The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, MD, and Dr. Leo Galland

Hello everyone. Today on The Empowering Neurologist I interview my longtime friend, Dr. Leo Galland. Today, we’ll be discussing Dr. Galland’s newest book, Already Here.

Already Here tells of the death of Dr. Galland’s son, Christopher, at the age of 22, the direct visual evidence Christopher showed him that our souls do go on, and the communications he received from Christopher’s spirit that dramatically changed Dr. Galland’s understanding of life and its meaning.

In life, Christopher was a brain-damaged special needs child who challenged everyone he knew with his unpredictable behavior and uncanny insights. After his death, he revealed to Leo the real purpose of his life, as a spiritual guide who taught others by confounding their assumptions and expectations. He began to share with Dr. Galland a new perspective on everything from the nature of good and evil to the concept of timelessness—“God’s moment”—to the notion that the universe is, fundamentally, an act of love.

Christopher’s wisdom was revealed to Dr. Galland over the course of a year, coalescing into three themes, which Leo calls the Gift of the Opposite, the Gift of Presence, and the Gift of Timelessness. Leo quickly came to realize that these gifts were not for him alone: they contain ancient wisdom, held sacred in many traditions, that Chris intended him to share with others. He wrote this book, under Chris’ direction, to do just that.

Already Here presents a unique dialogue in which an analytical, scientific mind tries to comprehend truths from another plane of existence—one that, nonetheless, is inseparable from our own. Chris describes Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter, as unified opposites that cannot exist without each other and cannot be separated from human consciousness. The book takes its title from Christopher’s final message to Dr. Galland, in which he describes Heaven as an “eternal present” where everyone is together, even those of us still living earthly lives. “Lighten up,” Christopher says to his father. “You’re already here, you know.”

Dr. Leo Galland, an international bestselling author and a respected scholar, is a global leader in integrative medicine and functional nutrition. He has received the Linus Pauling Award from the Institute of Functional Medicine for creating basic principles of Functional Medicine, and the Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to healthcare from Marquis Who’s Who. He is the author of five popular books and several dozen scientific articles and textbook chapters. A board-certified internist, Dr. Galland is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Nutrition. He received his education at Harvard University and New York University School of Medicine. Dr. Galland is listed in Leading Physicians of the World and America’s Top Doctors.

For more from Dr. Galland, visit his website, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Lynn Dell

    “If someone says, ‘I love God,’ and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.” This and several other verses came to mind when hearing this. Thanks for this interview.

    • Yvonne Forsman

      That’s your religious theory. Muslims believe something else. They are obviously totally okay with hating everybody who is not a Muslim, and they believe that is exactly what their God wants them to do, and they do love God. I think you will have to get out of your box to understand the world. I am not religious so to me it doesn’t matter what your religious ppl fight about. lol

      • Lynn Dell

        Including Dr. Oz, huh? He’s “totally okay” with hating anyone who isn’t a Moslem as he is? I don’t know whether you’re in a box or not, but your sweeping generalizations require some tweaking.

  • Patricia Withers

    Thank you, dear Dr. P, for posting this. I have been diving deep into functional medicine for the past decade, learning all I can from you, Dr. Galland, and all the other terrific practitioners — hoping to find a way to help my own vaccine-injured, brain damaged adult son. One foot squarely in the nutrition field, the other planted on my spiritual journey. What a joy to see the marriage of science and spirituality occurring now. My own son has taught me so much, too. The Truth is, as Chris speaks, Universe is an act of Love, evolving as our own consciousness spirals upward, co-creating together. Blessings to you and Dr. Galland for sharing!

  • Sarah

    Beautiful – thank you to both dear doctors and your families – and with all love –

    • David Perlmutter

      Thank you for listening Sarah!

  • Ronna Berezin

    Profound and Reaffirming thoughts I have always had. When I lost a friend at age 16 I was awakened the night he died 100’s of miles away from where I was .. awakened and feeling that there was a tragedy around him. The next day driving home and when I arrived I was s still shaken, and when my father said that he had died the night before I told him I already knewthat! Ronna Berezin

  • Wendie Harris

    Thanks for sharing Dr. Galland and Dr. Perlmutter. LOVE.

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for being here to listen, Wendie.

  • jeann

    jeann brick

  • Yvonne Forsman

    Very interesting interview, thank you so much Dr Perlmutter!

  • Charry

    Thank you for having the courage to do this interview and share this information.

  • Pierre Saine

    How did the conversation with Christopher changed Dr. Leo Galland practice ?

  • Mark

    David and Leo, Beautiful stuff as always! Having practiced “materialistic” nephrology for many years, I have come to appreciate the profound transformation of consciousness as primal. My son Alex 25 yo with Down Syndrome reminds me of that each day. As the great Nikola Tesla reminded us, (and I’m paraphrasing) “to understand the mysteries of the universe, you have to think in terms of energy, vibration, and light”. This message awakens us to the true nature of our reality. You’re the best DP! Mark Pettus

  • Judy

    I love that science and spirituality are joining. Dr Eben Alexander is another example of leading us towards greater knowledge of more than our physical bodies.

  • Kat Milacek

    Loved the change of pace with today’s interview. I’ve got his book in my Amazon cart now. Thank you for having an open mind about not just improving medicine and personal health, but about our spiritual health as well.

    • David Perlmutter

      Glad to know you enjoyed. I’ll keep that in mind for future guests Kat.

  • Mark Justus

    I’m a veteran and experience TBI and have been through many medications in the over 20 yrs. of treatment with the VA. Since reading your books G Brain & B Maker I started following the diet U recommend along w/ the supplements I’m taking Levetiracetam & CBD oil, but I am still having nocturnal events about every 2 weeks. Aside from that my short term memory is greatly improved! After watching Dr. H’s Broken Brain series I’m getting a fuller picture of what the possibilities are. I hope I can get my Neuro Doc to watch it also, after he said he tries to minimize meds.
    After watching it I hope he can figure out what to do? The current plan is to start me on Epidiolex when it comes out this summer. Thank U many many times over!
    Mark J

  • JuliaL

    Loved your story! God created man in His Image and Likeness (Genesis). Christopher’s explanation highlights that fact. No matter what a person does in this life, they can never erase the Image of God in them. They can, however, destroy His Likeness by way of “free will”. (choose life – choose death, choose good – choose evil). Fulton Sheen explained that, at the moment of death all illusion is stripped and we see things in the only light there is – the Light of God. For those who chose evil (darkness) – standing in the light is the ultimate torture. Hell was created as a mercy for those who chose evil (darkness).

  • Opine2u

    I’ve just finished “Already Here” and am enchanted with the profound lessons that Christopher has offered us. I’ve long thought that we are on Earth to work on items in our character that need growth, which happens via problems, aka “opportunities for growth.” I’ve discovered that if we don’t get the lesson the first time, the same “opportunity” will continue to surface until we get that lesson and are ready to move on to the next.

    I expect that my next time out the door will bring a whole new acceptance of the “opposite” personalities out there. I’ve revised my mission in life.
    Drs. Perlmutter and Galland, God bless you for putting together this interview. It is indeed a lovely book, one that could benefit all of us.

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