The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, MD, and Dr. Steven Masley

  • Craig Oliver

    What about a Plant based diet? No eggs, or animal protein, or fish. Have you seen ‘What the Health’ featured on Netflix. What about the information they give and the fact that our bodies are not meant to metabolize animal foods.

    • Uncommon_Thinker

      Are we 100% certain about “…and the fact that our bodies are not meant to metabolize animal foods.” because it would seem contrary to how long people have eaten animals that we managed to get to a global population in the billions? One cannot put diesel fuel in a gasoline powered car and it work because the wrong fuel shuts it down. Wouldn’t the same happen with us? Curious on the facts.

    • lisapietron

      while all people and animals ate a plant based diet in the beginning, there is no place that says it is wrong or bad for you to eat meat. I think the problem in our world now is the fact that meats and animal products (and just about any food on the market) is full of things that are bad for us, hence the organic movement.

      • Craig Oliver

        What about the size of our incisors relative to those of animals that hunt and eat meat?
        Also, what about the size of our intestines, small and large? They don’t seem to be meant for digestion of animal products.

  • Jay

    Thank you so much!

  • Esuede

    Craig: For a different perspective please “google” zero carb diet or all meat diet. There are people who eat nothing but steak and water and they are perfectly healthy.

    • margaret jaeger

      An all meat diet is extremely hard on the kidneys. There are some carbs the body system needs and health food doctors call,them good carbs. But there are other veggies not considered carbs at all. Ourmbraims are made of some of the fats that certain carbs may contribute to.

      • Esuede

        Do we know for sure that meat is extremely hard on the kidneys? Professor Stuart Phillips who has studied protein in depth does not think so. According to him, someone with existing kidney disease might want to be careful with excess protein. Same with diabetics. But healthy people will not suffer kidney damage from eating a high protein diet. Here’s the link to his You Tube interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_MXKahAtAo

  • Rochelle

    Great interview! Thank you.

  • Vicky Polito

    Is there a doctor in Austin, Texas we could see about testing?

  • Ryk Kem

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