Root Causes of Autism

Autism is a subject on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and an area of ongoing medical research. The more we study, the more we begin to learn what could be at the root of autism, and factors that impact baseline risk for autism, like childhood exposure to antibiotics.

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  1. Mike Koehler

    I wish more people would recognize the autism/constipation connection and which one comes first. Medications often used to treat constipation, such as miralax/polyethylene glycol adversely affect the microbiome and therefore deepen the autism symptoms or perhaps bring them on initially. When a new born is diagnosed with constipation and is given adult doses of polyethylene glycol, the child is being put behind the eight ball while the parents are often told “that’s how your child was born”.

    1. texasmom1943

      I wish someone would introduce a webinair that teaches what can safely be done to treat common ailments like heartburn, constipation, etc. Because so many of the prescription drugs and over the counter drugs as well – are causing more harm than relieving symptoms!

      1. Mike Koehler

        Many of the PPI medications used to treat GERD/Acid Reflux are on a drug watch list; they are very detrimental to the health of the gut.
        It would be wonderful if someone would host an open forum to discuss gut health and discuss options while giving others ideas to treat their conditions without prescription medications.
        I was given a script for Prilosec, I’m glad I didn’t take it for more than a week. Braggs apple cider vinegar, raw, organic unfiltered honey and freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of hot water daily and my reflux is under control and my allergies are minimal now. Thank goodness.
        I’m really disgruntled with the GI doctors around the world using polyethylene glycol, off label, to treat children’s constipation. After our son was on miralax for 5 years he was diagnosed with epilepsy. I would have never know how important gut health was until this happened. Our son had his last seizure one year after being diagnosed and is improving daily. From diuretics, pain killers, antibiotics, PPI’s they’re all toxic. Need additional medication to offset the side effects…’s tough to get out of big pharma’s grip.

          1. shygirl75158

            If ind this interesting, David, as my son had absence seizures, tremors and nystagmus for over three years. We began interventions when he was two (diet and supplements), and probiotics and after the 3.5 year mark, I didn’t see these problems anymore.

            Also, he was sick all the time, but the first time he got a significant pneumonia one year after his vaccine injury,and he was put on broad spectrum antibiotics IM for two days, followed by oral Omnicef for ten days. He had not said a single word in a year, but on the fourth day of this treatment, he sat up and said ever word he’d known before regression clear as a bell! that made me think there was something bacterial going on that was interfering with is ability to speak.

            I found a research article on how Vancomycin was used on children with ASD, and all those who received vancomycin opposed to placebo improved! But then my heart sank as the study stated once the Vanco was discontinued, the children all regressed to baseline. My son was going to lose speech again!

            He did regress, but not to baseline. He retained one syllable utterances, and we built on these.

            DR. Holmes thought – when we saw her – that there was some type of anaerobic bacteria going on with our son that wasn’t identified> He always got better (“atuism” wise) when he had an infection and was put on antibiotics. I found this strange….

            So you are right – I do believe that there are bacteria which give on neurotoxins that are affecting many of these kids in ways we don’t fully understand, but Dr. Sharon Moalem – in his book, “survival of the Sickest,” talks about how parasites and bacteria give off chemicals that can make the host act and do some very wild things or cause medical and neurological problems.

          2. harrellgraham

            Hi shygirl75158. I really enjoy your posts. They are awesome. Could
            you please find me on facebook and message me? I’d like to share an
            idea for using your words in some material which I think could help
            ‘wake up’ people. You say the things that need to be said as well as

            Also, I want to point out that certain antibiotics have
            immuno-modulatory effects (on the immune system, obviously). Vancomycin
            is one. And that is most probably the mechanism that helped your child’s vaccine
            injuries—not because it was killing bacteria, but because it was
            ‘toning down’ the raging inflammation & immune over-stimulation that
            can go on for years or decades *after* vaccine exposure…all because
            the body and immune system (especially the microglia, the brain’s immune
            cell) gets way too ramped up (excitotoxicity), and can stay ramped up
            for decades *after* injury.

            But it wouldn’t be great, perhaps, to
            take an antibiotic lifelong. So in a latter communication we can talk
            about natural things that can immuo-modulate. You probably know some
            already. But a good place to start is pubmedDOTgov and type in search
            window ‘immunomodulat* resveratrol’, for example. (put the asterisk
            there to get modulate, modulation, modulating). Or ‘immunomodulat*
            curcumin’, ‘immunomodulat* EGCG (or, instead of EGCG: type ‘ginseng’,
            OR ‘stevia’, etc, etc. (Some of these natural substance may upregulate the immune system, you’ll have to look in the pubmed abstracts to see which does what (but stevia down-regulates—and, get this, it can help kill Lyme disease by, among other things, breaking up the Lyme biofilm). Just like curcumin in that curcumin does so many different things besides help kill cancer. It helps vaccine injury (‘autism’ in pubmed), nerve crush injury, cognitive disorders. Here’s a title for a study whose abstract you can see in pubmed, and note there are terms in the title you may want to use in other searches, e.g., ‘neuroinflammation microglia’.

            to see this abstract from a journal titled Neuromolecular Medicine, 2016 type in pubmed search window

            Role of dietary phenols in mitigating microglia-mediated

            I haven’t studied this enough to know what ‘works’ etc, so I am just giving you a place to start.

            Also, I have a recent newsletter by Dr Russell Blaylock, MD (neurosurgeon,
            retired) on ginseng, and one of the remarkable things it can do is help
            restore damage *after* a stroke. As he points out, no known drug can do

            Anyway, please look up Harrell Guy Graham on facebook and
            message me because I would like to bounce some ideas off of you for
            using your words in some powerful youtube videos.

          3. Nicholas Perry ~ @UltimApe

            Bingo, antibiotics -> reduction in microbiome -> lower serotonin.

            “Researchers have found abnormalities in the synthesis of serotonin in certain structures of the brain and an overall difference in serotonin levels for the whole brain. In a study carried out at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan PET Scan Center (1), researchers discovered at least some of the brain structures that have abnormal serotonin synthesis. The brain structures that make up the dentatothalamocortical pathway were found to have abnormal serotonin synthesis. This is a neural pathway involved in sensory integration and speech. ”

            I have autism myself and I suspect the times when I cannot speak are due to not eating enough protein and causing a lower production of serotonin. I had a lot of antibiotics growing up due to chronic ear infections (found genes that predispose for ear infections in autism), and my mom had an immune system disorder already that predisposed my brain development toward the growth patterns.

          4. Nicholas Perry ~ @UltimApe

            I haven’t yet, I’m saving up to get my genes tested to see how my body processes serotonin and dopamine before I can get an idea of what I need to repopulate with. I’m hoping to get that by January.

            My current plan is to do a water fast for a few days and then encourage my appendix to repopulate my gut. What I eat after the fast will be geared to encourage whatever particular bacteria ecology would be a good match with my genes.

            Part of the trouble is that I may have a secondary infection of H pylori or something simlar, which could be leading to my increased gerd (and it also does a lot of nasty stuff that reduces serotonin production).

            I may have a highly active serotonin processing gene in my liver. I don’t want to accidentally over stress it and cause problems. so I gotta try and normalize my system and see how I respond.

          5. AutismDadd

            Interesting. So a water fast can help the appendix repopulate? I’ll have to read up on some of these ideas….thanks

          6. AutismDadd

            And those that do are usually kept in check by helpful gut bugs, but their numbers can be altered by antibiotics for ear infections. Ear infections coming as a vaccine reaction.

        1. George Sadler

          The have been several free webinars dealing with gut health. I believe rI remember Dr. Perlmutter being a part of one.

        2. shygirl75158

          I’m disgruntled with most doctors in the mainstream. The endocrinologists are not taught very well to deal with thyroid and adrenal issues!

        3. AutismDadd

          Think basics. Probiotics in many forms help return the flora generally harmed by antibiotics for ear infections. When the flora is altered they are definite negative reactions

      2. David Steenblock

        you might look into d- limonine capsules for GERD. 10 days of one pill per day and most times the gerd goes away. Laxaclear mixed with magnesium given daily generally can keep the bowels working and this is safe. Dosage has to be worked out for each person.

        1. Mike Koehler

          There’s nothing safe about polyethylene glycol, I would steer far away from laxaclear.
          Additionally, not all magnesium has a laxative effect, magnesium citrate is one that does.

        2. Allison

          D-Limonene (orange peel oil) works well for heartburn/ GERD. But, the correct dosing is 10 capsules w/ 1 given every other morning over 20 days. (Lasts up to 6 mos.) ‘Jarrow’ brand is affordable, comes in 60 count. For constipation, ‘Natural Calm’ (ionic magnesium citrate) works great. Mix the powder into water, take ~ 1 hr. before bedtime. (Raspberry-lemon flavor best). Plain psyllium husk powder also works, but it is coarse & becomes ~ gelatinous fast. Kids may not deal so well w/ the texture. (Avoid Metamucil because of the artificial colors, flavor…). All of the above are in health food stores & Amazon.

        3. Mike Koehler

          David, you understand laxaclear is the Kirkland brand of miralax? I would really like to know why you “medical professionals” resort to a toxic substance as a first line to treat constipation? I would encourage you to join the FaceBook group “Parents against miralax” and offer up your opinion as to why PEG is safe.
          The EPA, CDC and the FDA all tell us to avoid exposure to dioxane we should avoid products containing PEG. Dioxane is an emerging contaminant and according to the world health organization 95% of it is absorbed in the GI tract.

          1. shygirl75158

            Yeah, they put my son on that until I learned better. EFA powder (Flax), plenty of vitamin C and magnesium and adequate amounts of mineral water have kept his bowels moving well now. Wish I had figured it out BEFORE he wound up with mega colon.

      3. shygirl75158

        Dr. Blaylock has written a book on natural remedies. I knwo for myself, taking an apple cider vinegar tablet twice a day has reduced reflux (but diet play a big role – especially making sure not to eat too much at one sitting). for us adequate amounts of vitamin C, magnesium, and EFA powder (basically flax seed meal) controls the constipation.

        Dr. Blaylock’s book:

    2. David Steenblock

      You may be right but I have not seen this complication with PEG (laxaclear, miralax). You could add probiotics plus magnesium and even codliver oil to get relief from stubborn constipation. Interestingly often stem cells are curative for this chronic bowel problem for some unknown reason. stemcellmd dot org

      1. Mike Koehler

        Do you think constipation has something to do with the bacteria either in or lacking in the gut? The enteric nervous system controls our bowel movements perhaps we are either missing bacteria that the ENS requires or something is blocking the communication.
        If I could offer up a piece of advice, especially to someone such as yourself, please look into PEG before offering it up as a solution to constipation. It is nothing more than a toxic substance and frankly I don’t know that it should be used the way it is.
        Polysorbate 80 is in many of our foods, media sources such as the LA Times has reported that it may be contributing to our obesity epidemic(we all know that obesity is nothing more than gut health). Polysorbate 80 is polyoxyethylene(same as PEG, different molecular weight) and sorbitol.
        Additionally, dioxane is a known byproduct of PEG. Ironically enough dioxane is popping up in our water supply around the country; why? PEG is in just about all of your personal hygiene products….and I mean everything.
        The CDC claims to limit your exposure to dioxane then avoid using products that contain PEG while the EPA calls dioxane an emerging contaminant, they have no idea how to remove it from the water. It will be a much bigger issue before long unless we start doing away with PEG.

          1. Mike Koehler

            AutismDadd….I’m assuming you have a child on the spectrum; does your child have bowel movement issues? If so, does your child take a laxative? If so, may I ask which one?
            Also, I avoid Walmart; I would never purchase a supplement at a big box store. Sure, my local Apothecary store may be more expensive, it’s worth the piece of mind knowing I’m getting a quality product.

          2. AutismDadd

            My child has constipation issues that have improved by him taking charge of going at the appropriate time, but also in reaction to giving colonizing probiotics daily. I wouldn’t use laxatives instead use diet and liquids.

      2. shygirl75158

        Adequate amounts of vitamin C, magnesium, and Kirkman’s EFA powder, or sufficient addition of Flax Seed Meal to the diet. diet is also important. sugar is a disaster. Every child is different but gf/cf/sf/ Feingold worked for ours. yes, we did Miralax before we knew better.

    3. shygirl75158

      Mike, I ceratinly agree. funny how ALL teh problems jstu magically appear after a set of routine vaccinations, though. I disagree with David about “challenge tests.” We did thsoe and we also got talked into IV chelation for a time. both are dangerous IMO. both run a high risk of redistribution of heavy metals. both are very taxing on the adrenals. My child came near adrenal crisis after an IV treatment,and that was with FDA approved EDTA. He had suffered previous reactions when DMSA was used IV also.

      That is when I back to research and decided to detox the safe way: low dose and slow. to find out if a child has heavy metal burden there are two much safer ways to do it. Either get a hair elements/toxic elements hair test and apply “the rules of counting,” or get a French Urinary porphyrins test. Of course, in some children such as my own, the symptoms of mercury portioning were so evident, that we KNEW. And he was diagnosed with “Heavy metal Intoxication” at UT southwestern – reluctantly I think but it was just too evident to deny – what it was and also what caused it. It deranged his body’s ability to utilize calcium form diet, so his body began sucking it out of his teeth!

      I saw regressions in our child both after challenge tests and after IV. I have seen no adverse effects form low dose, frequent detox. No doctor on earth could ever coerce me into a challenge test or IV again. The adrenals are almost always ignored in this travesty. I want to see the papers (studies done) to show what over vaccination is doing to the adrenal glands of these children!

      1. Nicholas Perry ~ @UltimApe

        They’re using antibiotics and polyethylene glycol to rid the gut of it’s microbiome and reset it. The vaccine’s effect is only one small part of a larger chain of reactions that leads to autism etiology.

        And heavy metals act thru the microbiome as well:

        So we’re talking about the same thing in a way – destroying the body’s immune system thru various forces and the rsulting inflammation leading to brain develompent oddities;

        I’d also get yourself checked for this as well, brain development starts while in the womb:

    4. Allison

      Mike, please see my response to David Steenblock. I agree w/ you, & have been down research road for years too. (23 year old son w/ Asperger’s). It is frustrating, but I do think answers are coming. (Just not as fast as we need). Hugs!!

    5. AutismDadd

      Not all experience this. Thousands claim AFTER A SERIES OF VACCINES their child regressed. That does include issues with digestion in many. Wakefield wanted to sort that out but the Pharmafia in Britain got its flunkies in government and elsewhere to put a stop to it.

  2. Ronna Berezin

    Agree, agree, agree as a former teacher since 1959 of every grade as well as Special Education …. and the parent of an Aspergers if not Autistic child with gut issues since age 2( who is now 52 …. with gut issues!

    1. David Steenblock

      All of these patients should have a CDSA, OATS and heavy metal challenge test and the problems corrected as discovered. Candida can take up to a solid year of intensive therapy to get it under control. A simple test to see if this is a possiblity is to give the child 3 to 6 tablets of Sun-Chlorella tablets three times a day. If they develop cramps, gas and/or constipation or diarhea they most likely have a chronic gut dysbiosis and usually from Candida.

  3. Dale Anderson

    We have had our ASD daughter on a gluten, sugar free diet and have loaded her up with ferminated foods for over 2 years. We had little or no results until we tried a candida program to kill yeast. We found out that we were loading up our daughter with yeast when we fed her ferminated foods. For 3 weeks on a special diet free of all fermented foods, milk, gluten, sugar, fruit etc. We have seen a miracle happen. She has also been given probiotics, herb formulas for killing yeast, and an anti fungal prescription. In 4 weeks we will begin to introduce fruit and grains carefully. So far so good!

    1. David Steenblock

      Four weeks seems to be too short of a time period to get rid of this. I would have tested her stool by a CDSA and a urine organic acid test for yeast metabolites and a blood test for antibodies to Candida and Sacharomyces and then re-tested those that were positive at the start of therapy and if still positive I would continue to treat for another 3 months or even more depending on the tests.

      1. Dale Anderson

        4 weeks is enough. Yeast overgrowth inflammation can be treated quickly and the results are evident. Testing is great but symptoms and trial and error with different foods is easier than putting her in a lab for testing. Specialists have advised by asking about what she was eating and examining her. Her teachers asked us what we have been doing because they have noticed a big improvement. We are defiantly not out of the woods but this is amazing what we are witnessing. And yeast overgrowth makes since at this point. Thank you for your input. We have learned to listen to every one with a story to tell. ASD has so many causes and mysteries that I always consider anything presented. Thanks for your advice

        1. Mike Koehler

          It seems like many with ASD have a couple things in common; constipation, just a signal that something is not healthy in the gut.
          And high ocalates. If you treat constipation with polyethylene glycol the oxalate issue may worsen since glycolic acid is a metabolite of ethylene glycol. In 2008, the FDA found ethylene and diethylene glycol in all 8 lots of miralax they tested; the only ingredient in miralax is polyethylene glycol.

          1. Dale Anderson

            What’s you opinion on dark leafy greens high in calcium? I heard somewhere that the calcium in the plant helps to process the oxalates. Unless one has leaky gut. Also the article mentioned that plants with high oxalates had high calcium which helped to offset.

          2. shygirl75158

            Many do have that in common, but others have the opposite. However you are right about Miralax. the following is a decent article on the dangers of Miralax:

            We solved the problem of severe constipation here by using a combination of vitamin C, magnesium, and Kirkman labs EFA Powder. However we did not find this intervention soon enough. Our son developed “mega colon” which can cause issues for the rest of his life. Very important for us to keep his bowels moving.

          1. Dale Anderson

            The most frustrating thing about ASD is the lack of a real definition of what it is. It seems if there are certain behavior issues along with development delays that a patient is put into the ASD group. Personally I don’t beleive she has autism as defined years ago. But I’m not a doctor. Our doctor specializes in candida and got there by personal experience having yeast overgrowth himself and a son with asbergers. He has advised that we would see results within weeks if the problem was yeast overgrowth. Then it would be a long battle to totally rid the body of the excess. Our daughter is almost 10 yo and it all started after 6 weeks of antibiotics when she was 18 months old. Then we fed her all the ferminated foods we could find. Plus she loved fruit and ate it daily. We have been processed sugar and grain free for 2 years with her symptoms only getting worse. So when we were told by our doctor we were making a mistake with ferminated foods and fruit we were both shocked as well as hopefull. Thankfully we will be able to slowly reintroduce fruit and grain eventuality. We appreciate all the comments made even those who disagree. Pride has no place here when it comes to a cure for our daughter.

          2. Susan

            Child health problems seemed to increase with the amount of vaccines kids are getting also. My kids have five or six now they are getting so so many! All containing questionable ingredients. Check out the movie vaxxed.

          3. shygirl75158

            You are right. this is health problems caused by vaccines – not a solely behavioral one. the “autism” part is only a symptom – NOT the disease.

          4. shygirl75158

            It’s why I don’t call it ASD. How many of these kids have ONLY ‘atuism” – not many. It’s a symptom not the actual disease. JMO, and that is the stance I took – to treat it and intervene from a medical, metabolic perspective.

            There are NO medical tests to diagnose ‘autism.” It is diagnosed by observation only and it a/behavioral diagnosis. Treat the child, not the behaviors. What are the MEDICAL symptoms?

            Kanner’s autism is not THIS disorder. Kanner named it as a neuro-psychiatric disorder and he focused solve on the behavioral things he saw. It was a disservice in the sense that we will never know if those who were affected back then had underlying medical problems that could have been corrected to improve the quality of those children’s lives.

          5. AutismDadd

            Allowing Psychiatry to be involved has influenced the whole issue. If they would butt out and let the medical profession deal with it PROPERLY we could move forward.

          6. shygirl75158

            I think a very good definition of this new epidemic is that it is an iatrogenic SYSTEMIC disorder caused by over vaccination – especially at so young an age, but that’s just my take on it after years for researching the issue. It is NOT a solely behavioral disorder.

