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The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, MD and Dr. Daniel Amen

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  • Rochelle

    Great interview! Thank you.

  • Yvonne Forsman

    Dr Perlmutter, you are awesome, always enjoying your info, thanks!

  • lynda

    I would so appreciate seeing the written transcript so I could print it and take my time digesting it.
    thank you.

    • TechnoTriticale

      re: transcript

      For most embedded YouTube (but not Vimeo) videos on the web, you can at least get a crude speech-to-text (ASR) transcript via:
      * pause the video
      * click on the YouTube icon in the video
      * that opens/plays the video on YT, so pause it again
      * click on “…” below right
      * select: open transcript
      Sometimes it won’t be there, if YT’s (Google, really) ASR engine couldn’t manage it and gave up.

      These ASR transcripts are garbage, but they are time-stamped to the second, so when you see something that needs clarification, you can slide right to it in the actual vid.

  • Russell Kukla

    Dr David, Please view http://www.CreateK12Change.com This is my Scientific Hypothesis: As children we are not taught how to memorize so we do not stimulate our brain’s hippocampus. I’d greatly appreciate an opportunity to speak with you about this. Thank you! Russell

  • Ronna

    wowwwwwwww!Dr. Amens is amaaaaazing! I knew some of this before listening, but his clarifications as well as your contributions clarified the overall picture and summary of his information. An Amazon must read for me!

  • Shalini Mehta

    Dr Perlutter, I don’t understand, Dr. Amen mentioned that EPA is what is essential for ADHD rather than DHA, but everywhere I’ve read about the other way round. That DHA is what is most essential…could you please clarify, thanks.

  • JJ

    I would also please like to be able to get a transcript especially for a friend of mine who is hearing impaired. Would you please help with this?

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