Whole Eggs vs. Egg Whites. Which is Healthier?

Remember when back in the day we were told that the food we definitely don’t want to eat is eggs? Because if you eat eggs all kinds of terrible things will happen to you.  But we now understand that there is a robust level of science that really shows us that eggs are actually a good food.  Let’s take a look at one report that really illustrates this.

  • Jennifer Hamilton

    I recently had a food intolerance test done and egg whites came up as a big no no. I am really disappointed, as I am vegetarian and had been relying on eggs as a major source of protein. Can you suggest something else that is as nutritious?

    • David Perlmutter

      For protein, nuts and seeds are additional options.

      • Jennifer Hamilton

        Thank you

      • Michael

        Also, for good fats Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is fantastic. I use it in my Organic Coffee in the morning. 1 tablespoon. I also cook many types of food with it. Also, eat nuts themselves, as nut butters may also contain sugar. Be careful though, because to many nuts contain high levels of Omega 6.

    • Denise Otis

      I eat the egg yolks without the whites, since I can’t digest the whites.

      • Jennifer Hamilton

        I have a reaction to yolks as well although not as badly as I do to the whites

        • Denise Otis

          http://www.thedr.com might be able to give you some insight as to the cause of the intolerance and if it can be healed. I’ve listened to some of his lectures to have learned this.

        • Denise Otis

          Hi Jennifer, I’m not sure if this link will work for you, but it’s worth a try (from the Natural Cures Movement Summit). This is Dr. Tom O’Bryan, who does a fantastic job explaining food sensitivities and the immune system.in an easy to understand way. http://naturalcuressummit.com/reg-thank-you/

          • Jennifer Hamilton

            Thank you Denise. I will check it out

      • Janis F. Carrigan

        Quail eggs.

    • shannon

      Hi Jennifer- I also have a sensitivity to chicken eggs. My naturopath determined however, that is is just the proteins in the yolk & whites of chicken eggs and not other eggs. After 10 years of no eggs I am now happily eating duck eggs. See if you can do the same! There’s nothing quite like an egg, yum!

    • Georges Marraud

      Hi Jennifer, Egg white are the main source of protein within the eggs and are among the best proteins know (easy to digest, absorb and full of esential Aa) if not the best above all.
      Have you tried Whey protein?
      As a vegetarian you can found good protein sources, but you will need to combine diferent foods to reach a 100% chemical value and satisfy your needs.
      There are many quite good sources but there´s one I love that´s black beans, combined with wild rice, or sprouted rice protein is quite a good source.

  • margaret

    Dr. Perlmutter I enjoy your ideas. Born and raised on a farm and helping to pay my way in school I looked after 200 hens everyday. Not eat eggs forget that, I really like them’
    Keep up the good work

    • Alice

      Egg whites cause high histamine and I am histamine intolerant. So I soft boil my eggs and then carefully remove the whites and eat ONLY the yolks. It is a bit difficult to separate whites from soft boiled eggs but cooling them in cold water for about 10 minutes gets the yolk to set and I can get the whites separated. My technique, bring water to high boil, slowly lower 1egg at a time into water on slotted spoon, let water come back to boil and then lower heat to simmer. (Set timer for
      8 minutes as soon as eggs have been lowered into boiling water) Have bowl with cold water ready to drop eggs into when timer goes off.

    • Lynn Dell

      Margaret, my grown daughter lives in a big city, “in community” with a church where they hold all things in common. I got kind of nervous about that at first, but when I learned the details of how they operate, I felt better about her decision, and in fact, kind of wish this sort of arrangement was more common.

      They are buying up houses in a certain section of a city (in neighborhoods that are being revitalized) and remodeling them (there is a remodeling business that some of them do for a living), and one of the things I was astounded to see was every inch of ground space in these inner city housing back yards was – gardens! And chickens – using chain link fences by garages, maybe about 10 feet high, with shelters the chickens can go into and everything. And everything is very nicely done – terracing, the way things are planted, etc..

      Now I want some chickens, too! But we’ll stick with gardening for now.

  • syd

    I have long thought eggs are a healthy food, and a great source of protein and cholesterol and choline.

    It’s a huge bummer because when I eat them I sometimes feel a bit nauseated. I have no clue why, but it seems like my body doesn’t “like” them. (I didn’t notice that effect if they are in something, like a baked good, which I have totally stopped eating!)