          7. shygirl75158

            I define it as vaccine injury and REFUSE to call it “autism.” That is ONLY BEHAVIORS. My son was made physiologically, neurologically (injured), and medically ill from vaccines.

          8. Taddle Fantasy

            ASD is a collection of the minor types of autism that is more common, and has mostly functioning people. Autism is also only behaviors (due to drain being wired very different from how your brain is), and anxiety is also only behaviors (from the brain being wired differently), but guess what, so is autism spectrum disorder for exactly the same reasons. And with physiological illness, all the materials in it are below the point in which they would even cause minimal harm. For the neurological damage, that could have happened in the womb (and there is a 100% probability I am right) as autism is the brain being developed in aa different way in the womb, it’s like an apple laptop and a windows laptop. And the medically ill part is more likely due to an illness you were unknowingly carrying as your body due to your immune system being used to the illness, but to killing it due to it not being trained anymore.

          9. shygirl75158

            I bet your yes are brown since you are so full of BS. I am not discounting the possibility that a “rare” number of cases may occur where it is only behaviors and due to some other trigger, but the epidemic we have today is that of vaccine injury. this results from vaccines triggering inflammation int eh brain as well as vaccine ingredients and their synergy disrupting many organs and functions in the body.

            My child was made very seriously chornicallys ick form his last round of vaccines and it took nine years to get control of the immunological dysfunction. It cuased a metabolic disorder as well, disrupting his body’s ability to regulate copper. Vaccine componenets also damaged his intestines, casueing an inflammatory bowel disease which resulted in mega colon ultimately.

            My child was not “born with it.” so get over yourself and face this horror we have allowed the medial and pharmaceutical companies create.

            You go allow a doctor to inject something into you that immediately causes YOU to loose all speech and affect and spend the next nine years of your life horribly sick and then come back and open your mouth. Until then, take your propaganda elsewhere.

            My chidl was perfectly ehalthy and normally developing up until the MOMENT of those shots. He’s my only child so we took lots of videos and pictures. there’s not a single one of us parents who doesn’t want back the right to sue before impartial juries. We all have the medical documentation. But they duped so many into calling it “autism” so the kangaroo vaccine court could piss these children away. I have no patience for shills like you.

            The horror of this holocaust is not going away,and as more and more become vaccine injured – more and more parents are getting fed up. I often wonder how many more it will take before parents finally start looking to tar and feather a few doctors. As it is more and more are losing all faith in the medical mainstream. Rightly so.

          10. Taddle Fantasy

            I’m actually so white I glow in the dark. Aspergers ( a part of asd) is the most common type of autism in the world (100% of humans) and the symptoms of it when they are stronger than normal, they can make it impossible to interact with other humans but when it is mild (the common cases) they can act at least half normal. There aren’t many foods any copper in them, and the ones that do honestly are not even that good, like asparagus, Extreme stress, depression, or anxiety can also mess up your bowels, and since your communication with your child was minimal at best, would you even know if what they were going through? And actually the “autism like symptoms” develop as the child does, so he was born with it, it’s like sexuality, or beast size. I allow a doctor to inject a thing that trains new white blood cells and keeps old white blood cells up to date that get’s injected away from the vein, so does that count, or wait, does a person with apergers and has studied their condition for 16 years not understand their condition. And so many parents who never have vaccinated have children who are basically dead. And so many people wish to sue wakefield for getting their child sick, so we cannot get what we want (except the getting children ill with say, the measles, and dieing actually has happened unlike what you people claim). I have no patience for shills like you. Belive you mean more and more children die of vaccine preventable illnesses because of paranoid dipshits, and fake doctors who only sell stuff that doesn’t work instead of practically giving something that works. And actually you people are starting to lose steam, so I don’t really see what you mean on that last part.

          11. shygirl75158

            You have absolutely no clue as to what you are talking about. It is over vaccination and vaccine synergy making children sick and giving them lifelong health conditions. Children have well below a one percent chance of ever dying of measles – and those are the states prior to the vaccine.

            Vaccine injury is for life and brings with it many medical, metabolic, neurological and immunological injuries. that it manifests at times in “autism-like” behaviors is secondary.

            You call them “fake doctors who’sell’ stuff that doesn’t work” guess what? Mainstream doctors do this 100% of the time! Except for antibiotics, the dope they sell never CURES anyone.

            And more often than not, the natural methods of healing do work and have been proven to work for hundreds of years for many things. The medical mainstream is NOT the only way to approach health, and if true health is what one is after, it is best avoided.

            For THIS iatrogenic disorder, the mainstream offers only “NO Hope” and telling the paretns there is no way their child can get better or ever speak again. many of them have int eh past convinced parents that the only solutions to institutionalize the child. The only other option the mainstream offers is to psychotropic dope the child into oblivion.

            They cannot treat this disease becasue their cognitive dissonance make sit impossible for them to admit their profession helped cause it and they cannot face the true horror of what they have done.

            The best thing I ever did regarding my child’s vaccine injuries is to turn my back on the mainstream as much as possible and to find very educated and knowledgeable MD’s, Do”s, and PhD’s who are willing to admit what this disease actually is and what caused it and then to address physiologically the internal damage that was done.

            So you sit there offering me and spouting that their way is the “only” way and it’s BS. Had I approached it “their” way, my child would still be seizing, in horrendous gut pain, non verbal and pooping on floor whenever I turned my back. Instead, he regained speech, is excelling in academics, plans to go to college, and is learning to drive. Instead, after being made seriously ill for nine years by vaccines, he is finally enjoying good health.

            Anyone who tries to push to anyone that injecting toxins and chemicals into the body is going to bring health is a monster and a quack.

          12. Taddle Fantasy

            And they ways you claim they are making children sick has been disproven time and time again, so you don’t unerstand. And guess what, the rates you say that one in every hundred out of millions dies, and the rest infect further leading to death of people who were recovering, or new people. And how do you know that it’s the vaccines that lead to any issues anyways, the human body is the one thing we understand as much as we don’t. And the materials in vaccines do have a cut off point to be put into them, somewhere far less than one part per million on the weakest one, and there is a cutoff point on how many particles per 1 million for everything is safe. And the actual doctors never state it cures the illnesses, they say it helps with it, like if you feel like you are going to throw up, you take a pepto bismal. Just because they worked in the past doesn’t mean they work anymore, and in fact when it is something that isn’t snake oil from the start (as most sell fake versions of those items) are ineffective, like Vitamin c does jack shit, like the common cold is unaffected in all actuality, it’s literally only a placebo. And there is hope to get a child to talk again, it’s called therapy, even indiana gets that therapy is medical practice that helps children regain their voice when they are scared of their condition. Mental illness (or as you call it vaccine injury [I suppose having anxiety is caused by vaccinating, or having depression is caused by vaccinating then due to bullshit logic]). The best thing I did for my health was removing beans (dehydration risks). There is more than just the way of medicine, take the best of therapy with medicine and you get health. Your child may not be able to get a vaccine due to allergies to the vaccine, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not safe for everyone (and your child is in the minorities [and that’s even if it was caused by vaccines and not biology]). Toxins are called that because they become poisons at a lower amount of them being in the human body than other materials, but luckily we know how much to put in to do no harm to a margine of error to 1%.

          13. Taddle Fantasy

            Except it has, you people don’t research into the studies that exist, because the vast majority of studies are independant. And yeag, the human body is a cluster fuck of things mever seen before. We know around 50% of what we could know, I didn’t say that our species doesn’t understand them our biology, I said we still have more to learn. But we have had time to study vaccines.

          14. Taddle Fantasy

            Is letting people live what you are going for… given the evidence I would have to say no, just like with my comment not being comedy.

          15. Taddle Fantasy

            I peddle that I am not depressed to my family, that is the only lie I tell, and I tell it to myself as well to try to make everyone feel better.

          16. Taddle Fantasy

            Hmm I belive you are the one on illegal drugs given that only people who are high 24/7 don’t understand basic science.

          17. Taddle Fantasy

            You have given children illnesses via carrying it, you may not show symptoms, but guess what, you can s till carry it. And vaccines have killed, but in 2014 there were only 122 deaths total, and there are many, as in thousands to millions, more deaths from say the measles than vaccines confirmed within the frame of the vaccine being made and 2014 due to people like you.

          18. Taddle Fantasy

            Vaccines in general, and I don’t celbrate that people have died, but I do celebrate that the vast majority of people are not killed, which I doubt the measles will have that bonus in your eyes

          19. Taddle Fantasy

            You think I don’t know that children die from vaccines, I think you don’t know what illnesses can do to people, the common cold killed millions of Indians when America was being colonized, polio in the best case scenario would cripple you, my grandpa, who is a farmer, meaning he gets a lot of exercise, needs help up the stairs because of polio your team on t his may be less dangerous now, but that’s because we are in higher numbers, and we are forming a shield against you.

          20. Taddle Fantasy

            And do you know why it was called that, because they didn’t have enough evidence at the time. Some kids had to be put in iron lungs to be able to breathe.

          21. Taddle Fantasy

            Polio is a virus, that back in the days of science not being as advanced was believed to be tied to pesticides, but we have learned that isn’t the case. Countless people were put in iron lungs ,and many, including a president, were crippled from polio, and you treat it either as just a joke, a way to get popular, or a way to make money. I treat a lot of you casually, but that’s because most of your comments are hilarious, but with this, it directly affects my family.

          22. AutismDadd

            Directly affects your family? You baffoon what does vaccine death, illness and injury do to families?

          23. Taddle Fantasy

            Because you are saying that my family was hurt by nothing, and that your movement is squeaky clean when it comes to hurting people, leading to more people, potentially my niece as she is too young to be vaccinated, and you people could kill her with your illness spreading hands.

          24. Taddle Fantasy

            Yeah it’s clearly above your level of reading comprehension in an amount not physically measurable.

          25. Taddle Fantasy

            This is what I’m talking about, I’m saying that you cannot even measure the distance between your below rock bottom reading comprehension and my actual human being level reading comprehension, and you think weight, not distance.

          26. Taddle Fantasy

            Oh, it’s because you don’t have the self control as to not masturbate that you are allowed to insult me.

          27. Taddle Fantasy

            You mean not maturbate, and instead watch youtube, go to school, and correct and insult you idiots, right? Because if so, then yes that is what I do.

          28. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually if I was filled completely filled with hatred I wouldn’t want to make you all decent human beings instead of the people who could be outclassed by a protozoa. If I was only hatred I would be hunting you down. And yes I do have autism, it is a genetic mutation in the entire human race, so you are a retard in two ways while I am a retard only in the way of having a bit more different neural wiring than most.

          29. AutismDadd

            You were either born with which is a small number or you have regressive autism vaccine induced. Its not all genetic or inherited. Do some research

          30. Taddle Fantasy

            Well for one, vaccines have never actually shown that cquse autism, and two, autism is jot geneyic at all actually, it’s purely the brain’s development, 3rd grade is usually when symptoms fully show in both extreme and mild cases as the child is begining to truely develop mentally. Some kids start manifesting hte worst, some start manifesting the best, and some get both, it’s as random as a roll of a regular 20 sided die.

          31. Taddle Fantasy

            Personal experience and a friend of mine’s. Oh and an autism speciallist from Indiana, a Dr. Sauder.

          32. Taddle Fantasy

            Sarah, and I don’t know where she works now, because she is currently taking care of her mom in another state.

          33. AutismDadd

            I can across her when searching. She may think she’s an autism experts, but is not. She has opinions based on supposition, but zero actual evidence.

          34. Taddle Fantasy

            Ha, she is an aproved autism therapist, she officially knows more about autism’s causes, symptoms, and treatment more than you do.

          35. AutismDadd

            Approved by who? And no one knows the cause of autism, they may suspect, but that’s it. They can describe behavior, but not symptoms. What treatment?

          36. Taddle Fantasy

            Approved by going to college and studying autism for most of her time there. And the main cause is that we all have it, we just dom’t know what makes some cases better or worse. And as an exaple of one of the symptoms that we know that you don’t, in say asperger’s syndrome, all the senses are heightened. The treatment is therapy, helping them be able to act somewhat normal, and cope with the not “behavior” based symptoms (really just the brain not being set up in the same way, like an apple system or windows)

          37. Taddle Fantasy

            Says the person who knows jack shit about autism, especially since you don’t even fucking have it.

          38. Taddle Fantasy

            I live with it every god damn day, even with therapy it’s still there, I suppose I know how you got rid of it as you say you lived with it, meaning you don’t have it anymore. And so then you went to college, got a medical degree, specifically for children’s autism, and went out and help children deal with it for almost all of your adult life then, because if not then you can shove your keyboard right up your fucking ass, right until it pushes your spine right out of place.

          39. AutismDadd

            Believing in therapy is you folly. Believing in experts too. And being rude and nasty doesn’t help your argument. You have just been taught.

          40. Taddle Fantasy

            Therapy is a universally pushed thing, even your side pushes it, just for different reasons, to get cash out of your pocket is why your side pushes it. And experts are called experts, because they know more about a subject than most, like a chef, which would you rather have, one that knows what to do for an omlette, or one that couldn’t even crack an egg with a sledgehammer

          41. Taddle Fantasy

            Laying around just yelling at people not to do something that could save their life because of there being a risk smaller than a quark. That sounds like inaction to me

          42. Taddle Fantasy

            Mine is swearing, which can be done in a regular tone, or a whisper. And besides, you most likely go to anti vaccine rallies which involve yelling.

          43. Taddle Fantasy

            I said most likely, not that you do, meaning there is a 99% chance of it as you sheeple go running to find the nearest place to find like minded morons

          44. Taddle Fantasy

            The fact that every anti logic nitwit goes to a rally, now not every rally is held by morons, but most of them are held by people like you.

          45. Taddle Fantasy

            You mean science and facts make no sense, as you state that human biology and human psychology don’t have anything to do with anything regarding this argument.

          46. tomonthebay

            Don’t waste too much energy on daddy. It is the pig wrestling thing. When you wrestle with a pig you just get dirty and the pig enjoys it. After awhile I get bored with him and move on.

          47. AutismDadd

            as if tomontheleg is a stimulating opponent. We need a spray for his ilk like OFF OFF my leg tom sshiisssssh

          48. sabelmouse

            what group? there’s a facebook group i’d recommend for you. it’s called ” vaccine hate” and it’s so full of your type it’s what swimming through an ocean garbage patch must be like.

          49. Taddle Fantasy

            The anti vaccine organization is the group I was talking about. And vaccine hate sounds like it’s a part of you group from the name. And I can’t even find it, so you must be making that shit up. And trust me, your group produces the most garbage in the science world.

          50. sabelmouse

            it’s a closed group, someone added me, i left pretty soon.
            what anti vaccine org are you talking about?

          51. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually, the opposite, it”s quite easy to find sane people who disagree with you, just go on the internet and comment this shit, and they will try to give you the facts you deny

          52. tomonthebay

            Your description of yourself and others like who worship at the Wakefield cult seems quite accurate,

          53. Taddle Fantasy

            You mean to tell me having more accurate info than you people who have the collective level of correctness of a baked potato in a spelling bee is comedy?

          54. Taddle Fantasy

            I actually see you people as meaningless, but providing the occasional chuckle, so I guess were not so different you and I.

          55. Taddle Fantasy

            A 3 dimensional object seems 2 dimensional to a to dimensional object, that is why you saw me as ignorant, you just cannot comprehend the truth at this point in time, unless you change a small bit. And you seem ignorant permanently.

          56. Taddle Fantasy

            That is because explaining science and trying to get you to not be close minded about science anymore isn’t meant to be exciting.

          57. Taddle Fantasy

            What a sentance, literally none of it matters and is wrong. Also if every second word is meaningless than “and horseshit the who that cannot trusted” would be what matters you indirectly child murdering bastard

          58. sabelmouse

            you’re an ignorant idiot. statement of fact rather then insult.
            question is; are you really stupid? because ignorance can be remedied.

          59. Taddle Fantasy

            I belive that ignorence is on the other foot good sir, as you see fact as fiction and lies as truths, because your sides main people are either actually bring paid to say that vacvines are a threat, or they are simply stupid enough to belive that facts cannot be trusted.

          60. Taddle Fantasy

            You are right, as you people are killing people reducing our hope for making it another generation.

          61. Taddle Fantasy

            And they totally weren’t projecting in the slightest either because you only see “der vaccines not natural and have some deaths attributed to them, that must mean illness good”

          62. Taddle Fantasy

            No, I’m a functioning human being. And the nazi would be actively trying to kill people I am trying to do the opposite of that, passively save people. And I bet you are expecting me to call you a nazi, but you do have good intentions, just not good facts.

          63. Taddle Fantasy

            A lot of them have websites, and if they side with a side that looks at the same stuff more than a religious person does with the bible, they get more money. You idiots are who pay them, whether directly via buying their products, or indirectly via website traffic.

          64. Taddle Fantasy

            how so, did you not know that internet traffic gives websites money, and that most of you people seemingly orgasm at the site of anti vaccine propaganda.

          65. Taddle Fantasy

            Yeah, punching the shit out of a sand filled bag, then doing 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, 100 squats, and 100 burpies with no breaks in between, even for water does tend to make one sweat.

          66. Taddle Fantasy

            No, I only stink after I start working out for the day and before the post workout shower, however that only gets rid of the smell for me.

          67. Taddle Fantasy

            So I KNOW. And besides, why would you even need to complain, your stench could drown out a sewer flooded with shit it’s that foul, I can smell you from where I live.

          68. Taddle Fantasy

            No, mainly because I don’t smoke, and neither does the parent I live with. It’s aaaaaaaall you.

          69. Taddle Fantasy

            I actually live with my father. And I help him with the house work sense I’m still in college. If it weren’t for college I would be in my own home.

          70. Taddle Fantasy

            I have spell and grammar check already on, but not that you would know that as you clearly don’t understand any comment with logic in it.

          71. Taddle Fantasy

            The anti vaccine movement has no factual basis in the slightest as their leaders show that they do not have even half of the needed information to be considered as a genuine source of information. You mean like that.

          72. Taddle Fantasy

            I just gave a not nonsense based product, unless you want a nonsense based product and you are confused about which one is which. if that is the case then… The anti vaccine movement is correct because I care about facts and thus must serve shills and be stupid. There are you happy now?

          73. AutismDadd

            No confused about your blah blah. So you admit being subservient to the vaccine pushers and to being stupid. So far so good.

          74. Taddle Fantasy

            I was using your logic, not actual logic, and was trying to show you that your logic is only used by people who want to be right even if they don’t know what side actually has reasonable backing, did you even read all of it, “I care about facts, thus I must serve shills and be stupid” you think that anyone who actually cares about the facts is a moronic shill that doesn’t care about facts, because they don’t support your side, even though your side has more fiction than harry potter.

          75. Taddle Fantasy

            Yeah, and? Does being rude and sarcastic make me as correct as you are about this subject, or does it just make me rude and sarcastic?

          76. Taddle Fantasy

            Did you even read my comment, I said “does being rude and sarcastic as you make me as correct as you about this subject” meaning that you imply that I am incorrect because I am rude and sarcastic, and you saying that I’m close to correct, probably the part I quoted in this comment, thus you said that you are incorrect about this subject.

          77. Taddle Fantasy

            You didn’t ready any of that did you, you said i was correct in my assumption that you consider rude and sarcastic people as correct as you are.

          78. Taddle Fantasy

            If I’m poor, at interpreting, then you got blacklisted as you can’t see that you admitted you were incorrect, even if you weren’t reading the comment when you typed it, you admitted it.

          79. Taddle Fantasy

            Kind of like your trousers from being so unable to understand that you are trying to make an excuse.

          80. Taddle Fantasy

            No, just mocking the fact you tried to make an excuse for you admitting you are incorrect about vaccines.

          81. AutismDadd

            Yawn. What did I say about vaccines that isn’t supported by 19 countries with Vaccine Injury Compensation Programs?

