Improved Attention From Your Child? Feed Them This.

With more than 6.5 million American children being diagnosed with ADHD, and close to 70% of them being medicated, it sure makes sense that we should consider how lifestyle factors, including diet, may affect a child’s ability to pay attention in school.

Certainly, DHA is important, as research has demonstrated significant improvement in focus in children with higher levels of this omega-3 fat.

In this new report, researchers compared dietary fiber consumption to tests of children’s ability to focus. They found that higher levels of dietary fiber were correlated with better ability to pay attention and avoid distraction.

Dietary fiber increases the ability of our probiotic gut organisms to make various chemicals, some of which are helpful for brain function. In addition, dietary fiber helps reduce inflammation, which can further complicate a child’s ability to focus.

  • Bo Campasano

    Dr. Perlmutter is it safe to assume that fiber obtained through quality supplementation would have the same effect?

  • Rochelle

    Great information! Thank you.

  • Carmen McBride

    What kind of dietary fiber do you recommend?

  • Kim Case Pagonis

    How do I go about determining if my child is getting enough Fiber?

  • Nan Wood

    We prefer to get enough fiber through diet. What are several fiber foods you incorporate into your meals?
    Thank you for educational enlightenment towards a much healthier humanity.

  • yokun

    Impaired gut microbione, which is often seen in ADHD children, cannot digest fibers easily. how do you think about it? it’s ok if it’s small amount?

  • Mary

    70% on RX? that’s horrific! Parent should seriously research the vaccine issues, they are very much tied to ADD ADHD. And the schedule is out of control, they are pumping way too many toxins into these little bodies that are untested. Our children are the guinea pigs and look what’s happening. k

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