body that actually activates powerful gene pathways that reduce inflammation and are associated with reduced aging.

      • I go through phases of intermittent fasting and my body loves it. Sometimes it’s easy, other times my body really wants my normal vegi and eggs breakfast.

      • Yvonne Rolake Adebola

        I’ve heard that intermittent fasting is not so beneficial for women, causing a stress that is linked to potential fertility issues, could you kindly clarify this?

      • ron

        I am avoiding oils good or bad. I am going along with Dr. Esselstyns Dr. Mcdougalls advise to use NO OIL. I had bypass surgery 16 years ago at age 65, (never had heart attack) and I see no evidence that saturated fats can be good for me. I have also cut back considerably on chicken, turkey, beef.

  • Monica

    How about 2 Tbsp of peanut butter alone?

    • David Perlmutter

      Would much prefer almond, or another nut, butter.

  • TomH

    What about a fruit smoothie with: Kale, chlorella , kelp powder with ground chia, flax, and hemp seeds? (fruit: blueberries, banana, apple, grapes, melon)

  • disqus_dSf8TuMRBh

    Thank you Dr Perlmutter for your reply. I can ask one more thing please? If you have a coffee in the morning does that break your fast?

    • David Perlmutter

      Technically yes, so best to wait on that too.

  • Alfonso

    Good morning Dr Perlmutter
    This questions are not about breakfast but are about fat.
    What is a normal lipid profile, how do you treat an abnormal one and why I shouldn’t use Lipitor ? Thanks

  • Thanks Dr. Pearlmutter. I am a bit confused.. having read MANY books promoting Paleo and IF as well as your books, and now I am doing the elimination diet Whole30; which rules state to eat 3 meals a day… no snacks… because the Author states IF causes cortisol and stress to the body which prevents weight loss and promotes inflammation.
    My tendency is to not eat breakfast until around 10 am (I get up at 5), but to enjoy my coffee with coconut cream and to nibble organic cacao paste in the morning.
    So much conflicting information and science.
    I have done it all from keto to bulletproof, to IF… so now primarily Paleo, elimination.
    Thanks for your great books and information.

    • ron

      You are so right. I’ve been having a smoothie every morning with berries, spinach, almond or coconut milk turmeric, sometimes cacao or a little ginger. I’m doing fine with weight loss, lower A1c and energy. Oh and usually a piece of whole grain toast with almond butter.

  • Elena Valencia Medrano

    Dr. David, podría decirme si hay que hacer algún cambio o sumar algo más a su propuesta de nutrición para un paciente con Fibrosis pulmonar Idiopática de 60 años de edad, agradeceré su respuesta y sugerencia, soy una médico que practica la Medicina Complementaria y Energética y ahora difusora de sus propuestas, de Lima Perú. Gracias!

  • Amar

    I eat whole grain oatmeal every morning and it keeps me full for very long. When I was on a low carb diet I felt very hungry all the time.

  • Linda

    Hi I’ve been doing no grains, sugar or starchy veggies for two months now, I feel great, have lowered my NDT, have lots of energy, and my blood pressure has come down, my question is,although I have lost a bit of weight it’s not very fast, 6 lbs only, and I am only ever in ketosis slightly, what am I doing wrong.

  • jngordon

    Hi Dr. Pearlmutter, We just returned from a Wheat Belly 4 day retreat with Dr. Davis. It was amazing. I have been a Pescatarian for many years and am also gluten intolerant. I am now following a grain free, low carb, higher fat diet. We spent the 8 hour drive home listening to your Grain Brain book and are now onboard. We would love to attend a retreat, or cruise, or class with you. Do you host any of these? Thank you

  • Juan Morfin

    Finally something that backs up everything you are speaking of in your book and website. Doctor Perlmutter i hope you read this and able to help me. Im professional soccer player and im haveing such a hard time with my diet…. how can a player that needs carbs for performance even begin to obtain this results ?

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