          82. Taddle Fantasy

            That you were “clowning around” when you around 13 or 14 comments above this one admitted you are incorrect about vaccines. And yeah some kids do get hurt by vaccines, they are the minority though, you people just think that because some people get hurt, everyone gets hurt.

          83. Taddle Fantasy

            Toxocology, chemistry, and biology. Science done by both of our sides (which a lot have concluded you are full of shit). It is paid by people like you, and universities.

          84. Taddle Fantasy

            A cluster fuck is things that have no correlation to each other being crammed together, this is similar types of science interacting with each other, and two opposing sides getting the same results.

          85. Taddle Fantasy

            Now that is someone trying to deflect a valid point right there as you have used something I have seen 88 times on different sites than this, that exact quote has been used among your hive mind so many times it’s a cliche.

          86. Taddle Fantasy

            That’s because you haven’t looked hard enough, and it’s not just on sites that use disqus.

          87. Taddle Fantasy

            Not a gambit, only me stating that you go into a blind vaccine hatred not reading your own sides comments and not nocticing that a lot of you say the exact same drivel

          88. Taddle Fantasy

            You are right, because each and every one of the anti vaccine movement acts the exact same way, so I both was thinking about you and your allies

          89. Taddle Fantasy

            Really, you just went there, most owners give their pets kisses, it’s because dogs are like babies.

          90. Taddle Fantasy

            Are you from a place that allows dog fighting. Animals show that they can care about humans. And they are parts of the family.

          91. Taddle Fantasy

            You understand that that is basically what a diaper does right, moot point from the brain dead nimrod

          92. tomonthebay

            Dogs are great. Love my golden retrievers. The house always seems empty without a dog. I believe the word you were looking for is bestiality. Perhaps you should look it up.

          93. tomonthebay

            What kind of fool thinks dog owners are in to bestiality? You seem to be determined to constantly prove to the world just how uninformed you are. Did you ever look up Saint Andrew’s (snark) patent and notice that he described it as a vaccine?

          94. AutismDadd

            Duh tom the term vaccine is used so widely sort of like DISEASE, it doesn’t mean it was injectable, a measles vaccine or measles prevention. It was to treat bowel condition possibly caused by measles or the measles MMR strain. It was not successful, ergo its MOOT. Now go play with your dogs…

          95. tomonthebay

            Nice try. Directly from his patent application.

            “The present invention relates to a new vaccine/immunisation for the prevention and/or prophylaxis against measles virus infection”.

            As usual, you have reading issues.

          96. AutismDadd

            It isn’t accurate is it? Plus whatever this relates to was never attempted. There never was a vaccine. There still isn’t. And the patent belong to his employer who has never produced it.

          97. Taddle Fantasy

            Vulgarity doesn’t mean incorrectness, it just means that I am a very blunt and honest person with a bit of a habit of swearing.

          98. Taddle Fantasy

            Yeah, that vulgarity doesn’t mean that I am incorrect, it just means I am a vulgar person. And your posts show you are brainwashed, so I can see why you are like this.

          99. Taddle Fantasy

            It’s pretty complex for a baked potato to figure out how to type, so I would say you figuring out anything is more impressive than me understanding that you don’t grasp that me being as vulgar as a sailor is not impacting my intellect, and that you only comment on posts about vaccines shows you only have one focus and anyone who focuses that much of their life to something has no social life, no job, and no way to live on their own.

          100. Taddle Fantasy

            Finally, you now at least one fact in your head, now to figure out how to get past confirmation bias and show you that your side is full of people who basically foam at the mouth because they want something gone and don’t care about the side effects from removing it.

          101. Taddle Fantasy

            Or maybe you hit the arrow right on it’s mark and you didn’t even comprehend that you had agreed with me on something. Because the one who doesn’t claim to see vaccines as purely good or bad, understands that both our sides do harm, but one causes less harm.

          102. AutismDadd

            So comparing apples to oranges. Great science. Know any other product that was forced to have a compensation program and its own court?

          103. Taddle Fantasy

            So basically you are trying to say that I am something that helps people smile and laugh genuinely, and usually hit close to home.

          104. Taddle Fantasy

            I think you broke because you gave me a complement. Great now you are most likely going to have less info

          105. Taddle Fantasy

            Of course the most brain dead of humanity believes it is correct, it lacks the cappasity to understand that is wrong

          106. Taddle Fantasy

            I do not believe that is a video game ( I know you were trying to make a bestiality joke, but seriously dude, you make the people in the loony bin worried

          107. Taddle Fantasy

            I’m trying to put it in a way for you people to understand as you all have the collective inteligence of a baked potatoe.

          108. Taddle Fantasy

            What about Andrew Wakefield, he has made the most convincing fiction yet, some people even believe it is real.

          109. Taddle Fantasy

            He used the strain that was around in the early 90’s, early 2000’s. It is actually somewhat illegal to reliese information that pertains to the pacients that were in the experiment, except that which was in the experiment, and that which was in there was cherry picked more than a bucket of cherries.

          110. AutismDadd

            So you don’t know the real facts. Transfer Factor contains ZERO measles so this could not be a measles vaccine. Its simply Brian Deer fiction

          111. Taddle Fantasy

            And what pray tell would the transfer factor be, and why would it be in his study of vaccines, specifically the measles one?

          112. Taddle Fantasy

            That doesn’t answer my question, it just is the same stuff you people post when you have no answers.

          113. Taddle Fantasy

            You tell me to answer your questions that a simple google search could answer, but you tell me to do it on my own, but you must not know about the mmr study he did or something, as I found a site that has the study I was speaking of that isn’t on your side, and he didn’t mention the transfer factor.

          114. Taddle Fantasy

            And I did search what the transfer factor was soon after posting my comment asking what it was, you know what still isn’t answered, what you were thinking it was doing in the study he made about vaccines.

          115. AutismDadd

            I has nothing to do with what I’m thinking. It was claimed to be a vaccine that would replace the MMR. Can you explain how since you are so science minded?

          116. tomonthebay

            Directly from Wakefield’s patent application.
            “The present invention relates to a new vaccine/immunisation for the prevention and/or prophylaxis against measles virus infection and to a pharmaceutical or therapeutic composition for the treatment of IBD(Inflammatory Bowel Disease); particularly Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis and regressive behavioural disease (RBD)(also referred to as “Regressive Developmental Disorder”).

          117. Cypher

            Perhaps you need reading glasses, or you simply didn’t expect anyone to follow up. Who is listed as the applicant? Treat it as your eye chart.

            Why are you people so laser focused on Wakefield, while ignoring the 12 other scientists involved in the study?

            Be careful with your reply and provide proof to back up any claims you make. I will be holding you accountable. Expect it.

          118. tomonthebay

            Perhaps YOU are the one that needs reading glasses. Read the comment being responded too. Daddy was claiming that Wakefield did not have a vaccine patent. From the application, the patent uses the word vaccine in the application. I was pointing out Daddy’s usual failure to comprehend much of anything.

          119. Cypher

            Your comment was:

            “Directly from Wakefield’s patent application….”

            I have no idea of the point you’re struggling to make now.

          120. tomonthebay

            I will type slowly for you. Daddy thought he caught a mistake in the case against Wakefield because “transfer factor”. Daddy is wrong, as always. Poor persecuted Saint Andrew (snark) had exactly the conflict of interest he was accused of.

          121. Taddle Fantasy

            Giving yourself advice I see, good glad you are trying to improve from being an uninformed anti vaccine person

          122. Cypher

            I was feeling a bit sorry for you, but it seems you are a sucker for punishment. Very well. Have it your way.

            For our worldwide viewing audience, here’s a recap of just one of Taddle Fantasy’s ramblings:

            – TF claimed that the “Wakefield study” was a work of fiction
            – Cypher asked for TF to back up this claim by copy/pasting the conclusion of the study
            – TF refused to provide this proof, claiming that doing so would be a violation of copyright (plagiarism) <— I’m still chuckling over that one
            – Cypher asked once again for the proof
            – TF ran away and started incoherent arguments with others
            – Cypher called him out and he finally posted a snippet of the “Wakefield” conclusion. I guess he got passed the plagiarism fears.
            – TF then went off on a tangent ask why anti/ex-vaxxers refer to the “Wakefield study”. Cypher replied asking him the same questions about vaxtremists.
            – TF then went off on a tirade with profanity and attempts to change the subject

            So you see, this is the reason that you vaxtremists are losing this battle. If you want credibility, make an argument and provide proof to support it. It’s really that simple.

          123. Taddle Fantasy

            And it is fiction. An guess what, I treat this like an academic study, copying and pasting means failure, using your own words instead of you know, being lazy and letting other people do your own work. And there is a difference between running away, and taking a break from one incoherent moron and moving to a different incoherent moron. And I asked why your side refers to it as the proof that vaccines cause autism. And when did I change the subject? Was it when your side started acting even more like headless chickens and started insulting me? And credibility also means having actual science behind your statements, and almost none of you would even pass 10th grade level biology with your sources.

          124. Cypher

            More insults. Wow, you are so emotional. Perhaps its why you cannot win any debates.

            You stated that the Wakefield study was fiction and you falsely stated that its goal and conclusion was to prove that vaccines cause autism.


            You stated that copy/pasting a citation was plagiarism.


            You tried to shift the attention to other diseases when the article is about the flu vaccine.


            For your reading pleasure, see attached.

          125. Taddle Fantasy

            I’m just going to do something I never thought I’d do, give up, you are far to deluded to be reasoned with, nothing would be proof to you, you are just as corrupt as shygirl. You are possibly even worse because you at least pretend that what you are saying makes sense, shygirl is at least comical because of her not giving a shit, you take your pseudo science seriously t o the point in which it seriously makes me want to cry for humanity, good bye asshole.

          126. Cypher

            And now profanity. You’ve sunk to new lows. I actually find it quite amusing. Its you who is getting upset. It was two of the debate rules, remember? Don’t get defensive? No personal insults? Poor Taddy.


          127. Taddle Fantasy

            This isn’t a debate, it’s you people being to far deluded to see facts, only wanting what could never be, people being perfectly healthy.

          128. Cypher

            I thought you said you were done. Make up your mind, chief. What facts am I delusional on? I’d love to hear/see this. :-))

          129. Taddle Fantasy

            Your bullshit stank so much I came to flush it back down. You think that basically any problem can be pinned, some things, like for example autism, just have no reason to happen, but they do. And you believe that my side is out to hurt people when we want a similar thing to you, but we have a better understanding of our situation medically and you people have more emotions that lead to wanting to blame others for your issues. We know that vaccines aren’t a perfect solution, but they have a better chance at increasing our population than letting people die because of us not having a shield up.

          130. Cypher

            I don’t think its possible at all for you to have a civil conversation because you immediately throw a hissy fit. This is why you cannot be taken seriously. Your rants are generalizing.

            Let me clarify my questions:

            1. What specifically did *I* say that you did not agree with? Provide proof to counter it.

            2. “We know that vaccines aren’t a perfect solution, but they have a better chance at increasing our population than letting people die because of us not having a shield up…”

            Please expand on the “not a perfect solution” part, please. Does that mean that they are not 100% safe nor 100% effective for all?

            3. “they have a better
            chance at increasing our population than letting people die because of
            us not having a shield up….”

            I hear this pizzle all the time, while no one is able to quantify it with data on the overall health of the injected vs non-injected. Maybe you can produce data that no one else has.

          131. Taddle Fantasy

            1.”Now you’re going off on a tangent. I could answer your question with a question:
            Why do you vaxtremists incessantly refer to the “Wakefield study being debunked” in their vaxtremists arguments?

            BTW, you shouldn’t get so emotional. I’m just trying to understand your logic and where you get your (mis)information from.” You claim that us calling it the wakefield study keeps it as misinformation on what it is about, but guess what, your side uses it as evidence far more often than we do.
            “So basically you have no proof to back up your assertion that the “Wakefield study” was fiction. Is that correct?
            You’re struggling for credibility here. You’re obviously new at debating this topic.” I gave proof, you just ignore it or claim it is bullshit because it doesn’t support your side

            2. it means they are almost completely safe, you want 100%, go look in a parallel universe as literally nothing works 100% of the time
            3. first two graphs, do you see the drops when the vaccine came into play, while yes it was already declining, people were no longer pot through what is basically solitary confinement for being ill

          132. Cypher

            So, you didn’t really answer any of my questions. At the same time you admitted that diseases were already on their way out when these chemical injections came into play. You’re actually arguing against yourself.

            Let me pose a simpler question for you. Why (in your opinion) are people pushing back against mandatory vaccines?

          133. Taddle Fantasy

            Yes it was already on the way out, that’s because people were put in tiny little rooms to keep everyone else healthy until the vaccine came around. And I d id answer the first two, if you can read them without hurting yourself, I listed things you said that were total bs, and explained why they aren’t 100%, they can be mostly good with the occasional person who cannot handle it. And the reason why people are against mandatory vaccines is because of a perceived threat and the fear (paranoia) of doing something potentially wrong, no matter how small, via action, and so resulting to inaction

          134. Cypher

            You answered on non-topic related issues. Never mind. I lost patience with that.

            Follow up questions:

            1. I’m still waiting for you to clarify whether the vaccines are not 100% safe or effective.

            2. What data do you have to back up that people are against vaccines because of “paranoia”? Have you personally conducted a poll?
            When did the push back happen?

          135. Cypher

            Sorry. I think you did “kind of” answer question #1. You stated that nothing is 100%. So basically you’re confirming that:

            Vaccines are not 100% safe
            Vaccines are 100% effective

            Confirm this and we can move on to #2. No need for rambling explanations.

          136. Taddle Fantasy

            Vaccines are not 100% effective, they are closer to 90% effective and they are not 100% safe, more like 95% safe. #2 is because paranoia is an intense irrational fear, as most people are afraid of mental illness, which is a perceived threat due to many people’s claim that his vaccine study claims that mental illness is linked to vaccines..

          137. Cypher

            ” which is a perceived threat due to many people’s claim that his vaccine study claims that mental illness is linked to vaccines..”


            Who are you referring to?

          138. Cypher

            Explain this. I really doubt that Wakefield was around in the early 1900s. What else are you wrong about regarding this topic?


            The problem with you people is that you don’t ask the question WHY. You listen to the MSM that paints this as a black and white issue, with nothing in between. If you question vaccines, you’re an “anti-vaxxer”. If you or your child took vaccines and suffered an injury and stopped, you’re not an “ex-vaxxer”. You’re an “anti-vaxxer”. Sadly more people fall into the ex-vaxxer bucket because of personal experience. The more you people tout this “safe and effective for all” pizzle, the more you will lose.

          139. Taddle Fantasy

            And did any of us say that they were safe and effective all the time, no, but your type of black and white thinking says if it’s not effective or safe all the time then don’t use it. And yeah we have people vaccinate, because the majority of the time they are safe and effective, and we need those who can be vaccinated to shield the ones who cannot. By no means is the pro vaccine side perfect, but we are safer than letting people carry viruses in high numbers. And that is from a ww2 protest, so what, yeah the forced vaccination was created by Germans, you know what else was founded in Germany around that time, the anti smoking movement.

          140. Cypher

            Let’s not stray from the point. You sated that people were against vaccines because they were paranoid, spurred by the “Wakefield study”. This proof is clearly pre-Wakefield.

            Comment on that please. BTW, this is a perfect example of you changing the subject.

          141. Taddle Fantasy

            Your movement was dormant for many years though, I was speaking about the modern branch. And you were trying to connect us to the nazi with that image and I showed that even the nazi weren’t total evil, just mostly evil.

          142. Cypher

            Again, this is why you’re losing this battle. You don’t research anything for yourself and you keep bringing up unrelated topics. You’re easily led. People like you will spell disaster for all of us. To add insult to injury, the largest historical decrease in morbidity and mortality caused by infectious disease was experienced not with vaccines but after the introduction of clean water and effective sewer systems.

            If you took the time to reach this fact you would realize that man has existed for over 200,000 years before these insidious chemical injections. Now all the benign diseases that we treated as a joke in the 40s, 50s, and 60s have all of a sudden become the bubonic plague according to the MSM. They rely on the feeble minded to buy into it. Study history for God’s sake!

          143. Taddle Fantasy

            And we existed this long because for most of your time we were either in nomadic cultures, or in places too warm for the virus to spread as easily. And yes, getting clean water would decrease And in the 40’s 50’s 60’s and before they were not jokes, they crippled people and or killed people.

          144. Cypher

            It can’t be both. It was either clean water and sewer systems that led to the decrease, of it was your chemical injections. Which was it?

          145. Taddle Fantasy

            It actually can be both, it’s called compounding on each other. Water a and sewer system improvements removed fecal matter from the equation and vaccines trained our bodies on how to shield us.

          146. Cypher

            You even admitted yourself that diseases were on their way out when vaccines were introduced. Now you’re returning to the same lame argument. Do you understand you have never ending twisted logic?

          147. Taddle Fantasy

            They quickened the decline is what I was saying. do you understand I am saying that they helped, unlike what you people claim, and cleaning up the area would help, but there would still be some that mutated to escape the fecal matter.

          148. Cypher

            I need you to adsorb something. Stop focusing on your clever reply. “Helped” is not quantifiable or proven. What part of that do you not understand?

            Sorry, chief. My definition of an “effective” vaccine is:

            -Completely eradicates the disease
            -Does not spread the disease that it was intended to eradicate.

            Which of your vaccines fits that bill?

          149. Taddle Fantasy

            Helped, means that when it was first given the infection rates began to plummet. And none of them spread the illness, so at least there’s that, but there will always be cases as there are trillions of virus cells, but we can minimize the cases, so it can be mostly effective

          150. Cypher

            I’m still waiting on your proof. Here’s mine:

            16 Confirmed Mumps Cases in Harvard Community

            March 24, 2016
            Sixteen mumps cases have been confirmed among Harvard University students in Cambridge since Feb. 29. All students were fully immunized against the mumps prior to contracting the disease.

            Mumps Being Spread by and Among Vaccinated People

            Polio BS:


            Polio clinical trials were rushed and scientists that raised serious concerns were silenced:

            Salk vaccine caused paralysis:

            (Start with page 183 – 186)

            Polio vaccine in India caused Polio:

            {this one has a wealth of info}

            Bill Gates 47,500 Deaths

            And from India directly:
            “Rise in paralysis cases after polio vaccine”


            Archived evidence that the oral polio vaccine causes polio:


            “Oral polio vaccine (OPV) contains an attenuated (weakened) vaccine-virus, activating an immune response in the body. When a child is immunized with OPV, the weakened vaccine-virus replicates in the intestine for a limited period, thereby developing immunity by building up antibodies. During this time, the vaccine-virus is also excreted. In areas of inadequate sanitation, this excreted vaccine-virus can spread in the immediate community (and this can offer protection to other children through ‘passive’ immunization), before eventually dying out. “



            The previous text as you can see stated the following:

            Can I have visitors?
            • Tell friends and family who are sick, or have recently had a live vaccine (such as chicken pox, measles, rubella, intranasal influenza, polio or smallpox ) not to visit.
            • It may be a good idea to have visitors call first.
            • Avoid contact with children who were recently vaccinated.

            Or the same thing from St. Judes:

            “To avoid contact with a person who has a rash after recently receiving the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine.
            To avoid contact with a person who has received a intranasal flu vaccine within one week. This applies only if your child is severely immune suppressed such as in the hospital after a recent bone marrow transplant There is no similar risk with the inactivated, injectable flu vaccine.
            If a household contact (infant) has recently received rotavirus vaccination, all family members should wash hands thoroughly and frequently after contact with the vaccinated infant, especially when changing diapers.
            Household contacts not receive the Oral Polio Vaccine. “

            “The committee found that the evidence favored
            acceptance of a causal relation between diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and Guillain-Barré syndrome and brachial neuritis, between measles vaccine and anaphylaxis, between oral polio vaccine and Guillain-Barré syndrome, and between unconjugated Hib vaccine and susceptibility to Hibdisease. The committee found that the evidence established causality between diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and anaphylaxis, between measles vaccine and death from measles vaccine-strain viral infection, between measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and thrombocytopenia and anaphylaxis,
            between oral polio vaccine and poliomyelitis and death from polio
            vaccine-strain viral infection, and between hepatitis B vaccine and



          151. AutismDadd

            Pretty poor explanation. Prior to Wakefield applying for a patent while representing Royal Free hospital, had anyone EVER called Transfer Factor a vaccine? Has there EVER been research showing TF could prevent measles, or cure it? Even you could answer these questions

          152. tomonthebay

            He said it could in his patent application. I personally have no personal knowledge of transfer factors. Could be just as fraudulent as his assertions about MMR vaccine causing autism.

