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Young Forever: How to Reverse Biological Aging – with Dr. Mark Hyman

There’s so much information being promulgated these days seemingly focused on the notion of “anti-aging.”   Unfortunately, so much of this information focuses on techniques to allow us to basically appear younger.

But we are now at a level of understanding as it relates to the process of aging where we can indeed intervene to slow or even reverse the process. So, while the clock of our chronological time continues to move forward, our biological age meaning the health and functionality of our bodies, is clearly receptive to modification.

My longtime friend, Dr. Mark Hyman, has written a new book, Young Forever, that focuses on providing us the tools to bring about age reversal. This notion is no longer fanciful, but rather deeply supported in our most respected scientific literature.

Young Forever, not only validates that we can indeed turn back multiple hallmarks of aging, but, most importantly, provides us with the low tech ways to bring this about. This isn’t a book about the latest, unapproachable scientific studies. It’s about what we can all do, right now, to live longer and healthier lives.

Thank you Mark, for this wonderful contribution.

To order or learn more please visit: www.youngforeverbook.com

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