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Optimal Diet for Brain Health

It started with Grain Brain, but it is increasingly clear that a high-fat, high-fiber, low-carb diet is a scientifically validated and viable nutrition plain for not just brain health, but for total health. A diet with this makeup is one that fosters positive health in the gut, creating a microbial balance that sets the stage for a reduced risk for disease like Type 2 Diabetes. What does that diet look like in execution? Find out in today’s video.


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  • sbc678

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter,

    First, let me thank you so much for all the ground breaking, cutting-edge info you are giving to us all. It’s wonderful.

    I had gastric bypass surgery so my plumbing is a bit different from many others. I am wondering if eating this way is healthy for people like me too. Since I am now predisposed to malabsorption, what would I do to make sure I am getting all the healthiest nutrients and food for me to remain healthy?

    There are virtually no doctors or healthcare professionals addressing this issue. I’m on many of the bariatric surgery boards and websites and to be honest, some of the things that people are being told to eat is very, very scary when thinking about health. I didn’t do this to get skinny. I did it to get healthy.

    I have been following you, Dr. Terry Wahls and others who are in the Paleo/whole food movement for a while now and prefer this way of eating to anything else. However, my issue is that I am now very limited on the amount of food I can consume and have different needs than others, as I have previously stated.

    Dr. Perlmutter, do you know of anyone, anywhere that understands gastric bypass surgery and getting to optimal brain and all-around health?

    This is absolutely vital to me as I plan on being on this planet for a long, long time. I just don’t understand how my plumbing works along with everything you’ve written about in both books. Like I said, absolutely no one is addressing health in bariatric patients. I need to learn what to do. I am eating this way, for the most part, already but need a lot more information.

    OK…I’ve gone on long enough. Thank you Dr. Perlmutter and anyone else who can give me some insight!


    • chrysalid2000
      • sbc678

        Thank you for this but it’s the typical bariateic guide that most people receive who are going for the surgery. There are many foods and ideas in these publications that, in my opinion, promote unhealthy eating and living.

        Most of the bariateic surgeons and nutritionists are not on board yet with the way of eating that Dr. Perlmutter and others involved in the whole food, cutting-edge, Paleo movement advocate.

        I appreciate you taking the time and effort to post this though!

        • chrysalid2000

          I get it. Here’s another try. I’m a health coach, so your question is of interest. A little more research found this article: http://paleononpaleo.com/paleo-gastric-bypass/, which led to Orleatha’s blog site (lost 125 lbs from combination of GB Surgery and a Paleo lifestyle): http://lvlhealth.com/blog/ Hope it helps! Good luck!

          • sbc678

            Well thank you again Chrysalid2000! However, I’m already connected with Orleatha. She is great but she’s still just figuring all this out too! LOL See what I mean? It’s a very untapped area that no one seems to want to tackle! I’ve researched and researched and researched. Orleatha, so far, seems to be the only one working on this. Thank you again for trying!

          • chrysalid2000

            Sounds like a business opportunity to me. Excellent niche market. My other love is business (I have an MBA). I bought this course https://www.createawesomeonlinecourses.com/ from http://www.therisetothetop.com/products/

            David has his course wait listed right now, but he puts it on the market a couple of times per year. I used his course to develop a course about stress management for moms of young children. Maybe you can develop a course to sell online about GB surgery and the paleo lifestyle. Your market would be amazing. There were 510,000 procedures in the US from 2011-2013.

            Another amazing resource is amyporterfield.com


          • sbc678

            Wow…thank you again so much for all the great info! I’ll check out the other sites you suggested. Really appreciate it!

          • Amber House

            Hi. How does one become a health coach. It sounds so interesting.

          • chrysalid2000

            I am a 3X Certified Health Coach through a company in Colorado and I am also certified through another company in Utah.