          153. Taddle Fantasy

            Having a dog doesn’t mean anything, and what do you mean shooting animals, vaccinating them, or hunting, because if hunting, that has no impact, and if vaccination, they almost never hurt, let alone kill.

          154. tomonthebay

            You are unbelievably ignorant aren’t you. Read the names on the patent. I am on 3 patents. The University owns the rights, but I am one of the inventors, not the University.

          155. AutismDadd

            Vaccine has become a generic term. We have patches, oral and injectable vaccines. In no way could TF replace the MMR and only a fiction writer like Brian Deer could invent that.

          156. tomonthebay

            I don’t know if it can or not. Your Saint Andrew said it could in his application. Just pointing out the incredibly obvious point that Deer cited public record re: Wakefield and his vaccine patent. You are spinning out of control daddy. Go to bed. Your deflections are even lower quality than usual. My dog makes more sense than you.

          157. AutismDadd

            buh wah ha ha Here, hear it from the man himself.

          158. Taddle Fantasy

            And why would I want to give your official website any traffic, that would indirectly support you people by giving more views to your bullshit filled website

          159. Taddle Fantasy

            And what if I’ve read a lot of your groups studies, so none of this would be truly new, what then?

          160. Taddle Fantasy

            And guess what, I did read them, and a lot of them I am trying to block from my mind because I cannot believe how stupid humanity can be at times, so I’m already the opposite of you, I have proper sources. now that’s a true win win

          161. Taddle Fantasy

            how am I trying to deflect anything with that? That’s like someone posting a meme and someone else claiming that it’s porn.

          162. Judith

            You are totally ignorant – you have obviously been listening to the Chinese Whispers and have done no independent research – on Wakefield. The vaccine – Transfer
            Factor which Wakefield had a patent for – is a naturally occurring nutritional supplement that occurs in breast milk, for example, that boosts the immune response. Wakefield: “Whether it worked or not is another question. That’s what we sought to try and find out. It boosts the immune response to an infection like measles. This could not prevent children from getting measles, so it didn’t act like MMR at all. What it did was to help them clear the virus once they became infected. It could never have competed with MMR vaccine. Never, because it did not work in the right way.”

            The patent did state it could possibly be a safer measles vaccine – in patentland everything possible is listed. But the technology could never be used as a true measles vaccine. How could Wakefield compete against the MMR vaccine – not possible and he knew it. It was Deer who latched onto this to make Wakefield look bad.

          163. Taddle Fantasy

            I didn’t know one small detail, that wasn’t even relevant because Andrew J. Wakefield did a study about the mmr that your side claims shows a link to vaccines and autism.

          164. Taddle Fantasy

            But that isn’t related to any phrases and doesn’t describe that lawyers that hired him to sue companies and had him fudge with the details, and gave him children who already had those problems

          165. AutismDadd

            And you have witnesses who overheard Wakefield planning this with lawyers? Did they testify at the kangaroo court?

          166. Taddle Fantasy

            Yes I did, did you? You show that no matter what information is brought to light about your personal hero Snakefiel- I mean Wakefield you will support him if you did, and blind faith means that you are so terrible that a rock would be better at science.

          167. Taddle Fantasy

            I believe that facts are in one ear out the other with you isn’t it, he brushes off questions just to promote his book in an interview, so he clearly shows no interest in facts, only money

          168. Taddle Fantasy

            If no one made personal observations no one would have the internet. And I’m glad to see you admitting that you are a part of a moronic hive mind

          169. Taddle Fantasy

            Really, so if no one thought “hmmm mail is kind of slow, why don’t I try to make a way to contact my colleagues from around the world easier” we would still have the internet. And with the hive mind you said “us” meaning you either have many personalities, or are a part of a hive mind

          170. Taddle Fantasy

            Projection skills at it’s finest ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I give that a 10 in projection.

          171. Cypher

            Can you discuss the goal of Wakefield’s study as well as the conclusion? You seem to be an expert on the matter, so please illustrate your vast knowledge of the subject.

          172. Taddle Fantasy

            It was to prove that vaccines caused bowel issues and autism, and was caused by some lawyers paying him to give them a study to be able to sue vaccine makers. It concluded that they did cause those issues, mainly because he picked people who already had those issues and then lied about them not having them before.

          173. Cypher

            I think you’re vaguely describing the goal and the conclusion. Maybe it would help if you simply copy/pasted the conclusion of the study. It would help your arguments appear more credible.

          174. Taddle Fantasy

            Summarizing is more legal, and would give less money to you people since I would have to click on the website his study is on again. And copying and pasting seriously isn’t credible, it’s plagiarizing.

          175. Cypher

            Really? Is that your argument? Do you understand what the word “citation” means?

            Are you going to insult everyone’s intelligence by claiming that providing your proof to back up your argument is plagiarizing??

          176. Taddle Fantasy

            We investigated a consecutive series of children with chronic enterocolitis and regressive developmental disorder.

            There is the beginning, which doesn’t mention what looking behind the scenes does, that those children already had those symptoms.

            In eight children, the onset of behavioural problems had
            been linked, either by the parents or by the child’s physician, with
            measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination. Five had had an early adverse
            reaction to immunisation (rash, fever, delirium; and, in three cases,
            convulsions). In these eight children the average interval from exposure
            to first behavioural symptoms was 6·3 days (range 1–14). Parents were
            less clear about the timing of onset of abdominal symptoms because
            children were not toilet trained at the time or because behavioural
            features made children unable to communicate symptoms.

            child (child four) had received monovalent measles vaccine at 15
            months, after which his development slowed (confirmed by professional
            assessors). No association was made with the vaccine at this time. He
            received a dose of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine at age 4·5 years,
            the day after which his mother described a striking deterioration in
            his behaviour that she did link with the immunisation. Child nine
            received measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine at 16 months. At 18 months
            he developed recurrent antibioticresistant otitis media and the first
            behavioural symptoms, including disinterest in his sibling and lack of
            play. Here is part of the conclusion, as part of it has tables, which I cannot copy

          177. Cypher

            Well, that certainly took some effort. Bravo. It looks like you only chose a short snippet. Let me illustrate further:

            “If there is a causal link between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and this syndrome, a rising incidence might be anticipated after the introduction of this vaccine in the UK in 1988. Published evidence is inadequate to show whether there is a change in incidence [22] or a link with measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine. ”

            A J Wakefield was the senior scientific investigator. S H Murch and M A Thomson did the colonoscopies. A Anthony, A P Dhillon, and S E Davies carried out the histopathology. J Linnell did the B12 studies. D M Casson and M Malik did the clinical assessment. M Berelowitz did the psychiatric assessment. P Harvey did the neurological assessment. A Valentine did the radiological assessment. JW-S was the senior clinical investigator.

            Bottom line:
            Wakefield and his 12 co-authors of the study NEVER concluded that vaccines cause autism, nor was it the goal of their study.

            If you disagree with this, then you will have to provide evidence to the contrary.

          178. Taddle Fantasy

            hmmm you only asked for the introduction, and the conclusion, so how was I supposed to know you wanted the whole thing. And why then, does everyone ON YOUR FUCKING SIDE say that vaccines cause autism and that Wakefield proved it, but it was actually meant to find something wrong with vaccines that has only been discovered in his studies, so it still is effy that your side says he is a hero.

          179. Cypher

            Now you’re going off on a tangent. I could answer your question with a question:
            Why do you vaxtremists incessantly refer to the “Wakefield study being debunked” in their vaxtremists arguments?

            BTW, you shouldn’t get so emotional. I’m just trying to understand your logic and where you get your (mis)information from.

          180. Taddle Fantasy

            We say it because the vast majority of your people say that he says that vaccines cause autism, and if you had to answer so many of those dumb ass comments you wouldn’t be able to get 100% of all the facts right. And you have shown that you don’t car about logic or information, you only care about what you here is a popular cause to join that wants to over throw the government, which might I add is common due to people spreading misinformation about the government (although in about 3 more years maybe we will have a president that won’t make any side want to kill [either themselves {extreme democrats} or other people {extreme republicans}])

          181. Cypher

            Why are you bringing politics into this? Sorry but you’re talking to the wrong person. I took the red pill. Looks like you’re choking on the blue one.
            And you still haven’t refuted the truth about the “Wakefield study”. Instead, you’re now going off on a tangent.

            Its obvious you’ve won no debate awards in school. Let me offer you some friendly advice:

            – Don’t make claims or assertions that you cannot back up with tangible proof
            – Stick to the justification(s) rather than jumping around from point to point
            – Do not get defensive
            – Don’t avoid direct questions unless they are tangents
            – Leave emotion out of the discussion
            – No personal insults

            Violating one or more of these basic rules essentially means that your argument has zero credibility.

            So far, you’ve violated 3 of these rules.

            Anything you want to add?

          182. Judith

            When you say “Your People” I assume you mean people who are ex-vaxxers. You need to consider that this disparaging remark is a direct hit on people who have watched their children regress into a lifelong (in most cases) dreadful nightmare of a disease. These people of which I am one want safer vaccines. We want proper studies such as an unvaccinated/vaccinated study which has never been done. It isn’t black and white. There are people who used to vaccinate and saw a nightmare scenario – they are here to warn other people to do their research before blindly allowing 72 vaccines into their children before the age of 18.

          183. Taddle Fantasy

            I mean people who hate vaccines in general. And Vaccines have been proven safe time and time again. Autism is more frequently a mild case than the cases your side of this argument speak of. The people who don’t get vaccinated and encounter the illness will no longer become ill if the encounter it again, but they will carry the virus leading to more infections, and more possible deaths, while in amounts that aren’t one vaccinated person for every 4 unvaccinated the vaccinated people will not carry the virus. And they don’t blindly inject, they test for years, then they measure the amounts of materials in it to keep any damage from occurring. Also, the 72 vaccines thing is a myth, a lot of those are just boosters for those who want them.

          184. Judith

            Vaccines have been proven safe time and time again…. really?
            Have you investigated what is in vaccines, apart from the mercury, aluminium, animal and human cells, formaldehyde and dozens of other questionable ingredients:

            Researchers examining 44 samples of 30 different vaccines found dangerous contaminants, including red blood cells in one vaccine and metal toxicants in every single sample tested – except in one animal vaccine.

            Using extremely sensitive new technologies not used in vaccine manufacturing, Italian scientists reported they were “baffled” by their discoveries which included single particles and aggregates of organic debris including red cells of human or possibly animal origin and metals including lead, tungsten, gold, and chromium, that have been linked to autoimmune disease and leukemia.

            This article was originally published on Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute
            Recent glass shards found in infant vaccines was ignored by government and the vaccines were not recalled.


            There is the potential for drugs administered intravenously that contain these fragments to cause embolic, thrombotic and other vascular events (e.g., phlebitis); and, when administered subcutaneously, to lead to development of foreign body granuloma, local injection site reactions, and increased immunogenicity.[5]

            Vaccines manufactured using human fetal cells contain residual DNA fragments (50-500 bp) (Table I). It is possible that these contaminating fragments could be incorporated into a child’s genome and disrupt normal gene function, leading to autistic phenotypes. In this study we demonstrate foreign DNA uptake in human cells and genomic integration by incubating the cells with Cy3-labeled human Cot1 (placental) DNA fragments which represents contaminating residual human fetal DNA in vaccines.
            A measles vaccine was found to contain low levels of the retrovirus avian leukosis virus

            Rotateq, Merck’s rotavirus vaccine, was found to contain a virus similar to simian (monkey) retrovirus

            Rotarix (GlaxoSmithKine’s rotavirus vaccine) was found to contain “significant levels” of porcine cirovirus 1

            So in their tests, nearly 40 percent of the vaccines they tested contained viral contaminants. The implications of these findings on the alleged safety of the vaccine supply remains to be seen, but clearly there is contamination occurring that was a complete surprise to researchers, health officials and vaccine manufacturers alike.


          185. Taddle Fantasy

            The type of mercury in vaccines has more valance electrons, making it bond less, is in too low amounts to cause any harm, and isn’t even in that many vaccines. The aluminum is also in too low amounts to cause any harm, just mild irritation. There are no living cells in vaccines, so that part is definitely horse shit (pun intended). And formaldehyde is in much lower amounts than needed to even hurt a human, but just enough for the live version of the vaccine to keep the virus from doing anything negative. And nothing has side effects when it is in the low amounts that is occasionally put in vaccines. And you can’t expect everything to be perfectly insured to be safe. And they don’t even inject in the vein, so the risks are minimized further. And there have never been human fecal matter in vaccines. And really mercola, that isn’t really a very trust worthy website. And your links only send me to either the homepage or the page not found page.

          186. Judith

            Mercury too low to cause harm? Not according to the CDC

            Among the findings of the CDC’s new study:

            Methylmercury, the highly-regulated neurotoxin found in fish, and ethylmercury (found in medical products, including influenza and tetanus vaccines, ear drops and nasal sprays) are similarly toxic to humans. Methylmercury and ethylmercury share common chemical properties, and both significantly disrupt central nervous system development and function.

            Thimerosal is extremely toxic at very low exposures and is more damaging than methylmercury in some studies. For example, ethylmercury is even more destructive to the mitochondria in cells than methylmercury.

            The ethylmercury in thimerosal does not leave the body quickly as the CDC once claimed, but is metabolized into highly neurotoxic forms.


          187. Taddle Fantasy

            And you are just going to trust a site that looks like it has the budget of a ham sandwich and has a name that doesn’t sound like an actual news sources, and instead sounds like propaganda, so clearly you must not even know to check to see their reliablitiy to stick to the facts, as this is a measurement of how bs their articles are

          188. Taddle Fantasy

            You mean a one in nine hundred thousand chance of someone getting ill from an antivaccine person and them wanting to say “that illness will kill someone” as you type of shills claim that illnesses don’t kill, but then say that illnesses that show in provaccine people will kill.

          189. Taddle Fantasy

            Part of my comment was exaggeration, but the chances of vaccine shedding is still very rare, like getting mew in pokemon red and blue with out cheats

          190. Taddle Fantasy

            Right, nonsense is that what you say when confirmation bias keeps you from understanding that wakefield lied, or that vaccines are, for the majority of the time, safe and effective.

          191. AutismDadd

            Wakefield reported that parents made that connection. He wanted to study further, but MERCK and GlaxoSmithKline had its rich, powerful friends take care of Wakefield.

          192. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually he first was taken care of rich powerful lawyers, in that they gave him money to start a study to prove vaccines cause issues.

          193. Taddle Fantasy

            The lawyers paid HIM, to make a study that could be used against vaccine makers. He didn’t pay them, you understand that right

          194. AutismDadd

            When you work do they pay you? When you make video games is it a conspiracy? Why would Wakefield pay a lawyer? He was not paid to do a study for them, he would be paid as paid as an expert witness on the health of these children. I’m sure their GP’s would also testify about their health. Any other bunk you need explained?

          195. Taddle Fantasy

            When I work I get to further progress on my game. And I actually get some people trying to halt progress on my video game because “video games are the devil’s work”. He was paid by some lawyers, mainly because the lawyers wanted to sue the people who make vaccines because guess what, most people only are about money.

          196. Cypher

            Are you able to access the article discussion anymore? Looks like its closed (at least for me). I’m responding only via Disqus.

          197. Cypher

            Hmm…That sucks. It means we’re arguing with these clueless shills in a closed container. The world can’t see what idiots they are, which is where I get most of my jollies. 😛

          198. Cypher

            Why do you keep repeating this nonsense when you’re proven wrong time and time again?? Are you really that masochistic??

            ** Provide proof to back up your claim that Wakefield was paid **

            For the 100th time, why the hell are you people laser focused on Wakefield while ignoring the 12 other authors??

          199. Cypher

            Did you actually watch this interview you’re presenting as proof. He re-affirms that he was not paid and it was actually well documented in the patent applications of the medical facility he was working at.

            Also, maybe you can be an adult by not perpetuating this “single-entity Wakefield study”. You’re actually causing more confusion.

          200. Taddle Fantasy

            And notice that he tries to affirm by deflecting the questions And he is the main author, and the one who preformed the actual study.

          201. Taddle Fantasy

            Yeah, because he was the one who collected it and if I listed everything it would be completely redundant as it’s like listing every role tommy wiseau has in the room, excessive.

          202. Cypher

            Are you ever planning to produce any proof? Now I’m getting bored again. So far all you’ve come up with is twisted logic, backtracking, and no proof to support your arguments. You even argue against yourself from time to time. Do you have anything to add to help your case? I am keeping tally of the holes in your logic and will be presenting them back to you again. Expect it.

          203. Cypher

            What proof have you provided? Admitting that diseases have already on the decline by the time vaccines came on the scene? I provided a mountain of evidence that vaccines can cause the disease that they were meant to prevent and you failed to respond to that. Instead, you changed the subject (again) about your account being hacked.

          204. Taddle Fantasy

            Except I did respond, and you ignored it completely, and I cannot recover what was lost when the hacker got into my system and you are not worth the effort of typing out the same stuff over and over again. And yes, they were on the decline, but removing the contaminants in the streets and water would have a limit to how much it can help. And you provided no links, no studies, hell I don’t even think you provided anything resembling science

          205. Cypher

            What a convenient cop out. If you have links to refute my evidence its not such a burden to re-supply the links, is it?

          206. Taddle Fantasy

            It’s a burden when I’ve realized that you wouldn’t care either way, and I have to have some of a social life that you people show you lack.

          207. Cypher

            First of all, you’re changing the subject YET AGAIN! We’re talking about proving my links to be invalid showing that vaccines can cause disease!

            Secondly, you provide a link to a 2011 article talking about *Wakefield* again that’s been regurgitated over and over again and isn’t even truthful about the goal of the study!! Honestly, its like talking to a 2 year old.



          208. Cypher

            Ok, I can speak your language because it seems to be the only thing you seem to understand. I’m fucking tired of you presenting the same bullshit that been used over an over again. You’re a total fucking ass-hat with no credibility or originality. I tried to have patience, but now my patience has run thin. Show my your fucking proof or fuck off!

          209. Cypher

            Go inject yourself with your “Offit” 10,000 vaccines. Better yet, inject your whole family. That way nobody has to put up with your (or your offspring’s) fucking illogical nonsense.

          210. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually my whole family except for my grandfather and my newborn niece are vaccinated already, so as you can see vaccines do not impact the neurological functions that you show you lack, like for example logic. You seem to be getting more illogical as time goes on, as you are saying oh this proof isn’t proof. And in further response to the previous comment of yours,. you don’t even send any links, it’s autismdadd and judith who post the inane links.

          211. Cypher

            I don’t give 1/4 of a rat’s ass how many chemicals you inject in your family. That’s your choice. Leave my fucking family the hell alone.

            So is harming kids a fetish for you? Do you get off on hurting little kids? That makes you no better than a paedophile. You continue to spread this bullshit knowing that its a lie even when you’re shown the truth over and over again. Fuck off paedophile.

          212. Taddle Fantasy

            YOU LITERALLY JUST FUCKING TOLD ME TO GET MY WHOLE FAMILY VACCINATED AND I WAS SAYING THAT THE JOB WAS ALREADY DONE. I believe that harming children is your fetish, seeing as how you think illnesses won’t ruin a child’s life. You can’t even spell the word pedophile correctly, and I actually am only attracted to men and women who are in their mid twenties and up thank you very much. You continue to project and spread inane horseshit knowing that it’s a lie even when you have so many opportunities to pull your head out of your rectum. Fuck off ignorant moron.

