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Kombucha: Why All The Fuss?

Have you heard about kombucha? It seems like the drink of the moment right now, and deservedly so. A powerful fermented food that brings important probiotic strains to your gut, kombucha should absolutely have a place at your table.

And if you’re concerned about the sugar content in kombucha, you shouldn’t be. Watch today’s video to find out why, and to learn more about this important drink.

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  • Matt Macedo

    I have noticed many of the Kombuchas do not have the top 5 recommended bacterial strains. How do we learn which beneficial bacteria does what, so we know which fermented drink we should buy if we are not making our own?

  • christine

    When I drink Kumbucha I get a lot of gas(smell really bad) and sometime get diarrhea.. Can you explain me why?

  • Elsie

    So simple to make your own. Takes 10 mins once a week to bottle a litre and a half and start another batch. Then you know you have all the good bacteria – from buying a live scoby in the first place. I put a piece of ginger and slice lemon once bottled and leave to ferment another 24 hrs before popping in fridge to enjoy during week. I have a small glass before each meal. Delicious.

  • Kathy Grace

    When I drink the digestive health my gut feels settled. I have only taken it two times, but each day,. I mmediately feel a difference in my poor overworked microscopic colitis inflamed intestines. Please keep helping me. It’s been over 5 weeks with absolutely no relief. Talking steroids now; got another 3 weeks to go. I am miserable.

  • Aida

    Hello Dr Perlmutter,

    I read Grain Braine, it changed my life. I’m reading now Brain Maker, an amazing book!

    Thank you for offering the information!

    Could you please tell me if it is safe to give Kombucha to a 7 years old child? If yes is there any recommended quantity?

    For Adults can we drink as much kombucha as we want? Is there any recommended quantity?

    Thank you,

  • Stephanie Freude

    Can I drink home made kumbucha while fasting or is the remaining sugar contend to high?

    • David Perlmutter

      I focus on water-only fasts.

    • Glenda

      I have been drinking kumbucha for 15+ years and I always drink it when I fast! Now about the sugar, kumbucha should never taste sweet, if it does, it hasn’t “cooked” long enough. We always say when it tastes like apple cider vinegar it is ready or regular apple cider that has gone “overly ripe”.

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