The Low-Carb Diet & Type 2 Diabetes

Over the past several years, we’ve seen the rates of type 2 diabetes in the United States absolutely skyrocket. At this stage, there’s no doubt about it: lifestyle choices are playing a key role in causing this problem.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a threat to our collective health not only because of the harmful role diabetes can play in the body, but because of the myriad ailments that tend to be correlated with diabetes and its impacts elsewhere in the body, from the kidneys to the brain. For instance, did you know that type 2 diabetics may have as much as a 4x increase in risk for becoming a patient with Alzheimer’s?

All of this in mind, let’s look at what lifestyle choices can do to improve the healthspan of type 2 diabetics.

  • arjatim

    Hi, Dr Permutter (again)….thanks much,….. this video is related in advice to your post 2 days ago, so I am repeating a post then that was not for some reason answered (it was long!!??)
    ANYHOW, my question is important to a wide group of your followers, and I think portends a swell of disease if the comment is correct, and I have never heard this important data presented this way!… It flies in the face of all low-carb, high fat (like keto, which we have been on). Wewant to hear your comment, so are re-posting what we asked 2 days ago, hoping this time you see it and shre your wise advice!!… thanks: Hi Dr David from 2 Canadians who are pretty much slaves to the guy from Naples that they have followed since Grain Brain and have got everything since!!… we were keto for months, then went to plant-based high carb LOW FAT (Chris Wark’s Square One). Feeling great, but after months a LOT less “smart”:… like, wrong word, why am I here with the fridge door open, what was my conversation about??… various other things you are very familiar with. SO, quickly brought oil back into our diets, lots of coconut oil, olive oil, would drink MCT oil out of the bottle when feeling “hungry” or even faint ALSO welcomed butter back into the food, starting all our sautes with butter. Two weeks later I (Tim, the husband–also the 86 year old geezer) found myself with the screaming meemies, completely dysfunctional, sobbing weeping in bed. You gotta know that a Marine pilot with the screaming meemies is a scary sight for his wife who has never seen this in our 35+ years together. NOW THE POINT: today you remarked at 4:52 about keeping your blood sugar low, eating a low carb diet… My search for a cure for my screaming meemies has led me to a path that says that the HIGH SPIKES OF BLOOD SUGAR ARE MORE FREQUENT, HIGHER, “WORSE” WITH A LOW_CARB HIGH FAT (KETO) than with a HIGH CARB DIET!!!…. this is/weas a STARTLING DISCOVERY for me, and I am presently using it to return to health. If the info is correct, I would think a heckuva lot of us would/will benefit from that info, becaiuse it throws a caution into Keto, Hyman’s new “Pegan”, diets…. what say you, Dr. Perlmutter??… any advice for your cummunity?? is this important??

    • Will Wilkin

      Hello arjatim, I wonder if you’d have done better by a more gradual switch back to the high-fat, low-carb diet? I’ve read in multiple books that it can take a few weeks for your metabolism to change to becoming fat-adapted, and in the meantime you may suffer shock when still glucose-dependent yet no longer eating high-glycemic. Also, drinking oil sounds extreme, it seems a whole foods diet is the way we evolved and thus the way we should eat still.

      • arjatim

        thanks much, Will, you are right that “drinking oil sounds extreme”…. did not do it for fun, but with keto (on and off it for 1 1/2 years… all of our dietary changes were “gradual” for our usual vibrant health. ) and low energy–or none– we regularly regained our schmaltz with a gulp of MCT oil… then, over the last year, we were convinced to increase carbs, eat the rainbow, WHOLE plant based food. and felt ABSOLUTELY the best!!!…. until we introduced oil/fat because of noted brains running away!…. this issue, BTW is at the root of our inquiry as we move through our search for our health!…. we believe that the overwhelming noise on the I/N about “keto”, or low carbs in any form led us to make a HUGE mistake for our metabolism…. yet this is still being endorsed by our fave guides, Perlmutter, Mercola, and Hyman, and adopted by all us “cool” guys you are gonna see at the gym(lol)

  • Foster

    I also hope the DR. answers you. But could you describe what the screemin meemies are like in greater detail?

    • arjatim

      what I said was no exaggeration: “Tim, the husband–also the 86 year old geezer) found myself with the screaming meemies, COMPLETELY DYSFUNCTIONAL, SOBBING WEEPING IN BED (ALSO, occasional puking, extreme bad feelings, probably seen by our MDs as “depression”.. unable to be with another human, keep appointments, go shopping, exercise… my OHIP doctor, educated and constrained by a broken government-dictated Standard of Care”. decide that it was my Thyroid and after a TsH reading just said that my “Thyroid is fine” and goodbye. There is something wrong with my metabolism, I believe on limited knowledge that it involves my Iodine levels, and/or my blood sugar as well. I have yet to get any testing or advice to help… I am able to spend a day (and go on-and-on) at a “7” in wellness, with many dives into a 3 or even sometimes a “1” (the Screaming Meemies), by frequent eating of dense carbs. (love them… but hey!?)…. do you REALLY want to hear any more crazy clumsiness?…. Thanks Foster, if you or anyone have any advice, we welcome it

      • Foster

        Sorry I dont know more. Maybe checking your blood sugar daily would help?

        • arjatim

          thanks, and of course having spent 1 1/2 tears in/out of keto, my Abbot Freestyle is used as we need it… FYI, attention to dense, hi-nutrient carbs has got me out of bed and completely functional 80 % of the time, and heading for “10 High” which is the hi-energy, wondeful feelings that I have enjoyed most of my life… we believe that any “crisis” is over, as my metabolism improves daily… thank sto all for your advice…

  • Doria

    I have been following the keto diet for approximately 1 year. My fasting glucose levels can be diabetic/prediabetic depending on my previous days consumption of carbs. My question is can I safely stay between 20-50 grams of carbs year round or should I cycle out of ketosis once or twice a week? Thanks.

  • John

    Within the context of your discussion, how should we measure and interpret body fat percentage?

  • Bonnie.hutmacher@gmail.com

    I am set to go,and visit my doctor next week. I went keto almost three months ago. What specific tests should I ask for?

  • Jacqueline Benvenuto

    I weigh 112lbs at 5’4” to cut my carbs any lower would not be healthy for me. I have tried and the weight lose is detrimental. I average 30 carbs per meal on a gluten free diet and holding my weight at 112 is a daily struggle. My BS fluctuates between 94 and 105. On occasion if I can’t get to food for 5/6 hours I drop to 86.
    Thank you

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