          213. Taddle Fantasy

            One, I am not a pedophile, I get the feeling you are though.And gaming forums are often more cancerous than you people. Putrid carrion.

          214. Cypher

            You’re attracted to both men and women, while at the same time you “got your whole family injected”. Something doesn’t add up. Fucking liar.

            Putrid filth..
            Child abuser.

          215. Taddle Fantasy

            BAHAHA oh, you thought that I was… no, I’m trying to get a relationship past the friendzone. I thought you meant family as in mothers, fathers, ect. also, there is this thing called adoption, allowing people who are in same sex marriages to raise a child as one of the family.

          216. Taddle Fantasy

            Yes, I am caught up, and some of those are either booster shots or possible dates to do long term vaccination. And again, stop trying to project yourself onto me.

          217. Cypher

            The answer is NO, liar. Therefore, by your own logic you’re putting your entire family at risk. Fucking moron. You can’t put and 2 and 2 together to save your fucking life.
            Your fucking idiocy and laziness spells disaster for all of us. Grow a fucking brain, paedophile.

          218. Taddle Fantasy

            Okay, now you are definitely gone full mad man, I literally just said that yes I am caught up on my vaccinations, and you believe that just because you aren’t in support of vaccinations that no one actually fully vaccinates. 2 and 2 could either be 22 or 4 depending on the context. And man you really love projecting yourself onto others.

          219. Taddle Fantasy

            It is a virus carried by mosquito bites that causes pain in the back of the eyes, joints, or muscles, fatigue, fever, chills, loss of appetite, or sweating, and possibly eye redness, headache, skin rash, or vomiting, that currently has no vaccine as it is still being studied, which has a treatment plan that includes rest, rehydration, and acetaminophen for fever and pain, but
            Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like
            ibuprofen should be avoided.

          220. Cypher

            Why should there be a vaccine for it? Are we really going to chemically inject the entire planet for mild diseases???

          221. Taddle Fantasy

            Because then there would be less risk of death of this not quite as mild as you claim it to be, zika’s symptoms may not sound bad, but for all you know it could be the worst possible pain, but I d know one thing, it has killed, and mild doesn’t really describe something that can kill.

          222. Cypher

            Aren’t you going to mention the shrunken heads of kids? I thought that you be the first thing you typed out in a frenzy.

          223. Taddle Fantasy

            That actually does happen yes, but since i doubt even if you were a female that you would be getting pregnant anytime soon I only listed the ones that would affect you.

          224. Cypher

            OMG. As I already knew, you’re an even dumber asshole than any person on the internet. I knew you would come up with that mainstream media bullshit, which proves once and for all what I fucking idiot you are.

            The Zika frenzy is a hoax!

            There over 25000 cases of microcephaly in the USA alone each year:

            “Microcephaly may result from any insult that disturbs early brain growth…Annually, approximately 25,000 infants in the United States will be diagnosed with microcephaly…”

            (article from 2009)

            Ziika was discovered in the 1940s:

            Proof that even Brazil said the cause of microcephaly there was the larvicide:


            I’m done. Any subsequent crap that you shit out of your keyboard will not be seen.

          225. Taddle Fantasy

            Aaaah, but what about out of a touch screen, what then, there is no keyboard then. Also congratulations, you have managed to either make bullshit out of good sources’ articles, and find the ones that are you can trust as far as the distance in size between your brain and an atom.

          226. AutismDadd

            That would be the urabe mumps MMR that had safety issues and that was confirmed. Then its production and use stopped. But Twaddle will whine about that.

          227. Taddle Fantasy

            Really, how am I arguing with myself, I swear sure, but arguing with myself, really, and he was responding to the comment that I know I didn’t post.

          228. Taddle Fantasy

            I don’t remember posting the comment, and it was in a similar tone to what you assbags use, so yeah

          229. Taddle Fantasy

            There was a comment on my account that I know I didn’t post and then deleted it, and it seemed like something one of you assbags would have typed

          230. Cypher

            Then the proper course of action is to report it Disqus instead of pulling your accusations out of your rectum.

          231. Taddle Fantasy

            I actually managed to deal with the hack myself, but I know that your side was the one that posted it, as it 1. had anti vaccine claims, and 2. it was mocking me in a way that I don’t usually do, I mock myself for being alive in a joking manner, the comment was mocking me because of my dislike of not typing out something yourself.

          232. Judith

            Writing recently in the Autism File magazine [July 2009] Andrew Wakefield summarised the position regarding the allegations in The Sunday Times’ journalist’s complaints to the General Medical Council:-

            Myths: The Lancet paper

            was funded by the Legal Aid Board (LAB)

            False – Not one penny of LAB money was spent on The Lancet paper. An LAB grant was provided for a separate viral detection study. This study, completed in 1999, does disclose the source of funding. The Lancet paper had been submitted for publication before the LAB grant was even available to be spent.

            my involvement as a medical expert was kept ‘secret’

            False – At least one year before publication, my senior co-authors, the Head of Department and the Dean of the Medical School7, and the CEO of the hospital were informed by me. This fact was also reported in the national press months prior to publication.

            children were ‘sourced’ by lawyers to sue vaccine manufacturers

            False – Children were referred, evaluated, and investigated on the basis of their clinical symptoms alone, following referral from the child’s physician.

            children were litigants

            False – At the time of their referral to the Royal Free – the time material to their inclusion in The Lancet paper – none of the children were litigants .

            I had an undisclosed conflict of interest

            False – The Lancet’s disclosure policy at that time was followed to the letter. Documentary evidence confirms that the editorial staff of The Lancet were fully aware that I was working as an expert on MMR litigation well in advance of the paper’s publication.

            did not have Ethics Committee (EC) approval

            False – The research element of the paper that required such an approval – detailed systematic analysis of children’s intestinal biopsies – was covered by the necessary EC approval.

            I ‘fixed’ data and misreported clinical findings

            False – There is absolutely no basis in fact for this claim and it has been exposed as false.

            findings have not been independently replicated

            False – The key findings of LNH and colitis in ASD children have been independently confirmed in 5 different countries.

            has been retracted by most of the authors

            False – 11 of 13 authors issued a retraction of an interpretation [that MMR vaccine causes autism]. This interpretation is not provided in the paper. While it remains a possibility, a possibility cannot be retracted.

            the work is discredited

            False – Those attemping to discredit the work have relied upon the myths above. The findings described in the paper are novel and important.

          233. Taddle Fantasy

            It wasn’t a grant he was given to say those things, it was straight up a check by regular lawyers. That confirms that the children were picked out to make sure that they would already have those problems. And even more reason to get a false study, “those kid’s families want to sue, great, we need evidence, so why don’t we bribe someone to get what we want”. And if a committee for ethics doubts what you are doing is ethical, then don’t do it. Yeah, the experiment has been done in other experiments, but they don’t show the same findings as his study because he fucked with the details. And yes he did fix data, mainly because he was given preselected people who would already have had those issues, and then he lied about them not having them. And yeah it was retracted because the other authors learned of what had caused this study. And yeah it was discredited, it was full of lies and misinformation.

          234. Judith

            Parents of 8 of the 12 children noted that their children’s symptoms began after MMR vaccination, this was included in the paper as a significant finding. The Lancet study described a novel condition involving involving gastrointestinal distress and chronic inflammation. All of the first 12 children reported in the Lancet study were referred to the Royal Free Hospital exclusively for the investigation of their intestinal symptoms at a time when none was involved in Legal Aid litigation. Their pathological findings were interpreted and reported by clinicians who could have had no knowledge of any future legal claim.”

            The relationship between Legal Aid Board viral study and Lancet is explained here:

            www thelancet com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2804%2916017-0/fulltext

          235. Taddle Fantasy

            Sorry, but error 404 on listening to Judith as neither of you have any reliable sources. I can grow up further, but who are you to tell me what to do. And besides, who wants to be that grouchy old man yelling ” you darn kids get off my property” when you can be both a man and a child at heart.

          236. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually I am informed, I read studies from both sides, just your side has lack luster reliability.

          237. Taddle Fantasy

            I cannot, because the contract has not been released to the public, mainly because being anti vaccine is profitable, and so if he keeps the facts from getting out, that means more money for him.

          238. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually, I posted a link somewhere in here that shows wakefield’s shill hood, even though I cannot supply the contract. And we don’t even know if there is a contract, it could have been checks, or just straight up cash to do the study, no contracts.

          239. Taddle Fantasy

            One, did you even read through all of this entire page, there is a link in there somewhere, and I get to go to a family gathering today so I don’t have time to fish it up. Two, Wakefield has zero credibility, I have amount bigger than 50

          240. Taddle Fantasy

            No, I’m meeting my sister who was put up for adoption sense my family could take care of her at the time.

          241. Taddle Fantasy

            Presumably no, given that the only thing that is commonly harmed by vaccines is your homeopath’s wallet. She has been vaccinated though, an I suppose not getting sick as easily isn’t as important as all natural lies that get spread like white lies, but are the exact opposite.

          242. Taddle Fantasy

            I never claimed it was 100% genetic, I said 100% of humans have it, it’s to varying degrees. It’s the brain being developed in a way different than it used to back when people like you were praising the sun.

          243. tomonthebay

            HIs lies were well documented in the investigation that resulted in the retraction of his paper and the loss of his medical license.

          244. Judith

            I asked you to give me one specific lie and all you can do is give me a link

            Below I’ve noted a few examples of Deer’s “errors” and distortions. These examples are illustrative rather than exhaustive:

            Child 1: Deer says that 10 weeks before MMR Child 1 could not “hear properly,” sign of a developmental disorder.

            Fact: Medical records show Child 1 had a simple ear infection after which his hearing was normal.

            Child 2: Deer says that Child 2’s head banging occurred months after MMR rather than two weeks.

            Fact: One of 2’s doctor says that he started temper tantrums about two weeks after MMR.

            Child 3: Deer says that Child 3 did not have non-specific colitis.

            Fact: An image of Child 3’s biopsy was included in Lancet paper. It showed dense infiltration of inflammatory cells.

            Child 4: Deer says that Child 4 had developmental delays before MMR.

            Fact: Medical records show Child 4 regressed after single measles vaccine and became worse after MMR.

            Child 5: Deer says that Wakefield concealed concerns with Child 5’s development before MMR.

            Fact: Medical records noting such concerns were not in the possession of the Lancet authors.

            Child 6: Deer says that Child 6 had “fits” [febrile seizures] before MMR.

            Fact: Medical records indicate normal development until MMR, after which near cot-death with behavior change.

            Child 7: Deer says that Child 7, brother of Child 6, had “fits” [febrile seizures] before MMR.

            Fact: Medical records show normal development until MMR, after which became quiet and language-deficient.

            Child 8: Deer says that Child 8 was not developmentally normal before MMR.

            Fact: After surgical repair of heart problem, developed rapidly. After MMR, grand mal seizure with rapid deterioration.

            Child 9: Deer says that Child 9’s parents blamed MMR for regression occurring 2 months later, which Wakefield concealed.

            Fact: Clinic note of Dr. Walker-Smith says “MMR…no obvious reaction.” Parents only made association later.

            Child 10: Deer says Child 10 did not have non-specific colitis.

            Fact: Dr. Anthony: mild chronic inflammation in colon. Dr. Casson: decreased goblet cells; epithelial focal abnormalities.

            Child 11: Deer says Child 11 showed slow speech patterns and repetitive hand movements before MMR.

            Fact: Father’s letter to Royal Free says MMR followed by months of sickness, then autistic behavior at 18 months.

            Child 12: Deer says that Child 12 did not have autism.

            Fact: Psychiatrist Dr. Ing says Child 12 had autistic spectrum disorder.


          245. Brian

            You asked for evidence of Wakefield lying.
            I provided a quote from one of the parents in Wakefield’s study accusing him of falsifying information.

            Want another example of Wakefield lying? I have several.

          246. Mike Stevens

            It’s a direct quote from the father of Child 11.
            Of course, you’ll just pretend it never happened.

          247. tomonthebay

            You and Judith are full of crap. Wakefield is a fraud and you are delusional. I am done with wasting my time on you. Twaddle can pig wrestle with you. I am tired of needing the shower after your juvenile and ignorant comments. Bye bye daddy. Have a nice life. I am sorry about your child. Bad enough that he has to deal with autism compounded by having a parent like you.

          248. Mike Stevens

            “Writing recently in the Autism File magazine [July 2009], Andrew Wakefield…”

            That’s your idea of recent, is it Judith?
            Anyhow, Wakefield was proven to be dishonest and a scientific fraud. He lied before, so of course he keeps on lying. What an amoral, unprincipled, flawed, egotistical sociopath he is.

          249. Taddle Fantasy

            I think the real stool is your entire profile as it’s got so much bullshit in it that it can be classified as a farm.

          250. Taddle Fantasy

            If I am lame, then so be it, as science often is not fun for infants to learn. I will still try to teach you despite your lack care for facts.

          251. Taddle Fantasy

            You do understand that schools only give you tutors when you are failing classes right, or has it been far to long since you’ve been in school that you don’t even know how schools work.

          252. Taddle Fantasy

            I have tutored before actually. Given that you act like an immature prick, I think you did need tutoring, but just skipped it to have a wank.

          253. Taddle Fantasy

            Are you really asking for more you single cell connected to a bag of worthless meat through nerves? Alright, you have the logic of tumblr and the personality of facebook.

          254. Taddle Fantasy

            Thank you for telling me that you are getting ready to post the most inane bullshit to ever come out of you

          255. Taddle Fantasy

            Alright, so you are trying to enable your reading comprehension to understand that you only said drivel alert, and alerts come before the danger usually.

          256. Taddle Fantasy

            Listen, I haven’t been able to sleep for a couple days, cut me a break on the spelling, my asshat neighbors fire off fireworks from 9 to 1. It’s either my spelling or my logic that I sacrifice when I’m like this, and I choose to not be like you when it comes to logic.

          257. tomonthebay

            I suspect you struggled with your junior high science classes. You constantly demonstrate your ignorance in post after post.

          258. Taddle Fantasy

            *insert stink eye being aimed at autismdadd for saying that I needed to open a can of whoop ass on you, when it was him who had earned it all along*

          259. Taddle Fantasy

            I get the feeling that wasn’t tom, so I will be opening up a can of the beverage labeled whoop ass, but not in the way you mean.

          260. Taddle Fantasy

            It’s actually a soda, but of course, that wouldn’t allow you to projext yourself onto me, so you have to assume that it’s alcohol.

          261. shygirl75158

            Where has it been disproven, Taddle? “Time and time again”? I don’t think so. VAERS is full of instances. that people deny it does not mean “proof.”

          262. Taddle Fantasy

            There are people who get hurt, but for me safe and effective means as close to 100% for people not getting sick, you only want 100%, when that is only possible in energy and grades. Think about it, how many instances of measles and all of those other illnesses had you seen on the news befire wakefield revived the anti vaccine movement, then think about after he did that.

          263. AutismDadd

            More unsubstantiated blah blah. Have you read about the news on aluminum and the brains of autistic persons?

          264. Taddle Fantasy

            Yeah, and considering that your side distrusts china I thought you would be ignoring it, plus who knows what errors they could have made.

          265. AutismDadd

            Yet you are critical of Handley. And you claim no science implicates vaccines in causing autism. You are a grade A fool and you just supplied all the evidence necessary to find you guilty.

          266. Taddle Fantasy

            Yes I am, I thought that you would be happy I supplied you with a link from a con artist. And correct, no science implicated AUTISM is caused by vaccines, there are probably other issuess from vaccines, but they don’t happen often. You are a grade A troll who just gave evidence he doesn’t care

          267. AutismDadd

            What Handley presents is the link between vaccines and autism. Peer reviewed and its be replicated in several countries independently. So now you can’t make your bogus claims and have to accept the truth.

          268. Taddle Fantasy

            And handley is a con man, that cannot be trusted, so I gave you what you seem to gravitate towards, misinformation. I’m willing to bet that you will not accept that he has done less research than jenny mccarthy, and both of them only do biased research

          269. Taddle Fantasy

            How so, handley is a businessman, meaning he would do anything for money, just like every other businessman.

          270. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually, blah blah blah is just posing shit while insulting other people. I bring facts and insults.

          271. Taddle Fantasy

            There have been studies, including ones done by your side that have concluded that vaccines are safe.

          272. Taddle Fantasy

            Yes, many studies slip chemical into the vaccines and say that vaccines don’t work, glad we can finally agree on something.

          273. Taddle Fantasy

            No, we agree that many studies are full of bullshit, which both sides can agree that there is bullshittery on both sodes, however there is significantly less on my side.

          274. Taddle Fantasy

            You are right, I have seen an influx of your type of studies lately, so the number would be changing a lot

          275. Taddle Fantasy

            More like stooping to making fun of the fact that your movement is getting desperate and starting to publish more frequently and brain wash people even more

          276. Taddle Fantasy

            Correct, you belong to one, like a pet to its owner, except the relation ship between you and your group is more parasitic than symbiotic

          277. Taddle Fantasy

            One, I am so whote glow in the dark, two, you are a white privleged male, and while I may be white and a man, I live in a neighborhood where illness is still there, you probably live in a big city and have a very vaccinated population, mean while I am the opposite and see what your movement cause.

          278. Cypher

            Are you really going to run away from our debate? Again, copy/paste the conclusion of the “Wakefield” study that you seem to be an expert on.

            BTW, there were 12 co-authors of the study who where subsequently exonerated. I’m wondering why you didn’t mention them.
            Now, before you go off on a tangent, please address the primary topic.

          279. Taddle Fantasy

            There is a difference between running, and taking a break from typing out a responce to stupidity. And I didn’t mentoin them because wake field was the main focus… but I will say this, they were paid to say the same as Wakefield.

          280. Cypher

            So basically you have no proof to back up your assertion that the “Wakefield study” was fiction. Is that correct?
            You’re struggling for credibility here. You’re obviously new to debating.

          281. eggman2

            I give two choices : you are either a psychopathic propaganda prostitute working for the junk medicine robber barons ( the makers of vaccines and other junk medicines ), or you are an extremely stupid person if you believe that injecting the pollution of ” GMO-putrefactive-biohazardous material in a soup of carcinogens, mutagens, and teratogens ” ( vaccines ) is good for ones health.

            But there is no way that you are an intelligent good person.

          282. Taddle Fantasy

            Well let’s see, I have beyond a basic understanding of science, and know how to check sources, so I wouldn’t say that I’m like you. And I have the ability to comprehend that the chemicals (and in small enough amounts to not harm you) are not injected into the blood stream.

          283. Taddle Fantasy

            Well luckily it’s not my theory and scientific fact. Plus, you most likely have eaten shit and never even noticed, because it was only a fraction of one part per million, and I probably have as well.

          284. eggman2

            Shit is everywhere in nature, but animals don’t die from it because it is harmless if you live in a natural environment. The more pollution you get into your environment, like the one in vaccines, and the more you are malnourished so your system does not function well, the sicker you get.

            Your health depends in what you take in, and it should be nutrition and not pollution ( vaccines ).

          285. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually, no, there is a deer that I watch that ate literal shit and died in agony. And luckily vaccines aren’t injected directly into a vien so that the chances of not having a weakened immune system and instead having a regular immune system are increased as you can carry the illness when you don’t have white bloodcells trained to kill it, however you all can carry it without worrying about yourselves at least. And natural doesn’t mean nutritional, for example certain types of mushrooms, some things are poisonous, meaning that natural isn’t safe, but you say it is the only safe thing, and that man made vaccines are bad because they have materials that in certain ammounts are deadly, but are in ammounts that are safe.

          286. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid. Vaccines are shit injected through the skin. We, and all the other animals, must not have shit injected into us.

            That deer must have eaten the shit of a vaccinated human, dog, horse or cow.

