The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, MD and Amy Berger

Several months ago I was contacted by today’s Empowering Neurologist guest, Amy Berger, who told me she was going to write a book about how lifestyle choices affect the brain. The working title of the book was The Alzheimer’s Antidote. In fact, Amy even asked me to write the foreword to this new work. After reviewing the manuscript, I told her that I would be delighted to write the foreword as, in my opinion, this would turn out to be an important and informative text.

Flash forward, The Alzheimer’s Antidote has now been published and is getting great reviews. The book focuses on how a low-carb, high-fat diet fights Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss and cognitive decline. Amy walks us through the metabolic origins of Alzheimer’s disease, the fallacy of Alzheimer’s disease being caused by overproduction of beta-amyloid, the importance of exercise and other lifestyle choices, and even the notion of repairing a broken brain.

It’s an excellent book, and I’m hoping you enjoy today’s interview.

  • AJ Harvey

    Wow, fantastic information I will be ordering this book today. I have a family history of Alzheimer’s and am so keen to dodge that bullet. Thank you so much Amy and Dr Permutter.

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for watching AJ. You will absolutely enjoy the book.

  • Larry B.

    RE the gluten reference – Please explain why Blue zone populations in Sardinia and Loma Linda appear to thrive with bread is a part of their diet.

    • eileenfb1948 .

      Many reasons to choose from. They may not use glyphosate on their wheat, they may use more traditional grain. They may prove the bread overnight or longer – all of these things will make a considerable difference to the finished product. The remainder of their diet could be very different to ours. They may not consume the same quantity of grain. I do know that eating lots if vegetables makes a huge difference to anyones health.
      So easy to draw the wrong conclusion.

    • Judith Daniel

      Dr Steven Gundry’s new book, The Plant Paradox explains this in some detail. They use yeast or sourdough to make their bread and this eats up the lectins in wheat,including gluten. They also do not use transglutaminase, which is in most of our breads and is not required to be label as such as it is approved by our FDA. Transglutaninase is a neurotransmitter disruptor. Plus, their wheat is not covered with Roundup,

      The Plant Paradox, a great new book just out.

  • Jay

    Mistakenly my dad put my mom on a low fat, high carb diet when she had a heart attack/heart bypass. This may have led to her Alzheimer disease or at least provoked it. After about five years of this strict diet, she developed advanced Alzheimer’s disease and passed away three years later. This was all in the time span of 1994 to 2002. He did not have this information nor did I.

  • Yvonne Forsman

    @ 9:24 minutes Dr Perlmutter mention mitochondria. In a youtube video MIT researcher Dr Stephanie Seneff explains well how the toxic herbicide Glyphosate, used on GMO and also many non-GMO crops, affects the mitochondria, leading to a long list of diseases (cancer is one of them, and 1 in 2 Americans get a cancer diagnosis during their lifetime!!). Although I do agree with this nutritionist Dr Perlmutter is interviewing, about dietary changes, everybody should ALSO switch to 100% ORGANIC foods!!!!! Also filtering your drinking and cooking water, and installing a shower filter (the skin is our largest organ!!) is important to health! Even though ppl switch to organic, cut out carbs/grains/gluten, add healthy fats, filter their water, there still is more environmental toxins which makes us sick: chemtrails in the air contain tons of toxic metals and chemicals and we all need to breathe so there is no way to avoid it, other then air filters in your home, but the poisoned air is everywhere, also outside your home so… what can anybody do? There is help! Detox! Green algae called spirulina detoxes metals and chemicals, it shields the body from radiation, cancer, inflammation and helps with other health problems. 1 serving = 2 tbs, it contains nutrients eqv to 2 lb / 1 kg veggies and fruits, also a good source of protein. Youtube videos show how to grow your own at home in an aquarium in a sunny window. Everybody should be taking sprirulina all.the.time! I am taking it daily in smoothie (am lucky to get it from a local grower). Fresh/raw/living spirulina and even frozen both have 95% availability, while powder only has 5%. Here is a link to a company selling frozen spirulina (I am in no way associated with this company).
    Re smoothies, I make my own but for anybody short of time wants to buy a smoothie, a brand I sometimes use is “Naked”, it is organic bottled smoothie in the produce/cut up fruit section, it comes in many flavors (but I don’t buy the one with soy protein b/c soy is a poison even when organic).
    Re the omega 3 this nutritionist mentions, the highest quality on the market is Nordic Naturals Omega-3 phospholipids, 595 mg omega-3 (non GMO). (I get it on amazon). It is even better than krill.

    Switching to grain free diet, check out Raw Food online recipes, they use coconut and almond flour for pancakes, pizza, bread, cookies, desserts. Paleo diet also has many great recipes.

  • Margaret Marean

    She mentions no history of high carb diets. There is no history of high processed food diets but the Blue Zone areas have had very low rates of diabetes, obesity and dementia eating high grain diets. There is no history of such easy access and high quantities of meat except in Inuit history and they were not long-lived.

  • Harlan Bud Williams

    Dr. Perlmutter, opinion on PH balance and diet?

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