            However, I am just about to release my Wellness Round the Campfire Program for women (especially moms) to start their own income-generating mothers’ groups. It is a 52-week curriculum that uses re-written well-known children songs, games and word puzzles to teach young moms how to teach their children (ages 2-10) about health, wellness and stress management. Each weekly booklet is 29-32 pages long and includes slideshow videos of the wellness songs. The first 4 weeks will be free and then the rest will be low-cost. There will also be workshops available and an affiliate marketing program to help you make income from re-selling the 52-week program to other moms or women, in general. If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact me: strictly-stress@telus.net The program should be available by September 1st, 2015. BTW: My name is Jill Prince. If you want other info about being a health coach, I would be happy to chat with you.

  • Shend

    I am good with the high fat but a high fiber diet will harm me

    • chrysalid2000

      Why? Does this apply to both soluble and insoluble fiber? Insoluble is usually better than soluble and some Paleo sources of it are seeds, nuts, zucchini, celery, broccoli, cabbage,
      onions, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, dark leafy
      vegetables and root vegetable skins (washed of course).I can think of several dozen meals to make out of these foods. Here is an article: http://ow.ly/OOHOI

  • CJ Hunt

    Really “mostly vegetarian?” I didn’t get that impression during your appearance for Grain Brian on Dr. Oz. Can you elaborate?

    • David Perlmutter

      The ideal Brain Maker plate is 2/3 vegetables, with just 3-4oz of protein.

      • CJ Hunt

        Thanks Dr Perlmutter. Since that ratio is quite different than radio-isotopic collagen analysis from the Max Planck Inst. of Evolutionary Anthropology, at least for pre-agricultural modern humans in EU (mostly animal foods, little veggies). Begs the question – is this need to fix the gut biome a manifestation of getting so far off track in our modern diets? And if so, is this ramped up corrective program lifelong? or just until one’s gut bacteria is up to speed? (at this rate I should just interview you for my next documentary 😉

        • Elsie

          This is a puzzle to me too and would appreciate clarification from Dr Perlmutter, but I suspect you are correct CJHunt with your hypothesis.

        • Lynn Dell

          Fabulous question! It seems reasonable to my thinking as humans spread over the earth into varying climates with varying food sources that their microbiomes adapted. Speaking of rural people groups only, they usually had a lot of sun exposure, had to work hard, did not always have food to eat, and the fruit sugars they did eat were not as quickly absorbed. They also did not ingest trace amounts of glyphosate, bph, lots of hydrogenated fats, and the like. But their diets differed, depending on food source location, and their microbiomes were all good, research shows.

          Another consideration is sustainability and population. If you can get good nutrition from something that is organic, abundant and easily replenished, that is desirable. The wild caught fish and organic grass fed meats would probably not be in this category. Very important consideration, given the growth in human population.

  • Deb Kikuchi

    I am so impressed. My HDL went from 35 to 69 with this diet change. My triglycerides were 88.

  • Kelly Pingle

    My husband and I went ont hhe Grain Brain program and have completed our first year June 1, 2014. We both have lost 50 pounds and my husband can’t stop losing. He has to eat over 3000 caalories a day and he can’t keep up with it. Is there a proetein powder out now that he can use. All our health issues disappeared and the fog I was walking around lifted 2 months after starting the program so I would hate to change his lifestyle to include bad food so he doesn’t wither away any further. Please help-DESPERATE. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!

  • dympna espinoza

    After seeing Dr. Perlmutter on KCET I am VERY interested in his theories. My partner has ADD, panic attacks, high calcium even after having 2 parathyroids removed ( 1unnecessarily) and the coup de gras he has an advanced essential tumor in his left (good) arm and starting in the other…He can not afford to lose any more weight…Have waded through the many comments re paleo, gluten free etc only to find it all very confusing…I. Am leaning towards the gluten free..how can he avoid weight loss…..plz help

  • Zorica Vasic

    I am 50 and my primary health issue is narcolepsy with cataplexy, diagnosed 4 months ago. Besides taking the medicines (modafinil, venaflaxine), should I make some specific dietary changes in order to improve my condition? Thanks.

  • Barel

    I’m 30 and I had an accident before 7 years ago wich brought me to unable talking sitiuassion and I’m suffering from epilepsy . I want to know, if ill start your dietary way, could I stop using my drugs against epilepsy ?
    Thank you

    • David Perlmutter

      Even when making changes, only come off of a prescribed drug once improvement has been seen, and after consulting with your physician first.

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