            And get off that stupid cloud; vaccines do not teach our immune system to do shit. Our immune system has to be kept working in good order with nutrition.

            Don’t be stupid. No amount of an unsafe substance is safe to take.

            Don’t be stupid. Don’t eat the stuff that is bad for you. People that live in the wilderness learn that all by themselves. That is why the Hadsa of Africa do not want to go to school. Because they say that school does not teach them anything to help them live in nature. That is why ignorant people like you have to learn the anthropology of primitive men to help you live better.

          287. Taddle Fantasy

            Vaccines may be injected through our skin,but not into our blood. And the deer ate the shit of one of my friends who I am only friends with because we both are in similar social groups, and they believe the same as you all do. And really, letting a dying or dead virus be absorbed by our white blood cells and letting them learn how to kill it. And nutrition keeps parts of us healthy, but not our immune system. And when you eat apple seeds the cyanide in them kills you the same way as the pill, and the mercury in fish drives you insane. And you understand that I was saying that you people are saying only natural things are safe, and that not anything is safe, you can overdose on carrots, pears, and beans. You can overdose on everything, it’s the percentage that counts. And do you know how they learn that, people eat it and die. And they also don’t want to go to school because who wouldn’t want 7 days of not having to do stuff that helps them in the modern world and not what soon will be just a fantasy for everyone. And we actually study it for evolution, learning how to further improve our health beyond that, and anatomy for art/programming.

          288. eggman2

            A lot of Fantasy should be the name for a medical schizophrenic, which is what I call people like you.

            There are things that you should never do: like eating shit or injecting it under your skin. And the fact that you feel safe doing those things is a testament to the extent of your mental illness.

          289. Taddle Fantasy

   this is where my name comes from actually, it’s not expected that you know it, but I mean it’s not like you even watch media that be considered not propaganda, so why would you know it. And I actually have not been diagnosed with schizophrenia, only asperger’s depression, and anxiety. And you already do eat shit, insects crap on our food anyways, and there is about as much fecal matter in a vaccine as actual doctors on your side.

          290. eggman2

            I knew it ! I saw the pictures of propaganda prostitutes like yourself ,and I made the comment that they looked like mentally disabled people that have been vaccinated many times over.

          291. Taddle Fantasy

            YOU ARE THE PROPAGANDA WHORE YOU IMBECILE, YOUR SIDE SHOVES THE SAME SHIT OVER AND OVER SO FAR EACH OTHERS RECTUMS THAT IT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTHS AND EYE SOCKETS!!! And actually, Asperger’s has made me further ahead of the curb than you, as my brain has been wired to absorb facts like a sponge, and the depression and anxiety are caused by having to deal with other human beings and their bullshit, and do you want to know why so many people with mental disorders have been vaccinated, because so many people have them, including your side, and so many people vaccinate / have been vaccinated, including your side on the 2nd one.

          292. eggman2

            Asperger had made you go further ahead on what ? You are mentally deficient if you argue that artificial medicine is better than nature. And that is your whole argument.

            Yes ,my son is asperger grandiose schizophrenic , and he argues illogically about his stupid viewpoints like you. You have nothing new to offer me.

          293. Taddle Fantasy

            In learning how to fly, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I MEAN, IN FUCKING EDUCATION YOU SHIT BAG. And actually, artificial medicine can be better than natural things, for example the common cold, do you think oranges cure that, because all they are is a placebo, and when someone takes day quill “speaking from what I’ve seen irl” their nose stops pouring out snot. And nature kills us more than medicine does, your side believes all nature is good, and all man made is bad, even though you use the internet, and people like you have claimed that it will fry your brain if you use the internet, so go eat 85 grams of apple seeds. And you have nothing new to offer me either, but I’m trying to dig to see how far you’ll go to defend bullshit and mute facts.

          294. eggman2

            LOL, do anyone see how stupid this guy is ?

            ARTIFICIALITY IS BETTER THAN NATURE–THAT IS WHAT THIS IDIOT SAYS. And now he is getting mad because I am making realize how stupid his.

            Hey you, LOTS OF FANTASY, if nature is not as good as artificiality, why don’t you do the reverse of what is natural and give food to your car and swallow the gasoline yourself. But wait, don’t do it. You are so mentally deranged that you might kill yourself drinking gasoline. I don’t want you to kill yourself. I just wanted to make a point:everything has its place. YOU, FOR YOUR INFORMATION, MENTALLY DERANGED GUY, were made by nature and not by a lab. The lab guys, no matter how much they studied, don’t know as much as nature, which is the one that made you. So those stupid guys (in comparison to nature) make mistakes–like the time when they invented vaccines.

          295. Taddle Fantasy

            Did I say it’s better all the time, no I fucking didn’t and I am mad because your delusions are so fucking stupid that joking about it isn’t even fun for me, you’ve just got me like And nature can be better at times, but guess what, can it also be worse at times. And yeah everything has it’s place, like you need to go into the dirt when you turn 70. And actually they have to know about nature, it’s part of their jobs numbnuts. And if nature never made mistakes, then how come my mom was born with an extra toe, how come wisdom teeth exist, why are some plant edible, how come we don’t photosynthesize and how come the blobfish is a thing?

          296. eggman2

            You see people, I am getting the crazy man mad. All crazy people get mad when contradicted. An Asperger’s medical schizophrenic like him can not be expected to react in any other way.

          297. Taddle Fantasy

            You literally have contradicted nothing, you only state things that have been disproven, like all crazy people get mad when contradicted, that is a universal thing. And you never answered the questions.

          298. eggman2

            Nature does not need to be proven. Nature just is. Artificiality needs to be proven.

            The merit and safety of artificial vaccines have never been proven. One dead child, too many, and one disabled child, too many.

          299. eggman2

            Do not be stupid. I have not seen nature disabling and killing kids. But I see stupid medical doctors killing and disabling a lot of kids.

          300. Taddle Fantasy

            Some children are born with bigger heads, or missing limbs. And 100% of mental illness is formed in the womb.

          301. eggman2

            That is because of pollution injected into the mother, like vaccines, ingested by the mother, like pesticides, or breathed by the mother , like car exhaust. Nature did not product produce any of that crap. All that crap was the invention of men under the influence of what I call CIVILIZED STUPIDITY SYNDROME(CSS), which is the tendency of civilized men to get even more stupid about their nature as civilization advances. CSS is the true illness to watch out for, reflect on, and always seek a cure for.

          302. Taddle Fantasy

            Except I’ve seen it in anti vaccine idiots who never used pesticides, or cars. And cars produce a carbon based gas, and guess what, we have carbon in us NATURALLY. And I am watching out for css, that’s why I’m trying to cure you of the idea that human progress is a bad thing and that just living in caves without something you nature nuts shouldn’t be using simply because it’s not natural, the internet, because according to your side it causes cancer.

          303. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid, BIG FANTASY. The big poison in car exhaust is not the carbon dioxide, but all the other poisons produce in car exhaust are the culprits of all the big illnesses known to modern man.

          304. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid. Car exhaust has real poisons. The one that kills you faster is carbon monoxide, which is the one that kills you if you if lock yourself with the engine of your car running in the garage. ( God, kids nowadays are really stupid. They don’t learn anything in school but propaganda instead of science.) Also there are worst poisons in car exhaust that don’t exist in nature normally. The only way that you are going to get poisons like the ones in car exhaust in nature is if you live next to an active volcano. Do you live next to an active volcano ? No ? Then you are getting your poisons from car exhaust, mainly.

            Stupid people, like you, should learn to differentiate between science and stupid inventions. The internal combustion engine was a stupid invention because we did not need a source of pollutants when we had solar power and electric vehicles before that invention. The woman lying down and the cutting of the umbilical cord, along with other stupid things done during childbirth, were all stupid inventions that did not exist in nature for millions of years, and all mammals were fine without them. The same thing is true of vaccines and other junk medicines and stupid procedures.

            Ambulance chasing lawyers would not have a job if there would not be an interference with nature. All the problems arise when stupid human beings interfere in the normal functioning in nature.

          305. Taddle Fantasy

            Carbon dioxide is a poison, you breath to much of it in and you die. And don’t make jokes about the carbon monoxide, people commit suicide using that and I’m willing to bet you use a car, so moot point anyways, unless you get around via bicycle or horse. And it was not made to cause pollution it was made to make transport easier. And we couldn’t use solar power, and electrical was not strong enough to go from say dc to wyoming. And do you know why early mammals could sustain children falling on their necks, because they had sex frequently. And you think not nature = bad when you are using the fucking internet, which is about as unnatural as you can get. And actually they would still have a job, they could lie to get more business. And no they don’t arise when nature is interfered with, look at dogs, they wanted to kill us, now we have friends who are willing to do anything to protect you.

          306. Taddle Fantasy

            You don’t provide any citation, so after this you had best start. I have seen children born with enlarged heads and missing limbs, and I got the mental illnesses from the fact that they come from the brain being set up differently that the normal brain, an in the womb that brain develops the most it will in several years.

          307. Taddle Fantasy

            It’s basic logic, you see children of the “only natural things for me and my child” parents missing limbs or having enlarged heads, that means unnatural objects don’t cause it. And again, basic logic, if you look at brains of the mentally ill, you see that their brains are set up in a way different to the majority’s, and then you look at brain development from 1 day in the womb to 9 months in the womb, and compare them to 3 years to 4 years and you will see less rapid growth in the brain.

          308. Taddle Fantasy

            Well, I’m not sure it was autism as the child did not display symptoms, but it was structured differently than the average brain.

          309. Taddle Fantasy

            exactly, so why would you think that getting vaccinated would have an effect, because it’s an action instead of inaction, when action has lead to more benefits than inaction.

          310. Taddle Fantasy

            I said we aren’t sure about if it had autism, that is very fine line. And the reason why we don’t know is because it never had time to show symptoms and everyone has a mild case of autism, meaning we have no “normal” brain to compare it to.

          311. eggman2

            How stupid !!!!!!! Is that what they teach in high school now? Obama and his Democrats and liberals have destroyed the educational system and you are proof of it.

            For your information : vitamin C prevents the common cold. Vitamin C will hasten recovery from the common cold and any infectious illness that you might have because vitamin C is the universal antibiotic. I don’t take tetanus shots , I have used vitamin C to treat that several times. But our country is so corrupt , that we have to import vitamin C from China while our government supports
            stupid modern junk American pseudoscientific allopathic medicines.

            Like Einstein, I believe in the God of Spinoza ( It should have really been spelled ” Espinoza “. He was the member of a family of exiled Jews from Spain that ended up in Holland.) For Spinoza , as well as for Einstein and me, GOD=NATURE.

            NATURE=GOD is very unforgiving. If you fail to follow its rules , you will have sinned to the max, and you will suffer for it as your punishment. If you have unnatural childbirth, you will have children that are inferior to what they could have been. If you apply medical pseudoscience instead of natural medicine for yourself and your loved ones, you will suffer additional illnesses and conditions on top of the one you already had.

          312. Taddle Fantasy

            It just so happens it was that way before Obama. And you understand that we support facts, not making guns easier to get will keep them out of crazy people’s hands. Vitamin c does jack shit actually, the orange juice companies just want your money. And you have fun with your grand children, or somewhere later down the line only living to 18, as we will be prepared for possible out breaks.

          313. eggman2

            There you go again with your stupid claims such as : nature is no good, but artificiality is. Why don’t you just have your brain transplanted into a robot and discard your body, if that is true ?

          314. Taddle Fantasy

            Nature is good sometimes, but not all the time like you claim it is, but you only want things to be black and white so that things are simple, instead of actually making you use the empty space between your ears.

          315. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid. Nature is good all the time. If it would not be that way, where would you be now? Artificiality did not cause you to exist, therefore you do not anything to it. But you owe everything to nature, including your health.

          316. Taddle Fantasy

            Just because nature caused me to be born, doesn’t mean everything is good. Artificiality caused me to make it past one day, as I was born several months before I should have. And no, I don’t owe anything to nature, as it was my choices that lead to me not getting sick in 10 years, except for stress related incidents.

          317. eggman2

            You were born several months before you should have been because of the unnatural circumstances in this world. Do not disturb nature with vaccines and other sources of pollution, for example.

          318. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually I was born early because of my mom being under extreme stress from being on call even while pregnant. And you understand that vaccines are made of natural things, and those things are safe in amounts like for example 1 part per million.

          319. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid, BIG FANTASY. Vaccines are not an extension of your body , and don’t have the composition of substances the body needs, but it has the composition of substances that the body does not need. The purpose of nutrition is to put the substances that the body needs into it. That is why nutrition is the true medicine. Unnecessary things should not be put in the body, for they cause damage , no matter how small.

            Try an experiment , and inject yourself with ammonia , which is a completely natural by product of the processing of protein in the body, and show us your progress in a video in the internet. You are so stupid, that I think you could follow my suggestion and fall dead from destruction of your body tissues by the injection of pure ammonia into your body.

          320. Taddle Fantasy

            Just because they aren’t stuff the body needs doesn’t mean it’s not safe, it’s like saying getting an electric blanket will freeze you to death. And They put the vaccine where it wouldn’t even enter the blood stream, which if it’s not in there it cannot travel to the brain, just fall into your bladder system / bowel system. And there most likely is an amount of ammonia that you could inject into yourself and have no side effects, however we don’t know that amount yet, because no one is willing to test it.

          321. AutismDadd

            Current research shows it DOES enter that brain. You need an update. And what leaves your body if you scratch your arm or have a needle inserted? BLOOD. Are you claiming that blood does not circulate?

          322. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually, there are certain parts where you can get cut and have nothing, tiny microscopic little safe spots. And the thing is, we can’t be sure if you are even telling us the truth about that aluminum in the brain study you mention anyways, you know why, I can’t find it online, and you don’t link it

          323. eggman2

            Please, ( Police ! Like a friend used to say. Because you are so stupid , that you should be arrested for it. ) don’t be so stupid. If you inject yourself with a drop of pure ammonia, I want to see the video of yourself twisting away on the ground from the intense pain of your tissues being destroyed inside of you. Maybe you would survive because it is only a drop, but to hell with that experience. Chemicals like formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, and phenols , found in vaccines, cause tissue damage. And our stupid medical establishment inject them in babies, unbelievable, but true !

            Phenols are particularly interesting. My book from a study by the Southwest Missouri State University gives out some important information. It says under PHENOL : ” Phenol, also known as carbolic acid, is flammable, corrosive and very toxic. Phenolic compounds have been used in disinfectants ( like the ones used in vaccines ) … Ingestion of even small amounts may cause nausea, vomiting, circulatory collapse, paralysis, convulsions, and coma ( My son went into a coma from his vaccines that his stupid mother gave to him in spite in repeated warnings from me.). Light sensitivity and sinus are common with exposure to fluids or vapors. Fatal poisoning can occur through skin absorption ( Small wonder that kids have died when injected with vaccines. ) Phenols and related compounds rapidly denature all proteins they come in contact with, including skin. ( How would you like to have that substance in your brain , dissolving it ? Then stupid people blame genetics for autism. You inherited a lack of resistance to a chemical that nobody should be resistant, too . How stupid is that ! ) Severe burns may occur upon contact. A concentration of 1% phenol , used to prevent insect bites and sunburn, applied for several hours, was reported to cause gangrene in one individual. Skin ulcerations, skin rashes, swelling, pimples, and hives have been widely reported. The anesthetic properties of phenols can allow extensive damage to skin tissue before pain is perceived. ( It is a stealth killer.) Although there have been many poisonings from phenolic solutions, phenol continues to be used in consumer products. ( like vaccines ) ” How is all that for your baby ? Then stupid people might wonder why babies scream when injected.

          324. Taddle Fantasy

            So what I said just bounced off your head. And if you but one trillionth of a drop it could be safe, but no one is willing to test it, because of the risk associated with it. And formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, and phenols can be safe if used in microscopic amounts, safe, as in no tissue damage risks. And Phenol if used in microscopic amounts is safe. And it is never inject where the veins are, it’s in the little microscopic safe spots. And in say 0.00000000000000000000000000001% concentration it probably woun’t even cause any microscopic damage. And actually babies wouldn’t know whats in them, it’s just “AAAAH SCARY LOOKING THING / AAAAAH SOMETHING PINCHED ME”

          325. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid. No amount of poisons is good for you. If the body can not do anything with something , it is bad to introduce it in it. Nutrition, The real medicine, is everything that the body needs, and not the poisons mentioned here.

          326. Taddle Fantasy

            Really, apple seeds contain cyanide, and many people eat those, but you don’t see them dying by the dozen from eating apple seeds, and our bodies don’t need cyanide. And it’s a mixture of nature and science that leads to health

          327. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid. How many times do I have to make it clear, to your stupid mind, that if it is found in food , it is good for you because your body can process it.

            Let me try to make it easier for you. Everytime that man purifies something, man is also creating poisons that way. Sugar in the sugar cane is healthy and very nutritious because it has all the other nutrients to make it work , that are present in the sugar cane. But, when you refine sugar. you are creating a poison ( It does not matter if is a milder poison. It is still a poison. ) that produces cavities, ulcers, diabetes, cancer, and so on. In the same way, you don’t purify the cyanide from the seeds, and you don’t eat the seeds and throw away the apple. When you eat the apple with the seeds, there are enzymes in the flesh of the apple that protect you from the cyanide and help you digest it. That digested cyanide will help you fight bad germs, parasites , and cancer in your body.

          328. Taddle Fantasy

            Well mercury is found in food, and aluminum is found in food. And people have actually died from eating apple seeds in high quantities. Cyanide is poison in high amounts, but in small enough amounts anything won’t do anything, just like everything else, every object has an amount you can put into your body without causing damage, it’s just low in the things in vaccines.

          329. Taddle Fantasy

            I’ve already explained most of the science to you, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to get you to accept facts.

          330. Taddle Fantasy

            It’s hard to tell because you are indoctrinated into the anti vaccine cult and any actual facts conflicts with your brainwashing.

          331. Taddle Fantasy

            At least it’s factual and lame unlike your comments which are lame and full of misinformation.

          332. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid. There is no science without the study of nature. And you don’t study nature, but a bunch of crap.

          333. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually, there are some sciences that don’t requir nature, computer sciences for example, but biology and toxicology are studies of nature, and creating vaccines is both biology and toxicology.

          334. Taddle Fantasy

            Yeah, but where does the signal for the internet come from, not nature that’s for sure, what about the code that makes the thing run, that’s not found in nature. And almost none of the materials are in their “natural” state.

          335. Taddle Fantasy

            You understand that you don’t almost never comment an actual rebuttal, and just say things that mean the same thing in the long run, and at the same time showing off how inept you are.

          336. AutismDadd

            There simply isn’t need for rebuttal. Plus your stubborn ideological statements are obviously flawed and illogical.

          337. Taddle Fantasy

            Except there is always a need for a proper rebuttal. And I’m stubborn on getting you to stop being brain washed scum and facts, not on fantasies, like facts being easy to disprove for instance, you present something and claim that it is a fact, but you don’t even produce a link.

          338. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually I was correcting what you said, you said that I was misguided and barking up the wrong tree, when I’m on the correct path trying to weed out morons like you.

          339. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid. The people that invented computers did so by studying nature. There is nature in numbers, too. All science has its origins in nature. That is why nature has to be respected.

          340. Taddle Fantasy

            How the fuck would studying nature lead to people creating programs to live easier lives. And just because all science originates in nature doesn’t mean it is to be respected more than unnatural methods, just equally, as without unnatural methods would we be able to debate on disqus, or be able to drink water without getting ill as much, I don’t think so.

          341. Taddle Fantasy

            It means you think that you deserve a medal for being stupid. And also it’s what huge piles of snow look like

          342. Taddle Fantasy

            Ooooh how mature, flagging just for fun, you know most people just binge watch a show on netflix when they get bored.

          343. Taddle Fantasy

            Alright then, give me one thing that is special about your self then, to prove me wrong. Or are you continue to not give any evidence to disprove me.

