Insulin Resistance and Cognitive Decline

I want to dive a bit deeper today into our discussion of the relationship between diabetes (and even mild elevations in blood sugar), and the overall health of your brain. With that, it’s becoming increasingly clear the lifestyle factors that impact metabolic disease, of which insulin resistance is at the core, also play a key role in influencing the health of the brain and long-term cognitive capacity. Let’s look at this recent study published in Experimental and Molecular Medicine in today’s video.

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  • TechnoTriticale

    View Study link is looping to itself.
    While awaiting fix, fulltext is available at:

  • Lynn Dell

    Their conclusion:
    “Recent evidence supports the contention that AD may be a
    slow-progressing brain metabolic disease, and numerous studies
    demonstrate an intricate connection between MetS and AD.”

    In his book, Dr. Bredesen outlines 3 types of Alzheimer’s disease – 1) inflammatory, 2) loss of trophic support (vitamin d, certain hormones, insulin issues), and #) toxic exposure. He also explains which of the various APOE genes make people more suceptible to which kind of cause. I suppose metabolic syndrome, with its hallmark of insulin resistance would be implicated in the first two causes of Alzheimer’s. It is probably the biggest driver of age related cognitive decline, but not the only one. However, reversing metabolic syndrome may prevent a sizeable percentage of age related cognitive decline, however it is classified.

    I confess I don’t understand how inflammatory cognitive decline is weeded out from the loss of trophic support, loss of trophic support can result in inflammation . . . oh well.

  • Tara L McLoughlin

    Metabolic syndrome is a spectrum. I wish GPs would stop treating it like a switch. Insulin resistance is related to so many chronic illnesses. Drugs do not work to the degree that big pharma claims. Time to take matters into our own hands. Thanks for sharing this report!

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