    I’m not sure if there is a way to figure out what’s going on. In the meantime, I hope others enjoy a good-for-you egg and veggie omelette for me!

    • Ralph

      Hello Syd,
      If you take a good enzyme supplement with that meal this oriblem will go away. Since you stopped eating those bad carbs (grains) your body is keeping the eggs instead of dumping them in favor of the easier to digest carbs. Now that you are eating the eggs and using them you will need a good digestive aid containing protease.

    • Meredith

      Hello Syd,
      Listen to your body. You may well be having reactions to the egg. Cyrex and others have tests that can verify an egg intolerance. But it is best verified by elimination and re-introduction. I have an egg intolerance, just discovered. Removing eggs finally returned my metabolism to normal after years of undiagnosed weight gain. I am non-celiac gluten sensitive and the Cyrex test I did showed that my body thought egg (and oats and soy) was gluten! I had no idea. I could not detect it physically. But removing them did end a 15 year battle with weight gain.


    I consistently purchase organic/free range eggs from local farmers. No problems with this. I refuse to buy commercial brands – not only due to poorer nutritional quality but also because hens are not always ethically/responsibly raised.

  • Lynn Dell

    Thanks for this! I do notice my blood sugars are more stable if I have a breakfast made with two eggs. I start the day with 2T. fermented sauerkraut, and a swig of kefir, followed by a pint of water. I have breakfast some time later, and eggs are great – thanks so much for this study; it is encouraging to hear of these results in people when they consumed the whole egg.

  • disqus_ZA2LFUx5tl

    Being one of the many patients who was led down the road of (lack of) diagnosis and correct treatments for Hypoadrenia (first) & Hypothyroidism, and I could barely care for myself, so everyday I used eggs (which I have always loved eating, in any form) & I managed to slice vegetables, (sometimes tinned Tuna-not fresh added, shopping exhausted me) sautéed lightly and then put at least 3 beaten eggs into the same fry pan and made Frittata/Omelette and I credit this along with never-ending loose leaf green tea, fruits & never-ending/forced self-treatment/research for self & adult sons & food based Supp’s with NOT having further chronic illnesses, despite the medical worlds best efforts to induce them. Dr’s have expressed amazement & asked for advice re their spouse in once case who was HypErthyroid.

  • Kathy

    In January, through saliva testing, I was found to be allergic to eggs. I have eliminated eggs since then, since my dr. said they were creating inflammation. I have also been gluten-free and low-carb since then. I love eggs and really miss them. Is there NO way I can reintroduce themvinto my diet?

  • Bill Coussons

    Have you considered adding a small amount of vinegar to your water to helo
    the egg white seprate from the shell? Sorry, do not remembr the ratio!!!

  • clara glen

    I am a strict vegan, and I am fortunate to have no major health issues. But sometimes I wonder why I am getting forgetful. Is it just because I am in my late 50’s? Or is not eating animal products to blame. eating animal products is something I don’t want to do. I do eat very healthy otherwise.

  • Janis F. Carrigan

    My chickens and quail thank you for the two thumbs up.

  • NeuroBeta4

    If an individual lives life in an athletic nature,
    how do carbs/sugars have an effect on the human brain as well as the human body?
    After all carbs are broken down into glucose, from glucose you have the initial
    stage of the Kreb cycle. The production of ATP ( Adenosine Triphosphate) used
    for Muscular contractions. My question is, if the glucose is burned and used
    during intense exercise, does inflammation of the brain still occur? What is
    also concerning me, before that energy can be utilized it must be stored in the
    liver cells as glycogen, to my knowledge the glucose passes through the brain
    before the energy can be used, causing inflammation… Correct? What about the
    stored glycogen? Glycogen is stored glucose. If glucagon is released to pull
    stored glycogen back into glucose, is insulin produced again? Or is there
    another process I am missing or forgetting that has to do with energy
    utilization? Maybe Lactate? May I add, I am only on page 74 of your Grain Brain
    Book. Would love to hear your most anticipated response.

  • jimco

    “Which egg, grown where and how?” to paraphrase Adelle Davis (like her or not). The methods of raising and cooking and combining eggs all enter into the multiplicity of physical reactions, right? I’d just like to find a source for eggs that taste like the farm fresh ones we got growing up. Even the top dollar organic ones today aren’t close.

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