          344. Taddle Fantasy

            That isn’t special, it’s rare, but not special, special comes out of the personality and skills.

          345. Taddle Fantasy

            I have green eyes, but it seems you aren’t going to try to list something actually special about you

          346. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid. The closer computers and machines will resemble real life , the better they will get. So even in artificiality, the dest artificiality is the one that imitates nature best.

            For stupid people like you that do not understand the principle, the closer medicine gets to nature , the best it becomes. That is why the perfect medicine is nutrition and herbs. You can not closer to nature than with nutrition and herbs.

            MORE ADVANCED THAN NATURE. THAT IS WHERE GOD=NATURE MAXIM COMES IN HANDY: BECAUSE , IF THE MAKER IS GOD ( NATURE ) , THEN NOBODY CAN OUTDO THE MAKER. Your two monkeys in a lab with their white coats , no matter how long they assisted a school that mostly teaches medical propaganda, can not compete with nature when they try to make an artificial vaccine. Natural vaccines are inherent in nature. I have healed myself from tetanus several times with vitamin C ( found in nature ) without ever taking a tetanus shot.

          347. Taddle Fantasy

            I kinda doubt that they are getting more realistic, because our best looking games are games like skyrim and a hat in time which I would say both of them look a realistic as the idea that only nature is good. For stupid people like you, you don’t understand the fact that nature isn’t always perfect. Nutrition and herbs don’t fix every problem, many herbs do nothing, and nutrition is impossible unless you grow all of your food and raise your own animals because even the “all natural” foods in stores isn’t all natural. And the idea of a higher power is just a pointless thing to give you hope, the idea that we need to do everything the natural way is impossible if you have a job, a home, or a electronic devices. I think you mean humans i lab coats who study science for several more years than you, you chimp. And vaccines aren’t made for curing a disease, they are for preventing a disease.

          348. eggman2

            I suspected it : you are one of those stupid people that play stupid games with a computer. Your kind has underdeveloped brains to start with and get more underdeveloped as they continue.

            I play chess with the computer once in a while. Playing chess is a form of meditation for me. But I have seen those video games, and most of them are really stupid and useless. Even when I play chess, I must not overdue, or I will be shunning real life in favor of an illusion. Use chess only for relaxation is the rule for me.

            Don’t be stupid. Nature is the thing that all monkeys with lab coats try to imitate. But that is all they can do– try to imitate–because, no matter how much the stupid monkeys learn, they don’t have the millions of years that it took nature to learn those things, nor the capacity to fully understand nature.

          349. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually, I am a normal person, I play fun games with a computer. And my “kind” just happens to be people who aren’t uptight shit heads who think they are better than everyone else because “I play chess” because guess what, I play chess as well, just not as a calming tool, I play it for fun. And if you don’t play those games in long sessions, then is it wasting time more than chess. And the point of games is to have fun, you know what chess is, a game. And I use games and chess to relax as well as fun, so you aren’t unique from people like me. Please be smart, your statement are full of fallacies and it irks me to no end. Medicine isn’t meant to imitate nature, it is to collaborate with nature. And we can understand a lot about nature, however I agree on the monkeys comment, I mean you are a prime example of monkeys not being able to understand nature.

          350. eggman2

            Ah, come on ! Not again with your stupidity ! I already explained it to you , but it is too hard for your monkey brain to comprehend.

            There it goes again: any method or any machine is more advanced and effective , the more it resembles anything in nature. Ever since my school years I could see the science fiction and books about the future speaking about how machines would be in the future. Robots , the most advanced ones, they argued, would take more of the shape and nature of living things. The most advanced robot of the future being called ” an android “– from the Greek androeides : manlike .
            So we have it from the horse’s mouth, science says that its aim is ( and it has always been ) to imitate nature the best it can. Computer scientists have said it in science magazines that their aim is to eventually imitate the human brain, even in its composition of proteins and other natural substances. There you have it; their aim is to create androids.

            Now I heard one stupid representative of the drug companies saying that in the future all medicines dispensed by stupid medical doctors will be organic in origin, or like in French ” biologique “, biologicals in nature. I called him stupid ( like you ) because that medicine is here now, and it has been here forever. That medicine is called nutrition. And even in the Bible I read when it says that God made all the things in the trees to be your medicine.

          351. Taddle Fantasy

            You mean not me again with my facts of nature and science. And yes you have explained it, but you just don’t have any logic behind what you are even saying you schizophrenic. And when it comes to robotics, it’s 100% unrelated to vaccines, plus science fiction doesn’t show the fact that if we create androids, we are going to have an even bigger housing crisis. And you forget that not every computer scientist is creating the brain made of circuit boards, some are making just computers for everyone to use, because without them, we wouldn’t have any form of technology other than androids. And I assume that this doctor was saying that they will work similar to nature, not that they will be mostly nature. And biology doesn’t mean nature, it’s the study of the human body. And nutrition won’t keep illnesses from killing you or putting you through excruciating pain. And the bible is thousands of years old, and doesn’t contain science, because of the stupidity of there being a power higher than us. Plus it was originally just stories told by word, then put into a language that is so old parts of it can’t be translated.

          352. eggman2

            Blah, blah, blah stupid ! You did not understand a thing that I said. Vaccines are not part of nature, stupid, so you don’t know nature.

            You don’t even know what schizophrenia is, you idiot, so stop talking about it. You don’t know crap about anything and your comments are like a vomit coming out of your mouth.

          353. Taddle Fantasy

            Vaccines actually contain pieces of nature, it just contains them in a way specifically designed so that they are safe, for example a dead virus can be found in nature everyday, and aluminum is in our natural dihydrogen monoxide (5 bonus points if you know what dihydrogen monoxide is) supplies. Schizophrenia is characterized by
            thoughts or experiences that seem out of touch with reality,
            disorganized speech or behavior, and decreased participation in daily
            activities. Difficulty with concentration and memory may also be
            present, symptoms include social
            isolation, disorganized behavior, aggression, agitation, compulsive
            behavior, excitability, hostility, repetitive movements, self-harm, lack of restraint, thought
            disorder, delusion, amnesia, belief that an ordinary event has special
            and personal meaning, belief that thoughts aren’t one’s own,
            disorientation, memory loss, mental confusion, slowness in activity, false belief of superiority, anger,
            anxiety, apathy, feeling detached from self, general discontent, loss
            of interest or pleasure in activities, elevated mood, inappropriate
            emotional response, hallucination, paranoia, hearing voices, depression, fear, persecutory delusion, religious delusion, circumstantial speech, incoherent speech, rapid and frenzied speaking, or speech disorder, fatigue, impaired motor coordination, or lack of emotional response. That doesn’t sound like I don’t know what schizophrenia is, so you trying to feel smarter than me by simply saying “oh that’s fake because I don’t like it” makes it seem like your comments are diarrhea coming out of the anus that you call a face, you schizophrenic moron.

          354. eggman2

            You stupid jerk, and your specially designed bullshit. Vaccines are not safe, you jerk . I already explained to you that even if you inject the purest and least toxic substance under the skin, like distilled water, you will have problems, and if you persist , death.

            But vaccines are not distilled water but a collection of crap, you jerk.

            Also, you stupid jerk, you forgot the most important characteristic of schizophrenics: they can not control themselves. A schizophrenic would not be able to do what I am doing with you here because of that. They can not follow a scheme because their thoughts are wondering all over, you idiot.

          355. eggman2

            To put vaccines into that baby is like hitting him/her on the face with a two by four to make him/her get used to the possibility that someday he/she will be involved in an accident.

            The two by four , as well as the vaccine, will do damage to him/her. And , the damage might be for life.

          356. Taddle Fantasy

            Really, injecting a dead or so weak that it couldn’t kill a fly version of a virus harms children, I didn’t know that something dead or so mutilated that it can still be identified as what it was before, but only barely, could hurt a child, that must make sooooooo much sense, looks like we better burn the graveyards since the dead can apparently come back to life. And our body can’t learn how to fight back against a two by four by being hit by it, but with viruses, our bodies can study them in a safe and controlled environment by having a virus, preferably and usually dead, put into our bodies so our white blood cells can learn how to kill the virus.

          357. Taddle Fantasy

            They aren’t. In people who are unable to be vaccinated, maybe they are, but they aren’t common reactions.

          358. Taddle Fantasy

            Ha, then tell me, what about how the billions of people who aren’t affected by vaccines compared to the less than 1% of the worlds total population are also having seizures and encephalitis despite them never actually having them.

          359. Barzini

            If you want to inject something into your perfectly healthy child that may give them brain damage, paralyze them, or otherwise ruin their lives then go for it

            I won’t be doing that

          360. Taddle Fantasy

            Well, luckily for me, vaccines have been proven to not cause brain damage, unlike mumps, not cause paralysis, unlike polio, and has been proven to not ruin lives, unlike your side. So yes I will be going for it, and you will enjoy seeing your grandchildren inside an iron lung just to be able to survive into their adulthood at one point in their childhood.

          361. Barzini

            Every doctor and official source I know off readily admits that vaccines cause brain injury sometimes

          362. Taddle Fantasy

            And do you know why, because some shill lawyers were paid by some of you shit wits to legally force them to say it.

          363. Taddle Fantasy

            Well yeah, because it is untrue, and the court won’t let us change it, because we have an anti vaccine nutjob in office, and that gives people like you the ability to say “oh, doctors say that brain injury can happen haha we r s-m-r-ts”.

          364. Taddle Fantasy

            Correct, it’s physically impossible given how blood flows, it would have to be injected in the neck or directly in the heart to be able to reach the head.

          365. Taddle Fantasy

            Well, for one, they didn’t ask for those, did they? And there is no effect on the blood in vaccines, or for either mental disorder, and there is no known cause for either on, but before you say “oh if we don’t know the cause then how can we know it’s not vaccines”, it’s because we have studied that more than anything else related to mental health or vaccines, but you morons keep scientists from compleating the cancer vaccine, or hell doing anything else that would benefit our world because “we want proof about vaccines and autism that connects them from sources that the people who understand science call reliable so we can shut them up” even though it wastes everyone’s time because all facts point to there being no link between vaccines and ANY mental illness. With the brain scans, here is for schizophrenia and for autism

          366. Taddle Fantasy

            Yeah, because you all are providing science and not at all just claiming shit and telling us to find you your links using google instead of just providing them.

          367. AutismDadd

            Again. You are a science denier. You claim compensation programs were set up because parents complain about injury and death. If you weren’t the DULLEST knife in the drawer you’d realize these programs represent REAL vaccine science and their negative reactions.

          368. Taddle Fantasy

            If I deny science, then tell me, is googling for like an hour the force that can topple over 100 years of trying to get vaccines almost perfect while keeping the price down to a level that keeps millions out of their hands. You are so dull you are a better fucking spoon than a knife, you people pay off lawyers to make money off of something you want to blame instead of the one really to blame, yourself, because of your genetics, autism is a genetic disorder, but we can’t find the gene because we all have it.

          369. Taddle Fantasy

            You mean “quite the horrifying revelation that I’m going to deflect just because I don’t want to change who I am even slightly, especially if that means becoming a decent human being”

          370. Taddle Fantasy

            Except you think that vaccines should be just completely removed instead of being altered to be safer, which means you don’t support vaccine safety, you just support removal of a process that works. And while you aren’t a nazi, you are still killing people by the millions, even if not directly.

          371. Taddle Fantasy

            For one, it’s part of a joke, and his videos are perfect for using in forums. the person in the video is : here is the specific episode even and trust me, I would look better in a dress with my both masculine and feminine figure. The reaction that I was using was meant to be an exhausted exclaim that all you people do is make wisecracks, literally no factual research goes into any of your comments.

          372. Taddle Fantasy

            That won’t do shit, I’ve flagged people several times for actively encouraging people to kill themselves and they didn’t go anywhere, they just kept on telling everyone that they should go kill themselves.

          373. Taddle Fantasy

            I suppose that is an accurate response from the one who denies everything that contains facts, which oppose what you have incorporated into your personality, anti vaccine bullshittery.

          374. Taddle Fantasy

            Again, typical response from someone like you, a coward who doesn’t like his way of thinking to be challenged.

          375. Taddle Fantasy

            Yes I do, when it’s challenged by facts, unlike in this argument, where you people are just spewing random bullshit.

          376. Taddle Fantasy

            It is fact, mainly because people like you have sued to get money for your genes screwing over your children and claiming it was the vaccines fault.

          377. AutismDadd

            See you don’t cite facts you cites lies. The NVICP was set up by the people you worship. Now you claim its not about vaccine science its another conspiracy.

          378. Taddle Fantasy

            They set it up because you kept suing them dumb ass. And it’s vaccine science being denied by people like you who let others think for them, and the fact that you people just sue to make money off of your genetics screwing over your children.

          379. Taddle Fantasy

            No, because forcing people to not do something that helps them, hurts the majority, and keeps us from making vaccines safer.

          380. Taddle Fantasy

            Or perhaps I know that nothing is ever 100% safe, but we can push/pull the safety forwards even a small amount to save more lives ass brain.

          381. eggman2

            The housing crisis in California is created by the repeated influx of refugees and illegal aliens, by the way.

          382. Taddle Fantasy

            Wow, that is so stupid that I almost laughed. There already was a housing crisis going on, America’s legal immigrants and descendants of the illegal ones we call patriots breed so much that we have millions of babies being born every second in America alone.

          383. Taddle Fantasy

            Not all animators do that, some make their own movements to make an unnatural sort of alien feel.

          384. Taddle Fantasy

            They actually can use denial, mainly because they could use the imagination of denial to create truly stunning works of art. We don’t use deflection as often or with as much mastery as the anti-vaccine movement.

          385. AutismDadd

            Well the Wakefield Cult does have killer training manuals all paid for from the profits he made from his measles vaccine.

          386. Taddle Fantasy

            There isn’t one for my side, there’s just actually letting us learn and think for ourselves on our side

          387. Taddle Fantasy

            Really, indoctrination, you try and shove your beliefs onto everyone, and anyone who looks into the scientific credibility of a source is apparently your enemy because of the fact that science shows that you are incorrect.

          388. Taddle Fantasy

            Really, read your comment, you said “try indoctrination” right at the end. And if I didn’t have the free will to think, don’t you think I would go for the side that only goes for opinions, because then I would be using blind faith, and blind faith tells us to shove rocks up our women’s vaginas, or to get an illness that kills millions because “oh I’ll turn out fine, not damage to my nervous system will occur at all”, and it requires being a sheep to use.

          389. Taddle Fantasy

            Really, you can’t respond to this comment with actual effort, when I put effort into removing your drivel. That just shows that you are less than human, as humans fight for what they believe in, until they are given evidence that disproves them, which has already shown you as less since you deny evidence because of the fact that you only want to deal with illness the caveman way.

          390. Taddle Fantasy

            I don’t fight for what I believe in, I fight for facts. And the nazis and the kkk are equally terrible, and your side isn’t too far off from being like them.

          391. AutismDadd

            If you fight for facts, that’s fighting for what you believe in. So what is your favorite hate group?

          392. Taddle Fantasy

            Fighting for what you believe in, and fighting for something that has been proven correct are two very different things. And I would say autism speaks is my favorite hate group (they used treat all forms of autism, no matter how mild, as a plague, however they no longer are a hate group and actually are trying to help)

          393. AutismDadd

            Autism Sneaks sold out to Government and Pharma and now gets funding from them. Its now about high salaries and promoting pro-vaccine mantra.

          394. Taddle Fantasy

            Autism speaks actually did not sell out to pharmacies, and it always was a part of the government. And they are a charity now, so kinda hard to be about high salaries. And they don’t even talk about vaccines, so they can’t be denying anti vaccine mantra.

          395. Taddle Fantasy

            Correct, because facts are confirmed to be true, and that means, that you have to change the way vaccines are made to make them unsafe.

          396. AutismDadd

            No facts are conclusions such as the one where Vaccine Proponents say they can’t support a link. They can’t deny either.

          397. Taddle Fantasy

            Except when we do supply links you go “fake news”. And we have proven that your side is wrong with links and just straight up talking to you like we would an average human being. And let’s not forget, you supply as many links as the metroid franchise does (since I doubt you play any interactive media on the internet I shall explain this joke to you, the legend of zelda series has a main character named link, metroid series is unconnected to the zelda series when it comes to names of characters).

          398. Taddle Fantasy

            You know why we can’t provide links that connect autism to vaccines, we supply things founded in facts. And we have provided links that disconnected them you just call them “fake news”.

          399. Taddle Fantasy

            Except it’s not a war, it’s just two groups of humans debating on whether we should let more than 50% of our population become paraplegic, become blind, die, and or need help breathing constantly for years to come, or should we let 1% of our population at worst be demonized by ignorant people like yourself (who probably were vaccinated as kids), and at best (and most common) just a rash.

          400. Taddle Fantasy

            So either my
            assembly held for debate, especially in Anglo-Saxon and medieval times or my mock trial set up to examine a hypothetical case as an academic exercise are a joke as moot in the case I was using means “subject to debate, dispute, or uncertainty, and typically not admitting of a final decision”. And also it is not a joke if you look at your side from a less subjective angle

          401. Taddle Fantasy

            When one only understands nonsense, they see the logical as illogical, so I can see where you are coming from on that.

          402. Taddle Fantasy

            Please, if I lived in it, then would I not have any hope in people who say that you should do something even if it hurts more than 5% of people. Vaccines don’t harm even 1% of people who get them, while illnesses hurt more than 50% of people who get them.

          403. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually, it’s not, because I list “injury” under deaths, because they can cause long term changes to ones life that are usually terrible and or painful. And illness from vaccine is more rare than a good video game by ljn. And estimation =/= supposition, it’s based on past (2016) trends and comparing and looking at it being used on our modern day, now 2016 isn’t 2017, but they are still calculating that number.

          404. Taddle Fantasy

            So what you are saying is don’t try to inform you about vaccine safety, and allow you to continue down the spiral into being put in a senior citizen apartment instead of with your family (There actually is a statistic that shows more anti vaccine people are located in a senior citizen complex than pro vaccine people)

          405. Taddle Fantasy

            You mean you doubt a common trend even when you notice that autism is increasing at the same time as the rates of people getting vaccinated. And since you don’t believe it you need to google it yourself. (note, HEAVY parody of you and 99% of your side. The comment you replied to and this one are mocking how you all making claims bigger than your amount of comments on your profile and only a handful of you give even a untrustworthy link)

          406. Taddle Fantasy

            Alright, let me revise it for brainless shitheads, you doubt something without evidence when you believe something without any accurate sources and you are too lazy to do what you tell us, finding the sources ourselves.

          407. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually I dumbed it down for the actual cult member, the memberless moron who calls themselves “AutsimDadd”.

          408. AutismDadd

            No need to dumb it for me. But good practice for the future as you try to spread the lies to your cult.

          409. Taddle Fantasy

            Really, if I didn’t have to dumb it down for you, then how come your ignorant ass got lost after the first word. And I suppose it is good practice to use when I try to pry your group out of the anti vaccine cult.

          410. Taddle Fantasy

            Your stuff is rubbish in my eyes more than facts are rubbish in your eyes is what I was saying.

          411. Taddle Fantasy

            Well, apple cores are connected to the seed, so I wouldn’t say it’s the entire anti vaccine movement.

          412. Taddle Fantasy

            Yeah, but for one, it’s a defense mechanism, if the seed is crushed cyanide gets released and two we can eat them, hell we can crush them and eat them and not die.

          413. Taddle Fantasy

            You mean that cyanide, which in apple seeds has been killed people, and people can eat them / put them in their body in small enough amounts and not die.

          414. Taddle Fantasy

            Nonsense, lies and or fantasy, often have major holes in them, and can be disprove easily, and facts, truth and or reality, almost impossible to prove incorrect, mainly because of how much logic and careful research is put into it.

          415. AutismDadd

            No Heaven Forbid (major league PUN) You should all be composted with all the bullshit you believe.

          416. Taddle Fantasy

            Well, then there is only two things being composted when I die, me and the idea that humanity is worth trying to save from it’s self, I suppose you will see my corpse on your home of fantasy island

          417. Taddle Fantasy

            I see, so factual inaccuracies that lead to people dying in high numbers make you a good person in fantasy island.

          418. AutismDadd

            Nope. Vaccine safety advocates who show courage and determination in the face of government and industry collusion get the honor

          419. Taddle Fantasy

            If you support vaccine safety, but ignore the good in vaccines saying that all parts of them are bad, then you don’t support safety, you support ignorance. And while you show determination, you don’t show courage, you show that you are a cowardly little shit, who tantrums when someone says the truth, because the truth changes a lot of what you think, especially since you made being anti vaccine part of your personality.

          420. AutismDadd

            The worst argument ever. Like saying hitting yourself lightly in the nose is safe but hitting hard causes damage. Poison is poison. You had better not take a large dose. If you accidentally get a small dose consider yourself fortunate.

          421. Taddle Fantasy

            Well if you hit light enough you won’t hurt your nose, so ha. And poison is technically still poison, because of the fact that it reaches too unsafe to put in the human body much lower than most things, but it won’t even affect you in low amounts. And luckily the limit on how much of specific materials that could cause harm are far bellow the limit.

          422. Taddle Fantasy

            And do you know why they say it, because it’s been proven that they work, and that they rarely ever cause damage, and also because people like you are causing deaths without even meaning to.

          423. AutismDadd

            Then why in 1986 did the American government enter into an agreement with vaccine makers that guaranteed near blanket protection from litigation if there were never any issues concerning safety? If you had an ounce of honesty or integrity you’d acknowledge it was because these companies were being litigated out of business because they were found at fault for vaccine induced injuries.

          424. Taddle Fantasy

            Because of you people with your fraudulent claims suing left and right. And if you had an ounce of honesty, integrity, or intellect you would acknowledge that your side just doesn’t care about facts.

          425. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually more like your side, which has plenty of people who know that this they are supporting a side that kills, but support it only to sue to get more money, or because they are being paid off to stay.

          426. Taddle Fantasy

            Well I mean your side is trying to pay some politicians to join you, but not very many have decided to harm the rest of humanity in massive numbers.

          427. Taddle Fantasy

            Yes, but they don’t support you people because you are just paranoia advocates. And they would make more money off of letting people undergo getting sick as often as people in the 100’s did, you person who was most likely vaccinated without realizing it.

          428. Taddle Fantasy

            Is vulgarity really an issue, because in the long run it won’t matter, the young people on here will either learn what those words mean anyways, or already know what they mean, and the internet is full of much worse than my comment, hell disqus has much worse than anything I could ever produce

          429. eggman2

            A prostitute is someone that gets paid to do an illicit ( In the eyes of GOD=NATURE) act. There is no money for someone to do comments in the internet against vaccines or medical pseudoscience because I am not selling anything. That would be the same thing as saying that scientists invented atomic energy, when atomic energy is part of the universe. In the same way, natural medicine is part of the universe. I can not sell you what you are already born with, your own body. And your body depends on natural substances for its upkeep, not artificial ones.

            If you are not getting paid to do what you do, that is even more pitiful. Because it means that you are mentally insane, and not just a bad person as I would have thought.

            There are so many crazy people like you, and more are coming, thanks to vaccines. If we really want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ,we have to stop the madness of forced junk medicine on innocent people.

          430. Taddle Fantasy

            And you are not a prostitute, just a whore, one who goes around sucking on the things that you want. And guess what, there is no money in posting for vaccines either. And unnatural medicine is part of our universe as well, it’s made of actual materials that can exist in our realm naturally. And what about children who cannot process the natural solutions, do we just leave them to die? And guess what, being a bad person means not looking behind every cover, including your own, and your side has some terrible shit behind that curtain. And the mentally insane are people who kill and say that they never kill, we admit, there are vaccine related deaths, but we know how rare they are. And America was never great, only tolerable, and now with mentally ill people like you, we are going out of the frying pan and into the fire.

          431. eggman2

            Do not pretend to be stupid. There is a lot of money for propaganda prostitutes like yourself. The junk medicine robber barons ( the makers of vaccines and other junk medicines) are willing to pay to defend their profits, but do not care if people die or become disabled because of their junk.

            Do not be stupid. Unnatural medicine is not part of the universe, but it is a stupid invention. Human beings have made many stupid inventions: pesticides, nuclear power, the woman lying down for childbirth, the cutting of the umbilical cord, the infernal (instead of internal ) combustion engine, and so on.

          432. Taddle Fantasy

            There is more money in siding with you people actually, as a vaccine costs less than 1/5 of a trip to the emergency room, which “childhood illnesses” can put you in the e.r. And your side kills and disables people so don’t even go there, polio has made it so many children need wheelchairs, and lots of adults as well. And they are made of the same things as every other molecule, atoms. They are made of natural things, just in a different state. And pesticides keep insects from ransacking all of our food. Nuclear power allows you to post your drivel. Lying down for child birth makes it easier to push the baby out, as imagine standing while doing it, less stability on the back. The umbilical cord can be snipped for when it just becomes a hindrance, or if you just never want children. And the combustion engine allows you to travel.

          433. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid vaccines cost the taxpayer a bundle. All those people that have been injured by vaccines will remain clients for life of the junk medicine robber barons ,who lobby the stupid governments of all around world for more vaccinations, with the full knowledge that there is where their profits lie.

          434. Taddle Fantasy

            They only charge you an excessive amount for actual doctor’s visits, not ones that only last 2 minutes. AAAAAND vaccines aren’t what are being taxed for, it’s so the doctors who don’t get business can you know LIVE. And they actually lobby the smart ones, and yeah they do know where profits lie, in letting everyone get charged over $1,000 to go the emergence room, but they don’t want that, they want people to be happy.

          435. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid. There is a whole industry of drugs for disabled people. And we don’t know who have assets into what. The expensive taxis called ambulances ( $3,500 US for a one way trip ) company could be owned by a drug manufacturer , and so on. It is all a racket, and the more sick and disabled people that they have the better for them, but not for the nation and the future of the country.

            Obamacare was a blank check , so they could keep doing their dirty work instead of curing people and keeping them healthy. That is the way that is going to be until we get rid of junk medicine, and if we don’t , junk medicine will get rid of all of us. Junk medicine will get rid of the whole country, if not stopped. Like Winston Churchill said, ” We have met the enemy, and it is us.”

          436. Taddle Fantasy

            And do you know who makes all those drugs, not the same people as the ones who make vaccines, they are more frequently made by people who ignore science and believe that they can cure mental illnesses like depression either naturally or with pills, sometimes the pills work, but not 100% of the time. And you make a good point on the sick ones, but you only see oh that’s not nature so it must be what causes it, instead of prevents it. And Obamacare was actually to help people pay for medical expenses, they are benefiting financially from trump being in office. And if you want to get rid of junk medicine, then make sure you get every illness and test each and every single one to see what works and what doesn’t.

          437. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid, BIG FANTASY. Everything is owned by the same people. Obamacare is a blank check for them to do all of the harm possible and make a profit too. Trump lessened the damage by taking away the individual mandate.

            Don’t be stupid, BIG FANTASY. Vaccines causes brain damage. All sources of pollution cause brain damage, injected pollution, vaccines, even more so.

            Don’t be stupid, BIG FANTASY. The people that ignore science believe in vaccines like you. MODERN JUNK MEDICAL PSEUDOSCIENCE is a religion and not a science. You are supposed to believe in doctors like you believe in priests. And medical doctors do not know crap about the real medicine–that is why they , and their suppliers of drugs, get sued all the time. Leo, the one that I bought the life saving Native American herb from, to save my son, died at 106 years old, and was all over the papers in San Diego, California, the event of his death. Doctors are said to live on the average 53 years. Who would you rather seek medical advice from: someone that lived 106 years or someone that lived half that age ?

          438. Taddle Fantasy

            So disney is owned by the same people who make vaccines then? Obama care was to help people not pay as much when they go the the doctor’s office. You understand that trump is not mentally fit to serve in the white house right, and he took away insurance that was for middle class and poor people and then lid it over to people like him who are rich. And actually the only thing that could cause brain damage after the womb is a strong enough blow to the head. And we want vaccines to be made safe for as many people as we can, so why do we disrespect science oh bullshit filled one. And we are not to believe, we are to trust with some caution as they are only human. And actually they know more about it than you do, because can you list all the possible safety risks in tylenol without looking it up, and they actually get sued all the time because of people like you who think “oh every issue my child has can be pinned on something, but never me or my genetics”. And Leo could have been senile, as you don’t make it that far in life without deteriorating, ALSO that means he never interacted with the illnesses himself, as doctors put their own lives on the line just to cure even one person of the illnesses that kill frequently. Also, where di you get the lie that doctors live on average 53 years, from a 1859 newspaper (exaggeration, but still that either is from an outdated or untrustworthy source). And I would trust the one actually putting their life on the line to cure me rather than the guy giving “herb” to children.

          439. eggman2

            Big Fantasy, you are so full of crap. If Trump is insane, then Obama should check into a mental hospital right away, because under him the country was doing worst. Obamacare was a blank check to the biggest killer in America : stupid modern junk allopathic American medical pseudoscience. Ignorant people among the population would have rushed to doctors to get their free damaging vaccines for them and their babies, thereby increasing the number of sick and disabled people in our society–a very destructive practice.

            But you go blah, blah , blath, and keep on with your psychotic stuff.

          440. Taddle Fantasy

            During the Obama years, people were much healthier, because more people had access to health care, it gave us, lit me repeat that, us money when we need to go to the hospital. And what about European science, like vaccines. And it has been proven that vaccines are safe by billions of people living happy healthy lives, especially among the vaccinated. Trump claims that he is superior to everyone, and it has been reported he tells stories with the exact same facial expressions and movements in ten minute intervals.

          441. eggman2

            What a bunch of bullshit ! During the Obama administration the number pf homeless in the streets increased come to San Diego California and tell me if those people look healthy with all the free medicine that they got. No, because it is good food and not medicine what makes you healthy.

          442. Taddle Fantasy

            The reason why there were more homeless people is because of inflation of prices. And actually you need both food and medicine. Also I never said it was free I said it helps us pay for our treatments for when we get injured.

          443. eggman2

            No, the reason that there are more homeless people is because Obama allowed more invasions of foreigners to come and steal American jobs.

          444. Taddle Fantasy

            Ahem… Trump has foreigners working his hotels just so he can get cheep labor instead of giving them a living wage. And many foreigners need jobs, because they are unable to get one in their homeland.

          445. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid. Let people do whatever they can do for the people of their country. And let us do whatever we can do for the people of our country. That is why nations were created. If not, why have nations, lets open all the borders and let all dissolve. STUPID !!!!!!!

            Also, the laws have to be changed to completely prohibit the hiring of foreigners over American citizens.

          446. Taddle Fantasy

            Actually, opening our borders and having one giant version of what we have now, but with electing senate members to vote on our laws. And no they haven’t changed, it’s still the same as it was, just put under a mask.

          447. eggman2

            That is so stupid. To have more poor, destitute , homeless Americans in the streets because of stupid immigrants ( not even intelligent ones ) stealing the jobs that should have gone to Americans, is your stupid idea of progress.

          448. Taddle Fantasy

            If we became one giant nation instead of being a divided world, we would have more space for the homeless people. And do you know what the first Americans were, immigrants, we wouldn’t be here if not for illegal immigration.

          449. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid. All nations started as multiple migrations into a territory. But they became true nations when the migrations stopped. Such was the case in China: they stopped the migrations and became a nation. But the ones that did not stop the migrations, like ancient Rome, perished.
            This country is destroying itself like ancient Rome did, with migration. This country, just like ancient Rome, is producing a lot of destitute Americans , that become disabled because of their destitution ( not to mention stupid modern junk American allopathic medical pseudoscience ), in favor of giving the benefits in employment and other economic benefits to foreigners instead.

          450. Taddle Fantasy

            No, migrations are still going on, they never stop, people unhappy with their lives in one country go and find a new home to live in, sounds like migration to me. And rome perished because of religion, not migration so don’t try to give me that crap. And we are trying to give them homes, we were destitute before Obama, we were put in there by a rich white person born in america. And yeah I agree on the pseudoscience, as your side is claiming to be science when it’s as close to being science as a dragon. And we are trying to make jobs at least, but we have several million people in america, and only so much space. And america was called the melting pot until people like you became the loudest voice, sure at first we weren’t as good, but then we accepted everyone.

          451. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid. The nations that have the most immigration have the least chance of surviving. But the nations that restrict immigration to almost cero, like China and Japan, have the greatest chance of survival.

            You don’t need to be very intelligent, but you have to be really stupid if you don’t understand that having people coming into your country to steal jobs and benefits from the natives is not good for any country. And, to even let in potential enemies of your country is even more stupid. How many terrorists this country has let in and given benefits that it does not give to Americans ? A government that allows that is a stupid government. Obama’s government was really stupid.

          452. Taddle Fantasy

            Okay, china does allow immigration, just slightly stricter so that criminals or crazy people don’t get in as easy, so ha. And japan is actually not doing all that well, one yen is worth less than one american penny. And there still even if we don’t let anyone in, there would still be millions of people without jobs. And we have also give many more regular people rights because guess what, until they start talking about terrorism based subjects we can’t tell that they are terrorists, and those people have money to afford getting a job, because you need a home to get a job, and you need money to get a home, and you need a job to get money. And it’s been stupid because of previous president.

          453. eggman2

            Blah, blah, blah Stupid. For once you are right; it should have been a period. Like this: You are stupid.

          454. Taddle Fantasy

            Just because I corrected your grammar doesn’t mean I agree, it just means that you really are dumber than I initially thought

          455. eggman2

            You can correct my typing errors all you want, but you can not correct your own stupid thinking. I have to explain everything to you a million times.

            It is either that or you are a paid propaganda prostitute working for the junk medicine robber barons ( the makers of vaccines and other junk medicines ) trying to appeal to stupid people with your stupid attempts to distort the facts.

          456. Taddle Fantasy

            Or could it be that you are the one who is stupid, and you just want to feel smart, so you call people who are informed with facts stupid to try to make your sad pathetic existence just that small bit less painful.

          457. eggman2

            Don’t be stupid. I am always laughing at you. I always laugh at stupid people. How can one get angry if one is laughing ?

          458. Taddle Fantasy

            If you laugh at stupid people then you must look in the mirror every second. And some people actually get so mad that they snap and start laughing before they then try to strangle you (think like what Homer Simpson does to Bart [ps. Homer Simpson would probably pity you if he were real]).

          459. Taddle Fantasy

            Just because I correct something that makes your entire sentance make 0 sense doesn’t mean I agree. And there should always be question, questioning leads to more information when you question someone who actually knows what they are talking about, now if only you had any reliable sources to change my mind on which side is a negative, because then I wouldn’t be fighting against a brick wall (metaphorically)

          460. eggman2

            You should question people that are so stupid, like yourself, that believe that injections of
            ” GMO-PUTREFACTIVE-BIOHAZARDOUS material in a soup of carcinogens, mutagens, and teratogens ” ( vaccines ) is good for ones health.

          461. eggman2

            Definition: Taddle Fantasy = a stupid propaganda prostitute working in behalf of the junk medicine robber barons ( the makers of vaccines and other junk medicine and junk medical treatments )

          462. Taddle Fantasy

            Definition eggman2 = a brain dead slut suckling off the teet of misinformation to be able to blame vaccines on his son’s condition, when he shows all the symptoms of being schizophrenic in each comment he posts. Also, I feel like I should just let you know that my name comes from episode 19 of this just because of the fact that it comes from a good scene in a great show.

          463. Taddle Fantasy

            Be upset because I used a word that counts as not for innocent little children (ie you morons [because you see your selves as innocent and are as smart as a four year old]).

          464. AutismDadd

            That’s a duh moment from you. Hey just noticed you didn’t spell sarcastic correctly in your profile. And you left out parrot, shill, troll and sock puppet

          465. Taddle Fantasy

            Not as much as with your`post claiming that your side will gang flag me for being supported by science. And what, you expect me to not make the occasional mistake, because guess what, I’m human, and not a faceless corporation like you. Why don’t you type any word incorrectly into the profile box (you don’t need to save it, just type it) and see if your spell check will mark it as incorrect. I’m not a parrot in that I voice my opinions as well as facts, I make zero money off of this, I don’t post bullshit and claim it’s true like you do, and I am not letting others opinions control me UNLIKE YOOOOOUUU. And you left “even though my side moves goalposts constantly” off of your profile description, it specifically should be put between the final word and the period.

          466. Taddle Fantasy

            Yeah, you advised me on the error in a similar way as when you try to insinuate that I’m less than you. And that was after claiming that you would get your horde to try to kill my profile and followed by you filling in insults that could be applied to you and be accurately compared to me.

          467. Taddle Fantasy

            Scroll upwards and you’ll see that you are the moron who posted those, even if on mobile, those comments are above this, but you wouldn’t care, you just want your ego stroked. Given that you stated that they are great you probably are so self absorbed it rivals fictional villains like gaston.

          468. Taddle Fantasy

            Well I wasn’t the shit brain who started the tangent, because which idiot brought up obamacare, which is unrelated to this subject again, oh yeah, the guy who has egg salad for a brain and decides to call him self eggman (which is funny in a way, because in the video game world, there is a villain named eggman)

          469. AutismDadd

            Maybe he got the name from there. EGGALLERGY would be good too, caused by injecting egg protein that’s part of the vaccine manufacturing process.

          470. Taddle Fantasy

            Wow, we… actually agreed on something… but there is something you should know, there have never been egg proteins in vaccines, they have been injected with vaccines, but not put in them.

          471. Taddle Fantasy

            Have you heard of this thing called CLEANING THE NEEDLE or USING A DIFFERENT NEEDLE, those can prevent all contamination. And again, not used to grow vaccines, just used to make sure the vaccines are safe to use.

          472. Taddle Fantasy

            Okay, let me explain this in simple terms for your one cell of a brain that is going of the rails on a crazy train, vaccines are made separately from the egg proteins, and parts of that batch are put into egg proteins to test if they are safe.

          473. Taddle Fantasy

            If it is safe, we continue, if they become unsafe, we stop using them. Now luckily people like you aren’t running the vaccine making industry, so vaccines are being tested each batch to make sure that they are safe.

          474. Taddle Fantasy

            Ah, i it is safe, they ship the vaccine, if it is unsafe (meaning it causes damage to the egg) the vaccine gets scrapped and they start again trying to make it safe.

          475. Taddle Fantasy

            The egg doesn’t remain, the egg is on the side of the actual vaccine, and the needles that are used for testing are cleaned and are different from the ones used to inject the vaccines. They don’t put the egg into the vaccine, and they make sure that it stays separate.

          476. Taddle Fantasy

            No i fucking didn’t, I said that they test the vaccine using the egg proteins, but it’s not put in the vaccine, quit making shit up.

          477. Taddle Fantasy

            Alright then, look through all of my comments on this thread, and tell me when I said it, other wise you just trying to come of as this master manipulator type who in reality just sells fast food.

          478. Taddle Fantasy

            Yeah, they get injected to make sure that cells from the human body don’t get damaged by the vaccine. And after testing, they clean their needles and use a different needle just for humans.

          479. Taddle Fantasy

            So then books are propaganda, tv shows that don’t relate to real life are propaganda, and music is propaganda? I doubt that greatly.

          480. AutismDadd

            It all has the goal to influence your thinking. It can be both positive or negative. Having a closed mind is a bad thing.

          481. Taddle Fantasy

            The words “seem close minded, if you were actually able to supply facts I would be convinced, instead of just absolutly livid.

          482. Taddle Fantasy

            That is literally every actual study, you want definitely, go watch foodfight, there is something definite about that.